whats up

I love all of your little things.
I love that you look at me when you get excited.
I love that you will grab my arm if you can’t contain that excitement.
I love the little gasp you make when anything surprises you.
I love that you gasp because your father does for the same reason.
I love how deeply you care for your father and brother.
I love that when you first came to my house, we watched movies until three in the morning and then laid in my bed talking until six.
I love that you told me who you are.
I love that you have learned to be patient with my sadness.
I love that you ask questions to understand me.
I absolutely love your cheeks.
I love that you let my 15-year-old brother, who does not have his permit yet, drive your expensive sports car around the school parking lot.
I love the quote you put on my butterfly painting.
I love that you named one of the butterflies Toast.
I love your middle name.
I love that you have let your past relationships help you rather than destroy you.
I love when you laugh so hard that you can’t stop.
I love that I’m not afraid to talk to you anymore.
I love that when I first went to your house, we ended up laying on the floor of your sister’s bedroom talking about nothing until my ride arrived.
I love the Saturday morning that I called you because I wanted to die and you stayed on the phone with me until I didn’t.
I love that you ask me how my doctor’s appointments go.
I love that you care.
I love that you hug me everyday.
I love that you let me annoy you.
I love how much fun it was to make your birthday present.
I love that you will hold my hand if I’m sad and feel very absent.
I love that you ask me where I am if I miss school.
I love that you defend yourself if I get mean.
I love that you ask me if I am okay.
I love that you’re not perfect.
I love that you’re not much of a texter, but you still try to text me when you can.
I love when you wear your glasses.
I love that you’re a dork.
I love that your favorite type of music is covers of songs.
I love that you are such good friends with Dalton.
I love that you have accepted every thing about me that I have told you.
I love that you played Kerplunk with my little brothers.
I love how quickly we became friends.
I love that you were so friendly to me from the beginning.
I love that you love listening to people’s music.
I love it when you do Rachael’s dance.
I love how easily you get excited.
I love that you are basically a small child stuck in the 18-year-old body of a girl.
I love that.
I love that so fucking much. You’re adorable.
I love that we argued about what type of dog is on the poster in my room even though I was obviously wrong.
I love that you make weird faces.
I love how awkward your smile is if you want it to be.
I love that you and your brother walk in the same way.
I love that you took a slow motion video of you slapping your brother.
I love when we went to Steak and Shake with Maddy and Sam.
I love that you skipped school with me to go to the zoo.
I love riding in your car.
I love listening to your music.
I love that we sat together on the way to the Chattanooga football game and that we were able to have such a deep discussion after stopping at Sonic.
I love that you fell asleep on me on the way back.
I love that you scratched my head when I put it on your shoulder.
I love that you scratch my shoulder if I have my head down in class, just to let me know that you’re there.
I love that you’re there.
I love that I can talk to you.
I love that you trust me.
I love the memory of how we became friends.
I love your voice.
I love your hair.
I love that your hands feel like Playdoh.
I love that you wear your shoes from freshman year because you lost your old ones.
I love the day at lunch that I was holding your hand and I asked you who your best friend was and you told me you didn’t have one and so I asked of we could be best friends and you said yes.
I love that you were serious about that (because I was too).
I love that when I’m scared, you remind me that we will always be best friends.
I love that I have been blessed with the privilege of being your best friend this year.
I love how quickly you found your place in my heart.
I love that that place will always be there.
I love what you’ve done to me.
I love all of your little things.
—  Ally Johnson, “I’d Choose My Best Friend Over The Universe Any Day”