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Hey hey! I've been wondering this for awhile, but what's Isabel's relationship with other nations? We've only ever really talked about her relations with Spain and the Itabros, so I'm curious about how she's viewed and how she views other nations!

That is very subjective, there are nations that she has more connections with there are others that it’s more like a cordial relationship.

For example, the relationships that she holds with France and England are the equivalent of a soap opera, which is hillarious in my point of view. The scandal, the drama! Oh the amount of sass and snark that she has reserved for those two!

There’s also the relationship that she has with Japan for example, which is very interesting in my opinion as the portuguese were the first european to get to Japan for commercial ties.
Trust me, the texts that have survived up until today that depict the portuguese-japanese relations concerning how each one viewed the other are immensely amusing.
The japanese viewed the portuguese as people who laughed really loud, talked a lot but were curious and interested in understanding how things worked. Deep down they were not bad people.
The portuguese on the other hand saw the japanese as more reserved people, observed a lot and didn’t talked much but were extremely polite.

Tbh it is a relationship that I would like to write about concerning Isabel and Kiku, since I don’t think I ever saw anyone addressing this connection between the two. Hell, there are japanese words who came from the portuguese. Example, arigatō (ありがとう)  and obrigado. 

Also relationships with India, Macau, Timor, Angola, São Tomé e Principe, Cabo Verde, Moçambique, Guiné-Bissau and Brazil obviously! But that would be sooooo long to talk about.

Anywho, there are a lot of relationships concerning nyo!Portugal and other countries, some are more tight than others obviously but there’s plenty to choose

kageyama bros fight!


My Top 3 pick: #3 Hanahreum Company, Kim Taemin (the meme prince)

(to his mom) “I’m sorry for whining, let’s walk in the flowery paths” by Kim Taemin - Fear

p/s: Have a speedy recovery and let’s meet in a better condition. Thank you for all the laughter you bring to us :)

🎇 Happy New Year from Draco & Harry 🎇 

Did a lot of human Toriel sketches today, this was the only one I felt like cleaning up a bit.

Feel like Toriel hasn’t changed her style really in the last thousand years, so it’s, you know. Slightly vintage. Veils are still fresh right?

When she was queen she would’ve had a gold crown around her head, too, but she took it off when she fled to the Ruins. The rest of the outfit is more or less the same.

Some doodles I did on the side yesterday night ( @blesstale drew Zunde that there ) including Dreby taking his first steps. I saw this kid screaming “NOOOO!” at some meat in a grocery store before running to his mom, so there we go ✌️


you’re doing good, but it’s never enough - is it?
you’ve got nothing but heartburn.