i’m just shaking my head at all the little fools -media, fandom and otherwise- who are using the release of DRAG ME DOWN to further drag Zayn.

Do y’all really think that Zayn feels anything other than happiness for his former bandmates, his brothers?  Do y’all really think that Liam, Louis, Niall and Harry are sitting around plotting against Zayn and throwing shade at him after 5 years of being like brothers?  REALLY? 

I sincerely bet that at the end of each day, all five of them boys have one big ol’ conference call laughing at all the chicken-heads who keep showing their asses

caesar probably takes his coffee black when he goes out to the café with people but when he goes alone he probably gets like… a pumpkin spice latte and one time joseph catches him there with one and he’s like “AHA!” and points at the latte like he caught caesar doing something bad. but then caesar is just like “jojo, did you come to a CAFÉ… for a milkshake??????” and they’re just standing there mutually judging each other, joseph with his finger out and caesar with his arms crossed. caejose’s romance isnt pride and prejudice, it’s hecking 100% prejudice and prejudice even when it comes to Café menu choices leTS BE REAL

michael would be the guy to take you out into the middle of a field near midnight, just for you two to lie down in silence, your head resting on his arm as you gazed up to the night sky above. michael always enjoyed these quiet moments with you, even if you weren’t doing anything spectacular. but you loved the quiet moments where you traced the tattoos on his fingers, feeling his eyes watching you when they should be watching the stars. but even then, michael didn’t deny himself the simple pleasures in life 

I have never been more sick, disgusted, or disappointed.
This is shit that we drag white people through the mud for, and here yall up here doing it?
And then people wonder why no one respects us. This shit is fucking disgraceful, and I can’t believe that fellow black people would stoop to such an abhorrent level.
If there was ever a time to do better, this would be it.
This woman was murdered, and not only do you disrespect her and her honor by bringing this type of light to the situation, WHAT ABOUT HER FAMILY?!?
Someone that loved this woman might come across this shit. How would you feel if you were in their shoes?