whats up dawg


Mareven shippers: “Ugh Cal and Mare are so cliché! Mavey can redeem himself.  I’m sure everything he did was out of love.”

Me: She created Maven as a badass villain not a cliché. She created Cal and Mare so different than any otps I’ve ever had. These characters are not typical cardboard cutout characters and I applaud Victoria for that. 

Me and Marecal Shippers: Cal and Mare a cliché?!?! WHAT? Hold up dawg!

Cal: He lies about his identity to mare and doesn’t get pissed when a red girl tries to steal from him, he actually gives her money. Doesn’t betray his dad and people for a girl he just met. He doesn’t burn the Scarlet guard to ashes even after they were kind of part of the reason he killed his dad. He helps reds even after being raised superior to them. Trains new bloods even though it’s taking him a long time to decide if he wants to be part of the scarlet guard.

Mare: Tries to steal from him, is engaged to the perfect guy (pre-betrayal) but still has feelings for Cal even when they do not have the same dreams. Kills silvers in front of Cal even though she knows it’d hurt him. Saves Cal at the end of glass sword.

Cal and Mare: are engaged to other people, betray their fiancées,  then betray each other, learn to fight together, are protective of one another, train and save new bloods together, they tell each other off. They do not hold back their true personalities. They did not have the annoying insta love i hate. it was done organcically. Did i mention they are so far from being the typical all righteous heroes. After all Cal let torture happen and Mare killed the silvers that begged for their lives. Cliché my ass

Maven: The only way I can see redemption on Mavens part would be if in actuality everyone he killed was evil including the baby or that he has the power to bring them back from the grave. Elara was manipulating his brain therefore that is why he let his brother kill their father. I cannot come up with excuses as to why He branded Mare, put her in a leash and hurt her with the sound machine thing. How he ruined his brothers life over jealously like maybe your dad payed more attention to Cal because he was motherless and you had that crazy lady you call mom maven! Oops I got sidetracked. I cannot see how this can be explained. Or Mare becomes evil and at the end she betrays the Scarlet guard, her family, and Cal and then says anyone can betray anyone. I truly do not believe Victoria would do this just so Maven and Mare can be endgame.

I just know Victoria gave us awesome complex characters and I hope to see Marecal and the Scarlet guards destruction of Maven and the silvers.