whats ya problem

Icon Promblems
  • *realizes I haven't changed my icon in a VERY long time*
  • Me: huh. It's been a while, I should probably change that
  • *spends hours thinking over infinite possibilities of characters, otps, drawings, phrases, and selfies to use*
  • Me: this is a lot of work
  • *stares at icon for 5 minutes*
  • Me: .....I'll do it later
  • *never changes icon*
  • And so, the NEVER ENDING cycle continues.

Sunday night, Nick Grimshaw was seen picking up his rumored boyfriend, Louis Tomlinson, at London Heathrow Airport. Louis was seen in Los Angeles earlier this week.

*On the phone*

*Clearly distressed and speaking rapidly* ¿Porque estas deciéndome esto?…¿Y que quieres que haga? No quiero hablar de esto… ¿por que me metas in tus problemas, que puedo hacer? …. ya, ya, okay, bye! *Hangs up her phone and sits on the side of the road, burying her face into her hands*

People explaining why they don't like Empire of Storms
  • Person: I really liked the book on its own but compared to... Er let's say the first two books it really pales in comparison
  • Me: *??????????*
  • Person: the world is confusing, there are major plot holes, certain characters are one dimensional and serve no other purpose other than to make Aelin look good
  • Me: *?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!*
  • Person: the plot drags and the characters are out of character(*if I hear this one more time*), they are nothing like they used to be
  • Me: *character development anyone?*
  • Person: like nothing makes sense? The world is a completely different world, like other places that have been previously mentioned are now nothing like they where first explained to be and she still hasn't cleaned up ALL THE PLOT AND WOLRD HOLES! Like where is my explanation as to why Nehemia died?
  • Me: *gets headache*
  • Person: and she seems to have completely forgotten about some of her characters and is pushing ships on us that none of us wanted to see-
  • Me: ahhhhhhhhh it all makes sense now
  • Person: also the sex scenes where disgusting and pointless, we didn't need to see that and honestly I don't even like Aelin anymore! She's so snarky and egotistical, just NO.
  • Me: *what????*
  • Person: I can't give it more than 3.5 on goodreads, all the characters are amazing like can I have one? But not Rowan because even though he acts exactly like the rest of the men in the series act... He's abusive
  • Me: OMG THE LOGIC!!!!