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what if allison has a deal with her parents where they let her be but in exchange she still has to attend rich classy people gatherings a few time a year. what if she only ever takes foxes as her +1 & some of them play along & some cause a lot of raised eyebrows and some get into political discussions & some get way into playing pretend couple to get a raise of the crowd. who do you think would do what & do you think allison would start finding these parties entertaining for the first time ever

iโ€™m gonna make this post-TKM, because the foxes are way closer after that
also this got REALLY long (like really. itโ€™s basically a book.) so the answer is below the cut

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ANON WON'T WORK SORRY FROMMY SIDEBLOG PLS “Who the fuck are you?” (@whats-up-i-got-a-lawnmower)

“Who the fuck are you?” Enrico asked, glaring at the two toned ‘man in front of him. Glasses and oddly colored eyes. They were nearly fluorescent. Contacts maybe. He didn’t know. Who ever this was, he got an odd vibe from them. One that said dangerous despite the air of cheeriness swarming around the 'man.’

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Drunk (from Eran or Matt) @whatsupigotalawnmower

Send a word for a specific text from my muse to yours.
Send ‘drunk’ to receive a drunk text from my muse.

[Text to Knoxy Boi]: Oi!! I shiud ave told ya Ya Lopk fit as FUCK TODAY 👌🏼😭👌🏼👌🏼👅

@whats-up-i-got-a-lawnmower //……its from matt lmao!!!!!!! Plot twist maybe he doesn’t hate him to much ?!?!

{First of all, Happy Halloween! I hope you’re all having a good holiday. 

I am so shocked and happy to announce I have +300 followers, and I love every single one of you. You’re all sweethearts, and I feel so lucky to have gotten to know some of you, some of which I continue to talk, or roleplay with.

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This follow forever is dedicated to all of you, my sweet 310 followers. However, there are some I’ve gotten the chance to talk to some more, which I want to highlight!

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[ text ]: I realise we were joking at the time but are you considering a stripping career? (Ronald yOU KNOW WHO)

[text]: Ronald, we were drunk - no I’m not actually considering it

[text]: Not only am I no where near body confident enough, but I’m also confident that literally no one would want to see my musclebound ass in a thong.

[text]: Other than you, of course


@whats-up-i-got-a-lawnmower || continued from X

Isabella quirked an eyebrow, studying him for a moment, as if she didn’t believe he were really talking about herself, “I don’t believe I have ever had someone refer to me as ‘passionate’…” She briefly wondered if his definition of passionate was skewed to the definition she had in mind.

Her confusion only grew at his second comment, “Anxious? I hadn’t noticed… I apologize if I’ve behaved that way around you, it wasn’t intentional…” 

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‡ (whats-up-i-got-a-lawnmower) (payback)

Send me ‡ for my character’s reaction to yours climbing into bed with mine.

( What do you mean payback you’re so weird payback for what. )

Grell woke up with an irritated groan as she felt the weight of the bed shift as someone else climbed in.  This was not right.  She lived alone.

She immediately sat up and turned to see who it was, heart racing, before letting out an irritated, yet relieved, sigh as her eyes found her idiotic junior.

Ronald.” she snapped, “What are you doing?"  She was angry.  Really, really angry.  But for now, she restrained herself from murdering the boy.

@whats-up-i-got-a-lawnmower || Continued from X

          ⊰ ♞ ⊱ Isabella let out a tired sigh and leaned her aching head against the blonde’s shoulder, “Right. It was idiotic of me to ask anyway. We’re friends, after all, right?” Was it because her head hurt, or did she should bitter when she said that? She couldn’t be disappointed could she? Why would she be? They were friends, and sure they may have fooled around a little before, but that was nothing serious. Of course Ronald would never take any skinship between them that far. 
          She shoved the small ugly voice that whispered inside of her ‘Even the famous Dispatch Casanova won’t touch you…’ She winced slightly; she should be relived he had a good set of morals, not disappointed. She leaned back against the headboard, not noticing the rogue tear that spilled down her cheek, “You can use the bathroom to clean up if you like.”


Ronald smiled vaguely at the blurry figure that scurried about, but that smile quickly disappeared when the child announced that he would be leaving.
“You lil’ shit—” he muttered under his breath as he sharply stood up, “You ain’t keepin’ those!”

Juuzou danced around clumsily, giggling loudly and holding his arms out in front of him to stop himself from bumping into anything.  Neither of the two could see, so it would be fairly difficult for the reaper to catch the little thief, and equally difficult for said thief to make an escape unless he removed the glasses, which he had no intention of doing.  They were much too fun. 

"But why~?” he teased, turning his head in the vague direction that the voice came from.  “It’s so much more fun when everything’s blurry.  Everything’s just lights and colours!  Those are the best parts!”

As of late I have reached over 700 followers! I thank you all for sticking with me and my crazy otakuness. I don’t know how I even reached this number since I cry over fictional characters and talk about protecting a bunch of characters with my life. 

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โ˜บ or ♠ your choice (@whats-up-i-got-a-lawnmower)

♠ : A young teen (13 - 16)


Now that Ciel was nearing sixteen, he often went into town unaccompanied by a certain demonic pest, free to roam the cobblestone streets and into any shop he pleased, purchase any sweet that made his mouth water, look through clothes and toy stores to get ideas for the newest line of Funtom plushies. Humming under his breath and idly running his thumb over the skull head of his cane, Ciel was about to turn into the candy shop when he nearly ran directly into a man, quickly taking a step back. He was about to apologize, but then he saw it was not only a reaper, but /Ronald/.

“Do you intend on blocking the entryway all day long?”