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One line prompts

So basically I’m missing school today and my plans got cancelled so I have some free time to write! Send me the number along with the ship name you want me to write it about (Ereri/Sebaciel/soukoku/etc). You can also add the name of any other characters from that show if you want them to be included in the story. Don’t be disappointed if the story doesn’t go exactly how you imagined it!

1) “Stop it! You know that I care about you!”

2) “I hate you!” “You love me!”

3) “Don’t you see? I’m in love with you”

4) “Trust me, I know what I’m doing.”

5) “That’s a lie.”

6) “Wait…are you saying what I think you’re saying?!”

7) “We’re two different people…yet we’re the same.”

8) “I just want you to love me like I love you!”

9) “T-That’s…not possible.”

10) “It’s all my fault.”

11) “I can’t give you what he/she can. But I can give you my all”

12) “Just leave me alone!”

13) “What part of ‘Get lost’ don’t you understand?”

14) “So…wanna make out?”

15) “You’re a virgin?”

16) “I would kiss you, but you’re a total dick.”

17) “Why are you so obsessed with me?!”

18) “You gotta let me go…”

19) “I can’t live without you…why can’t you see that?”

20) “Don’t you see? I can’t.”

21) “I-I-I am not drunk”


23) “What are you doing? What, what, what are you doing?”

24) “I’m pregnant”

25) “Stop breathing.”

26) “Well…that just happened.”

27) “are you jealous?”

28) “At the WHAT and WHERE was I?”

29) “I loved once. Then I realized: Bleh.”

30) “Whatever, I’m just too awesome to handle.”

31) “You’re an idiot.” “I’m YOUR idiot.”

32) “We shouldn’t be doing this.”

33) “How can I repay you?”

34) “My precious, innocent mind!”

35) “You…you what?”

36) “I hate you with a passion.”

37) “Are you an angel? Good, because your horns are showing”

38) “Why are you so determined to make my life miserable?”

39) “Is it too late to say I like you?”

40) “Look at his stupid face…I just wanna kiss all over it. Why do I wanna do that?!”

I accidentally deleted the ask so here you go @zombie-slayer sorry!

21: “I-i-i am not drunk”

The butler took one last look around the room before deciding it’s about time to put all the lights out. He took a deep breath before letting out a low sigh and heading towards the door.

He made his way towards his master’s study, already looking forward to seeing the small boy after a long day of running around making sure the other servants were not causing any chaos.

Reaching the door, he knocked twice before opening it and letting himself in; only to find Ciel’s chair empty. He let out another deep sigh before heading out to look for him.

He checked the master bedroom; finding it empty yet again. It didn’t make much sense to him as Ciel never went anywhere without his notice.

The next place he checked was the dining room where he found a small figure with his head down on the table looking somewhat asleep. Sebastian soon noticed the wine glass bottle next to the sleeping figure, causing him to rush over and check for any signs of Ciel possibly drinking it.

To his disliking, a third of the bottle was empty and a small amount of the wine was still poured in the glass that stood beside his sleeping bocchan.

Sebastian knelt down next to Ciel; removing his gloves and gently touching his master’s forehead to check his temperature. He took a moment to observe his sleeping beauty and admire the beautiful rosy blush on his cheeks before slowly reaching down to pick him up.

Ciel stirred awake the moment Sebastian’s hand made contact with his body; leaving Sebastian confused. “Don’t touch me!”

“My Lord, you’re unwell and quite frankly drunk. Let me guide you back to your bed.” Sebastian reached over once again to try and pick up Ciel; this time with no rejection from the sleepy form he was holding onto. “Why would you try that at such a young age with no permission?”

Small legs wrapped around Sebastian’s middle while weak arms held on tightly to his neck and a small face tried burying itself in his neck. “I-I simply was curious of the bloody drink and what it tasted like so I took a sip.” Ciel explained before burying his face deeper into the demon’s neck; trying to hide in any way possible. “I-i-i am not drunk.” Ciel blabbered in a small whisper that would’ve gone unheard if only a demon wasn’t the one holding him. “Do-do you know who I am? I am Earl Ciel- …wait…Ciel Earl Phantomhive!”

The demon let out a chuckle upon hearing his boyfriend lose all sense of selfishness while drunk. “Is that so, my Lord?”

Ciel lazily put his head down on his butler’s shoulder once again, “yeah…I could get my butler to fight you with..with…chopsticks! Yeah, he wouldn’t like where you’re touching right now.”

“Oh? And where might that be?”

Ciel leaned in close to his boyfriend’s ear; whispering, “the butt.”

The demon tried containing his laughter as he went along with it, “I’m sorry, young master, might I ask what was so good about that sip that made you drink almost half of the bottle? ”

“Mmhmmm” Ciel moaned as sleep made his eyelids heavy. “It tasted like…blood and…cleaning products and… revenge!!” Sebastian carried his clearly drunk boyfriend to his bedroom while trying his beat to contain his laughter.

Ciel gathered the strength to lean back and make eye contact with Sebastian, causing the butler to stand still, wondering what might be wrong. Ciel gasped before using both of his small hands to cup the demon’s face. “Sebastian!!”

The demon’s eyes widened, thinking something must’ve been wrong. “Yes, young master, is something the matter?” He tried his best to remain calm.

“Shhh I have a secret to tell you.” Ciel leaned in again hugging his butler tightly and laying his head close to the demon’s neck where he felt warm and safe.

Taking a turn, the butler let a long sigh out thanking Satan nothing is hurting the precious diamond he held close in his arms. He opened the door to Ciel’s bedroom before making his way to the bed. “What might that be?”

Ciel was set down onto the bed while Sebastian made an attempt to walk away in order to get Ciel’s sleeping clothes, only to feel a small hand grip his wrist weakly, causing him to stay still. “It’s a sad secret, don’t tell anyone.”

“Alright, my Lord” The demon couldn’t help but feel worried.

“I-i I might’ve eaten that chocolate cake Sebastian made…” a small smile appeared on Sebastian’s face, realising his boyfriend was yet still under the influence of alcohol.

“My Lord, I gave you that cake, the intention was for you to eat it.” He began preparing the small figure for bed once again. Ciel’s arms reached out to wrap around his demon’s neck once he finished dressing him.

“Yeah but I might’ve eaten the whole thing after asking Bard to help me sneak it into my office…” Sebastian began planning out hundreds and thousands of ways he could punish Bard later but what mattered right now was the boy he was taking care of. “Don’t tell him, he’ll be mad at me…”

“I like your honesty, young master, but its time for you to go to sleep.” He helped him under the covers, watching as the purple seal that marked Ciel as his got covered by pale skin and long eyelashes. This was his sign to leave but what laid there before him was a beautiful sight he couldn’t peel his eyes away from.

He stood up, making his way to the door in an attempt to exit. “Sebastian, stay.” The butler froze before turning back to once again be faced with the work of art he classed as his.

Ciel laid under piles of covers, facing Sebastian and giving him innocent puppy eyes. Sebastian knew that those eyes were far from innocent and far from kind and he wasn’t ever fond of dogs either but the puppy that was there was his and only his so how could he deny a request made by that boy.

He walked back into the room, standing next to the bed politely. Ciel looked up at Sebastian with a pout on his lips and tears in his eyes. “I’m lonely, why do you never join me?” He looked like he was on the verge of tears which broke the last bit of heart he had inside of him

Sebastian began taking the unnessecary layers of clothing as well as his polished black shoes off before lifting the covers and joining the petite figure laying on the bed whom didn’t wait long before stuffing their face into his chest as they waited to be held tightly. “I’m sorry, my Lord, I assumed you might need some rest after inappropriately drinking that wine.”

Sebastian knew it was a pointless conversation when he saw those eyelids fall heavy as sleep took over the body he held in his arms.

Ciel felt safe and far away from anything that could ever harm him. He had a protective demon’s arms wrapped around him and he knew that not even the greatest power on earth could take away Sebastian from him. “I’m not drunk, get your hands off my ass, Sebastian.”


Author’s note:
Hey guys! This is my first story using that one line prompt I posted yesterday. Feel free to request more and as many times as you want. Simply state the number and the ship you want me to write about! I will repost the list of one line prompt next so you can check it out and choose if you’re interested in making a request.

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