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so dan wattpad starts the video by saying he’s gotten many questions from the people who call themselves this ‘larry’ organisation, it’s so boring. Can we once and for all just out to rest what these guys believe? Can you tell me what your view is on these people who are obsessed by a Larry conspiracy?
Louis says: I’ve never actually been asked about it directly. It’s funny. People can believe what they want to believe but I just think it comes across sometimes as a little bit disrespectful to the ones I love, like Eleanor. It’s like anything…. if you google a conspiracy on iPhones, you’re gonna get conspiracy so I think it’s one of the the things people love to buy to it but in reality obviously there’s no truth to it, obviously.

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Oh god....I'm scrolling through the Larry tag on Twitter and apparently, Louis's denial is making Larries believe that Larry is more real than ever! Reasons: Louis said in another interview that he likes documentaries about conspiracy theories, Louis and Harry weren't asked together on video, he "stuttered and avoided the question," he said "people can believe what they want to believe" and he was looking down while answering.

What Festinger failed to understand is that prophecies, per se, almost never fail. They are instead component parts of a complex and interwoven belief system which tends to be very resilient to challenge from outsiders. While the rest of us might focus on the accuracy of an isolated claim as a test of a group’s legitimacy, those who are part of that group—and already accept its whole theology—may not be troubled by what seems to them like a minor mismatch. A few people might abandon the group, typically the newest or least-committed adherents, but the vast majority experience little cognitive dissonance and so make only minor adjustments to their beliefs. They carry on, often feeling more spiritually enriched as a result.

Even without this sacred disclaimer, it’s easy enough for a believer to reinterpret and revise the details of a prediction so that it fits whatever facts are on the ground. The research literature is littered with such examples. When atomic energy didn’t sweep over the Earth to herald the Second Coming on Christmas Day 1967, the Universal Link group cheerfully reinterpreted their prophecy as pertaining to a spiritual force, rather than a physical effect. When flying saucers never announced their presence to humankind in 1976, the Unarian sect gently reworked its prophecy to refer more broadly to some point in “the future,” while blaming limited human minds for misunderstanding the aliens’ grand plan. When a Pentecostal group led by the God-channelling housewife Mrs. Shepard emerged after more than a month from self-built fallout shelters, they were pleased that the divinely ordained nuclear holocaust had not come to pass—and grateful for having passed a test of their faith.In fact, so many studies have been conducted on unfulfilled prophecies from religions large and small that they were compiled into a fascinating book from 2000, Expecting Armageddon. None of the groups described reacted to the unexpected persistence of the world with a zealous drive for new members, and most made just minor adjustments to their beliefs.

For those not waiting for the world to end in a storm of fire and light it is easy to write off the believers as deluded, but Festinger was not so wide of the mark when he suggested that we adapt to even the most unlikely of contradictions using nothing more than our methods of everyday rationalization. The faithful could just as easily be those who stubbornly stand by disgraced politicians, failed ideologies, dishonest friends, or cheating spouses, even when reality highlights the clearest of inconsistencies. Armageddon is unlikely to arrive this weekend, but most of us have lived through it many times before.


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i just wanted to ask, how much "hate" do you get on a daily basis and how much does it really (like honestly, its easy to say that 'no i just scroll past it' and stuff, but it must get to you (if i were in your position i know it would get to me)) affect you?

ive gotten this question before but i dont rly get much hate, although also im not sure what counts as ‘hate’ hahaha. like hardly anyone is ever just mean to me for the sake of it. a lot of people get angry and irritated if i talk about social justice issues but i’ve posted about that tendency before … people don’t really like to read back on old answers or whatever and get a complete picture of the discussion that’s happening before they angrily go in my inbox to come at me for how i’m whiney/complaining/using faulty reasoning, etc etc every time i talk about dnp+race or, actually in the case of this current conversation, dnp+cultural power disparities (which is based in race as well tho). 

honestly it doesn’t bother me that much generally bc like my whole life has been centered around political discussions with people who don’t agree with me for like the last 5 years and i’m well past the point of taking disagreements like that to heart. but, holy shit, it is sometimes just discouraging and sad in a holistic sense to post about things that i think are very basic understandings of race or whatever and be met with such a wall of people who refuse to understand or listen … i obviously know that more conservative or narrow understandings of race relations exist but as i’ve said before, i’ve not experienced it in such a direct and concentrated way on tumblr before being part of this fandom. so sometimes it can just be sad and disappointing and i get tired and a lil scared that there are so many people willing to reduce people’s lived experiences or whatever into the basis for like a fun casual argument, when to me it’s so much more serious and weighty than that. but whenever that happens (and just in general with dnp) i don’t find it very hard to step away from this blog or close my computer and do other things till i feel better. 

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Hi, so, I am a young bi, I've gotten into a relationship with a dude. I like him, a lot, but, I keep having this part of me afraid to commit to him because I feel like I'm choosing a side. I want to be in a relationship, but, I don't want to have to question a part of who I am and it's just tripping me up so badly. He makes me so happy, but, I'm just so scared that I'm lying to the people around me and myself. I dunno what I'm even asking, maybe just some reassurance?

That’s a perfectly normal feeling to be having. It’s scary to commit to someone, especially if your sexuality/coming out has been a recent discovery. You’re bisexual no matter who you’re with, it doesn’t change just because of your partner. You’re not being dishonest. And girl, even if you switched labels, it’s NOBODY’S business who you have a relationship with. If you like him, go for it. You deserve to be happy!! 🍀💖


It’s a kind gesture, to say “Please reach out to me if you feel suicidal. You’re not alone”.
There are less of us who reach out, although we should. So many avenues and hotlines: why aren’t we reaching out? Why are we still losing people to suicide? It’s not my place to say I know what goes on in the mind of someone who is spiralling that dangerously. But as someone who has gone to the edge and been saved in the nick of time a number of times, the most important change happened when I started asking the right questions. Instead of “who cares for me anyway or what’s the purpose of my life anyway”, I reminded myself of every single detail and person in my life of my Everyday that I would be leaving behind - and that made me sad. I didn’t hate life. I don’t hate life. It’s the circumstances that can be damning. When news of Chester’s passing popped up on my phone, I was gutted. Because I felt he deserved better. But I don’t know what his state of mind was like. I don’t know his pain. I do know however that while I mourn his loss, it is a sobering reminder of what could have been had I not been saved in time. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. The proof is in the ones who are still here despite huge bandaids on their hearts. Life, is beautiful. It’s taken me a Long time to come to understand that sentence and to utter it with meaning. I send you love, courage and solidarity in showing up Everyday despite how shitty things can be. It is not for nought.

#mentalhealth #suicideprevention #justkeepswimming #igsg #bodypositive #psblogger #intersectionality #strengthcouragewisdom

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right now’s not the best time to say this bc i’ve seen some drama going down regarding a similar subject, but a couple people have asked if it’s okay to repost the old photoshop from before i deleted my content. going against what i said before, yeah, it’s fine as long as you credit me and don’t claim it as you own. if you want to repost any of my current stuff please ask permission first and i’ll give a response depending on what seems fit and what the content in question is. i’ll respect you more if you ask permission with my current stuff than if you just go ahead. my old stuff you do not have to ask permission for but if you want to be safe, go ahead. anyways, just wanted to answer that for a few people.

just because this is my policy on reposting doesn’t mean it’s everyone’s!

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i'm a terrible dork and don't really know much but... why are the bidders called the meme team™? like, i don't understand why, and i see a lot of people call them that on here so i really what to know why. sorry for bothering you with this question by the way...

Oh, it’s no bother!

The the exact name of meme team™ is something started by @natashabaranov in this recent request sent to me, but @catchthespade , @maidofstars , @bolt8826 and myself have been calling the Bidders different forms of it for a while now lmao. I didn’t realize other people were using the term, to be honest!

Basically, we are all dweebs that like to call the Bidders weird nicknames

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How did you make new friends without seeming/being annoying in school ? And how do you do it today?

Oh, I definitely had my moments of annoying friend-making. There were many clumsy instances of “I think we’re friends but we’re not”, or “they think we’re friends but we’re not” and ESPECIALLY “I think we’re friends because they SAY they want to be friends, and instead of paying attention to their actions / how they treat me, I blindly believe them until I’ve been hurt and annoyed enough to realize that no, in fact, we’re NOT friends, nor did they ever have any desire to be”. 

What I’ve learned along the way is that the best way to make friends is to not TRY to make friends, but to focus on being yourself. That sounds like a cliche, or something adults tell kids to help inspire confidence, but it’s true. 

Talk about what you like. Ask people questions that interest you and pertain to them. Engage others on common ground. The people who you click with will stick around. The people you don’t will quietly fade into the background, and neither you nor them will notice because you’ll both be too busy enjoying the people around you that you DO click with. 

A hard lesson that I had to learn was that not everyone will like you. You can be the best, most vibrant, kind, engaging, helpful, empathetic version of yourself possible, and there will STILL be people who just flat don’t like you. And you know what? That’s okay, because they don’t define you. Their attitudes don’t dictate your worth. 

Just be yourself. Love yourself, mistakes and all. Throw passion into what you love and who you love, and one day you’ll look up and realize that you’re surrounded by amazing people who are also realizing that they, in turn, are surrounded by amazing people, and you’ll all smile and laugh and the fear of making friends will, at least for a little while, be a distant memory. 

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Aaah you're so lovely to ask questions to, I always feel so nervous asking other astro blogs stuff about astrology because they can act really rude or petty a lot of the time and make you feel stupid for even asking. :/

Omg someone sent me something like this earlier!! 😭

I feel bad because you really shouldn’t be scared to ask someone a question because you’re fearing how they’ll respond to you. Like damn some of these astrology blogs got the game fucked up. This ain’t how you’re supposed to treat people you never even met before. People be hella rude online for no reason so I understand what you’re talking about. 😒 But nah, you don’t have to be afraid to ask me anything. I respond to anything as long as it’s respectful and it doesn’t violate my FAQ! But sometimes others inbox messages get swallowed up omg! I try to answer to everyone I can. But thank you for the compliment and take care! ❤️

❀ flowery asks ❀

azalea : what’s one word that describes you ?

baby’s breath : what did you want to be when you were a kid ?

begonia : are you a messy or clean person ?

bleeding heart : has your heart ever been broken ?
bluebell : do you drink tea or coffee ?
buttercup : what are five things that make you apologetically happy ?
calla : what’s your favorite book ?
carnation : what are your five most played songs ?
chrysanthemum : what are you afraid of ?
daffodil : what’s your astrological sign ?
dahlia : what’s your favorite band ?
daisy : which ‘friends’ character do you relate to the most ?
dandelion : are you an extrovert or an introvert ?
geranium : how has your day been ?
hydrangea : what’s your dream job ?
iris : who’s your celebrity crush ?
lavender : what’s one of the best gifts you’ve ever received ?
lily : what’s something you’ve achieved that you’re really proud of ?
marigold : what would you like to do more of, but don’t ?
moonflower : who inspires you ?
morning glory : are you an early bird or a night owl ?
orchid : what’s the last movie you saw ?
pansy : do you believe in love at first sight ?
peony : what does your url mean ?
periwinkle : what are you thankful for ?
petunia : where were you ten years ago ?
poinsettia : where would you like to be in ten years ?
poppy : what’s your online persona ?
primrose : if you could share one message with the world, what would it be ?
rose : who’s the last person you spent quality time with ?
snapdragon : what are your goals ?
sunflower : what’s your favorite quote ?
tulip : if you had three wishes, what would you wish for ?
violet : what’s one thing most people don’t know about you ?
zinnia : do you believe in magic ?


A Bucky Barnes One-Shot

Character Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Female Reader

Word Count: 5,717 (yup…)

Warnings: NSFW 18+ Smut! Sexual penetration, oral (male and female receiving), face sitting, dirty talk, language, drinking, Bucky being everyone’s wet dream…

A/N: I’m so sorry this took so long, but I worked HARD on this one and I’m totally proud of it! (and before anyone asks, Howl at the Moon is a real bar in Indiana!) Enjoy. :) 

You stood in the street and looked up at the new sign that was being hung up in front of the building.

Howl at the Moon

Your pride and joy. You smiled with a shake of your head. This bar had just started out a little hole in wall. Nobody knew about it, and you were barely making ends meet with only 2 people on staff.

Now, it was a world-renowned biker bar. People from all over the globe have stopped in. You have worked hard to make it what it is. The many roaring engines from motorcycles and loud laughter rule this spot.

It kept your life interesting.

The alcohol stays flowing all night long and the grill stays hot. Your most popular item on the menu? Beer served in buckets. You would be surprised at how many buckets these burly bikers can put away.

Sing-a-longs, dance-offs and dirty humor keep your patrons coming back for more. Your lady bartenders have been known to jump on the bar to dance to some old rock n’ roll. Yourself included.

Ashley, your best friend, came up beside you and looked at the sign as well. “It looks fantastic.”

You poked her with your elbow, “Well I would hope you think so, you drew up the concept.”

She crossed her arms over her chest and tipped her head, “I’m a genius.”

You looked up at the black wolf, nose pointed up at a blue moon with a howl. It was really going to stand out at night when it was all lit up.

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170618 // I haven’t made a post like this in a while, but I’m revising for an exam right now and it’s the last thing I want to be doing so I’m procrastinating (don’t follow my lead kids).

How I use Digital Notes

I’ll make a more detailed post about how I study at some point, but for now:

  • I use microsoft onenote, but you can use whatever program you feel comfortable with.
    • Useful features of onenote include the organisation into notebooks, sections, and tabs, search function, equation support, tagging, and formatting options (inc. different heading styles).
    • You can find really great posts about onenote quite easily if you’re interested in how it works (I would 100% recommend it).
  • Throughout the year I type up my class notes, summarising information and organising it into a sensible order.
    • This took a lot of discipline and I fell off the bandwagon quite a bit. I initially intended to type up my notes from the day every evening, but I found it’s more realistic to just do it as often as possible and to aim to finish each topic’s notes before I move onto the next one.
  • When I come to revise for exams I will rewrite and summarise my notes on paper (writing out notes helps me remember them, but this may not work for you)
    • When I’m doing the first few past papers I’ll have my notes with me so I can look things up until I can do a paper without them.
      • I find this is more effective than using the mark scheme to help as the mark scheme basically gives you the answers.

Why Make Digital Notes?

Obviously digital notes don’t work for everyone, but I find they’re much more useful to have than notes on paper, at least before you start revising.

  • The main benefits of digital notes are:
    • typing is faster than writing
    • search functions (depending on the program) to look up information quickly
    • neater and faster formatting
    • you can back them up somewhere else so you don’t have to worry about losing or damaging them
    • you can bring all your notes with you without it weighing a tonne (assuming your laptop/tablet doesn’t weigh a tonne)
    • copy and paste! Ofc use this as infrequently as possible, but it’s useful for quotes etc.
    • pictures without the effort of drawing or printing out and sticking in
    • cheaper as you don’t have to buy pens and paper as often
    • an excuse to bring your computer into school and then go online shopping and play games during really boring classes no I haven’t done this what are you talking about so you have access to google etc. to look things up whenever


  • The only reason I’ve managed to keep up with my notes throughout the year is because I don’t take any for maths and I’ve kind of fallen off the bandwagon for French (whoops). It’s a bit unrealistic to expect to keep up with all the notes for all your subjects (particularly if you’re doing gcses), so prioritise.
  • Subjects like maths tend to assess a skill rather than knowledge, so it’s probably more useful to do practice questions rather than make notes.
  • If you’re dropping a subject in a year and won’t touch it again make sure it’s actually worth making notes for the whole year.

In Class or After Class?

Whether you write notes on the computer during class or afterwards depends on the class.

  • I’ve got one particular teacher who flits back and forth between topics and often mentions things without going into detail because she assumes we’re too stupid to understand (not my favourite teacher ngl). So I use my laptop in her lessons so I can go back to topics we’ve already done and so I can google things to fact check (she frequently dumbs stuff down to inaccurate levels) and expand on points that she makes.
  • If you’ve got a teacher that tends to move super fast it might be worth having a computer with you as typing is generally much faster than writing.
    • If you can’t touch type learning is a really good idea, even just to improve the speed of your typing (I can’t actually touch type but I took a course until I learnt to use all my fingers when typing and now I type much faster). There’s lots of free online courses available.
  • Alternatively, you can just make all your class notes on paper and type up the important information when you get home.
    • This means you don’t have to worry about your class notes being neat enough to revise from; after you type them up you can file them or even throw them away to save space.
    • It also works as a review which is really good for putting the information into your long-term memory.
    • However it is also pretty time consuming so you’ve got to be super disciplined to keep on top of it.
  • In my school at a levels I’ve found it’s not too unusual to have a laptop out but it’s a bit odd to have one at gcses (idk about other schools). Obviously you shouldn’t care about what other people think, but if having your laptop/tablet with you will make you feel self-conscious and uncomfortable then leave it at home.
    • Also laptops and tablets are expensive and it’s understandable if you’d rather keep them safe at home.
    • That said, people do get used to it. Even if you’re the only one with a laptop/tablet, the novelty wears off quickly.
  • Some teachers don’t actually like students using laptops and tablets during class, so do check before you bring it in.

I hope this helped! Of course if you have any questions about this (or anything else) my ask is always open please ask me something

Here’s where I post this and find 56 typos :/

Bygones of the Sun | 03 (M)

Originally posted by hobismole

Genre: Angst/fluff/(future)smut || dance captain!hoseok, bad boy!au, uni!au

Pairing: Reader x Hoseok

Length: 7.8k

Summary: Jung Hoseok was once the sweetheart of the school, the dance captain whom every girl, including you, can’t help but fall head over heels for. But like the force of the ever-glowing sun, everything that rises must also set. A year of inactivity later and he’s now the school’s resident bad boy. You’re a firm believer of allowing the past be the past, and yet you can’t help but wonder where the risen sun has gone into hiding—because perhaps its shadows have out-shined its own radiance.

01 | 02 | 03 | 04

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google (which is free btw 10/10 would recommend) defines racism as “prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior”.

when i say i hate white people it isn’t because i think another race is superior, i say i hate white people because all throughout history white people have proclaimed THEMSELVES as the superior race and committed horrendous crimes in the name of white supremacy. i hate you BECAUSE you are racist.

“i’m not racist!! that’s so unfair!!!!”

fuck you. you know what’s unfair?

• the fact that asian people are hardly represented on tv
• constantly having to deal with microaggressions
• the fact that the majority of whites are ignorant of racism and systemic oppression just because it doesn’t affect them
• the genocide and literal whitewashing of native americans and the fact that we still show them no remorse or respect to this day
• black kids having to be taught how to interact with the police
• white people profiting from the generational wealth of their slave-owning ancestors yet refusing to pay reparations to black people because “just go back to africa if you don’t like it here" conveniently forgetting who brought them to america in the first place
• the wage gap (black women are the most educated group in the us but on average for every dollar a white man makes they make 70 cents)
• innocent black people being vilified by the media when they are murdered by the police
• the fact that black people are incarcerated at more than 5 times the rate of whites
• etc. etc. etc.

“but but but not all white people”

ofc not literally every single one. i don’t know every single white person. for the last time: i’m talking about white people as a collective. but what’s the point in even asking me this question? you’re only derailing the conversation. at the end of the day there is no reason NOT to care about the well-being of your peers who are quite frankly not thriving as much as they could be because white people have been holding them back at every turn.

“so all white people are evil?”


“then what do you want me to do?

stop. denying. responsibility. realize that we live in a racist society and no matter if you are actively racist or not as long as you are a white person you benefit from that racism. educate yourself by surrounding yourself with poc voices. PAY the poc artists, writers, freelance journalists you choose to follow. listen. be an accomplice. instead of getting angry at me, or anyone else who says they hate white people, look around and realize why we are saying it. your anger is misplaced. it shouldn’t be towards us, it should be towards all the scum that have given you a bad name. it should be towards all the scum that have caused injustice and pain and sorrow to our siblings. the rage you feel, use it to dismantle and destroy white supremacy.
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I am alive! Hmu in my ask and talk to me if y’all want. This is a little filler before i go into all the request i haven’t done yet 

The person is in bold and MC is in italics


  • Zen hyung! she looked so pretty today I feel like other people would snatch her if I don’t make a move now
  • Who looked pretty today???
  • MC obviously, hyung we’ve been talking about her for the past days already you even gave me advice on how to ask her out
  • Oh
  • Oh? what do you mean oh?
  • Well… she’ll say yes, I don’t think you have to go through lengths to ask her
  • How do you know???!?
  • Well one, I’m not Zen
  • ……
  • ……..
  • …………
  • You little cutie, pick me up on 7 this saturday? <3
  • Um uh okay! sure! 


  • Seven you might be a little weird for my taste but help me out
  • ???
  • I don’t know what to do with MC man I like her so much my chest tightens everytime I see her
  • Oh….. wow
  • Yeah I mean did you see her with that other dude! I was ready to just grab her and leave
  • Well, you should’ve. That would have been fine
  • I can’t just do that I mean I want her to be mine but she’ll need time to accept me and all that 
  • I do accept you ^^
  • Um Seven that was kind of weird
  • wait
  • hold on
  • Oh my god I think I creeped you out I’m sorry you had to find out this way
  • Don’t worry I like you too
  • Oh uh! um then lets date
  • I mean let’s go on a date first yeah
  • Sure, I mean I’m yours right? <3


  • Assistant Kang I need some…. assistance
  • Yes Mr. Han?
  • I need you to order the most expensive bouquet from a famous flower shop
  • What is it for, Mr. Han? Is it a congratulatory bouquet?
  • No it’s for MC
  • MC?
  • I… need to give her a token of my appreciation
  • Like, as a friend?
  • Preferably as my companion
  • Your girlfriend?
  • Yes.
  • Is the order done?
  • Jumin! it was fun messing around as Jaehee for once but you don’t need to give me something as expensive as that! 
  • MC? 
  • Yes it’s me
  • No I want to give it to you, expect it this week and expect me to ask you to be my beloved
  • mc blushes really You don’t need to ask such a question, I’m already saying yes


  • Yoosung, I know you’re quite young but what do young people want these days?
  • What young people want?
  • Yes… in regards to love and couples
  • ???
  • It’s absurd of me to be asking but I want to do something about my crush towards MC but I don’t know what she wants
  • She only wants you
  • Oh that’s quite forward, I’m not so sure about that
  • Check the name, Jaehee :)
  • MC!!? Oh no forget I said that
  • Forget? No way! I like you too <3


  • Seven the defender of justice can do everything and can work my way through anything! But……………. Help me Jumin I promise you I won’t touch a single fur Elly if you do
  • I’m not sure I can do that 
  • Please just hear me out!! 
  • It’s just… I’m a secret agent, Jumin I can’t like anybody
  • Seven…
  • But MC! She just, worked her way into my heart. I can’t be closer to her and put her in danger Jumin. I can’t lose her.
  • You won’t lose her
  • It’s not that easy! All her actions, her kindness, her words it just makes my heart speed up more. I don’t think I can bear more of it without doing something but it’s too dangerous
  • Do you like her?
  • I…. love her
  • Then just be with her
  • I don’t think I can and if I will, what’ll I do?
  • Kiss me 
  • Kiss? huh 
  • FLOD
  • DLDO
  • You can’t undone what’s done, Seven
  • Calm down… I love you too
  • Then come to me, I’ll be waiting <3


  • Saeyoung you’re an idiot right? Then what should I do about my idiot emotions
  • You should probably just let your idiot emotions out why what’re you feeling?
  • Like… I wanna just lay down and have MC in my arms because her touch is more calming than I thought it would be or just pin MC to a wall and make out with her, taste her. She’s so addicting Saeyoung and shit I feel like throwing up saying all these things forget it I’ll delete this message later
  • What
  • What the hell has gotten into you
  • ….
  • I’m done, don’t talk to me
  • Stop shouting
  • No screw you
  • I bet you’d like to ;)
  • unknown has left the chatroom


hi folks! as most of you will know, i’m currently taking a gap year. i’ve received so many questions about this (mostly asking me for advice) so i thought i’d just gather all the questions and the information i’ve gathered and make a little guide about it all! :-) i’ll be going through why i’m taking one, the advantages and disadvantages and what i’ve learned so far!

► what is a gap year?

first thing’s first: what is a gap year? according to the cambridge dictionary, the definition is as follows: ‘a year between leaving school and starting university that is usually spent travelling or working.’ most people will take a year out before starting uni, but it’s also often taken to prevent a burn out or stress from overwork in later years. the reasons for taking a year out before starting uni vary, but the most common reason is to have fun and explore the world before getting down to some serious studying. as a result of this, young people will have a chance to get to know themselves, and the world around them, a lot better. in general it’s seen as a positive thing, although the opportunity can be wasted if the year is spent being lazy and not doing anything interesting.

► why did i decide to take a gap year?

i made a post about this back in july (2016), but i’ll briefly explain this again. in my case, there were a few reasons why i decided to take a gap year instead of going straight to uni after graduating. the first being that the course i want to do is super expensive compared to the normal courses in my town, so my parents wanted me to work and save money to pay for it myself! since i really want to do the course, i totally didn’t mind the idea of working for a year and saving up the money. the second is that i was only 17 when i graduated, so i’d be moving to barcelona at a really young age to study there. that was something my parents and i weren’t so sure about (considering my age). a few other factors are that i wanted to finish my musical education before leaving, i wanted to have some fun and travel a little before studying and that i wanted to feel really ready for the move. 

► should you take a gap year?

i get asked a lot by my followers if i think they should also take one, and i honestly think it’s way too personal to let anyone else decide! you need to think of the reasons why you would want/ need to take a year out first. i suggest you make a list of reasons why and reasons not to. if one list has better reasons, go with that one! i also suggest you talk to your family, teachers or anyone else you know taking one/ or has taken one. but if you need a little more help, i’ve made a little list of the advantages and disadvantages that you can take a look at below.

► what are the advantages?

there are so many so i’ll try my best to list them all!

  • you don’t have to study: for some people this is a huge advantage. if you’re not too keen on studying, taking a gap year provides a nice long break to enjoy before going to uni to study even harder.
  • you can do the things you couldn’t as a student: think about it: you have a whole year to do whatever you want to! as a student you’re bound to certain activities like going to school, studying, etc. now you’re not in school you can travel or pick up a hobby you didn’t have the time for/ the money for/ or just plain couldn’t before!
  • you can experience the working world before your peers: this is an advantage i regard really highly. i’ve been working for almost 8 months now, and i have discovered so many things about the working world that i wouldn’t have otherwise known. you’ll find out how to find real jobs/ go to interviews/ etc before any of your peers. and with that comes the money.
  • → money: if you choose to work. you’ll be payed good money depending on the job, and with that money you’ll be able to travel or buy things you couldn’t before! you can save it for later life too, which will help you out a lot in the long run.
  • you’ll get to know yourself better: if all your friends decide to go to uni, you’ll probably not be able to spend all that much time with them anymore, leading to you being alone more often. but don’t worry! this can be a really good thing. you’ll get to know yourself better, and by working/ travelling/ picking up a hobby you can really work on yourself. i found that high school really messed up my ideas of myself by trying to fit in. you really get the chance to look after yourself better and to nurture your true nature and personality more.

► what are the disadvantages?

when there are advantages, there will always be some disadvantages!

  • you will feel a little isolated sometimes: if you don’t know anyone else taking a gap year, it’s very likely you’ll feel slightly isolated at times. friends going to school or uni will have a very different schedule than you, so you won’t always be able to hang out with them. this is very easily remedied by keeping yourself busy and active though!
  • you might get out of the habit of studying: because you won’t be in school or taking a course, you might find yourself getting out of the old habit of studying. i noticed how fast my hand got tired when writing for example! this isn’t a huge problem, because you can always keep your habits alive by following online courses or learning a new language for fun!
  • you might become less motivated: this sort of ties in with the previous point, but it’s possible you’ll notice yourself get lazier and lose motivation. the habit of routinely studying and doing your assignments won’t really be necessary during a gap year, so it might be hard for you to get back into the swing of things later on.

That’s it! Hopefully this was helpful to some of you!  :-)

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