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Zena the Oni~

I got a really sweet and devilish commission from @tartarts!

I couldn’t figure out for the life of me what kind of halloween costume to go for and Tart suggested Oni! So she kicked open that Demon Gate and this cool as HELL art came out! You’re the best Tart!

Tart’s Halloween Commission Information!


What a difference 50 years makes Alternating pics of Porsche 911 T, 1968 and Porsche 911 Carrera T, 2018. A new striped down version of the 911 has been revealed featuring less weight, shorter transmission ratios from the manual gearbox and rear-wheel drive with mechanical rear differential lock for enhanced performance. The 911 T (for Touring) designation was first used by Porsche for the 1968 model year

hi hello some nasty ass person decided it was okay to write smut for an underaged boy

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Hey what if instead of writing Lance as the only omega in the pack of alphas he’s the only alpha in a pack of omegas? 

Like, before Voltron, Lance was the leader of his own little pack. 


Lance met Hunk in school. They still shared a room, which was a surprised and a confusion. People thought Hunk was an alpha thanks to his size, so his papers were wrong and he was assigned to Lance. 

It was quite a shock for both of them. Hunk was clearly uncomfortable and Lance didn’t know what to do to help the omega relax. It was problem, because all the rooms were full and they couldn’t reassigned them. 

The first few days were… Something. Omegas were cruel to Hunk because he wasn’t as cute of delicate as them, and alphas often told Lance how lucky he was for having an omega there to fuck. 

Of course, Hunk recived the worst of it and Lance started feeling guilty. Hunk seemed like a really cool guy, and didn’t deserve to go through this. So, he went agaisnt the alphas that were talking shit agaisnt them and after that he talked with the omegas who were taunting Hunk. 

Things got so much better after that and after hearing from someone else what Lance had done for him, Hunk stoped avoiding him and started speding more time with him. 

They became the best of friends and it was perfect. Then they became closer and started sharing a bed. They didn’t realise then, because it was just the two of them… But they were acting like a pack. The often scented each other and felt the need to protect Hunk from everyone. 

Then Pidge arrived to the Garrison. There was something about her that Lance hated it. It was her beta smell, it was… Off. But Hunk had a soft spot for her, for some reason. And if Hunk trusted Pidge, then Lance could. They befriend her, since nobody else did. Pidge was kind to Hunk, and Lance appreciated that.

Hunk adored Pidge and those two became best friends. Lance was ok with, he was happy that Hunk had more friends. Pidge could understand the things that Hunk loved, and it was perfect. 

Slowly, Lance opened to her, and without realising she was part of his little pack and protected from everyone else like he did with Hunk. 

It was clear for everyone in the Garrison that they were pack, even when Pidge wasn’t aware of it. 

Still, Pidge had a mission. And she couldn’t let them distract her from it. She often reject them and tried to be on her own. She hurt Hunk and Lance with this, but they never complained about it. Hunk thought she was busy and Lance gave her space she wanted. 

Voltron happened time after that. They followed Pidge to the roofs because Lance was worried and curious. One thing lead to another and suddenly, they were running away from the Garrison in Keith’s bike, and omega Lance used to have a rivalry with and Shiro, an amazing alpha Lance admired and thought dead. 

They ended up in a shack in the middle of the desert talking about ‘Voltron’ and the next thing Lance knows he’s flying a Blue Lion and aliens are real and they are now paladins, protectors of the universe. 

It’s to much to swallow, but Lance is willing to stand up and fight for what’s right. 

The three of them, Lance, Pidge and Hunk, keep acting like a pack. Shiro and Keith are like a different pack even when Lance makes his best efforts to include them (even if that means stop being the leader of his pack and giving the leadership to Shiro, who has a bigger rank than him) they don’t seem to comfortable with them. 

Allura are Coran are easy. They don’t have dynamics, so they spend time with both packs. But it isn’t an ideal situation, really. Lance can feel his alpha side wanting to fight for power and territory, even when the only thing he wants is to everyone to get along. 

Things change when Pidge tells everyone about her real dynamic and to be honest, Lance is surprised but at the same time it isn’t. Everything makes sense to him now, and to prove Pidge he’s not mad at her for hiding the truth from him, he scents her for real this time. He kisses and nibbles her neck. He gets a wiff of her real scent under the beta-fake one. It’s like vanilla, and Lance loves it. 

Pidge melts in his arms and purss happily. Then Shiro clears his throat and speaks, telling everyone the truth about his dynamic and revealing that him, just like Pidge, is an omega. 

That was something Lance was not expecting. Shiro, the perfect Prime Alpha that everyone talked about. An omega. Amazing, really. They were all waiting for Lance’s reaction. Shiro was cleary tense, and Keith looked ready to attack. Hunk and Pidge were grabbing Lance from both sides, wary. 

“So, you are an omega…”


“And you fooled the whole Garrison into believing you were alpha prime.”


“Dude… That’s gold!!” Everyone jumps and looks at Lance in disbelief. He looked genuinely happy and curious about Shiro’s dynamic. The older omega relaxed and smiled, things didn’t go as wrong as he thought. “Wait… This means… Both of you are on supressants?”

Suddenly, there was silence again. Everyone was looking at both omegas with worried and Lance’s expression was one of anger. 

“Well, I used to be… When I was on Earth. But my omega scent hasn’t return, so I guess the Galra gave me something.”

“What about you, Pidge?”


“Taking something that covers your scent is one thing, but blocking your dynamic? Do you know how dangerous supresants are?!” 

Pidge whined and Shiro looked ashamed. Lance sighed. 

“I want both of you to go to Coran and ask him to check on you hormone levels and give you something to counter the supresants effects.”

After that things on the ship got so much better. Without Shiro and Pidge pretending to be something they weren’t, they found a new balance in the team. 

Lance started spending more time with Shiro. His omegas new Lance was only trying to make him feel comfortable around him and like that, to invite him little by little to his pack. Shiro was a bit obvlious to Lance’s intentions to be honest, but let the alpha be with him. 

Lance was different. He was loud and confident like most alphas, but he was caring and sweet to his omegas. He took care of Hunk and Pidge and never tried to use his alpha voice to force them do things they didnt want to and tried to take over the position as the head of Voltron. 

Shiro got closer to Lance without realising. He found himself one day wanting to invite the alpha to his nest. Of course, he felt embarrased to only think about it and instead of talking about it with Lance he stole one the alphas t-shirts and sleep with it. 

Of course, Lance finds about this and it only warms his heart when he finds Shiro in the couch sleeping with shirt. When Shiro wakes up, the alpha is sitting besides him playing with his hair. The omega blushes like crazy and tries to explain everything to Lance but he only chuckles and tells him there’s nothing to worry about. 

It’s a matter of days after that he scents Shiro and becomes an official part of his pack. 

Keith was more… Difficult to approach. The reason Lance went for Shiro frist, was because he thought if Shiro joined, Keith would follow easily.

… He was wrong. 

He was stubborn, and when Shiro joined Lance he only felt left behind. It took a lot of effort from Lance to make him understand he wasn’t trying to take Shiro away from him or something like that. 

Lance didn’t know how to deal with Keith, to be honest. The omega was something else, really. He liked to to fight, and didn’t give a fuck about Lance’s position he was ready to fight him in any moment. 

Lance wasn’t sure if he liked it or hated it. 

Keith avoided Lance, and even growled at him everytime he tried getting close. Lance was frustrated, all of his omegas could see how much it was hurting the alpha not to be able to reach Keith. 

It seems like an impossible tasks, but before Lance can give up, a mission go wrong. 

They were inside of a Galra ship. Everything was going smoothly when an alarms started ringing. They were caught and had to go to their lions quickly before the reinforcements arrived. 

Before Lance could reach his lions, all of them heard a horrible scream through the halls.

An omega.

His omega.


Lance ran and ignored everyone. If Keith was scared enough to let out an omega cry, it means whatever thing he is happening is bad. Really bad. 

When he gets there he finds a big Galra over Keith, doing— Terrible things. Lance goes feral and gets rid of the Galra that’s hurting Keith. The omega is crying and a whimpering mess, and the alpha in his wild state of mind only manages to carry him to his lion and let Blue fly them to the castle. 

It takes a while for both of them to leave the Blue Lion. Keith clinged to Lance trying to feel safe and the alpha kissed and licked his scent glands until the only thing he could smell was himself on Keith. 

They went to the pods after that, since Lance was also badly hurt from the fight. When the pod opened, Keith hugged him and thanked him for everything. 

He didn’t need to say anything, Keith was part of them now. 

anonymous asked:

aaaah that last part was so heartbreaking, i need to know what happens to my poor lil merboy :[

thanks for waiting!! hope it lives up to your expectations.



Dark had settled outside.

Suzy turned to look at Dan’s pale, blank face from where he sat on the platform. She sighed.

Today marked the third day that Arin hadn’t appeared at the top of the tank. Every day, Dan waited on the platform, not saying a word. He hadn’t touched his steadily growing stack of paperwork. He hardly spoke. Suzy suspected he hadn’t been eating. 

“Dan,” she said gently. When he still didn’t turn away from the water, she spoke a little louder. “Dan.”

He turned to her, his eyes dull. “Yes?”

“Come get dinner with me and Holly, okay? You need to eat.” Suzy tried to persuade him. “It’s my treat.”

Dan shook his head, huddling into himself as he turned back to the tank. “No, thank you.”

Suzy frowned. “You can’t keep neglecting yourself, Dan. I know you’re upset, but–”

“What I feel doesn’t hold a candle to what Arin must feel,” Dan interrupted quietly, drawing his lab coat closer to himself. “I said those terrible things. I hurt him.”

“You only said that to protect him, Dan,” Suzy reminded him gently. “Once Arin comes back up, we’ll explain it to him. None of us thought the director would show up. We’ll be prepared next time.”

“It doesn’t matter what my motives were.” Dan’s voice was flat. “I hurt him.”

Suzy sighed, shutting off her computer and walking over to the tank. She looked up at where Dan was perched. “Try to eat something tonight, okay, Dan? We’re all worried about you.”

Not getting a response, Suzy shook her head and walked over to her desk, grabbing her purse and sending a quick text to Holly. She looked back over at Dan, biting her lip. “I’m heading out. Are you sure you don’t want to come? You didn’t touch the lunch Ross brought you.”

Dan shook his head slightly, and Suzy hesitantly walked out, telling Dan to get some rest before the lab door closed.

Silence hung around the lab like a spiderweb, weaving in and out and sticking to Dan. He closed his eyes, listening to his own ragged breathing and listening to the emptiness around him.

It was like all the color had been sucked out of his life. Everything felt gray and dull. It was like Arin’s pain had seeped into every corner of Dan’s mind. At least when he sat next to the tank, he knew Arin was close. Even if he would never surface.

A dull ringing filled Dan’s ears, causing his heart to throb painfully as he stared at his own reflection in the water. He looked terrible. His face was pale and drawn, his hair matted and greasy, and his eyes were bloodshot and bags hung underneath them. Dan stared back at his own eyes, unblinking, unable to look away.

You’re an observation.

The sentence stung his heart, making him shudder. The silence was beginning to kill him. The only thing left to fill the silence was Dan’s own thoughts, stirring around in his head, threatening to overflow. The words he’d said and Arin’s broken face kept appearing, no matter how hard he tried to keep it down.

Dan’s lip trembled, and he released a small gasp. Choking a bit, he squeezed his eyes shut, allowing a small sob to break through. “I’m sorry…”

Tears formed, spilling over his face as he sobbed, leaning over the side of the pool. His breathing was uneven, and he blinked, trying to see through the screen of tears as unbidden words started spilling out.

“I’m sorry…you’re not an observation…you’re not an animal…you’re beautiful…and kind…and funny…and you’re the best thing to ever happen to me. And I said that to keep you by my side, because you mean so much to me…and I’m sorry. I’m sorry you were treated like that. God, I want nothing more than for you to be happy–! But…but I hurt you…I hurt you…”

Dan pressed his forehead against the platform, his muffled sobs interrupting him as he spoke.

“You deserve the entire world. If I could give that to you, I would. I’m sorry. I’m sorry…I failed you. I’m a failure. It’s my fault. I would do anything, anything at all to see you smile again. Please…please…”

Dan wasn’t even sure what was coming out of his mouth anymore, all of his emotions were stirred together like some awful soup, and different regrets kept his lips moving. He was vaguely aware of repeating Arin’s name over and over as he cried.

Dan’s sobs slowly abated, and he kept his head pressed into the cold metal of the platform. His heart felt empty and his body was spent. He just wanted to curl up and let himself cry until there was nothing left.

Then, as he fell over with a soft grunt, he felt something touch his cheek.

His eyes flew open to meet a pair of equally tired looking brown ones. He stared at Arin, frozen. Arin looked back at him.

“Arin,” he cried out, surging forward with his arms outstretched, launching himself into the water. “Arin. Arin. Arin!”

Arin’s eyes widened as Dan splashed into the water, wrapping his arms tightly around the merman’s torso as words tumbled out. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. Please, please listen, I didn’t mean those horrible things I said…”

Dan realized he was crying again, and Arin was supporting him in the water, shushing him, running his fingers through Dan’s hair soothingly. “Shh, Dan, it’s okay. It’s okay…”

“It’s not,” he cried, struggling to stand upright to look Arin in the eyes. “I said–”

“I know what you said,” Arin interrupted. “And…and it hurt. A lot. But I was thinking about it. And I decided that perhaps you had a reason. I won’t lie, I was angry and upset. I thought you’d been lying to me. But listening to you now, crying up there…” Arin smiled softly, reaching forward to lightly touch Dan’s face. “Even if you are just using me, it’s okay if I get to be with you.”

Dan threw himself forward, kissing him hard. His hands tangled in the back of Arin’s hair, and he put all of his sorrow and emotion into that kiss. When he drew back, Arin’s eyes were wide and he stared at Dan, hesitant.

“You mean more to me than anything,” Dan said fiercely, ignoring his rapidly beating heart. “I would do anything for you. Even if it meant you’d hate me, I said those things so they wouldn’t take you from me. I’m sorry I hurt you. But I wanted to keep you here, with me.”

Arin reached up to touch his mouth in wonder, then blinked at Dan, seeming to process this. His head tilted, and a slight blush sprinkled over his face. “A…kiss?”

Dan felt his face grow red, but he didn’t look away. “I, uh…I wanted you to see that I meant it.”

Arin mulled over that. “So…it means you’re telling the truth about something?”

“Not exactly,” Dan said, cupping Arin’s face with one hand. “It has a lot of meanings. It means that–” I love you. “I really care about you.”

Arin smiled, leaning into Dan’s touch. “I care about you, too.” Nervousness crossed his face. “Can I…can we…?”

Dan leaned forward, and their mouths touched again, this time softer and more curious. Dan closed his eyes, breathing in Arin’s aura, feeling the warm lips against his press back lightly, unsure. It was hesitant and slow, but so, so sweet.

They both broke the kiss, breathing hitched as they stared at each other. Dan found his mind oddly quiet. The beating of his heart threatened to burst out of his chest as he and Arin stared at each other.

Arin touched his mouth again. “That was much nicer than forehead kisses.”

Dan smiled reflexively, reaching up to run a thumb over Arin’s forehead. “Just promise me you won’t do that with Adam.”

Arin tilted his head. “What about Ross?”

Dan sputtered. “Especially not Ross!”

Arin laughed, and it was like Dan’s empty chest was filled with warmth. He laughed, too, just beginning to realize how cold he was.

Arin noticed too, as Dan shivered. “You haven’t been eating,” Arin accused, frowning.

Dan looked down. “I was worried.”

Frowning, Arin huffed, then sighed, moving the pair over to the platform. “Go get dry before you freeze. And eat something.”

Dan stared at the platform, feeling his leg brush against Arin’s moving fin. He looked back at Arin, who also looked tired, and paler than usual. “That goes double for you. Get some rest.”

Arin’s mouth quirked, and he smirked. “Okay, Mother.”

Dan shivered again, more obvious this time, and he read Arin’s expression. “Alright, alright, I’m getting out. Geez…”

As he hoisted himself out in his dripping clothes, he felt a hesitant touch on his arm. When he looked back, Arin was staring at him soulfully.

“I forgive you, Dan. Please know that.”

Dan smiled, leaning down to kiss Arin’s forehead. “Thank you.”

“So…” Arin fidgeted, then took a deep breath, looking up at him. “So please forgive yourself.”

Before Dan could respond, Arin squeaked out a “goodnight” and swam off, leaving Dan speechless on the platform.

As he walked out that night, he couldn’t forget Arin’s request.

Please forgive yourself.