whats ur username

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im glad I could make you feel better!!! I love your story sm!!! I can't wait for ur wattled!!! pls let me know what ur username is!! <3

hey guys follow me on wattpad i’m lukespetkitten here is the link to my profile

i’m gonna be adding a few parts here and there pls pls read and comment!! and tell me what to tag my stuff under so others read it xoxo

first blogrates of #2k16

i figured i’d do some blogrates as it’s been a while since i’ve doing any, also as the 100 comes back real soon [omfg so excited u guYS] i’ve had the url blaekes saved for ages but idk if i should change ???? let me know ur thoughts

  • mbf me
  • reblog this
  • birthday and marvel family page are still open [optional]
  • maybe check out my twitter and instagram let me know what ur username is so i can follow back [optional]
  • send me a rec [books/shows/films/etc]
  • rates undercut;

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