Do any other fanfic writers ever feel like you need to write things a certain way because you know a big portion of your audience isn’t smart enough to figure it out otherwise? Like, I need to have these two characters rehash this same argument for the fifth time, or beat a dead horse on this theme, or include some conversation that essentially spells something out, because I cannot trust this audience with subtlety. I am going to get reviews that make it clear that this has gone over their heads otherwise. Like, how do I get past this sense of responsibility to make up for my readers’ lack of reading comprehension?

Because there will be a majority that will understand, but there will be a very vocal portion that doesn’t. And I just want to write like I want to write without having to worry about whether or not my readers are capable of catching that foreshadowing or unreliable narrator or character development. 

frisk control yourself please 


emerges from the void just to kinkshame friends and family

did someone say shitposter gaster

I love a paint-splattered-rachel-elizabeth-dare and I love an awkwardly-blushing-percy-jackson and I love a slightly-jealous-annabeth-chase and I love a completely-horns-out-grover-underwood and I love a ridiculously-short-lovestruck-juniper and I love all of you and myself and PJO. 

Happy belated Valentine’s :)

  • 707:Ha I'm a piece of trash
  • MC:As someone who cares deeply about the environment, I am obligated to pick you up. Is 6 okay?

Parks and Recreation: First Lines vs Last Lines

took a break from working on other pieces and decided to doodle a ladybug. but somehow my lil doodle turn into this thing and ??? honestly not sure where I was going with this but at least it looks pretty (´。・v・。`)