what if (you should decide that you don’t want me there by your side) by barsnes; beta reader identical-aims-and-open-hearts

pairing: lucas/maya 

chapters: 1/1 

words: almost 4k. 


“I’m very, very glad I have you in my life, Lucas,” she tells him, holding her smile the best she can. ’‘And you’re the one that makes me the happiest.” 

Lucas glances at her, showing a friendly gaze when he admits, “I’m glad I have you in my life, too.” 

“You’re gonna be a wonderful first boyfriend,” Riley says, approaching him with small jumps on the couch of Bay Window. Lucas smiles uncomfortable, he never felt like this. It’s the feeling like the world is just about a minute from exploding. 

Nevertheless, Riley’s words had the worst effect they could have, he’s on the edge of giving up his group so he wouldn’t hurt any of these girls. For a western hero, he does look pretty much like a villain. 

 or: how things would’ve gone if Lucas had chosen Maya.

Erza v. Neinhart

I wonder what Mashima will do about Neinharts task…he knows he can’t defeat her so he’s going to have to use something against her. Maybe he will reveal Eileen’s identity and tell her she wants to see her. I think that’s the most probable thing or he might lure her out by saying they captured Jellal or someone she cares deeply for. Also Gray v Invel is gonna be so badass !

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Meeting Dodie Clark at SitC 2016

Hello so this is the story of what happened when I met Dodie at Summer In The City 2016. Mutuals, it’s exciting, please read.

But basically I’m going into year 13 in September and before we broke up for summer our school told us they were booking our prom so that we could get a good time and place (it’s gonna be in a freaking castle!) and I got the stupid idea into my head of what would happen if I asked Dodie Clark to go to prom with me.

But then I couldn’t get the idea out of my head. All my mates (other than one or two) were like no way in hell is that going to happen. But I knew that If I didn’t ask then I’d constantly be wondering what would have happened.

Like I went into this with the mindset that she would definitely say no. But I still thought it would be a cute idea anyway. So my friend and I made some paper flowers out of sheet music (they were yellow roses) and I went to Summer In The City with my little bouquet of flowers and hoping I’d get to ask Dodie to prom with me.

Here’s how that went!


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Hi! I'm going with a group of friends to cosplay as Disney princesses. Would it be cultural appropriation to cosplay as Moana due to her movie focusing on their gods and culture or not? I've just been wondering because I'm not the most informed due to being so inexperienced about this, but I'm just wondering. One of my friends (she's white so I don't think it's correct) says that if we don't have her designs on her outfit, it would be fine. I don't think it is, but can someone please respond?

Gonna publish this to hopefully get a response from any Polynesian followers who might know how her outfit has specific cultural meaning in a casual way or a traditional/spiritual way and what it might mean to wear it, especially if the designs aren’t accurate. I would say Maoi for example would be cultural appropriation because of his tattoos and spiritual identity. Moana, I’m not so sure.

- mod g

1) yay new character. She’s probably a distant relative of Martha/ Giles Corey. She’s into baking? I wonder if that’s going to be a puzzle. Or a reason to give us chores. They say she’s “ beloved in the local community” but she herself is an introvert. Does she fear Mei like the rest of the town. Or does she think that fear is stupid? She doesn’t have really anything suspicious in her description…
Honestly ‘grouchy’ 'introvert’ and 'likes to bake’ pretty much describes me 2) What’s Deirdre gonna look like? I would think they’d keep her pretty much the same but I don’t know. She could have longer hair, different outfit than a blue shirt, black skirt, and green cardigan. I just hope they don’t change her too much.

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im dating one of my fps (i have about.. 3?? yes ?? ) and OH GEEZ today she said she wasnt gonna be on at all bc her wifi was shitty where she was going to work at n i was kinda crushed n also theres that LOVELY nagging thought that is: "oh hey what if that was a LIE and shes just saying that to GET AWAY FROM YOU" BUT !!! SHE ACTUALLY CAME ON A LOT TODAY !!!! TO TALK TO /ME/ !!!!! I WAS SO HAPPY WHEN SHE KEPT MESSAGING ME I ALMOST CRIED sORRy if this is too personal i just get!! excited !! aaaaaa

AWWWWEEEEE!!! I was expecting this to turn out differently. This makes me so happy. ❤️ What an absolutely wonderful FP. I’m so happy you both have each other. 😊❤️

So, I just read the last Bleach chapter, and Aizen is a confirmed survivor.

Begs the question on how he was recaptured without a fight, tho.

That still leaves one other question: where the FUCK are Urahara and Yoruichi? (Grimmjow, Nel, and Harribel too.)

You know what, since our guesses of Aizen becoming Soul King were mistaken, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say since Nel was clearly set up for the rescue, that she saved them, and sometime during the past ten years, Urahara became Soul King. Because we still have no idea who’s keeping the universe stable.

I do wonder tho, will the manga continue like Naruto’s did somewhere along the road? With Ichika and Kazui, it seems like it’s gonna be a ‘and the adventure continues’ type of thing. 

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'Behind the Scenes' (Because I'm sure it's going to be very amusing.)

“….Oi. Are we gonna answer any of those asks any time soon?”


“Hello? Anyone there?”


“Oh man, I think she’s broken.”

“What did you do, Osomatsu-niisan?! She’s not responding!”

“Oh, dearest brother, you must understand that a woman’s heart is complicated and you simply must give her time to respond! Her heart is but soaring in our presence, a disciple before her master, the mortal before the go-”

“Shut up Shittymatsu. She’s staring at a piece of paper for days now.”

“Haha! She’s writing something on it! I wonder what it says!”

“…It’s all maths equations. And science. And stuff about…. um.”

“What is it, Choromatsu?”

“……..Something about… teachers… I don’t know what it means her handwriting is really messy.”

Hold on a second.

“She spoke!”

Do you know, just how noisy you guys are? I’m trying… to study here… I’m not a messenger, you know?

“Uhm, but…”

I’m setting up the camera, give me time. Also… How would you respond in this situation…

“Are you seriously doing this?! Me and Choromatsu? Choromatsu and Karamatsu? Are you that high?!”

Fuel me.

“Hahah! She’s gone crazy!”

“Oh dearest brother! You must hold back your questions, the Karamatsu Girl must take her time! Do not fret, my darling, I shall pose for you however you like, so that you can bask in my beauty, so bright that it shines like the sun in the suns-”


“….So. Who’s gonna dig out a grave for Karamatsu-niisan?”


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Send me a ☀ for me to talk about someone I’ve met through rp.

This is hard because I’ve met literally so many wonderful people. People would probably get annoyed if I named them all. But I’m gonna talk about Mhai, who I met in my very first RP ever. Mind you, I was like twelve years old and have no idea how she didn’t get annoyed with me for all of those years, but I’m so grateful to have her. We’ve never lost contact and she’s just such a good person. The kind who always makes time for you and wants to hear about what you have to say. I love her to pieces, she’s been such a wonderful person for me to know. ( @mhaimuses )

Send me a ♣ for me to describe a favorite rp ship of someone else’s.

Every ship in Dare??? But to be exact, I’m kind of a sucker for Faye/Millie. Which is probably one of the most complicated friendships/ships I’ve ever seen but they just make me happy because they’re just girl power. Not only were they two of my favorites from the start in Dare 1.0, but they continue to be and I totally adore them.



Nooooooooo Torian is yelling at Blizz. Torian I’m pretty sure you approved of being nice to Blizz on Hoth why are you guys fighting now?

Also I wonder if Blizz will accuse Xareesh (my real BH) of favoritism even though she never romanced Torian. Is this a romance thing or does Blizz feel neglected no matter what?

[image: Saeyt holds up her hands and says “Telling me we were sliced? How were you not on top of that?” end image]

And then Saeyt snipes at Mako for not noticing the slicing… is everyone like sleep deprived and that’s why they’re all acting touchy with each other?

I’m gonna say they’re all sleep deprived and Torian actually doesn’t normally throw random accusations at Blizz its kind of weird.

[image: Torian looks at a holo of Darth Marr and says “A bounty. On him. Right.” end image]

Not gonna lie: Saeyt was really tempted to take the bounty not because she actually wants to turn it in, but because she’s never met Marr before (so she doesn’t feel she owes him any friendship) and she is suuuuuuuper curious whether she could actually do it. Soldier!Saeyt mostly runs thru her “doing dangerous/risky stuff just for fun” phase by time chapter 3 is over, but BH!Saeyt does not because she has a little less people she’s responsible for.

[image: Torian Cadera’s dialogue reading “Raider’s Cove. Shoddy defenses. Lots of hiding spots. Pretty beach.” end image]

this mostly amused me because of how random the last part was. “Pretty crappy if you want to defend it, but hey, at least the beach is nice”