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Aww TT baby what's wrong with your jaw?

(( OOC: One side of my jaw doesn’t have as much bone as the other, so it’s slightly crooked… and I wouldn’t have an issue with it, if it weren’t for the fact that it will cause some pain/problems down the road. So I’ve been going through some treatments for the last year to help the bone grow down a bit and straighten out… which means I get to have braces… again… *siiiiighs* Gotta love it. )) 

Little By Little | Pt. 3

▷ Jungkook Angst

 “Sometimes friendship takes over the place of love and then love has no place left..”

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

Taking a deep breath, you reached out for the door handle and opened the door.

Before you even could say anything, Jungkook reached for your wrist and slammed the door before he dragged you further into your apartment.

Shoving you against the wall, he tightened his grip around your wrist.

“Tell me what’s wrong. Now.” He hissed through his gritted teeth.

“J-Jungkook, you’re hurting me.”

Letting go of your wrist, he slammed his hands against the wall, locking you in between his body and the hard surface. “I will not ask again, Y/N. Answer me.”

You averted your eyes and took a deep breath. “I don’t want to be your friend anymore, Jungkook.”

You felt how Jungkook’s hands fell beside his body, the hurt plastered on his face making it hard for you to look into his eyes.
“W-Why? What did I do wrong?”

“Stop pretending Jungkook. You know that I’m in love with you. You knew it from the beginning but decided to ignore my feelings. Do you know how hard it was for me when you asked me to be you fake girlfriend? Do you know how it destroyed me whenever you kissed me in front of her just to make her jealous? I’m suffering in front of your eyes but your pretending like you don’t realize it just because you don’t want to lose me as your best friend. You’re hurting me, Jungkook..”

Hesitantly, Jungkook cupped your face in his hands and leaned his forehead on yours. “N-No, don’t say that. Don’t say that you’re hurting because of me, I can’t stand it.”

Taking another deep breath, you removed his hands from your face and looked down at your hands. “Let’s end this friendship, Jungk-”

“I like you, Y/N.”

The minute you heard those words, your head snapped up and you met his teary eyes with your teary ones.

Without saying anything, you looked into each other eyes and in that moment you realized one thing. “No, you don’t. You’re just trying to convince yourself to love me.”

“Y/N, I really do like-“

“Jungkook, I saw the way you look at a girl when you like her or when you’re in love with her. You don’t look at me like that..”

A super-powered version of the FAHC is an awful, unstoppable thing. Powered humans are rare, sure, but not unheard of; the Fake’s aren’t the only group out there defying reality in broad daylight. What makes them so remarkable, so formidable and distressingly hard to combat, is the way they use those powers. The way each member has taken their gift and twisted it, pulled and torn and stretched it to unforeseen territory, used their powers in ways no one else has even dreamed. Ways most could only imagine in their worst nightmares.

Ryan might be the most obvious example, the clearest illustration of the perversion of abilities, power turned on its head and used against its intention. He’s inspired them all, one way or another, to push their powers to the limits, into shapes they don’t belong in, powerful and strange and noticeably tarnished. On anyone else Ryan’s gift would be one of healing, of hope and restoration, empathetic and inherently altruistic. Its not a power most would associate with a life of crime, outside perhaps a medic, definitely not one most would pick for a mercenary, for the infamously deadly Vagabond. Ryan though, he’s never been one to let a little thing like reason set him back, never felt constrained by expectation, and he wasn’t about to let his powers derail his goals. Ryan has taken the ability to heal and broken it down into stages, approached inexplicable magic like a scientist, methodically identifying how to extract the exact elements he was after. He has the power to heal, yes, but what can be healed may also decay, that which can be stitched back together may just as easily be disassembled; it is no more difficult to displace blood than it is to correctly route it. With a touch Ryan can stop hearts, can rend tissue and implode organs. He can push natural reactions into overdrive, can encourage minor ailments into unstoppable disease, convince various systems to shut down without exposure to extreme circumstance. The only limit is Ryan’s own bountiful creativity, and while it might not be what people expect from the Vagabond he wouldn’t swap his abilities for anything.

Jeremy can change his density at will. Becoming immensely dense has some obvious uses in their world; bullets literally bouncing off his skin and fists that can shatter bones with a single punch, but becoming unnaturally light has just as many applications. Jeremy can change his weight mid-jump to achieve inhuman distance, can fall from great heights without a parachute, can climb sheer walls and hold his entire body up on the tip of a finger. There is no weight Jeremy cannot lift, no wall or door that can keep him out, let alone cuffs or bars to contain him. If Jeremy does not want to move there is physically no way to make him, and if he sets his sights on destroying something little can be done to stop him.

Geoff can communicate telepathically. This comes in handy when getting a hold of his crew, so long as they are within his range he can speak to them comms or no, but they are not the only ones he can speak to. All it takes is some connection, long term emotional links allow for greater distance but as long as Geoff is looking at someone he can get into their mind. Can sneer at police officers, whisper threats to rivals, force unsuspecting strangers to have the most peculiar thoughts and terrify anyone who tries to stand in his way. While Geoff can only really scrape through the top level of someones mind, more emotion and direct thoughts than any deep secrets, it is no great difficulty to convince people that he sees a lot more. Let them feel him poking around, quote a few stray thoughts back at them and suddenly not only do his victims believe he sees all but they are much more likely to think loudly about the very things they hope he doesn’t notice. Geoff can push images as easily as word, useful when sharing a story but even more so as a form of torture; he can fill minds with his darkest thoughts, plague dreams with images from his nastiest nightmares, provide a personalised hell that is impossible to escape from.

Michael controls heat. It’s a power people tend to fear, think it synonymous with mastery over fire, imagine sparking fingers and raging infernos. Which, to be fair, isn’t wholly inaccurate, but is hardly the extent of Michael’s power. He can create fire sure, can raise the temperature to extremes in pinpointed locations to ignite a room, but he doesn’t need to. Michael can press heat straight into a body, can warm someone up or cook them from the inside out, can burn slowly or kill in an instant. His powers extend to objects too, he can melt metals, boil water, absorb and deflect heat, and set off explosives. While people don’t associate it with him the way the do fiery rage, what can go up can of course also go down. Michael can drop the temperature, can produce dangerous frost and sharp ice shards, freeze someone in water and induce frostbite with a simple touch. Michael is completely unbothered by extreme temperatures, can render himself undetectable on thermal imaging cameras and change the temperature of objects so suddenly they shatter. Even those who flee aren’t safe; careening into danger as roads are  suddenly coated in black ice or bubble and melt beneath flaming tires.

Ray can multiply himself, a series of duplicates capable of drawing fire and completing simple tasks. They were once mere mindless echoes of his actual self, near translucent and noticeably different if you looked closely enough, quickly giving birth to the term Ghost Ray when describing them. They didn’t stay that way though, Ray quietly practising and practising until they not only solidified but he could split his conciousness between them, could act as all bodies simultaneously and be in half a dozen places at once. It’s disconcerting, the way they all look real now. The way they all are Ray now, will fade away like they were never there when Ray lets them go, or when they die, but until then he can be in any and all of them at once. It bears thinking about, considering some die. Considering one stays. Considering the way Ray doesn’t like to talk about it, practises late at night and sends his selves off on private missions, laughs and deflects and fades away.

Jack can manipulate the wind; her jets are always boosted and her cars caught and righted before they can ever spin out, while any who pursue her find themselves shoved off the roads. She can deflect bullets, catch plummeting bodies and stir up various weather phenomena. As though this was not enough Jack’s power over the air allows her to create small vacuums, granting her the ability to suck oxygen from a room. To steal it right out of lungs, suffocating her opponents without lifting a finger to touch them. Alone she is more than dangerous, but Jack has always worked best with others. Her powers are particularly effective when combined with Michael or Jeremy; catching Jeremy up and hurling him like a canon ball and taking ice or flame and whirling them into deadly tornadoes. She can, just as effectively, force them all to calm down when things start getting out of hand; wind separating fights, extinguishing fires, airless pockets keeping anyone from storming away in a huff, and being sudden drenched by rain provides a wholly undignified end to any petty squabbles.

Gavin’s power is all about luck. It’s not the most exciting power at first glance; he can see probabilities, split-second calculations that manifest in inexplicable feelings, knowing just when to duck, when to take a detour, when to blow off a meeting and stay home instead. It’s not a power most people would associate with violent crime, rather imagine lotto winnings and effortless celebrity, but most people aren’t Gavin. It was simple intuition at first; shoot now, trust him, buy the ticket, check your phone. But Gavin, being Gavin, pressed for more. Worked out how to manipulate his own luck instead of relying on chance, concentrating on what he wants so his powers bend around him, gift evolving from simple suggestions into something else all together. When Gavin assures himself that all he needs in the world is to shoot his way out of a situation there is no way he will be unlucky enough have a gun run empty, when he needs to make a purchase he will never have the misfortune of running out of money, when he settles himself as the frontman of the FAHC none will be lucky enough to resist his charms. Now that he knows how to push, the limits of Gavin’s power are completely unknown – the least visibly impressive and yet the possibilities are as astounding as they are impossible. He needed a worthy crew, so he found one; they desired power, so they got it; it would be unlucky to die, so they don’t.

Impulse (Jungkook)

Badboy AU
5484 Words 
The long awaited oneshot that I promised I’d post a week ago oops.

Summary: Jungkook keeps himself cool, calm and collected at all times yet around her, the want to throw away his facade is extremely tempting. He fears that if he acts on his feelings he will drag her into a lifestyle that he desperately wants to keep her out of.

Jungkook swallowed and gripped his thighs so hard he was sure he left angry red marks on them. Usually it was easy to ignore her but now that they were alone together, his senses heightened he was able to catch every time she licked her lips out of nervousness, heard every little sigh that escaped from her mouth and he swore that if he looked at her directly right now, he could probably count every single one of her eyelash.

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BTS Reaction to You Being Depressed & Self Harming

Request: I don’t know if you’re still taking requests or not but if you are could you do the thing where BTS reacts to them finding out about your cutting and depression? I’m sorry if this is to much of a sensitive question to do… It’s totally fine! (:

Note: I was hesitant in doing this reaction but just decided to do it. Just a lil note here to anyone suffering from depression and harming themselves; trust me, I know how it feels - but please, do not harm yourself in anyway. Pain is not the answer, and neither is drugs lol. I know everyone just wants to forget but really..it’s life. Just know that you are not alone, if you ever need anyone don’t be afraid to hit me up with a message! Life is hectic for me but I will try to get back as fast as I can! ((: *credit to gif owners* | REVAMPED

Jin ➳ One day when you two were watching a movie, laying in bed together your long sleeve fell down, revealing the scars littering your arm. You flushed in embarrassment, trying to hide them but before you could; Jin grabbed your wrist. His eyebrows were furrowed and he stared at you questioningly but before he could open his mouth, he saw your eyes brimming with tears. “Ah, no don’t cry..” he said, rubbing your back. He then tried his hardest to make you smile and laugh, but deep down—he was worried. He wouldn’t dig it out of you now, but hopefully when you feel comfortable enough to tell him, he’ll be able to guide you through it.

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Suga ➳ You two were playing basketball together when Yoongi accidentally passed the ball to you way too fast, making you block the ball with your arm. You yelped in pain and he ran to you, hugging you and apologizing to you over and over again. It was then when he tried to pull your sleeve up and you immediately tried to snatch your hand away from his grasp; but he held on tightly while lifting your sleeve. He saw the irritated skin from the impact, but he knew for a fact that those scars lining down your arm was not from the ball. “Y-Yoongi..” You stuttered, embarrassed as he rubbed his thumb on the fresh scars.

“You don’t have to tell me now,” he started, his head slowly turning up to face you, “but please, tell me whenever you’re depressed. I need to know.”

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J-Hope ➳ “What is this?” He asked curiously, bringing the tiny blade up to your vision. Your eyes widened, and you tried to take it away from his grasp but he held it up in the air and away from you.

“Hoseok, it’s nothing. Give it back!” You pleaded. He thought nothing of it until you started to act possessive and when he glanced at your belly, finding the way your shirt lifted and revealed skin from how high you were trying to reach for the thing; his heart felt like it shattered from the realization.

“Why don’t you talk to me?” He whispered. You stopped, your face slowly filling with pain as you saw the usual brightness Hoseok had fade away. “Do you know how much it hurts to see the one I try to make happy do such things?”

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RapMonster“Fuck!” You yelled when the glass fell from the top cupboard and shattered onto your arm. Namjoon came in running, finding the blood dripping down your arm while you tried to pick up the glass.

“Babe, don’t touch that!” He yelled, grabbing a towel before running to you and gripping onto your wrist. You tried to tell him you were fine but as he cleaned up your wound and found other fading marks on your skin that he definitely knew the glass didn’t make, he fell silent. You were mortified, and as you tried to speak to him he ignored you; fighting the thoughts that clouded his mind.

“I’m okay, really.” You assured him, laughing softly. You were frightened by how quiet he was being, and you could tell he was deeply hurt. You knew you had some explaining to do later on.

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Jimin ➳ You two were at the amusement park, having a good time and you totally forgot about every bad thing that had made you feel depressed. You were pretending to walk away from him when he started roasting you and when he grabbed the end of your shirt, trying to pull you back to him; he froze when he saw deep lines glittering your torso. “You..” You looked up to him curiously and wondered what he was staring so intently at, so when your eyes trailed down to your scars your heart stopped. You sniffled, getting ready to make a run for it until he grabbed your wrist and pulled you into his chest. His arm wrapped around your waist and the other around your neck, to cover your face from others. “I love you so so much, you know that right?” He whispered, holding you tighter. “I’ll always be here for you, no matter what.”

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V ➳ “What’s wrong?” He caught you off guard, and you looked up to him in shock. What was wrong?

“Nothing, why?” You asked. You knew you were lying through your teeth but you didn’t want to burden Taehyung with such things.

He looked down while smiling sadly. “I can read you like a book, (Y/N), I love you enough to know something is wrong.” Your eyes widened before they turned glossy, and you wiped your forming tears away quickly with your sleeve. He began to scoot closer to you on the bed, and you wanted nothing more than to be in his arms. “Talk to me, please, that’s what relationships are for; to carry the weight together.”

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Jungkook ➳ “Why do you keep pushing me away?” Your eyebrows furrowed as you stared at Jungkook curiously, wondering what he could be implying. He instantly pulled you towards him, grabbing your wrist and exposing the marks you tried so hard to hide. You bit your lip, trying to hold in your choked sobs but when you heard Jungkook sniffle, that’s when your walls crumbled down into dust. “Do you know how it feels knowing you can do something to help the person you love,” he started while intertwining his fingers with yours cupping your cheek with his free hand, “but they won’t let you?”

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It was after another fight that she found out about Elsewhere University. The legends peaked her interest and something about them rang true. Maybe that was her intuition or maybe it was the favor of the brownie she fed when she was four. In any case she didn’t want to be sad anymore. In the next year she spoiled them, the people she loved got everything she could give them until there was nothing left to give. She headed the warnings that few deals end well, but in the end she didn’t care.
She made her deal. “Take away the sadness, make me feel happy again. Please.”
And you’ll see her in the library, usually in the spaces that don’t quite exist here or there, smiling as she places books back onto shelves. But something isn’t quite right and there is one student who swears that if you can find something, a food, she hasn’t tried and book the library doesn’t have she’ll grant you a favor, but when you look through your glass to see her fae self she just as human as before. So no one believes or rather no one is desperate enough to try to make a deal with one who can hide from even a scrying eye. No one is quite sure how she got there, no one is quite sure what she is.
And one day your finals are coming up but your teacher has been replaced by changling and you know you won’t pass this class and you’re almost sure that if it wasn’t for your iron piercings that the changling would have killed you already. So you ditch the class and spend the day cooking, baking. You’re desperate, you don’t have the money for another year of college. So you bring the box to library.
She’s in the first isle you look in, almost as if she’s waiting. She smiles at you and returns to her books.
“If it would please you-” you begin and she interrupts you with a finger and says, “When I’m done.”
So you follow her for hours. And day becomes night. The longer you stay the more wrong everything feels, as if you’re being drawn into a deal without knowing it. And finally when the moon is high she places the last book on the shelf and turns to you, still gently smiling.
“If it would please you, I would like to give these to you”
She laughs, a joyful open-mouthed laugh and suddenly you realize what is wrong. The teeth. There are to many and to few and they’re to sharp all the same and begin to back away realizing you’ve made a mistake. You were wrong. She never survived her deal. She’s the fae that haunts the dorm room the no one lives in. She’s wearing the poor girl’s skin. You shove the box into its hands as it laughs at your realization and you throw your pocket of salt at it as you turn to run away. The salt bounces of the girl’s skin and fae inside is only angered and suddenly you can’t move. It picks up the book and the box of food and after a long pause it waves her hand and everything goes dark. When you wake up it will be to frantic shaking of your roommate, and watching you from a distance will be the fae in the girl who silently puts a finger to her lips, winks, and disappears into the depths of the library.
But when you take the test your hand twitches every time you fill in an answer wrong.


Pieces - Scott McCall

Summary ;; y/n and her boyfriend break up because y/n finds out he’s been cheating on her most of their relationship and scott’s there immediately to pick up the pieces.

Warnings ;; mentions of cheating, loving and sweet scott (v important!!!)

Words ;; 1.6k

Published ;; 5th march, ‘17


Stay safe + ily 🎑

The hushed whispers of familiar voices and consistent giggles coming from under the bleachers in which you were perched on caught your attention over the distant noise of lacrosse sticks colliding. You ignored it at first, the people trying to contain their mischievous giggles down there being of no interest to you. But, when you heard your name being mentioned quietly a couple of seconds after, your interests instantly perked up and you focused in on their words.

“What about (Y/N)?” It was a girl.

“What about (Y/N)?” And a boy. He repeated the question as if the answer was easy, a slight undertone of mock in his voice. “She won’t care. And if you’re really worrying that much, remember, she won’t ever find out. She hasn’t suspected anything yet so I’d say that we’re still safe. This is between us, okay? No one else.“

Your eyes cast downwards towards the gap in the bleachers with a slight frown written on your features. Then, when you caught a glimpse of short, messy, dyed blonde hair with brown roots creeping up through the strands, you froze in your seat. Denial ran through your veins as you sat up straight, your eyes unfocused, gazing out onto the lacrosse field and your lips parted, soft breaths escaping. It couldn’t be. He wouldn’t do that to you. Not after being together for over a year.

“Okay,” Came the faint reply and when the secretive mumbles came to an abrupt stop, you found yourself standing almost immediately, your legs making their way down the empty bleachers and onto the green, summer grass, your eyebrows furrowed deeply as you broke into a slow jog and travelled around the tall, shadowed stands.

But, when you saw the scene unfolding right in front of your (y/e/c) eyes, your step faltered instantaneously and you couldn’t prevent the choked gasp that escaped past your lips. Your boyfriend’s lips attached to one of your friend’s neck, her eyes closed and her fingers weaved through his hair as his hands lay dangerously low on the bottom of her back. When they heard the almost inaudible sound come from behind them, their eyes shot open and darted towards your still figure before they jumped apart fast as if one of them were on fire and burning.

“(Y/N)…” His eyes were wide with surprise and his voice was low and full of regret. The sting of tears settled on your waterline, threatening to escape as your wide eyes stared at him from a metre away, a relatively safe distance away from the lies that you were certain he’d spew out at any second.

“Wha- What are you-” You stumbled over the words, your tongue feeling heavy in your mouth. You stopped short from trying to form a coherent sentence when you felt the salty tears spill from your eyes and roll down your flushed cheeks. You made no effort in trying to wipe them away as you croaked out the best you could, “Why?”

The two of them stayed dead silent, their eyes drifting and landing on anything other than yourself. You couldn’t help the blunt, sarcastic laugh that escaped past your lips and the roll of your eyes as you stared at them in utter disbelief. “What?” Your incoherent persona was totally wiped away when their silence hit you and was replaced with a sudden anger that bubbled up inside of you due to the fact that not even one of them had the decency to give you an explanation. “Because I wouldn’t mind? Right?” You sneered, your legs carrying you over to them both. You stopped short right in front of him as he let out a sigh, his eyes rolling lightly before he chuckled halfheartedly.

“(Y/N), no- come on. I didn’t mean it like tha-” The harsh sound of a slap cut his words off and echoed throughout before anyone could comprehend what was happening. His head turned to the side at the impact of your hand, his jaw clenched angrily as did yours.

“No.” Your voice was short and sharp; your cold eyes were fixated on your soon-to-be ex-boyfriend’s guilty face, the icy glare in them not going unnoticed by either of the liars. “You did mean it like that. But that’s okay, because we’re over. So you can now do whatever the fuck you want.”

You awaited a reaction or at least an apology from either of them but when you got nothing but a guilty look from your friend and a shocked stare from the boy whom you used to date, his mouth parted as if he was insulted by your statement, you couldn’t help but let out another huff of anger, shaking your head in disbelief. You gave them both one last disgusted look before turning on your heel and walking out from under the bleachers and away from those two for the last time.

The strong feeling of anger that had controlled your previous actions had already dwindled down the drain and whirled into sadness before you had the chance to make it to the girl’s bathrooms. The tears once again making their escape down your face and soft cries came from your parted lips which instantly alerted the true alpha on the field, his senses picking up on the heartbroken chemo-signals that you were giving off and the sounds of distress emitting from you.

“(Y/N)?” Scott’s concerned voice questioned from where he stood and infiltrated your ears as your legs desperately carried you past the lacrosse team and off of the playing field as quick as they could. You sucked in an inevitable breath of cold air, your heart hammering against your chest as the heavy tears continued to stream down your rosy cheeks.

“(Y/N), wait!” He called for you again but this time, he’d thrown his helmet off and to the grassy floor along with his lacrosse stick before blatantly ignoring Coach Finstock’s angry shouts and racing after your fleeing body.

“Hey,” The softness of his voice and the feel of his strong hand gently pulling on your wrist caused you to slow down and turn to face him. His face fell considerably further as soon as he took notice of your upset and distressed state, “What-what happened? What’s wrong?”

Your bottom lip encased by your teeth in an attempt to suppress your broken whimpers but as soon as your glassy and pain-filled eyes connected with his deep brown ones, you couldn’t stop the choked sob that escaped. Scott immediately wrapped his arms around your figure as you rest your face in the crook of his neck; his eyebrows furrowed in confusion as he lightly propped his chin on top of your head.

“H-he cheated on me,” You struggled to get your words out through the sobs that heaved on your chest but Scott heard you loud and clear, his grip on your shaking body tightening when the words processed through his busy mind. He was conflicted, the anger towards your ex-boyfriend coursing through his veins and his hand twitching with the need to right up to him and hurt him for hurting you. But, he knew that you wouldn’t want that so instead, he let his hand run up and down your back comfortingly, swaying you side to side slightly to calm your cries.

“He didn’t deserve you,” His whispered words echoed through your head after a while of silence as he pressed a gentle, lingering kiss on the top of your head. You pulled back from his warm embrace slightly, sniffling quietly as you made an attempt to run your fingers through your messy hair. Scott couldn’t help himself when he reached out and softly swiped away the tears resting on your cheeks with the pad of his thumbs before tucking a stray hair behind your ear, “It’s okay; I’m here.” 

You couldn’t suppress the small smile that reached your lips at the action as you wrapped your arms around his torso once again, your chin resting on his shoulder as you stood on your tiptoes. “Thank you,” The hoarse whispers hit the shell of his ear before you pressed your lips to his cheek lightly, appreciative by the fact that you had someone as amazing as Scott McCall in your life. 

He simply smiled, said cheeks blushing a slight red before he pulled away and took your hand in his, intertwining your fingers together with his as he gently led you away from the school. “Let’s skip the rest of the day and watch movies and eat pizza at my place?” He questioned and you let out a sigh of relief, nodding your head slowly at his request, all your energy feeling as if it had dissipated into thin air.

You wiped your tired, irritated and glassy eyes with your free hand, reminding yourself that you shouldn’t cry over seeing them together when you had your best friend there to show you that you weren’t worthless and that you were loved. “It’ll be okay. It’ll all be okay.” Scott wound his arm around your shoulders and brought your body closer to his once more as you walked off the school’s premises together.

His heart hurt knowing that the girl he was completely and utterly in love with had just had her heart broken and was left with nothing but tears and pain, however, he was also filled with the serenity of hope that hopefully one day, you’ll let him show you how you should really be treated, because you deserved nothing but the best.


hunk and lance friendship hcs
  • Hunk and Lance knew each other before the Garrison and have been bffs since childhood
  • Hunk and Lance didn’t meet in the same preschool nor did they ever go to the same school (until the garrison) but met each other in a nearby playground where they continued to meet up for the next 8-11 years of their life, they usually let off steam about the shit that goes down in their schools.
  • “Like, if you’re going to steal something from the mall -” “Don’t wear your uniform?” “EXACTLY. God, that guy was so stupid.” “Agreed.”
  • “Then… then he KICKED the guy’s nose!!! He was bleeding, Lance! He needed to be taken to the hospital!!” “Oh my God, and then what?” “A girl was crying the whole entire time and -” the stories they share go on and on.
  • Lance’s mom and Hunk’s mom are interested in the same things so their sons r bffs and so r they and their moms drag them off sometimes to do grocery shopping but Hunk and Lance are aways ‘can’t we just stay at hoooommmmeeee?’ ‘no you’re going to help me and hunk’s mom buy groceries for our party’ ‘what party????’ ‘a joint family party!!!!’ ‘??????? !!!! A JOINT FAMILY PARTY ????’
  • Hunk’s family and Lance’s family are really close buds now
  • It’s almost surreal how much the two families are alike to interests???
  • Hunk and Lance meet up after graduating middle school and decide to finally enrol in the same school. Both of them couldn’t have been anymore excited and happy.
  • Hunk is Lance’s only tether to Earth because Hunk is childhood and playground days, fighting off bullies and staying up at night under covers and pillow forts, charting stars while laying on muddy grass after rain, stealing cookies when their mothers aren’t looking, and making stupid jokes together as the sun went down – all of their world, quiet and soft and sound.
  • Lance loves Hunk and Hunk loves Lance. They’re best friends, because water breathes life on Earth and what is water without it’s Earth?
Not Dead Yet (Part 31)

*friend: you busy?

me: *furiously writing crappy fanfiction*

me: …no…*

Pairing: Reader x Peter Pan

Warning: language

“Y/N,” Devin found me relaxing in a cave, “You need to end this feud with Pan.”

“Not happening. Not until he admits he was wrong.” I muttered as I warmed myself by the small fire I had created. It had been pouring nonstop for a week. This cave was one of the few spots on the island that was dry anymore.

“What did he do that was wrong? Why does everyone have to suffer because you two idiots had a falling-out?” Devin shouted.

“You wouldn’t understand. Just trust me, I won’t let him do anything rash. A little rain isn’t the end of the world. Peter is just being dramatic as per usual.”

“Maybe you’re right. Now usually I’m on your side for most things but I am going to go insane if you keep this up. Just talk to the guy, something, anything, just stop this petty fight and let everyone else get on with their lives!”

“Devin, I love you like a brother, so believe me when I say this, I say it with love: Grow a pair, leave me be and stop complaining or I will rip you to ribbons with my teeth.”

“What the hell is wrong with you? What did he do that’s put you so on edge?” Devin stomped towards me unfazed by my threat.

“It’s none of your business! Now beat it!” I threw a rock at him. He dodged out of the way.

“Fine. Come find me when you’re done being a bitch.” he left the cave muttering obscenities.

I can understand that Devin and the other boys must be sick of this weather. It’s a downpour outside of my little cave. The ground was a mudslide with every step, rivers were deadly torrents, and the cold wind sliced right through the skin. This was the worst I had ever seen Neverland. Now I know I could end it and all it would cost was my pride. Things could go back to normal, I could play along and pretend that I am happy being Peter’s Lost Girl and life will continue on.

If I gave in now though who would I be? The obedient little pet that just rolls over when he throws a tantrum? No. I do not care how long it takes, Peter Pan will swallow his damn pride and apologize for what he said and admit he was wrong. If that means putting my friends and brothers through a couple weeks of rotten weather then so be it.

A gust of wind blew into the cave and extinguished my fire. “The least he could do is turn the heat back up.”


“So, you find Y/N?” Ben asked when Devin returned to camp.

“Yeah,” he ducked into the tent, “She’d hiding out in a little cave on the north side of the island.”

“We’re you able to talk her into ending her fight with Pan?”

“It’s Y/N. What do you think?” Devin huddled into himself trying to retain some body heat.

“Great. We’re going to be living in Never-Hell forever.” Nick muttered. “All this because Pan said he didn’t care about her? Geez.”

“Wait, what?” Ben and Devin turned to stare at Nick. “Is that seriously why?”

“I overheard their spat the night after the pirates invaded camp. I figured it wasn’t my place to divulge their problems so I didn’t say anything.” Nick trailed off as the other two glared daggers at him. “That was before things went south of course.”

“What I can’t wrap my head around is that Y/N would let this go on because Pan said something to hurt her feelings?” Ben scoffed, “The girl is a walking weapon with a hell of a temper and a superiority complex that rivals Pan himself. Is there something you’re not telling us, Nick?”

Nick gave out a long sigh. “If it wasn’t obvious already Pan and Y/N have a connection that goes deeper than we know. There’s something he really trusts her with and she trusted something in him. When he said he didn’t think anything of her she took it kinda personally.”

“It’s a lie. We see how they are around each other.” Devin groaned, “Why can’t see she that?”

“She does. She knows he’s lying or in denial or whatever.” Nick rubbed his temples, “That’s the whole reason she’s doing this. Y/N wants him to admit that he was wrong when he said she was nothing more than another recruit.”

“So we’re waiting for one of the two most stubborn people in the universe to go running back to the other with their tail tucked between their legs?” Ben started to laugh. His laugh spread to the others and soon all three were in stitches. “We’re gonna be living in this rain for years aren’t we?”



I left the cave to find some food. Filling my belly with imaginary food was taking it’s toll and I needed some real grub. The trees were too slippery to climb and all the berries washed off the bushes. Time to do some fishing.

I went back to camp and grabbed a net. “Here I was hoping you were dead.”

“Nice to see you too, Felix.” I went to the nearest stream. “Care to help me?”

He took one side of the net and hopped across to the other side of the stream. The rush of water tried to swipe it away but we held it tight. “Where have you been hiding?”

“Felix,” I blinked through the rain drizzling in my eyes, “I know you don’t care. I also know that you wouldn’t help me in anyway that doesn’t help you. What do you want?”

“Talk to Pan.”


“You tumor with breasts, the island is going to flood if you keep this up!” He snarled at me.

“No, the island is going to flood if Peter keeps this up. He’s the one that’s making it rain. You want this to end? Talk to him.”

“You don’t think haven’t already tried? If it’s impossible to talk sense into you imagine trying to reason with him?”

“I know. Trust me, I know.” I started to pull up the net out of the water, “But I don’t control him.”

“Are you so sure about that? Look at this rain!” he swept an arm through the air. “This is all because of you!”

“What do you–” I stopped myself, “The rain stopped.”

Felix noticed as well. Not even a drizzle. We let the net wash away with the stream and ran back to camp. The other boys left their tents to admire the lapse in the downpour. “Happy? The rain stopped.” I pat Felix’s shoulder, “Now I’m going to go find something to eat like I planned.”



“You’re the worst.”

“And you need to come up with some better insults.”

With the rain gone and the island started going back to normal. It was warm again, the rivers were calm, the land was drying up so you weren’t slopping through mud everywhere. Surprisingly enough though no one had seen Peter.

Apparently after the rain started Peter just vanished. I wonder what made him stop making it storm. Surely if he had gotten over things then I would have seen him around the camp. With or without Peter life back at camp evened out. I was sleeping in my tent again which beat lying on a dank stone floor.

Finally one night I was tucked away and snug in my tent. I was in that sweet spot between sleep and awake, where you can tell you’re starting to dream. Things were warm, I was content, then there was a whisper.

My eyes snapped open. I looked around my little dark tent but nothing was there. Must have been the wind. I laid back down to go back to sleep when I saw a shadow pass by. Someone’s out there. I reached for my dagger just in case.

“Y/N…” Peter’s voice was outside my tent. “Are you asleep?”

I let out a breath of relief and put the dagger back. Now he shows up? In the dead of night when I’m trying to get some rest? Seeing as how I am still not speaking to him I was prepared to ignore him and go back to bed.

“Y/N, I’ll let you sleep for a month if you just talk to me for two minutes now.” he said. There was something gentler about the way he spoke that made me ignore my better judgement and stick my head out of the tent. He looked genuinely surprised that I paying any attention to him and just stared at me. I gave him a look as if to say, ‘start talking or I’m going back to sleep.’ “Don’t push me away.“ He held my face in his hands kissing me deeply.

What the hell does he think he’s doing?

I moved to push him off when a picture flashed before my eyes except it didn’t feel like a picture it was more like a memory. But it wasn’t any of mine. It was the fight with the pirates. I was wielding a sword instead of my club. Everything was going by so fast it was like a blur. Then it stopped, the eyes I was seeing out of were staring at…me. It was me in the white chemise, a sword being pushed through my back and out of my stomach before it was ripped out again. Then just like that everything went pitch black. All I could make out were shadows against more shadows. It began to melt away. I saw myself again lying on the ground red drenching the chemise, Felix next to me looking as scared as I ever saw him. The scene shifted, I was at Peter’s Thinking Tree. Staring down at my blood drenched hands. I scrubbed them raw until all the blood was gone but even with it no longer staining my fingers it was like it was still there. That ugly red shade still blaring back at me.

Peter let go of me and the memory ended. “Why did you show me that?” I spoke to him for the first time in over a month.

“Why do you think? I trust you.” he caressed my face. It was now that I really got a good look at him. Everything about him seemed tired. When was the last time he slept? The boy looks like he’s about to keel over. “And I need you to understand that what I said to you that night we moved camp it wasn’t true. I was angry and tired and worried and I shouldn’t have said what I did to you.”

“What made you change your mind?” I brushed the hair away from his weathered eyes.

“It took some time but I came to terms with the fact that if there is anyone in this world that is more headstrong than me it’s you. That being said an eternity could have gone by before one of us did anything. So while I suppose you won this round I’m counting it as a personal win because I am choosing to be the bigger person.”

I shook my head with a chuckle, “You really cannot be humble, can you?”

“What do you want me to say?” He avoided my gaze instead focusing on how he was fiddling with my fingers.

“You’ve had over a month to think about it. You know what you have to say.”

“You didn’t understand it enough from the memory?”

“I’m not forgiving you until you say it.”

“Fine.” He squeezed my hand, “You’re important to me.”

“Good, but not what I was looking for.”

“It’s what you’re getting.”

“Not good enough. Say it.” I bumped my nose against his, “Say it.”

“Will that please you, your highness?” he ground out.

“Immensely.” His eye started to twitch. He muttered something under his breath. “What’d you say? I didn’t hear you?”

“I was…” he trailed off again.

“If you don’t say it I’m going back to bed.”

“Sweet lord above,” he seethed, “I was wrong! I’m sorry! I didn’t crack open the island to get rid  of the pirates. I don’t think you’re just some replaceable Lost Girl. You are the most infuriating being I have ever had the misfortune of knowing but despite it all, despite the daily hell you put me through with just silence, I want you at my side. Not just as a confidant or a Lost Girl but as my friend. Was that what you wanted to hear?”

I enclosed my arms around him without hesitation, hugging him tightly. I swallowed back the lump in my throat and whispered, “Yes.”

He relaxed against me bringing a hand up to cradle the back of my head, “Does this mean you’re done ignoring me?”

I gave out a long sigh, “I hate you but there are times that you truly surprise me Peter Pan. So yes, I’m done ignoring you.” He made it very easy to hate him but it took a lot more to stay angry at him. In the end I was just waiting for the moment to welcome him back into my day.

“Oh thank you gods.” He gave out a groan of relief. “Now that that is settled, come here,” He pulled me in closer. I let out a short laugh before he smothered it with a kiss. We stumbled back into my tent.

He was laying on top of me not even giving me the chance to breathe before he was sliding his hands against the hem of my shirt. “Not wasting a second are you? I just forgave you. You think that’s an invitation?”

“Do you want me to stop?” he murmured against my neck.

“Lord no. I’ve missed this too, y’know.”

He grinned down at me before running his hands up under my shirt. His touches were gentle and tickled my skin. His lips left mine as he rolled my shirt up and off. He pressed kisses from my collar bone down my sternum, stopping at where my scar blemished my skin before kissing that as well. The soft sound of his voice whispering ‘I’m sorry,’ between kisses. I pulled his face back up to mine to hear them better.

I reached for his own tunic. He leaned off me long enough to remove it before pressing against me again. I was able to feel every curve, bump, dent in his skin. I didn’t realize I was starved for this kind of intimacy until it was in my reach again. Speaking of intimacy. “That didn’t take long did it?” I let out a hushed groan when his hips rolled against mine.

“I’m making up for lost time.” the whispers were gone replaced with the familiar growl I knew and loved.

“Lost time?” I raised an eyebrow at him, “Like you weren’t off doing this exact same thing with barmaids over the past couple of weeks.”

“I wasn’t.” he breathed into my ear, “Why would I go off to find some girl who doesn’t know what she’s doing when I have you right here?”

“Well doesn’t that make me feel special?” I chuckled.

“It should,” he gave me a particularly hard thrust. He caught my moan against his mouth. “Shh, you gotta be quiet pet. Don’t want the whole camp to know what we’re up to, do you?”

“Peter,” I gasped when he reached for the edge of my pants, “I forgive you and I am loving this right now but you do know that isn’t happening tonight, right?”

He let out a disgruntled groan before dropping his entire weight onto me. “Oof! P-Peter, can’t breathe…”

“Damn you temptress.” he mumbled into my shoulder, “I admitted I was wrong, what else do you want? How long must I wait?”

“As long as I say.” I kissed his temple with a giggle, “Still wanna make out?”

“No. You probably want to get to sleep.”

“Maybe before you came by and woke me up.”

“No no, I should let you get back to your beauty sleep.” he started to pull on his tunic. “I’ll see you in the morning.”

“You get back here and finish what you started!”

“Night, Y/N.” he disappeared out the tent flap.

“Asshole.” I collapsed back against the ground floor. Despite the abrupt end to our make up I found my face splitting with a smile.

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Stolen Innocence (2nd Half) *Part 5*

Jace Wayland X Reader

Word Count: 1768

Requested: @andreiaafaria

Request: Part 5!!!!

Warning: Parental hate, implied almost Rape

<< Part 4 (2nd Half)

You woke up the next morning and the atmosphere was bleak and it was depressing you, s you decided to leave and find Raphael, you hadn’t seen him since the whole ordeal with Aldertree. “Raphael!” You called as you walked into the door to the Hotel in a second he was in front of you, he checked you over, the way he used to when Camille worked for you.
“Are you okay?” he asked even after he properly checked you over.
“I’m fine… You?” You asked looking at his face which was perfectly healed as were his hands.
“I went to Magnus he helped me heal.” Raphael nodded and you smiled.
“Good.” You nodded.
“Actually there is someone here looking for you,” Raphael said.
“What? Who?” You asked.
“Me.” Another voice said. You frowned as you looked over as saw that you mum was standing in the shadows of the halls.
“What do you want?” You asked.
“I need to talk to you, now that collar is gone.” She said.
“Nope.” You said popping the ‘p’.
“What?” she asked.
“No.” You answered. “I don’t want to hear it, you’ve been gone long enough to have your rights as my parent taken away, so leave me alone.” You glared.
“Don’t get a choice it the matter, I’m glad you’re okay Raphael I’ll see you later.” You smiled when looking at Raphael and then left.

You got back in time for Victors announcements “During the attack on the City of Bones, Jace Wayland fought bravely, and thus the Clave, in their wisdom, has exonerated him from all crimes. And the chief physician in Idris reports that Lydia Branwell’s condition continues to improve.” Victors said as he paced the space that he had.
“Out of the infirmary in record time. You’re looking good.” Jace complemented Izzy and Victor continued to talk.
“I always look good.” Izzy smiled.
“Damn right.” You smiled giving her a quiet high five.
“Why isn’t Alec here?” Izzy asked.
“He needs some space,” Jace answered. You looked over at Victor who was still talking.
“We face a new threat. Valentine has the Mortal Cup, and now possesses the Soul-Sword, two of the three Mortal Instruments. Our mission now is to find out what he plans to do with them-” Now you tuned out because you were bored.
“You okay?” Izzy asked.
“I’m fine. But apparently, no one else is, judging by the way they’re all looking at me.” Jace answered as you glared at people who caught your eye.
“I could gut them for you… If you want.” You suggested and Jace smiled slightly before shaking his head.
“Jace, I’m sorry for letting them take you to the City of Bones. I thought-”
“Seriously guys I’m fine, It’s all good, Izzy. You saved Alec’s life and mine. I would’ve done the same thing.” Jace assured and Izzy smiled slightly her face softening.
“Tomorrow night’s rite of passage will bring the total number of dead to 26 fallen Silent Brothers and three Shadowhunters. Take this time to grieve and plan for what lies ahead. Your orders will follow.” Victor finished and you sighed finally. Izzy let out a soft groan as she tried to move her shoulder.
“Your shoulder still hurts, huh?” Jace asked. The demon had left a wound from the way that it had decided to leave her body.
“A little stiff. Uh, don’t worry about me. Keep an eye on Clary.” Izzy said you were about to walk away when Jace grabbed your hand.
“Are you okay?” he asked.
“Yeah. It’s nothing we’ll talk about it later… Go see Clary.” You smiled. “She probably needs you.”
“We’re definitely going to talk about it.” Jace smiled pecking your cheek before walking off to find Clary.

“(Y/N)!” Clary called and you looked at her.
“Hi.” You waved.
“You have magic right?” Clary asked.
“Yeah, Why?” You asked.
“I need you to bring my mum back to life,” Clary said.
“I’m not doing that.” You mumbled as you started to walk away.
“You have to!” Clary yelled.
“No, I don’t!” You argued.
“Fine,” Clary said through gritted teeth as she before she hit you in the back of the head.

After you woke up you stormed through the institute looking for Clary, you found her with her mum and Jace. “Okay, you-” You were caught by Jace who turned you away from Clary., he gestured for Clary to leave before turning his attention to you.
“What’s got you all fired up?” he asked resting his chin on your shoulder and you tried to turn yourself towards the retreating form.
“She hit me in the back of the head and knocked me out because I refused to bring her mum back.” You growled.
“Calm down, ” Jace said arms still wrapped around your waist “she’s a little mixed up at the moment.”
“Mmm.” You hummed still glaring at the spot she was standing.
“You wanna watch me and Izzy train?” he asked.
“No, I have to do something.” You answered.
“Really? What?” he asked.
“All part of the ‘we’ll talk later’ bundle.” You smirked before attempting to walk away. Jace grabbed your wrist pulling you back.
“Don’t get yourself into trouble.” he mumbled.
“I won’t.” You promised, “on purpose.”
“At all.” Jace corrected.
“At all.” You confirmed you leant up and kissed him before running off to spy on Clary. You found Clary and Alec heading out of the institute and followed after them Alec had his weapons but you didn’t see any on Clary. You followed them to a warlock hospital where they were invited in. You went around the back and snuck through the house but you didn’t manage to get far before you were again hit in the back of the head.

When you woke up there was a woman standing in front of you. “You know that the warlock numbers are decreasing rapidly… Yes?” she asked as you looked at you.
“What does that have to do with me I’m not killing anyone… That’s a warlock.” You answered.
“No, but you are a hybrid…” She started.
“So?” You asked.
“If you are impregnated by a demon you could have a litter of warlocks.” she smiled. “You could give me up to 11 warlocks in one sitting.”
“No, I can’t I can only have that many pups in wolf form and I can only have pups in wolf form that are werewolves.” You answered.
“This.” She held up a syringe “can change that.”
“Why do I not have a fear of needle by now, they are never anything good for me.” You mumbled to yourself as she stepped forward sticking the needle in your neck and injecting you with the liquid.
“See you in a few minutes.” she smiled before she walked out, then a door opened to your left and a demon moved into the cell.
“You are horrifying.” You mumbled having realised that you weapons were gone. You could change into wolf form because that was the form that was needed to make sure that you had a litter instead of a normal pregnancy so you were defenceless plus no one knew you were there. “Okay, can we talk about this… I’m sure there’s a girl somewhere that you want more than me.”
The demon crawled forward it’s nails digging into the skin of your legs as you tried to kick it away, it leant over you for a second and then it was gone and instead replaced with Jace standing over you. “(Y/N)! (Y/N)! Are you okay?” Jace said pulling your attention to him. You gripped onto his shoulders tightly and as he hugged you and you cried into his shoulder. Clary, Izzy and Alec watched in shock, for the first time since you’d been back you cried and you were scared. Jace lifted you “I’m gonna get you out of here.”

When it came to the ceremony you weren’t well enough to go. “You should have listened to me.” You looked up to see your mum.
“How did you get in here?” You asked.
“They are using you!” Your mum glared at you.
“I know I told them to.” You rolled your eyes.
“To save your ‘friends’?” she asked making air quotes around the word friends.
“Yes.” You answered.
“If they were your friends they would have found a way to free you.” Your mum argued.
“Yeah well if you were really my mum you wouldn’t have left at all.” Your shot straight back “Guess my friends and family are hopeless aren’t they?” You shrugged.
“They’ll leave you alone to deal with the consequences of what you are.” She said quickly.
“Yeah, and what’s that?” You asked.
“To them a monster.” She sneered. You grabbed the cup of water that Jace had brought in a while ago and threw it at her or the image of her, she was gone by the time you turned back but you were fully committed to the action upon hearing the cup break Jace, Alec, Izzy and Clary rushed into the room.
“Are you okay?” Jace asked.
“I’m fine.” You answered harshly as you flung your legs over the side of the bed and tried to stand up but your legs gave under you as pain shot through them, Jace caught you helped you back on the bed.
“What happened?” Alec asked as he bent to pick up the pieces of glass on the floor.
“Dear old mum’s back.” You mumbled turning over so that you weren’t facing them.
“Shouldn’t you be happier about that!” Clary asked her voice bitter. You let out a growl and Izzy tried to lead her out of the room. “What could possibly be so wrong?” Clary asked. You stayed silent teeth gritted as the tears slipped down your face and Alec effortlessly lifted Clary out of the room. Jace slowly approached you and sat on the edge of the bed.
“Why aren’t you healing?” he asked. You sniffed before answering.
“She gave me something to suppress the werewolf genes enough to have warlock children in wolf form.” You answered voice still shaking. “So healing is slow until the drugs wear off.”
“You know I’m never letting you go anywhere on your own anymore,” Jace said as he leant back and waited for you to crawl over to him, which you did. You curled up tightly into his side and grip his shirt tightly, he gently pried your hand from his shirt and holding it in his instead.
“Please don’t let me go anywhere on my own.” You mumbled.

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I Can’t Wait to Hear You Scream PT. 6

Summary: You arrive back to sanctuary with Negan and you back talk to him, yet again.
Negan has had about enough of it.

Note: Thank you, thank you, thank you, to everyone of you that has liked/reblogged this story. I never thought it would even get one and I’m so grateful that you guys like it. Y'all are the real MVP’S 💘
But without further ado, here is part 6!
I hope you guys enjoy! 😘


The whole way back, there were no words exchanged between the two of you. Negan kept muttering under his breathe, but it was too low for you to make out what he was saying, the only word you thought that you heard was “fuck” and knowing Negan’s colorful vocabulary, that’s probably exactly what it was.
When you arrived back, he cut the engine to the truck off and jumped out and didn’t bother to open your door.
He was still livid.
You jumped out and walked beside him, he swung Lucille back and forth and the people in the sanctuary kneeled as he walked by them.
“What next?” You asked cautiously.

He glanced over to you, “I’m gonna inform my men. There’s probably more of them out there and I’m gonna fucking find them.”

“But I thought you said you didn’t need your men?” You quickly bit done extra hard of your lip knowing now wasn’t the time to get snarky. Too late.
He stopped abruptly and turned to you, “Darlin’, have you fucking forgot about the other night? Do you need a replay? Because last time I checked, it’s not any of your goddamn business, you’re constantly using that damn mouth of yours for the wrong fucking reasons.” He sucked his teeth,“ You know what, I’m gonna fucking deal with you later, I have some shit to take care of right now.” He bit his lip angrily, looking you up and down, then stormed off.

You took in a deep breathe.
You really were gonna get it now. You knew you really needed to learn when to shut your mouth.
With your adrenaline still rushing, you headed into the building and decided to go to the kitchen to see if you could possibly get your hands on a drink.
You walked in to see an older man chopping up some meat on a cutting board, he looked up to see you walking in, you still had the crowbar in your hand and he had a look of fear on his face.
You glanced down at it, then back at him.
“Sorry, didn’t mean to bother you. I was wondering if you had any whiskey in here?”

He wiped his bloody hands on a rag, “Yes, I do. But it’s still working hours and we don’t drink during those times. Besides, you need points for a drink.”

“I understand. I’m one of Negan’s wives though.”

“Oh” He said in an understanding tone, nodding his head.
He turned around and opened a cabinet door and pulled out a clear bottle with brown liquid in it and a glass.
You smiled and walked over to the counter where he was standing.
Negan was right, being a wife does have benefits.
The man opened the bottle and poured some into the glass and slid it over to you, “Thanks- What’s your name?” You said in a grateful tone.
“Brian.” He answered, going back to cutting up the meat.
You really needed this drink after the day that you had.

After about 3 more drinks you were pretty buzzed. “Looks like you’ve had enough and Negan doesn’t like sloppy drunks.” The man said with a look of concern and he put the bottle away.
You shook your head, “Negan. Negan. Negan. He’s always in charge, always telling me what to do, but I don’t listen..” You snorted with laughter as your drunken state heightened.
The man didn’t answer back, he just raised his eyebrows, looking at you like you should stop talking. You paid him no attention as he stopped what he was doing and immediately kneeled down.
“What the hell are you doing that for? Did you drop something? Oh no, don’t let Negan see!” You slurred, putting your hands up in surrender and started giggling.

“She’s right you know.” A voice came from behind you.
You turned round to see Negan leaning against the doorway. Your eyes widened in horror.
He was smirking and had Lucille propped on his shoulder as usual. He slowly approached you and you sank down into the seat.
“Damn, I can’t stand a messy floor.” He brought Lucille down, tapping her against the linoleum floor, “I’ve been lookin’ for you, darlin’. You fuckin’ remenber right? I told you I’d deal with you later? ..Ring any bells? But didn’t expect to find you in here getting fuckin’ sauced.”
You swallowed hard as he had a dangerous look in his eyes. He scoffed, “Hell, I also didn’t expect to find you running your fuckin’ mouth.” He smiled wickedly and quickly wrapped an arm around your midsection, yanking you off the chair, you stumbled as your feet hit the floor, but Negan kept a firm grip on you.
He dragged you towards the door and turned back towards the man still kneeling behind the counter.
“Brian, you and I should have a little fuckin’ chitchat about your job here later, but right now, I’m gonna have a discussion of my own with, (Y/N)” You struggled against his grip as he drug you down the hallway.
“Baby doll, the more you fuckin’ fight me, the worse it’s gonna fuckin’ be on you.” He said calmy.
You slowed down your efforts and instead focused on trying to keep up with his pace. He pushed you into a room that had a bed this time, instead of the usual office he was prone to taking you to.
“Wh-where are we?” You asked with a fearful tone.
Negan slammed the door and turned back to you. He chuckled licking his lips and sat Lucille on a nearby table.
“We’re in my fuckin’ room, darlin’.” He approached you slowly, with an intimidating look on his face. It was a mix of anger and a sinister smile, you backed up from him but he kept following until you hit a wall, his eyes were burning into yours. His hands fell to his waist as he unbuckled his leather belt.

“Please..” You said, staring back at him taking it out of the loops.

“Too late for that, babydoll. You’re one of the most disobedient little girls I’ve ever dealt with.. And you’re right about what you said in the kitchen - I am in charge.” He said cracking the belt before holding it to his side.
You continued to stare at eachother, the tension rising.
Negan bit into his lip and smiled, “You just can’t fuckin’ behave can you, doll?” He placed his hands on the wall on either side of you, blocking you in. “Does constantly fuckin’ disobeying me get you off or something, hmm? Does it make you hot?” You didn’t say anything, you just stared up at the stern look he was giving you, that was starting to become more arousing the more you saw it, but still terrifying because he was unpredictable when angry. You didn’t think he’d hurt you, but you never knew.

“Speak when you’re fuckin’ spoken to!” He ordered, grabbing your face with one of his hands.

“Y-yes..” You answered honestly.

You didn’t wanna admit it, but yes, disobeying him and seeing how much it got under his skin. And the spanking.. God, the spanking.
You could feel yourself getting wet at the thought.
Negan’s eyes widened in surprise at your answer, and a sexy smirk spread across his lips. He slowly let go of your face and removed his leather jacket slowly, tossing it to the ground.
“The bed.” He pointed behind you, “Bend over it. Now.” He growled.

You didn’t hesitate, you bent over the bed, laying your face in the red sheets and stuck you ass out, knowing what was coming.
He prowled over to you and laid a hand on your back, you almost moaned at his touch.
“10 more, baby doll, just like last time. And you better fuckin’ count.”
He raised the belt and hit your backside hard and you heard the smack of the leather. You made a hissing sound as you sucked in a breathe at the pain it caused, but you liked it.

“One.” You whimpered.

“Good girl.” He praised you.

Another hard smack. “Two.” Fuck, why did it feel so good?

Another smack.

“Three.” You bit your lip, the pain was fading and the feeling was starting to turn into one of the most pleasurable things.


“Four.” You moaned out, digging your nails into the bed.

“Goddamn, baby..” Negan cooed as he gripped your back and hit you with the belt again.

“FIVE!” You cried out, with your fists becoming white as you were still gripping at the sheets. You couldn’t take much more, not because of the pain, but because of how bad you wanted Negan at this moment.
You were waiting for the 6th smack of the leather, but it didn’t come.
“Fuck this.” Negan growled, throwing the belt across the room and yanked you up, you were in shock as he pressed you against the nearby wall and crashed his lips into yours, they were soft and you could feel his beard scratching your face as his tongue entered your mouth and you moaned as you kissed him back and bit at his lower lip.
He broke away from the kiss, “Shit babydoll, I’ve been waiting to do that since I first laid fuckin’ eyes on you. Your fuckin’ disobedient little ass only turns me on more. I’m so goddamn tired of walking around here with a hard on everytime I’m near you.”

His lips met yours again and he grabbed your thighs with his strong arms and lifted your legs onto his hips. You dug your nails into his back and he began biting and sucking on the soft skin of your neck, you threw your head back and moaned at how good it felt, you couldn’t even imagine how good his dick would feel.

“That’s right, baby.” He grunted and carried you to the bed before throwing you down, he got between your legs and ripped your shirt open and whistled looking you up and down, grabbing onto your breasts, you could feel his erection grinding into your wetness through your jeans.
“Goddamn, your body is better than I fuckin’ fantasized about.” He licked his lips.
You giggled as he admitted he fantasized about you and it made you even hotter to know that he thought about you.
He shook his head pulling his shirt off to reveal a toned body with tufts of chest hair, you were in awe.

“Fuck..” You whispered looking up at him, biting your lip.

“I can’t wait to hear you fuckin’ scream for daddy.”

He stood up and unzipped his pants and pulled out his sizable cock, he took his free hand and pulled you up by your hair shoving all of it into your mouth until it hit the back of your throat, you grunted as you tried to adjust your mouth to the size.
You moved your tongue back and forth along his shaft as you bobbed your head taking in every inch of him. Negan gripped your hair tight and you could hear him grunt everytime his cock hit the back of your throat.
You began to use your hand to stroke him while you licked the tip.
You could taste the pre-cum beginning to flow from him.

“Sh- shit, fuck. Stop.” He commanded breathing heavy and pushed you back onto the bed, you backed up and let him get on top.
“I’m supposed to be in fuckin’ control, darlin’.” He growled and ripped your pants down and tossed them to the side.
He slid his hand down to the outside of your panties teasing your wetness,
“Goddamn, you’re wet as fuck, baby doll. You must have been waiting on this shit for a while, huh?”

“You have no fucking idea.” You groaned as he took one of your breasts into his mouth and began swirling his tongue around your nipple and tingles went through your whole body and hit you right in your sex.
You moaned and arched your back trying to get closer to him. He pulled your panties to the side and let a finger slip into your already soaking core. You moaned loudly and dug your nails into his back again.
He chuckled, “That’s right, darlin’. Maybe you’ll fuckin’ listen to Daddy from now on.”

You nodded your head, unable to form a sentence as he rammed two fingers inside of you, you screamed at the intensity of how good just his fingers felt in you.
Negan bit his lip and took his throbbing cock into his hand and started teasing you with it and rubbed the head on your clit,

“You’re gonna be screaming a lot more than that before long. You’re gonna be screaming my fuckin’ name, sweetheart.”
He slid down to the end of the bed, lifting your legs onto his shoulders.
“Lift that sweet ass up, darlin’.” He ordered and you lifted your hips as he slipped his hands under you, grabbing ahold of your ass with both hands and squeezing.
You wiggled as he began biting the inside of your thighs, scratching them with his beard.
He ran his tongue along the outside of your panties and you could feel his tongue on your wet folds.
You moaned again, gripping at his dark hair.
You heard him chuckle and he took a hand and ripped your panties open effortlessly, he flicked at your clit with his tongue and it was driving you crazy.
He slipped his tongue inside of you, moving it in and out of you with a precise rhythm.
He looked up at you, “Well goddamn, if you aren’t the sweetest fuckin’ thing I’ve ever tasted, baby.” He smiled, licking your wetness off his lips, inserting his tongue back into you.
You breathed hard as you felt your orgasm getting closer, you rocked your hips back and forth on his face as he gripped your ass even tighter.
He rose back up to you quickly and rammed his hard cock into you, you yelped in surprise at how much of a tight fit it really was.
Negan sucked his teeth and leaned down running his beard along your face before he got to your ear, “What’s wrong babydoll? Too fucking much for you?” He whispered sexily into your ear.
He thrust into you hard and you groaned loudly.
“Shit.. You’re tight as fuck.” Negan grunted and he thrust into you again, feeling your wetness continue to tighten around him, he sucked in a sharp breath and rammed into you again. Your moans began to get louder as he picked up the pace of his thrusts, it was a series of grunts and moans from the both of you.
Hearing Negan moan was one of the hottest things you had ever heard and you could probably orgasm from hearing that by itself.

He kept thrusting into you as he leaned up, running his hands all over your body, you were digging your nails into his side.
“Get the fuck up.” He grunted, standing up and you slid off the bed and he pulled you up, turning you around making you get onto your hand and knees on the bed.
He gave you a hard smack on the ass before he rammed himself back into you from behind.
You nearly collapsed at the feeling as you let out a scream.
He groaned and laughed, “Fuck yeah, baby, scream for, Daddy. I told you, you fuckin’ would be.” He grunted proudly and smacked your ass again and grabbed you by the hips, forecully slamming you down onto his cock.
You kept screaming at how good he fucking felt and could feel the wetness between the two of you as if it would never stop.
Negan moaned, grabbing a fistful of your hair, yanking you up to his face,
“Say my fucking name.” He growled into your ear, still thrusting into you.
You couldn’t even speak, the only thing coming from your mouth were animalistic moans.
He ran his hand down your body and his fingers found your clit again and he rubbed it in circles, you screamed loudly again.

“Say my fuckin’ name, baby. Say It.” He growled, louder this time.

“N-Ne-NEGAN!” You screamed as you felt your orgasm wash over you quickly and he kept thrusting into you.
You moaned loudly, saying his name over and over, as he kept rubbing your clit and riding you through your climax.
He pushed you back down onto the bed and grabbed onto your hips again, thrusting into you hard another couple of times.
“Goddamnit.” He groaned as he thrust into you as hard as he could, you could feel his cock his your cervix, “Fuck, I’m gonna fuckin’ cum.”

He thrust into one last time before he let out a loud grunt and you could feel him emptying himself into you as his cum began to run down your legs.
He collapsed on top of you and breathed heavily into your ear, you both laid there catching your breath and he kissed your neck and left several hickies on you.
“Now people will know you’re fuckin’ mine.” He said rolling over to the other side of the bed.
You leaned up on your elbows with a weak smile.
He had really worn you out.
He looked over to you and smirked, “Are you gonna start fuckin’ behaving now, darlin’?”

You giggled and moved hair out of your face, “If this is your idea of a punishment, then no.”

He rolled his eyes and grabbed ahold of your ass hard.
“Yeah, I kinda fuckin’ figured. But as good as that pussy is, I might have to make an exception.” He said with a wink.

Captain America/Reader: Pancakes

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It was a Sunday morning, the light was streaming into your room in the Avengers Tower and it was peaceful. Everyone was gone on their own missions except for Steve. Yes, your crush for the past six months was in the tower. Just you..and him…alone. What could go wrong?
Getting out of bed and brushing your teeth you put on your favourite zombie slippers and did the morning shuffle to the kitchen where you were confronted with Steve trying to make pancakes.
“Morning Cap.” You said
“Morning (y/n). How did you sleep?” He asked
“Good, I had a weird dream. Hey cap do you need some help there?”
“That would be very kind of you” he replied
You walked next to him. And started putting the ingredients into a clean bowl every once in a while stoping to wipe the hair out of your face.
“I’m almost done with everything, can you get me the flour please.” You said
“Sure thing, here you go.” He handed the flour to you and squeezing it a little to get some in your face. You looked up at him and gave him a smirk.
“You asked for it Captain.” You said. You put flour in your hand and blew some on his face.
“Excuse you” he said
“What are you going to do about it?” You replied.
“This.” He poured even more flour on you.
“It’s on!” You yelled. The two of you had a flour fight in the kitchen. You were laughing uncontrollably. The flour had finally run out and you two were a total mess.
“You got something on your lip.” Steve said looking into your eyes. You gazed into his eyes and then his lips were on yours. He lifted you up onto the counter and proceeded to make out with you. He pulled away out of breath.
“I think I got it.” He said
“Yeah, I think you did.” You said out of breath. “Captain can I just say something?”
“Go for it Miss” he said.
“Can this just not be an in the moment kiss. I mean I’ve liked you for the past six months and I just don’t want to lose you.” You explained
“(Y/n),” he said “ I will never leave you. I like you too. You’re very beautiful and any man would be the luckiest man to have you on his arm.” Your eyes met his “so what do you say (y/n), will you make me the luckiest man and be my girlfriend?”
“I would love to Steve.” And you gave him a kiss. “After we’re done cleaning up here and after we take a shower, do you want to come back and try making pancakes again or go out to breakfast?” You asked
“Mmmmm going out sounds good. Maybe we can go to that hole in the wall restaurant.” He answered.
“Perfect.” You replied and got to work cleaning you the kitchen.

Masterpiece (Part 6)

Okay so its been 4 months since I’ve updated and I’m so happy to finally be writing this again! It was a bit of a struggle to get back into the swing of it but I had so much fun with this chapter! A huge thank you to @angellecookiewingz, @krzed and @sugar–pie for being my Nathchlo friends. I couldn’t of done this without your support! I hope you all like enjoy it!

Part one: https://vanilla107.tumblr.com/post/145967766370/masterpiece-part-one

Read on A03: http://archiveofourown.org/works/8286893/chapters/18984242

Song used in this chapter (oh my word it’s beautiful just listen to it): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oNGq16nHr-Q


Chloe woke up with a light feeling in her stomach and smiled.

She hadn’t felt so happy in ages. With happiness she jumped out of bed and stretched.

Everything just seemed…right.

She could hear the sounds of the cars driving down the street below her, and smell the faint fragrance of roses.She changed into her waitress uniform and took a deep breath.

“You’re gonna make it Chloe. Today is a good day.”

She applied a light amount of makeup (there was no harm in still looking fabulous, right?) and made her way to her door. She paused. Nathanaël said that breakfast was important….but skipping one day wouldn’t hurt. She opened her door and screamed in surprise.

“Nathanaël! Don’t do that!”

Nathanaël burst out laughing. “I’m sorry! I was just about to knock!”

He ran his hands through his damp hair and grinned.

“You on your way to work?”

Chloe nodded and smiled. “I actually haven’t felt this happy in a long time…it feels good.”

“Everyone needs a rest every now and then. I think you just needed one,” he said, noticing how much brighter her face looked. “Well, I gotta get going-” Chloe started but she stopped when she saw his face. “What? What’s wrong? Is there something in my teeth?” Chloe asked getting impatient.

“Chloe, it’s seven in the morning.”


“The restaurant only opens at 9. Why are you up so early?”

Chloe felt her stomach tighten. “Well…um…I usually go early so that I can get the place ready for customers…I get more money that way.” Nathanaël raised an eyebrow.

“And how much more do you get paid?” Chloe averted her eyes.

“It depends….”

She felt Nathanaël’s hands on her shoulders.

“Chloe. Stop lying to me.”

“Okay! I may of….gotten into a fight with Gabriella, one of my awful co-workers and…poured juice all over her. And as punishment…I need to clean all the floors before the place opens for a month.”

Nathanaël stared.

“Well, if you’re gonna do that, then at least join me for breakfast. I assume you were going to skip?” he asked raising an eyebrow. Chloe’s stomach growled and she groaned. “Okay, I didn’t eat but-” “No buts. C'mon, I’m sure you can spend just a half an hour with me.”

Chloe knew he wasn’t going to give in.

“Okay, fine!” she groaned but she smiled as she followed him to her apartment. “I made scones so feel free to put whatever you want on it,” Nathanaël said as he opened the door.

The smell of warm scones assaulted Chloe and her eyes got watery. When was the last time she had scones? A couple of months ago? The fresh scones were on a cooling rack on the marble counter-top with little bowls of cheese, strawberry jam, cream and butter surrounding it. Chloe didn’t waste any time in grabbing three scones and putting cheese on the one and cream and jam on the other two. She sighed in contempt and caught Nathanaël humming a song as he buttered a scone for himself. Chloe felt her chest tighten.

It was the same song he had been playing for months after he and Marinette broke up.

“Nathanaël…why do you keep listening to that song?” she managed to say with a mouth full of scone before swallowing. Nathanaël froze bit his lower lip nervously. “Well, it’s only fair that I tell you, I suppose-”

“It’s about Marinette isn’t it?” Chloe blurted out and slapped a hand over her mouth.

Nathanaël gave her a confused look. “Why would it be about Marinette?” he asked.

Chloe was slowly dying inside.

Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Why would you blurt about his ex-girlfriend like that? He probably thinks you’re desperate now! Ugh, come up with an excuse!

“Um…because the lady has long, dark hair in the song and…it reminds you of her?” Chloe squeaked.

Nathanaël burst out laughing and ran a hand through his red hair.

“Wow, you are a really bad liar,” he chuckled and Chloe could feel the embarrassment radiating off of her.

Can’t the floor just eat me now? she thought.

“If you wanted to know about my love life Chloe, you could’ve just asked,” he grinned, his eyes full of mirth. Chloe slammed her hands on the table and looked at Nathanaël, who was clearly enjoying how flustered she was getting.

“That’s not what I meant Nathanaël! Gosh, why do you have to be so blunt? I was asking about the song because you sing it all the time, not about your love life! And besides, you and Marinette broke up so why would I want to know about it?”

There was silence and Nathanaël raised an eyebrow as he absorbed all the information she was telling him. “Are you done?” he asked still grinning.

Chloe groaned and put her head in her hands.

“Okay, to save you from any more embarrassment I’ll explain. Marinette and I were never dating.”

Chloe’s heart stopped and her eyes grew wide.


Nathanaël nodded and took a bite into his scone which he had spread a generous amount of cream and jam on.

“Marinette was helping me find inspiration for my paintings, which resulted in the two of obviously spending more time together. Since Mari is one of the hottest up and coming designers, naturally she would have paparazzi tailing her. I was with her quite a lot and the tabloids went wild. No one even bothered to find out the true story.”

Nathanaël took another bite of his scone and swallowed.

“Adrien and Marinette were dating in secret because she didn’t want her relationship with Adrien to seem forced because she was working with his dad. When they finally revealed that they were together…well the media jumped to conclusions that Marinette had broken up with me even though we were never together.”

Chloe was dumbstruck. She couldn’t believe she had jumped to such conclusions.

“But…didn’t you have a crush on Marinette in high school?” she asked as she took another bite of her scone. Nathanaël nodded.

“I did but it was pretty obvious how Marinette felt about Adrien. Thank God that they confessed to each other before we graduated. I don’t think I could imagine those two without each other…they truly love each other.”

Chloe felt uncomfortable talking about Marinette and Adrien.She hadn’t encountered them since the restaurant incident last Friday, and quite frankly was okay with never seeing them again. She was still good friends with Adrien but she never really buried the hatchet with Marinette. She had always been cruel to Marinette and for her own reasons didn’t want to think about it right now.

“So what about that song that you keep singing? You sang it all the time once you and Marinette ‘broke up’” Chloe said using air quotes.

Nathanaël smiled sadly.

“Marinette actually told me about the song. That song reminds me of how people just judge one another without getting to know them or the circumstances they’re in. It’s sort of my new inspiration for my paintings right now. The song is really a twist on Rapunzel but it ends tragically.”

Chloe snorted. “I’m aware of that. You played it so often that I know all the words.”

Without warning Chloe began to sing the song that had stuck in her head while she worked what had woken her up every morning and had tormented her in her dreams.

A man came across this old tower one day

It was straight like from a book he once read

He lifted his head up and saw this young lady

And here’s what the lady said:

"Moi je m'appelle mademoiselle Noir

Et comme vous pouvez le voir

Je ne souris, ni ris, ni vis.”

Et c'est tout ce qu'elle a dit

Chloe was about to sing the second verse when Nathanaël surprised her with his velvety tenor voice and watched in awe as he sang.

The man was so scared he could only run away

He ran to the town and then said:

“I just saw a lady with the longest dark hair

And I think she’s a living dead!”

The people, so scared, took their guns and their swords

They ran to the tower and then

They saw the pale lady and felt a great fear

When they heard how she said it again:

“Moi je m'appelle mademoiselle Noir

Et comme vous pouvez le voir

Je ne souris, ni ris, ni vis.”

Et c'est tout ce qu'elle a dit

She joined in with him for the last verse and felt lightness build up in her. It felt right singing with Nathanaël.

The people, they knew what this all was about:

She was clearly a demon from hell

They decided to set her long hair on fire

In the end it would burn her as well

But the lady was no demon she was a lonely soul

Just like in that book they once read

Still waiting for her prince while her hair was on fire

The one last time she said:

“Moi je m'appelle mademoiselle Noir

Et comme vous pouvez le voir

Je ne souris, ni ris, ni vis.”

Et c'est tout ce qu'elle a dit

The apartment collapsed into silence and Nathanaël looked just as surprised as Chloe did.

They had just sung with each other.

Something neither of them thought they would ever do.

“Well…that was…wow,” he said breathlessly. “Y-yeah…I-I didn’t know you could s-sing.” Chloe stuttered.

Chloe looked at the clock hanging on the wall and nearly feel off her seat.


Chloe finished her scones and grabbed her handbag. “No no no no no no. This can’t be happening. Not today,” she groaned as she tried to open the apartment door.

“Chloe, relax. I’ll walk with you there and explain everything,” Nathanaël assured as he helped her with the door.

They walked down the long corridor and down the stairs, Chloe still fidgeting nervously. Once they had gotten to the restaurant, the doors were already open and Mr. Shelley was already looking mad. Thankfully there were no customers, which meant no humiliation. His frown deepened when he saw her.

“Chloe! Why are you late? And why are the floors not mopped? I have every right to fire you for tardiness and failure to keep the hygiene levels of this establishment high-!” Mr. Shelley stopped yelling once he saw Nathanaël at Chloe’s side.

He immediately put a smile on his face and wiped some sweat off of his forehead. “Chloe, who is your friend over here?” he asked so sweetly that Chloe could feel the bile rising in her throat.

“This is Nathanaël my-“

“Boyfriend,” interrupted Nathanaël.

{Uploaded 10th April 2017}

There was a point, during The Rise, when it became abundantly clear to the disreputable denizens of Los Santos that unless drastic measures were taken the Fake’s were going to succeed in their play for the city. Some of those with a vested interest in maintaining the status quo, who wanted the city for themselves or at least the patches they’d carved out as their own, negotiated a deal. A temporary truce between a handful of the biggest names in the area. An alliance to bring down the ragtag upstarts before their unprecedented domination completely took hold.

It was a bloody uprising that had taken them all by surprise. The FAHC had slunk into Los Santos, established themselves well enough to bully their way into a modest little bit of territory but not nearly enough to draw attention, to cause alarm. Wouldn’t have been any different from any of the dozens of little gangs that rise and fall on the fringes of the godforsaken city if not for their leader. The infamous Geoff Ramsey, fallen so far from grace. 

Slumming it in Los Santos, Ramsey appears to have collected what could charitably be called a crew. The only other member of any notable worth is Pattillo; a powerhouse in her own right but too blindly loyal to see the sense in walking away from Ramsey’s downward spiral. The rest of the group is less inspiring. They seem to have contracted some nameless mercenary, a big guy who’s always wearing a ridiculous fur-lined coat and an ever-changing cheap plastic party mask like he thinks he’s some kind of Hollywood villain. That’s pretty par for the course with mercenaries though, melodramatic bastards.  

The other three unknown wonders appear to have been recruited right out of school; bright eyed, bushy tailed and babyfaced, a cacophony of garish bravado, unrefined talent and misplaced pride. Ramsey’s pet British import is a nosey brat with sticky fingers, the short-tempered Jerseyite can’t keep his cool long enough to let his perpetually bloodied knuckles heal, and the wanna-be sniper is more invested in feigning disinterest and painting his guns ironically vivid colours than he is in being more than a halfway decent shot.

Still, disaster or not, more than one group keeps and eye on them at first; Geoff might look down and out but no one just ignores a Rooster. The result of this surveillance is.. unflattering. A series of ridiculously low-level jobs with pitiful takes, messy out-of-sync teamwork, public arguments and complete disrespect; it’s pretty clear Ramsey has no idea how to run a decent crew, not even the kids seem to be scared of him. Even their base is a travesty; where the big gangs have bought up the penthouses of inner-city Los Santos, Ramsey and his menagerie are working with some sort of shoebox apartment somewhere out in the boonies. It’d be downright sad if it wasn’t so funny.

It takes a bit of time to confirm but eventually it is universally agreed that the FAHC were no kind of threat, that Ramsey had totally lost his touch. Eventually everyone stops looking any deeper than the occasional check in following some amusing flop, more a dose of schadenfreude than any true threat analysis.  

So when the ripples start no one thinks much of it; the Fake AH Crew take out and run off a couple of little gangs, not a big deal – the dregs are always snapping at each other, pushing for more territory, if anything the Fakes are overdue. It only makes sense that they’ve started to run bigger jobs, and no one notices the way they’re now pulling them off effortlessly, with no sign of their previous ineptitude, the way they’re starting to make waves.

It’s more or less a fucking tsunami by the time the penny drops, the FAHC crashing in on other crew’s jobs, taking out their warehouses, hitting their bases; maybe whatever dump they’re holing up in isn’t glamorous but the overcrowded rat’s nest of the outer sectors’ of the city prevent anyone from repaying the favour and trailing the Fake’s back home. They’re clawing their way up the ladder with alarming speed, expanding their reach so rapidly it’s nearly impossible to keep track, and Ramsey watches over it all. Dressed to the nines in an extravagant suit to match his shiny new attitude, reserved control and smug satisfaction, already patting himself on the back, celebrating his perceived victory.

Something had to be done. Individual attacks are mounted, of course, but the FAHC have grown wily, have revealed themselves to be more of a threat than any had anticipated. The trust-fund baby stops fumbling and shows his fangs, their loose canon gets his hands on a seemingly endless supply of explosives and out of nowhere the questionable sniper never misses a shot. Indisputably the worst reveal of all, though, is the mercenary. Dropping his ridiculous fur coat and plastic masks for a jacket he wears like a second skin and a skull no one could mistake, his name whispered all over the city like a collective gasp, a shared curse; Vagabond.

So all of a sudden those in power in Los Santos found themselves with a hell of a fucking problem on their hands. It was getting out of control, they were losing everything, so they band together. Four of the most influential groups in Los Santos’ underbelly, usually at violent odds over contested territory but prepared to set it all aside until this matter is dealt with. Until the Fake AH Crew have been taught exactly what happens to upstarts in their city.

The plan, when they settle it, is a basic as can be: divide and conquer. If they can seperate the group, keep the two in charge occupied then tell the rest their leaders have fallen it will all be over. Clearly Ramsey’s got something of the Roosters in him still, and Jack is a goddamn demon when she’s protecting her boss, but the remainder of the crew will surely crumble under pressure.

As horrifying as he is the Vagabond is still a mercenary, is still driven by nothing more than money at the end of the day, and when he hears that his payday is gone his facsimile of loyalty is sure to follow. After that the kids won’t last long, cocky little shits or not once they’re all alone they’ll flee the city with their tails between their legs or die trying, and there there will only be two. Ramsey might have more bite left in him that they’d thought but he’s made no friends in this city, has no nearby allies to fall back on, and veteran’s of the business or not two people can’t hold up against entire gangs for long.

But, of course, it doesn’t exactly work out that way. It’s all going to plan, almost textbook, but the one thing no one took into account was the ludicrous ingenious of Geoff’s ability to play the long game.

See Geoff wasn’t wasting those early months, tiny hauls didn’t bother him at all because the target had never been the money. Geoff had money for days, for years in fact, what he need was a crew. A crew who knew each other’s every strength, flaw and habit, who’d dealt with living on top of each other; forced through sheer proximity to start lowering walls. The little jobs let them feel each other out without much consequence, find their rhythm as a group, test relationships under pressure, boredom and frustration. Maybe they hadn’t looked like much, had been intentionally avoiding showing their true colours, but Geoff made himself a crew who not only worked as one but had come to actually care for one another, trust each other and were, above all else, loyal. That’s the kind of connection no amount of money can buy, no degree of fearful respect can fake, and no mere threat can shake apart.

So when they say Geoff and Jack are gone, torn away right at the precipice of everything they had been working for, the reaction is somewhat less than desirable.  

When the Vagabond hears he doesn’t cut and run, doesn’t consider himself duty-free, an impartial witness to the death of a client. Ryan thinks liars, thinks no chance in hell, thinks kill them anyway. His knee-jerk reaction is to leap into action, relish in the wholesale murder he’s been putting off for months, but he isn’t just the Vagabond anymore. Ryan’s got the Lads to think about, standing a few steps behind him in a move they’ll surely mock him for later but it’s second nature now, trying to keep them safe. For a given definition of safe. The FAHC has given back a part of himself that he’d thought was lost forever, shattered bone-deep loneliness and rekindled joy and security and meaningless affection. Ryan would die before losing that all over again; he might be more than just the Vagabond but Ryan has never been particularly forgiving.

There’s a choked off sound from behind him and in that split second Ryan has a choice to make. Geoff would call their bluff, demand to see the bodies; Jack would tell the Lads to be smart, to think about the flaws in the story; the Vagabond would execute the threat for their insolence before slipping off into the night, but Ryan just takes a deep breath. Smiles his nastiest smile and steps to the side, waving the Lads forward with a jerk of his head, bracing himself for the carnage.

Because rather than breaking their will, when the Lads are told Geoff and Jack are gone they flip their goddamn shit. Gavin loves this crew unlike anything he has ever loved, emotions so fierce he’s surprised even himself, the found family he’d burn down the whole world to keep. Michael breathes loyalty, has always done, but his devotion has never been unquestioning obedience and the FAHC is the first crew who have rewarded his refusal to be a blind pawn; for all he huffs and complains Geoff has always welcomed intelligent debate, no matter how irreverently it’s proposed. And then there’s Ray, who’s learning that having a crew doesn’t require the sacrifice of independence, that leaning on others won’t always be a let down and sometimes coming down from his perch and getting amongst the action is worth the mess; it’s a work in progress but he’s not ready to lose it yet.

It doesn’t matter how implausibly convenient the boasting sounds, how easily calm heads could pick apart the lies; the thought alone is more than enough to have all three seeing red. Things were going to get messy no matter what, but Ryan’s explicit blessing was fuel on an already considerable fire, and they don’t hesitate tear past him and into the fray. Ryan follows, of course, and there’s something almost cathartic in it, an assassin amongst a hurricane of fury, infinitely more efficient alone but surprisingly proud of their merciless bloodbath, an amused artist cleaning up after enthusiastic students.

It’s Ryan who gets them moving again afterwards, when street’s have fallen quiet and there’s no one left to punish, feeling very much the responsible adult as he herds them down the road, a shepherd with a particularly murderous flock.

It doesn’t take them long to track down Geoff and Jack, alive and well and just finished cleaning up their own mess. Geoff’s suit, proudly protected from all but the slightest singeing despite this ordeal of a day, is completely written off when he’s tacked into a filthy hug, Jack graciously allowing herself to be drawn into the mess despite grumbling about her aching ribs as Ray and Ryan stand to the side and share a look that is as much look at what we have as it is look what we put up with. They’re all bloody and bruised and strung out on too much adrenaline and too little sleep but they’re back together, they’re all alive, and it still tastes like victory. Like succession.

With the city’s former top dogs burning in the street, an irrefutable display of terrifying talent to overwrite all past assumptions and a ruthless reputation that’s spreading father in every passing moment, the FAHC couldn’t be in a better position to claim ownership of Los Santos. The infamous City of Saints, safe-haven of sinners, bowing under one supreme power for the first time in it’s less than illustrious history, newfound royalty slipping in like poison and bringing the city to its knees.

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Hi, could you possibly write some regan fluff? I was thinking one where negan gets hurt by a bullet, and rick immediately moves to take care of him, constantly saying things like, "how could you be so stupid?" And, "Why do you put me through this". And maybe negan uses him being hurt as an excuse to get rick to cuddle him? Sorry if this is too much..!

The crazy thing about being hit by a bullet is how long it takes to realize you’ve been hit by a bullet. The adrenaline takes over and the second you’re laying with your back on the ground and your body sends your brain the signal, you’re like. oh shit am I dying? It’s a little helpless being knocked off your feet, shivering and shaking like some kind of frightened crack addict. The blood is spreading, and it takes a hell of a lot longer for you to realize that’s your blood not some walker’s. It’s hot, it’s spilling and you’re very fucking scared. 

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The Soulmate Series: Kyuhyun

What am I even doing? I have two midterms and eight essays to do, but here I am, writing this =/ More to come (TOP and V, when I have the time to write them) This is not proofread, btw.

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When he was young, he’d never really understood what the clock was all about.

“When you get older, you’ll understand” His mother had told him.

“But I don’t see the use of having a clock that doesn’t tell you the time” He’d stubbornly said.

“It tells you something even more precious, it tells you the amount of time left until you meet that one person that was made just for you, that one person that’s yours and only yours. Just wait a couple of years and you’ll see that it gets easier to understand.”

He looked at his mother’s clock, the white zeros a promise of what was to come, a promise of happiness in the future. He looked at his own black numbers.

Kyuhyun still thought he’d never understand.

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