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harry potter tag game

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rules: just answer these questions abt hp and tag other people if you feel like it!!

  1. your hogwarts house: idek tbh!! i get something different every time. my friends always say ravenclaw or slytherin, but last time i took the test i got hufflepuff so make of that what u will
  2. how did you first discover/become a fan of harry potter: i was like 10 and my friend coerced me into reading it (she a real one for that)
  3. favorite character(s): harry, remus, hermione, ron, neville, fred and george, and imma stop before i name 4784784789 other characters
  4. how many times have you reread and/or rewatched the series: honestly like at least 5 times lol, prob more
  5. favorite/least favorite hp book: prisoner of azkaban or DIE bitch. idk if i have a least favourite book, if i had to pick maybe philosopher’s stone??
  6. favorite/least favorite hp movie: prisoner of azkaban or D I E. least favourite movie would be goblet of fire or half blood prince
  7. favorite marauder: how dare u… make me pick… my favourite child…. (it’s remus)
  8. favorite next gen character: i don’t rly care for next gen tbh, if i had to pick maybe ron and hermione’s kids and george and angelina’s kids  bc i gotta stand with these black characters (hermione is black ok it’s Canon it’s my Brand and i’ll stand by it)
  9. character you would bring back to life: fred and remus
  10. if you could place the hp characters in another fantasy world (book, tv show, movie etc.) what would it be: ooooh this is a good one, idk!! something lighthearted tbh, i can’t get behind most extra grimdark AUs of hp. like a sitcom thing like b99. or maybe like a comic book universe to see what their powers would be?? the raven cycle but with the marauders would be dope too. 
  11. if you could place any characters from another story (book/movie/tv show) into harry potter who would it be: uh all my favourite characters gotta do this to fulfill my hogwarts au’s
  12. favorite scene from the books: ron/hermione kiss scene, the scene where harry ron and hermione were in disguise at the ministry in dh, fred and george leaving hogwarts and fucking harry’s whole life up, all the dumbledore’s army scenes, the quidditch matches, the scene where harry ron and hermione rode out of gringotts on a fuckin dragon, there’s prob way more i just can’t think of rn
  13. favorite scene from the movies: the one scene they added in half-blood prince between slughorn and harry where slughorn tells him that fish bowl story about lily, i also really liked how they did the tale of the 3 brothers visually, it was stunning
  14. thoughts on cursed child?: didn’t read it or see it, everything i’ve seen says it’s a hot-ass mess but it gave us black hermione so respect
  15. thoughts on fantastic beasts?: haven’t seen it, probably will eventually and will probably like it but i’m Disappointed and Underwhelmed generally
  16. favorite fan-made thing to come out of the series (like fan art, fan fiction, avpm, that sort of thing): avpm (still have to watch the last one) and that one harry potter puppet pals or whatever the fuck it’s called and most importantly of all, my immortal, the most iconic, insightful, influential piece of literature of our generation
  17. one thing you wish hadn’t been left out of the movies: GIRL where do i even start, SPEW and just hermione getting to be a flawed human being who doesn’t always do what’s completely right, ron being a good person and friend and not just an asshole who’s there for comic relief, ginny having an actual personality, full backstory on the marauders, more quidditch games, probably way more things lmfao
  18. do you have any favorite memories associated with the series: honestly? reading my immortal. that was ART

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