Good morning all. Wow, doesn’t this just describe me totally! You know, it’s been difficult as hell for me to stay motivated lately and I feel like I’m failing miserably on all fronts right now.

Trying to eat well and wanting to run more often but work has me so bogged down all I can do is eat and sleep. There are times when I’m wanting sugar so bad that I’m just like eh, screw it and eat what ever I want anyway. I haven’t stepped on a scale since my last weigh-in I posted here and right now have no desire to do so. What’s this all mean? I really don’t know. Just kind of going through the motions right now and hoping I’ll get my shit together soon.

Getting my water in and doing what I can right now but yeah, the blogging hasn’t been the greatest either and I want to apologize to my followers for that. Once work settles and I can settle I’ll be communicating much more I promise! Hope everyone has a great day and hopefully we will talk again soon! ❤️