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How are the gentry towards homosexual students? Are they accepting of it? Do they think it's weird cause they are so old? Or do they not notice at all? Similarly what would gentry think about transgender students?

Human gender is a nonsensical construct to creatures made out of Elsewhere stuff and shaped by their own constantly shifting whims. Although some take gendered forms and go by certain pronouns when they interact with students, it’s generally for that ~human aesthetic~ and their own amusement rather than any real in-depth understanding of the ideology behind it. They’ve got little to no interest in the politics of gender and sexuality, although they’re generally very into the interpersonal conflict that can arise.

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I've been reading phanfiction for a while n I've discovered some beautiful treasures. Shoutout to Jill (jilliancares), Rachel (botanistlester), Kali (mangothatismelancholy), Maddie (omgdatphantho), Ellie (eliiesfics) n Eliza (snowbunnylester). These people have written absolutely amazing fics n I simply fell more in love with dnp n their relationship n ofc with these writers💕💕 Also the mods at phanfiction catalogue r doing god's work and an amazing job at that!! U go guys!!👏👏

this is such a sweet thing that I couldn’t help posting! Shout out to @jilliancares, @botanistlester, @mangothatismelancholy, @omgdatphantho, @elliesfics, @snowbunnylester, somebody out there loves you and your work very much!

I’m sure these people would love to get a personal message though. Consider sending your favorite authors messages when you love them, because I know it always makes me feel really happy to hear it!

Also thank you! We work pretty hard here on the catalogue haha it’s nice to hear sweet things!

- Eliza


drew these EXACTLY a month ago…. (26th march) didnt upload them so i thought i might… cuz i suck today lol

i guess it’s a series now

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Devil/Angel AU


“Child of Calamity and Light, born to bring salvation to the world.”

Elmer C. Albatross + epithets 

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this is a totally different anon, asking about the storm's similar taste in men.

The Scientist

  • Too smart for his own good
  • Good with kids, family oriented
  • Bonus points for being a lanky brunet

Also: the universe where Johnny is the Storm sibling married to Reed, backing up my headcanon that he has a thing for smart guys. (Fantastic Four #563)

The Bad Boy

  • Tall, dark, and handsome (Well, Namor’s tall, anyway.)
  • Powerful, occasionally villainous
  • May have tried to kill Reed once 

The Ben

  • The blue-eyed idol of millions
  • Aunt Petunia’s favorite nephew
  • Who hasn’t thought about scaling Mount Rushmore

(The long history of BenJohnny subtext/Sue’s married to Ben in the Ultimate Universe.)

Barisi Episode Tag, 18x15

(and 18x13, and 18x14, and 18x11. Let’s just say it’s a multi-episode tag, spanning the entirety of S18, because I wanted to make up for the ones I didn’t write all season long. Inspired by the messy schedule, by Sonny’s temper, by Barba’s secret, and by my ability to see Barisi in everything. 16.4K.)

Note: This is a 3-part story. 3 mini-episode tags, rolled into one. Each “part” of the story takes place after each of the last 3 episodes, except I’m tackling them in their intended order, namely: 1) Know It All (18x15, with the reveal of Barba’s secret) 2) Genes (18x13, with Sonny’s subsequent outburst) and 3) Net Worth (18x14, with a happy Sonny doing a crossword puzzle). And I’m also heavily referencing Great Expectations (18x11, with the reveal about Sonny’s past).

Please enjoy.




Sonny braces himself before he enters Barba’s office.

It’s been a while.

He doesn’t know which Barba he’ll encounter. Worse than that, he doesn’t know which Sonny he’ll be.

Sonny swears there only used to be one of him. One Sonny, for all seasons.

Not anymore.

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