Work in progress. I still have a long way to go..
This is the new beginning to my next still life series! #WhatsInTheBox a look into the jewelry boxes of fictional characters.

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Even though I fly out for @c2e2 in the morning the awesome folks at @nerdblock were nice enough to send me this box to review! Keep your eyes peeled for my review video when I get back and in the meantime use this link to get your own awesome box of nerdy goodies! Www.nerdblock.com/r/envy #envyus #nerdock #cosplay #subscribe #youtube #curvy #tattoos #altmodel #sidecut #whatsinthebox #got #targaryan #purple #pink

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Hey Everyone!

Today we are going to review a film that is number 10 on Stina’s Top Ten Films.


Currently on Flixster/Rotten Tomatoes it is rated fresh 79% (Critics) and 95% (Users).

Detective William Somerset (Morgan Freeman) is a reserved man that is roughly seven days away from retiring. At a crime scene he meets the newly transferred Detective David Mills (Brad Pitt), that will be Somersets partner until he retires. 

Mills and his wife Tracy (Gwyneth Paltrow) recently relocated to the gloomy city from the countryside located in Upstate.
(The city was never identified; think of it as New York City but rainy like Seattle).

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Somerset and Mills were called to a crime scene where the victim was pronounced dead; and was left face down a bowl full of spaghetti-o. 

While they were investigating the scene, it appears this man did not die by being gluttonous; since his hands were tied underneath the table and it appears that he was forced to eat food until he met his demise.

After additional crime investigations; Somerset and Mills are now on the hunt for a serial killer whose M.O. is killing people by using the seven deadly sins.

Lets just say that each one of these crime scenes were very intense…

What I struggled with on this film

I’m unsure if anyone else noticed this or not…

While they were investigating the crime scene for ‘Greed’.
Somerset and Mills provided photos for the widower to review to see if she notices anything out of sorts within her recently deceased husbands office. 

She noticed that a painting in the office was upside down. 

First off…
It was a abstract painting; Technically there is no right / wrong way to hang it.

Second off
The painting wasn’t upside down.
When they pulled the painting off the wall it was hanging on the wire. 

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Every murder scene was super intense…. Every. Single. One! 

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I thought Gwyneth did an excellent job in this film, even though she had very limited screen time. 

Her character was relatable (well..besides having Brad Pitt as your husband).
You could feel her pain and sorrows within that powerful scene when she confides in Somerset of her struggles since moving to the city.

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Who could forget this Iconic scene… 

Well.. Okay maybe they edited those guys into that gif ;) 

Overall Thoughts

David Fincher is the director of this film; and he has made some excellent films.

In Se7en, he was able to create such a dark, depressing environment by using audio and visuals; which really set the tone for the city. Casting hit it on the head with landing Morgan Freeman, Brad Pitt, Gwyneth Paltrow and Kevin Spacey; I thought they were excellent in their roles! 

I thought this film was an excellent crime thriller. It keeps you guessing all the way to the end. Did I also mention how intense the crime scenes were?
I think I may have. :)

Chris’s Rating : 6.5

Stina’s Rating : 9.5

Suitable for a Date: SURE!
Suitable for Children: Nah, The little ones should take pass. 
Suitable for Girls Night Out: Young Brad Pitt as a Detective; Yes Please!

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Share your thoughts…

What did you think of the movie?
What what your favorite scene?

Thanks for reading!

- Stina :)