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Physical Detail Ask Meme:

Σ(゚Д゚;): Have they ever sprained or broken their leg before? How about their arm? What was the story behind it?

╰(*´︶`*)╯: Do they appreciate hugs? Would they prefer to give hugs or receive hugs? What kind of hugs do they like to receive and/or give?

ಠಿ_ಠ: Do they look up or down when they are trying to recollect something?

ヽ( ´O`): What is their body language like when sleepy? 

(Д゚≡゚Д゚): When they are surprised by somebody do they physically jump? Scream? 

(⸝⸝⸝ ̑ ̑⸝⸝⸝):  Does their face get red after they drink?

(„ᵕᴗᵕ„): Does their face turn red when embarrassed? If so, how else do they react when embarrassed? (I.E. Shifting of weight upon foot, etc.)

( ๑‾̀◡‾́)σ»: Do they have a sensitive spot/s?

(〇o〇;): What is their body language like when they are stressed? Do they try and hide the fact that they are stressed? How do they recover from said stress?

ಠ-ಠ: Do they like it when people touch their hair?

(ノ≧ڡ≦): Do they like to show affection by physically teasing? (I.E: Shoulder punches, etc.)

♪⁽⁽٩( ᐖ )۶⁾⁾ ₍₍٩( ᐛ )۶₎₎♪: How are they like when they dance? Are they stiff? Fluid? A good dancer? Do they prefer to dance with a lot of others, with one other person, or alone?

ง ( ⌓̈ )ง: Are they physically strong when it comes to fights?

(´∀`): Do they laugh when they get nervous?

ಥoಥ: How are they like when they cry? Do they just stream tears nonstop? Does their nose get clogged to the point that it’s hard to breathe? Is it easy for them to speak when they are sobbing? Do they hiccup when they cry?

ಸヮಸ: Do they lean back or forward when they laugh hard? Do they snort? Slap their knee? Do that seal-esque clap? Do they often laugh to the point that you can’t hear their laugh anymore?

「(°ヘ°): How does one calm them down when they are freaking out? Do they prefer physical comfort, or would they rather be left alone?

⊙.☉: Does their voice get an octave higher when they lie? Does it crack?

( ˘͈ ᵕ ˘͈♡): Does having somebody stroke their head make them feel relaxed?

(ꈍᴗꈍ)ε`*): Do they prefer kisses on the cheek? Forehead? What about neck kisses?

(-.-): How should one wake them up? Do they get out of bed easily?

(ó﹏ò。): Are there any foods that make their stomach upset?

Send Me a symbol for how you feel
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  • ❦ I sort of secretly ship a thing with your muse(s)
  • ✷ I wish our characters was friends
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  • ❋ Your blog is one of my favs
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Emoji mun questions

😰 - what is one charector you desperately want your muse to interact with

😍 - what is your favorite character you’ve rolplayed as in the past

😦 - what has been your worst roleplay experience?

😑- what is one charector you refuse to roleplay as and why?

😙 - what was the first charector you ever rolplayed as?

😤 - what is your roleplay related pet peeve?

😇 - do you consider yourself a good roleplayer?

👿 - do you consider yourself a bad roleplayer?

😫 - do you prefer fluff, angst, or smut?

😨 - how many roleplay blogs have you had active at once?

😘 - what charectors are you currently writing?

😴 - have you ever given up on a blog and regretted it?

😶 - ask your own question! Be creative!

Threat Starters

❝ Are we clear? ❞
❝ Come back again and you won’t be able to even come here ever. ❞
❝ Do as I say. ❞
❝ Don’t even think about it. ❞
❝ Don’t move or the person dies. ❞
❝ Don’t touch me ever again. ❞
❝ Don’t you dare! ❞
❝ Touch them and I’ll kill you. ❞
❝ If you don’t have what I asked for before the deadline, you can kiss your loved one/s goodbye. ❞
❝ If you don’t step down from your position, I’m taking drastic measures to make it happen. ❞
❝ Shut up and answer what I request. ❞
❝ Shut up, and hand it to me. ❞
❝ I just need it and I’ll be off. ❞
❝ This’ll hurt less if you don’t move. ❞
❝ Shut up or I’ll make you shut up. ❞
❝ Your life is on the line here. ❞
❝ If you do that, I’ll shoot. ❞
❝ Watch it! ❞
❝ What’s your problem? ❞
❝ If someone isn’t careful… ❞

anonymous asked:

Loving the text messages!! Keep up the good work! Also if you don't mind could you describe darks and antis personalities according to you?

Absolutely!!! Beware though, I’m about to wax poetic because I LOVE these two characters. I’m sorry that this post is so long but I’m NOT putting it under a cut because I worked on this for over a fucking hour instead of writing my history paper and I want at least one person to actually read it. :P

I’m gonna go a little in depth with what I believe is their canon personalities according to my interpretation and then how I incorporate those interpretations into Texts From Dark And Anti. Some of you may be surprised to find that I actually heavily take their canonical personalities into account when I make my edits; it’s not all just dick jokes and memes for the sake of notes. Texts From Dark And Anti is my love letter to these two characters, and I’ve gone to great lengths to portray them in the best way possible.

But enough babbling. Let’s start with Dark.

CANON PERSONALITY: Master Manipulator and Sexual Predator

Originally posted by markimemey

Per Mark, Dark is a master manipulator. He’s a snake in the grass, ready to tell you anything and everything you need to hear in order to get what he wants from you.

I’d argue that this often works for him. Obviously he’s a very good actor if he’s able to mimic Mark perfectly in the “Chocolate” ending, so that makes me think that he’s able to assume whatever personality and/or extend whatever favors he needs to to trick his victims into abiding by him.

But it’s also worth mentioning that Dark’s biggest weakness (arguably) is his jealousy. As Mark said, Dark’s extremely jealous of Mark, and he wants everything that Mark has: wealth, fame, success, and devoted fans. I’d be willing to believe that that last thing is what rubs Dark wrong the most.

Evidence? Mark’s fans are exactly what he goes after. Wanna know what’s freakier? IT FUCKING WORKED.

Mark took all of his fans out on a date. All of us adored him for it. Dark got jealous of this, so he infiltrated the date and tried to get us to support him instead. And when Tyler Mark showed up to fight him, Dark didn’t kill him himself. He manipulated us into doing it for him.

And what brings this home is that Dark has had the longest lasting potential out of anything to come out of this video. All of the other memes and references have lost their luster by now, but the resurgence of Dark-related fan art, ask/rp blogs, edits, and memes are still going strong. Dark infiltrated our date and convinced us to love him and worship him the same way that we do Mark, and we fucking fell for it.

So why does he do this? Is it just because he’s a jealous prick? Partially, but I think that, canonically, there’s more to it. I think it’s because he thrives on his ability to hold power over people, which is comparable to–get ready for it–sexual predators.

Dark exhibits a lot of the traits we normally attribute to these criminals. He’s attractive, charismatic, extremely manipulative, and sadistic. He says things like, “I can give you anything,” and, “If it’s dinner you want, I can provide.” Provide is an interesting word choice here, because that’s what society has dictated the man in a relationship should do. He even acts seductive: arching his neck, eye-fucking the camera, and he even blows us a kiss (see below). But the way that he grabs and shakes us periodically throughout his mental breakdown betrays his inner sadism and anger issues, also common among sexual predators. I absolutely think that based on Dark’s behavior and what we know about him, he’s totally down to fuck anyone and everyone in order to get what he wants–consensual or otherwise. And I definitely think he’ll enjoy it.

Originally posted by mirrorthehorse

I wouldn’t necessarily say that Dark is a nymphomaniac. As an otherworldly being, it’s entirely possible he doesn’t even have a sex drive. But sexual predators don’t usually rape their victims just to get their dicks wet. Usually, it’s a power issue; they want to feel like they have mastery over something, and that they are dominant and in control. Given Dark’s obsession with taking all of Mark’s glory away from him, coupled with his violent mood swings and sadism, I would say that sexual assault is probably just one of the many ways he appeases his insatiable appetite for power and manipulation. And I’d even bet that it’s one of his go-to’s.

In Texts From Dark And Anti, I normally portray Dark as a bitter old demon who doesn’t understand memes and doesn’t want to put up with anybody’s shit. But I didn’t just do this for fun; I did it because I could see Dark being jaded in real life. Off-camera, when he’s not trying to seduce us into adoring him over Mark, I could see him being sick of being overlooked. He’s old, even by Mark’s channel’s standards, and up until “A Date With Markiplier”, he wasn’t mainstream in the fandom at all–not fun for someone who craves the adoration of others. So he’d definitely be off-put by Anti’s much younger, more erratic personality, and in a bad mood he’d bitch at him for it. But in a good mood, he’d use it to his advantage to get whatever he wants–sex, souls, and anything else his blackened heart desires, both for the reward and the thrill of not having to do it himself.

Now let’s talk about Anti.

CANON PERSONALITY: Chaotic Psychopath

Originally posted by treblegirl

Jack has been near-silent on his personal interpretation of Anti (although he’s stated that he definitely has a personal canon that he refuses to share, the little fucker), so all of this is going to come from speculation and what we see onscreen.

While Dark chose to make his debut in one long, continuous, elegant appearance, Anti showed up randomly throughout the month of October, with no prelude and no explanation as to why he was there. Also in contrast to Dark’s smooth, charismatic personality, Anti is visibly unstable, jittery, and psychotic. Both he and Dark exhibit bloodlust, but Anti doesn’t hide it. He doesn’t hold back any of his sociopathic tendencies, going so far as to murder his host on camera for the world to see.

We don’t exactly know what Anti’s agenda is, but that’s just it: I don’t think he has one. At least, not one beyond the psychotic urge to kill as much and as many people as he can. Even in “Say Goodbye”, all he does is laugh at/condemn the viewer for not warning Jack and saving him. The other times he was on camera in October, he was glitchy, with several different appearances (fangs, gauges, blood, etc.) and contorted, unsettling body movements, making me think that Anti is a supernatural being that thrives on chaos and bloodshed.

But  Anti doesn’t just want to cause havoc–he wants to cause havoc and get the credit he deserves for it. That’s why he showed up so much on camera without Jack noticing; he was there for us, not him. Then he made a big deal about us not telling Jack what was going on, condemning us for our failure to make his existence well-known. Then he crashed Jack’s panel at PAX, angry at us for “forgetting” him. He’s not trying to garner our support like Dark is; if anything, he wants us to be terrified of him.

Originally posted by redthereaper07

But personally, if I had to choose between being locked in a room with Dark and being locked in a room with Anti, I’d choose Anti in a heartbeat. Because even though Anti is more obviously psychotic, at least I’d know I would be killed quickly–unlike Dark, who would torture and manipulate me verbally, physically, and possibly even sexually for an indeterminate amount of time. This is Anti’s downfall, I think; Dark disguises his true nature with seduction and charisma, but because Anti’s so unpredictable and surface-level, he identifies himself as a very obvious threat, ironically making him a little easier to understand.

Thus, my interpretation of him in Texts From Dark And Anti reflects this (albeit in a more comedic way). Anti loves memes and silly trends because he wants to stick out in a way that’ll gain recognition. He’s more up-to-date with Internet trends and slang because he’s much younger than Dark–but that also means that he’s more gullible, and a lot of simple things go over his head. Basically all of his emotions are double that of Dark’s, and he makes no efforts to disguise them. He’s also much more privvy to senseless murder than Dark. This speaks highly of his psychotic tendencies and general disregard for any order or secrets he could be bothering to keep. What you see of Anti is what you get: an easily-excitable, always-ready-to-fuck-shit-up killing machine.

Originally posted by markired

So…yeah. That’s pretty much my piece. Told you it’d be long. X’D

But tysm for asking!! And if any of you bothered reading this far, PLEASE reblog or leave a reply with your thoughts on my interpretation of these two characters and how you characterize them personally. I’m super crazy interested in the lore around these two (or lack thereof), which is why I created Texts From Dark And Anti in the first place. ^_^

rp. @khadijashari
You know…. I don’t always want to state my views or opinions on things. But because this IS the field I work in, imma drop a little something. We need to level up as Black People, minorities really, and do more for our communities. Instead of trying to fit our oval asses in a triangular house. 🤷🏿‍♀️ After all of this time, the joke is still on US. A little less, “ tryna make fetch happen” and a little more OWNERSHIP, is what we need. Like, owning all of our content! Owning our tv/radio shows, films, blogs, magazines and businesses. Create and own award shows that highlight our achievements in EVERY FIELD. Maybe then we wouldn’t feel so forgotten, overlooked or not worthy enough of a seat at a table that wasn’t designed for us to sit at in the first place. MOST DEFINITELY easier said than done. But man, just some food for thought. 👁🔮

On Thread Length

Some people use a lot of text when writing to show their muse’s mental state, some use it purely because their muse is talkative. But when things like that happen, some people stress over whether or not they should match length and it can be the reason some people have problems replying to things.

You do not need to match my length. My muses get lost in their heads/like to talk/just end up making me write a lot.

Write whatever you are comfortable with, because this is supposed to be fun and you should never be pressured to meet the length of your partner. Do what you want to, and hopefully by reblogging this, the mun of this blog will do the same.

Wilford: *Is hanging out with some of the other egos when his phone starts ringing*

Dr. Iplier: What’s that?

Wilford: My Christmas ring tone for Dark.

Anti: Your ring tone for Dark is the Grinch song?

Anti: *starts laughing uncontrollably*

Wilford: *Answers his phone* Hey, Dark. What’s up?

Dark:… Do I hear Anti laughing?

Anti: *snatches the phone from Wilford*

Anti: *sings* You nauseate me, Mister Grinch.

Anti: *starts laughing again*

Wilford: *takes his phone back*

Wilford: Sorry about that.

Dark:… I don’t even want to know.


Happy Mother’s Day!! 💕👑

Ahh, what can I say about my little Frenchie? This little light skinned lady has done so much for me and I feel like I can never do enough to thank her for everything. She and my dad had me when they were really young and they’ve both done a bomb ass job raising me but we’re not here to talk about my dad. That’s what Father’s Day is for 😂 My mom constantly drives me crazy with her goofiness and her motherliness but she’s also the reason why I haven’t gone bat shit crazy over the past 21 years. She’s gotten me through a lot of things and I am super grateful. She always has my back and I don’t think I could’ve dreamt of or wished for a greater mom. Thanks for all you’ve done Ara! 💕

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there, existing and soon-to-be! You all deserve the world today and always 💕


Guess who came to visit me in Dallas?! 😍😭 

For my birthday I didn’t really have any plans of going out or anything until @ashter-blank and @bourbon-creamss texted me saying they wanted to come and celebrate with me! 🙈🙈 A sleepover was definitely a MUST so I made sure to get lots of food (we’re all foodies, what do you expect?😋😋) and Mahli Mahli brought Jack D along lmao, definitely hyped for Saturday too…It’s gonna be a good time for sureeee 💃🏽😌🎉 Anyway, back to watching these horror films!!

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With the movie coming out this week here’s some small reminders:


#spoilers or #tf5 spoilers at the end of your tags takes .5 seconds, SO DO IT. ( Or any combination really ) #transformers 5 spoilers, #transformers spoilers, etc.

Seeing as not everyone will have the opportunity to see early screenings Tuesday, opening night Wednesday, or not even until next weekend PLEASE REMEMBER TO BE CONSIDERATE.

1-B. Tumblr Saviour or New XKit has the blacklist feature. Use it for spoiler tags. People are going to be talking about it on here, so if you’re not going to be able to see it for a few days or a week, it’s up to you to take those precautions. ( If you’re on mobile, my sincerest condolences ) — it’s up to you to gamble logging in tbh. Unless you don’t care if parts are spoiled, live your life my dude.

2. New Movie = New Additions to the Fandom.

We were all newbies at some point just hopping onto the scene filled to the brim with inspiration and creativity. So be patient. Be welcoming.

Think back to your first baby steps here, how intimidating it was, what a relief it was to be with like-minded people because you lacked that support system irl. Be. Fucking. Nice.

Also keep in mind: not everyone who joins is going to be an ~adult~ these movies have a LARGE age demographic. There will be youngsters who are just learning things. And that is A-OKAY!

You don’t have to rp with EVERY new blog, but don’t be an ass either, folks.

3. New Ships Ahoy, Captain!

It’s inevitable. We all know how this goes, so let’s not open up a can of worms that needn’t be opened. Be respectful of other people’s preferences. Don’t like ‘x’ ship for ‘y’ reason? Blacklist it! Boom. Done. Out of sight, out of mind!

3-B. ON THE FLIP SIDE: Tag your ships so people who don’t like it won’t see the content. Consideration is a two way street friends, and it’s easy enough to do! PLUS, it adds your content to the tag for other shippers — WIN, WIN!

That’s all for now, feel free to add more that I’ve missed. Wooooooooo

Send “Let’s hear it” and a symbol for the mun to record themselves doing any of the following:

♪ - sing a song from your (the mun’s) childhood
♫ - sing a song you relate to your muse
♡ - explain in depth what love is to your muse
☠ - explain in depth your muse’s greatest fear
♋ - talk about common traits you and your muse share
☼ - talk about five other muses that make your muse happy, and explain why
☾ - talk about what made you choose your muse and how they became who they are today
♢ - what are three of your favorite threads you’ve had with your muse and explain why
✖ - explain three of your headcanons for us, or come up with three
☆ - talk about three other blogs that roleplay the same character as you

I want to remind every roleplayer of a few things that we tend to forget far too often.

  • You don’t have to have good edits to be a good roleplayer.
  • You don’t have to have small font to be a good roleplayer.
  • You don’t have to do quick replies to be a good roleplayer.
  • You don’t have to impress everyone and be popular to be a good roleplayer.
  • You don’t have to be multi-ship or single-ship to be a good roleplayer.


Roleplay to be happy and write for your love of the character and for your love of writing. In fandoms, you get caught up in popularity and quality. Quality doesn’t come with fancy themes, fonts, paragraphs, words, edits, etc, etc.

It comes with your personality as the mun, your appreciation for the character, your love for your followers and your friendlyness as a fellow roleplay partner. So, next time you feel the urge to bow to someone else for their ‘quality,’ just take a moment and think about what you’re doing. You’re just as good as they are.

You have your own style. You have your own way. I love you just as much as I love the 'quality’ roleplayers, and your most loyal and loving followers will feel the same way. Do your best at all times and that’s all that matters!


so i’ve noticed dash only blogs popping up, and while i get the appeal of not having to look for a theme or cave to aesthetic pressure, it’s unlikely that i’ll be following any dash only blogs because i like to read pages, like the rules, an about page, verses, etc.; i feel like i know what to expect from a writer/blog, i can get a better feel for the character (esp. if they’re canon divergent/double esp. if they’re an oc), and i can come up with interaction/plot ideas more easily; it’s nothing personal, just a preference.

Remember Me: Part 3

A Bucky x Reader / Drabble Series

Part One | Part Two

A/N: Here is part 3 everyone! This took a while for me to get right, so I hope you guys enjoy it. Sorry it’s being posted so late too. Work sucks! Let me know what you think! ♥

Other Characters: Steve, Tony

Word Count: 1,321

- language, maybe?

Tags: (at the end)

*gif is not mine.

The thin, delicate pane of glass was the only thing separating you from what you thought you knew and what was sitting right in front of you. It seemed like a dream, as his sapphire eyes chilled you to the bone, piercing your very soul. Your knees felt weak and Steve could read your body language, walking over and hooking his hand right into the crook of your elbow, squeezing lightly.

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You can only be nice for so long when you’re a villain.

RP Questions For The Mun
  • 1. What are your thoughts on call out posts?
  • 2. How long have you been rping?
  • 3. If you’ve been rping on Tumblr since 2012 or the years before that, is it different than what it once was?
  • 4. Which one of your muses is the most active?
  • 5. Which one of your muses was short-lived?
  • 6. What is one muse you don’t see yourself ever stop rping as?
  • 7. Which fandom do you want to rp in or crossover to with your muse?
  • 8. If there is one thing you can change about the role play community on Tumblr, what would it be?
  • 9. Have you ever done something you regret?
  • 10. How did you or what got you into rping?
  • 11. How long can you see yourself rping on Tumblr or on any other websites?
  • 12. How many blogs do you currently have? And how do you manage to keep up with them if you have more than one rp blog?
  • 13. Be honest. What’s your opinion on the role play community on Tumblr? 
~random numbers munday meme~

Send a number in and your question will be answered!

  • 1: Who is your favorite muse to rp? (Includes past muses.)
  • 54: What advice would you give to a new roleplayer?
  • 127: What is the most pointless piece of information that you’ve ever written about a character?
  • 98: How far have you gone in order to do research for a muse?
  • 101: Did you ever have to learn something in order to play a character?
  • 4: Have you ever cosplayed as your muse?
  • 7502: If you were given a roleplay award, then what kind of award would you want it to be?
  • 69: What is your opinion on smut?
  • 2041: What is a promise that you wish you hadn’t broken? And one promise that you wish you hadn’t kept?
  • 82: Do you believe in love at first sight?
  • 13: What is the unluckiest thing that has ever happened to you?
  • 470: Who would you trust with your blog password?
  • 911: What is the worst thing that you’ve ever done to a muse?
  • 6: Is there a muse that you regret giving up on?
  • 33: Do you write endings for your muses or do they only exist within the world of rp? What kind of endings do they have?
  • 45: What is the best rp resource you know of? (Could be a place to find themes, rp memes, faceclaims, etc.)
  • 865: What does your URL mean?
  • 26: Have you ever been away from home? If so, then how far?
  • 3: If a genie gave you three wishes, what would you wish for? (You may NOT wish for more wishes.)
  • 10787: Name one thing that you like about yourself.
  • 18: What’s one thing that you look forward to doing in the future?
  • 75: Do you sleep with your socks on or off?
  • 420: Have you ever done something illegal?
  • 0: If your muse is an OC, then how did they come to you? If your muse is canon, then what inspired you to play them?
  • 9999: How involved are you in your rp community?
  • 123: What is something that you did as a child that you wish you could still get away with?
  • 7: What is your favorite/lucky number?
  • 666: How do you feel about rp memes?
  • 3844: What do you do when you get writer’s block?
  • 10: What do you love to hate-watch?


So I was bored today and decided why not do something fun? simply cuz my tattoos are recovered I wanted a new one…. you guys will never guess what it says ….. Yes It’s on my neck this time! promise its my last tattoo. 

firefairyfates  asked:

Where did you get the name for Shinsou's dad? Did you just come up with it, or is there like some story behind it?

When I first created the character ( Which was some months ago ), I came up with the name ‘’ Hizashi ‘’, but I remembered afterward that it was Present Mic and Izuku’s dad’s name… So I was left with an unnamed character ;w;

Until I stumbled over a RP twitter blog who was using my Dad oc ( I have absolutely no problem with that  ) and they had given him the name ‘’ Hajime’’ and I was like ‘’ WHAT A PERFECT NAME YES!!! ‘’ 

So the name comes from there :)