People like to think that love is about romantic bullshit like flowers and chocolate, but this is the true essence of love. Two goofsters sticking it out through tough times, even the song choice and title show this. Not just love, but an amazing friendship.

Fatlip - What’s Up Fatlip?

Fatlip is a former member of the hip-hop group The PharcydeWhat’s up Fatlip? is my favorite song off of Fatlip’s first and only solo album The Loneliest Punk.  Apparently he’s working on a second solo album, but it’s been almost 8 years since he released The Loneliest Punk, so he’s obviously taking his time. 

When I first heard this song I immediately fell in love with it. I couldn’t stop listening to it for a really long time.  It’s a true underground classic. Fatlip has had a unique career with many ups and downs, and this song is a tribute to the distinctly low points in his life. The Music Video is pretty damn amusing as well. Also, as a random side note, he was the rapper featured on The Chemical Brothers’s cult dance classic The Salmon Dance.


My Song Rating: 9.5 out 10

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What's up Fatlip?
What's up Fatlip?

Great song not many rappers will make fun of themselves in the way Fatlip will. It was featured in Youth in Revolt.

He started his career with The Pharcyde, but was kicked out due to his interest in his solo career over working with the group. However it is rumored that he was kicked out for excessive cocaine use.

Another recommended song is “The Salmon Dance” from The Chemical Brothers which feature him in the song.


What’s up Fatlip is one of my all time favorite hip hop tracks. And every once in a while, there’s a remix that does a favorite tune justice and helps you enjoy it in a new way. This Breakbot interpretation, off of Rmxxology (an album full of quality remixes), is one of those remixes.

And, of course, some love for the original:

Above: Where Fatlip “was regarded as a retard.”

SAT. NIGHT AT THE MOVIES: What's Up, Fatlip?

One of the best pieces of low-budget film I’ve ever seen by one of the best directors of our generation. This is one of Spike Jonze’s earlier films and it’s based on Fatlip of the famous 90s hip-hop group the Pharcyde.

The movie was shot after Fatlip was kicked out of the group for leaving a tour and pursuing his own career. It doesn’t have a clear plot nor story; Jonze is simply shadowing this fallen star as he discusses his first solo project since leaving a popular rap group.

Fatlip invites us into his music by telling us the stories he outlines in his lyrics, from depression to drugs abuse – and even an embarassing run-in with a transvestite (yikes!)

The chaos, the madness, the abitrary nature of everything we see in this movie all come together in the end in a very smart way. It’s amazing to watch how Jonze has evolved over the years from this low-budget doc with shaky hand-held shots to producing feature length films with million-dollar budgets. 

Check it out here