• Neville: I'm nervous. It's my first date and I don't even know what I'm going to talk about.
  • Hermione: Talk about things that she likes.
  • Neville: Like what?
  • Hermione: You should find out what her hobbies are and then use that to bond with her. For example, I would strike up a conversation with Draco about say... sandwiches.
  • Draco [distracted]: Yeah, sandwiches.
  • Hermione: Or uh, or my underwear.
  • Draco: I'm listening.

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something i will never understand is how antis can actually blame sakura for neji's death... i- idk like will they come up w anything just to belittle or dirty her character?

I know right, it still rather amazes me, to see the lengths to which people will go to just to spout nonsensical hate towards Sakura.

This idea that Sakura was in any way accountable for Neji’s death is honestly one of the most idiotic ones. They say how Sakura was selfish because she didn’t help to heal Neji, despite there being apparently “plenty of time for her to run up and help”, but she didn’t because Neji apparently meant nothing to her, and she only really started caring about healing people once Sasuke arrived so that she could show off to him due to her power boost. Wow…

Firstly, these weren’t some flesh wounds that could be healed by the conventional method, Neji was impaled multiple times:

Secondly, literally a few seconds later, Neji himself said it was too late for him. Sakura didn’t have “plenty of time” at all. People expected her to get there and heal several fatal injuries by herself in a few seconds? It was impossible, by the time Sakura even knew what was going on, it was too late:

Thirdly, in Pt.1, Neji was also impaled during his fight with Kidomaru, but he was only impaled once and the circumference of the injury was much smaller than the one he sustained during the war. Yet, this required multiple top class medics using high caliber medical jutsus to even have a chance of healing him:

Not only that, but it took them over 3 hours to do the procedure, to which they had to switch out between them because it was an exhausting process:

And some people expected Sakura to heal a severely worse injury, by herself, in mere seconds? Sometimes people really just don’t think for a moment before they blindly hate on her.

As for her only caring about healing people once Sasuke arrived, in that case, she wouldn’t have bothered to heal Gai, she wouldn’t have bothered to heal Shikamaru, and while she was attempting to restore the lost chakra of many of the allied forces, she and Sasuke were too far away from each other to even know what the other was doing. She needed Hinata’s aid:

So how could her healing people have just been a form of fishing for compliments from Sasuke when he wouldn’t have even seen it? It wasn’t even him who was the initial catalyst that motivated Sakura to get on the front lines and unlock the Byakugou Seal in the first place; it was Naruto telling her to rest up, as if her job was done:

Seriously though, this belief is almost as bad as the preposterous accusation that Sakura was apparently bitching to Sarada about Ino behind her back. Some people really need to find better things to do with their time.

So…as the Mirculous Ladybug fandom has some great content out there wihch I really enjoy veeerry much, it’s my time to submit something, so I decided to write a little something. (I just watched the FULL episode 1, season 2 if you can tell ;) and got inspired)

No, but seriiously, I can’t really decide what I write. It just HAPPENS.

Main Characters: Chloé & Adrien

Warnings: None, but it gets sad, but fluffy. Just some love. English is NOT my native tounge (sorry guys)

Takes place immediately after Adrien has arrived at school.

Title: Safe With You

”It’s Adrien!!!”” Nino was the first one to run outside as he saw the white car arrive, wrapping his best friend in a hug before he could even understand what was going on. “He’s back! Adrien is back with us!”

The boy had known that his friends would be happy to see him, but when all his classmates, even the ones he had barely ever spoken too, came rushing all at once down the stairs to welcome him back, it was just completely overwhelming.

“Adrien!” Nino suddenly was pushed aside by Chloé who in the next moment literally jumped into his arms, but he caught her safely witnessing utter joy in her eyes as she put her arms around him. Like he would have been away for years and not a few days. Like she would have really thought that he might never…

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It is 4am and I couldn’t stop scribbling these idiots even if I wanted to. He is so proud of his workwife for one reason or another.


Kissy kissy

Did you just legitimately tell me that because Riot made a poor design choice–in your opinion–that you’d condone child pornography?

She is shaped like a child, acts like a child, and no matter how old she is, she is depicted as a child.

Our world doesn’t have ‘ancient beings shaped like children’, and you know what this porn is going to encourage? Actual pedophiles that prey on actual children.

Are you for real sitting there telling me that you’re okay with people drawing graphic porn of people sticking their dicks in a small, innocent, child-like being because you think that she’s not worthy of being an aspect and failed the design, so she should literally be raped and despoiled? That’s what child pornography is. No child can actually consent. No child would want to consent to that.

I understand being mad. Could’ve come up with a cooler aspect, sure. I was mad about Jhin’s shitty poncho design but I got over it.

But you’re condoning child pornography because you think she deserves it.

I’m astounded. Appalled.

But you do you. I just hope you know what you wrote.

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2 things, the thing nat said about Clint being home and the boys not, I didn't understand? Because as much as they're struggling, Buckys mindset is that the only alpha whoever treated him close to good basically hates him because HE killed his parents. (Even if it wasn't him, it was winter soldier) so idk I wouldn't want be in the house either. Then the second ummm BUCKYS NOT COMING BACK!? What even. My baby is going to get hurt I feel in my bones

Interesting that you picked up on that— the family had fairly mixed reactions to Stucky leaving, and if you remember from Broken, there was this whole thing where Nat was sort of ugh towards Bucky and Clint and Tony were like BACK THE FUCK OFF because Nat is awful about change and fiercely protective over the ones she loves. So all she can see is her Alpha hurting and needing the family close to him and Stucky just takes off?

Also, remember she knows the basics of what happened between Stucky/Tony with the video but not specifics, so again, all she sees is them teaming up and leaving the family behind, just like Clint did. To her it looks like the entire family has been putting in the hours and effort to bring Tony back to himself, but every chance they get, Stucky is gone. 

But you’re right, Bucky is convinced the first alpha to ever love him, now hates him, so its understandable why he left. (understandable to him and Steve and probably sam even if sam disagrees) All Nat sees is something else that will hurt tony and she is completely against that. 

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Hi, what did Jackson say on instagram?

he didn’t @ any comment in particular but it was in the fendi post in which most fans were educating him on cultural appropriation because he had dreads for his recent pepsi endorsement, so it seems like it was directed at the fans… in a mocking way… i want to believe that it was more towards the people who were putting more negative and less informative comments but right now this just seems like he’s mocking the situation and it’s… upsetting and disappointing, to say the least :/ 

the comment is now deleted though

edit: he commented with this

idk what he’s doing anymore lmao bye

2nd edit: welp he’s pulling a taeyang 2.0

he said he made the decision himself so now let him face the consequences as a grown ass man and stop defending him i’m disgusted at all the comments you guys are leaving defending him and dismissing the issue

This was a scene I did for Lava Lake Beach that was cut for time.

I had been trying to give Kelly more of a reason to seek Marco’s help with Tad. She can’t help but be reminded her own predicament in everything around her, just like how Marco feels after his conversation with Tad in @lunchbagmonster ‘s section.

Marco is too dense to even realize what’s going on.

anyways, hermit crabs are cool, hermit crabs in skulls are even cooler.

MORE Things I want to see in Infinity War

Groot giving Wanda a flower (I would die of happiness)

The Peters bonding over their name and their taste in music

Tony and Steve being good dads


Bucky calling Natasha ‘Natalia’ and everyone being like ‘what?’


Someone (probably Sam) singing “soft Kitty, Warm Kitty’ to T’Challa

Staron being a hot & badass couple


Pepperony wedding (?????)

Bucky being scared of the Guardians and not knowing whats going on

LOKI - even if he’s bad, you’re lying if you don’t want to see him

Someone calling Thanos a ‘space grape’

voltron s1-2: the paladins don’t even dare to think about piloting another one’s lion. their individual bonds are very special, and piloting another lion would only be their solution to a very serious problem.

voltron s3, probably, when shiro is gone for five minutes: 


pidge: keith you’re climbing into my lio-


hunk: excuse you?

pidge: hunk you can take blue

lance: wait, then where am I supposed to go? guys, stop, I think we at least have time to-


lance: well crap alright I guess

hunk: wait we’re still missing a pilot?

keith: oh god okay, someone bring like, I don’t even know, coran or something over here, maybe the closest bystander if you run into one of those first, jesus christ