whats the scientific name

Scillas, not bluebells

Okay so i have seen a lot of people refer to the flowers Yousef gave Sana as bluebells, and how they mean everlasting love, and how the now dead flowers could mean that the love between them is dead.

heres the thing tho. They aren’t bluebells. they are Scillas. They look a like, there are even a form of bluebell called Scilla non-scripta, but thats not what we have in Norway. Honestly i dont think what most people known as bluebells even grow in norway. Our Scilla (scientific name  Othocallis siberica, and also known as  Scilla sibirica). They have a different Norwegian name as well. Russeblåstjerne. Or Russe Blue star. Recognize the first part there? yep. The non dying russe-plot.

Thats not all though! while Bluebelles can symbolize everlasting love, does scillas have their whole own meaning. Forgive and Forget. And im not good at theories, but even i can see that forgiveness is a big part of the plot this season. Sana needs to forgive a lot of people, and to some degree, forget what they did as well. And people also need to forgive Sana, even though you could probably argue that they shouldn’t really need to. So theres that. 

another fun fact, our scilla is native to  Russia, the Caucasus, and Turkey



and what we Norwegians know as bluebells

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Firstly, I love your FAHC Maximum Ride. Secondly, I see your Raven Ryan, but what about Great Grey Shrike (scientific name is the 'sentinel butcher' (Lanius excubitor)) Ryan? Ooh, or Shrike Trevor. Either way Shrikes are great. They look cute until you see them hanging up their prey for later.

I love this bird… I see definite potential there. 

So very pretty, so very lethal, so very perfect.

                         VelvetDragon’s Betta splendens Care Sheet    

What are bettas? 

  • Species
  • Scientific Name
  • Lifespan
  • Description
  • Size


  • Betta Aggression
  • Tank Mates

Housing and Environment

  • Size
  • Tank Type
  • Tank Cover
  • Substrate
  • Decor
  • Live Plants, Rocks, Driftwood


  • Water
  • Temperature
  • pH
  • Hardness

Quarantine and Acclimation

  • Quarantine Tank/Hospital Tank
  • Your New Fish

Cleaning and Maintenance

  • Cycled Tank
  • Water Chemistry
  • Partial Water Changes
  • Uncycled Tank
  • Water Change Schedule
  • 100% Water Changes


  • Pellets
  • Frozen Food
  • Live Food


  • Bubblenests
  • Tank Patrolling
  • Flaring
  • Tail-Biting
  • Fighting

Illness and Diseases

  • Cautions
  • Causes
  • Symptoms
  • Treatment

Since UB has gone down one too many times, I moved and updated my care sheet (9/2015). As always, it is forever under construction, because with animal husbandry, there is always more to learn, as we always learn more and grow in our care.

                   Read the full care sheet here!    

*bloop bloop*

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Okay but. Robbie is a wolverine? A grumpy wolverine

did u kno the wolverine’s scientific name is gulo gulo ???????? what the heck, i was tryin 2 find reference pictures and google was like: wolverine ? did u mean.. gulo gulo & im like excuse me..,, but anyways !!! this was a super fun request, wolverines r like fur w/claws, here is this lil pal 4 u anon !!! c:

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Do you know what climate this particular rose grows well in? Do you know its scientific name so I can read more about it? :)

NO idea even of what the exact type is. It’s pink-red, grows like wildfire, and laughs in the face of -50F winters and 105F summers. Drought sometimes slows it down a little. And by that I mean ‘grows slightly less quickly’

It seems to like my alkaline soil. Does well in sun to partial shade. Possibly sentient. (I originally planted it about 5 ft south of where it is now, but it seems to have decided that it was too shady there and just decided to move to the space previously occupied by a hosta, all on its own. The hosta is GONE, probably strangled. Seems happy now, though.)

Has thorns that you could use as nails.

I’m doing a Team Galactic Sims game and here’s their grades in university. Charon how did you get all those credits?!

I don’t know what happened to Saturn’s surname. It was Dendrobate, the scientific name for poison dart frogs, but now it’s just “G”. And I have Cyrus in phys ed because his goal is Perfect Mind, Perfect Body.


Met two new friends! Ginger the Acadian Redfish and :) the pumpkin. 

My favourite thing is when taxonomists use the ultimate descriptor for some new species because I just know that one day they’re gonna find something that is more that one thing and it’s gonna be the colossal/giant squid problem all over again. Two thousand years of calling what is definitely the biggest squid ever “the giant squid” and then somebody finds a bigger one

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if the mysme babes (including ultimate wife jaehee) found out that MC has pet snakes?? yes pls


Sorry if it’s too long, I just write a lot sometimes and it gets out of hand.

Jumin: He was surprised to see what type of animal you held in the tank you owned. He walked up to it, leaning in to observe the reptile. The snake stared back at him with its black beady eyes, it was so still that it didn’t even seem real. Snakes weren’t particularly Jumin’s favorite type of pet, he preferred fluffy, cute things like cats over everything.

“You have quite an exotic taste in animals.” He commented, tapping the glass.

“Do you want to touch him?” You asked.

Jumin hesitated, not really wanting to agree but then not wanting to look like a coward either. “It wouldn’t hurt to do so…”

Smiling happily, you excitedly opened the top part of the tank and gently picked up your reptilian pet. Jumin watched you, thoroughly enjoying the happy expression on your face. You held up the snake, offering it to your currently expressionless lover. Jumin slowly brought his hand up, and gently stroked the snake’s head. The scales felt surprisingly smooth against his skin, it almost felt nice. Seeing no reaction from the snake, Jumin smiled a little.

“Well it certainly isn’t as cute as Elizabeth 3rd, but it would make an acceptable pet.”

He then proceeded to buy you many snake related items after that, much to your dismay.

Zen: “Is that a snake?!” Zen nearly screamed as he spotted the tank in your living room.

“She’s very nice, don’t worry.” You tried your best to comfort your obviously scared boyfriend.

Zen sat down on the chair farthest away from the tank, chuckling nervously. “I think I’m fine here.” He said shakily.

Zen hated snakes as much as he hated cats. They were gross scaly creatures that stuck out their pointy tongues every few seconds and swallowed their prey whole. It was especially gross when the eggs hatched. Zen greatly regretted the day he had curiously clicked on a video called “Snakes Hatch From Eggs”. The nasty little snake babies had basically slithered their slimy bodies out of the egg shell like demons emerging from hell!

You rolled your eyes playfully, though this reaction was to be expected from Zen. “Well, today her eggs might hatch so get ready.”

“…Wait, what?”

707: “Do you like snakes?” You randomly popped the question as you opened the door to your apartment.

“Hm? Why?” Seven asked, taking off his shoes as he stepped inside.

You grinned, grabbing his hand and hurriedly dragging him in. “I wanna show you something!”

Seven gasped dramatically. “Oh~? Could it be you own one?” He really didn’t mind snakes, though he wasn’t in love with them either. But if you loved them, then he would too!

You laughed, pulling him along until you reached the tank. The bright scaled reptile was currently drinking water from its water bowl, a sight most people weren’t fond of. “Isn’t he cute?” You gushed, lovingly gazing at your pet.

“Wah! It’s drinking water!” Seven exclaimed, leaning in to get a closer look. “I see that it’s a pantherophis guttatus!”

You turned to him, utterly confused. “A what?”

“Well~ it’s the scientific name for corn snake, which it happens to be.” Seven adjusted his glasses proudly.

“How do you even know that?” You raised an eyebrow.

Seven smiled cheekily. “Ah~ one time I had this one mission where I had to pose as an animal specialist. I had to learn about snakes, rabbits, dogs, and even cats…” His expression suddenly changed, his eyes widening as great thought popped into his head. “Oooooh! I just had an idea!”

He turned to you excitedly, eyes sparkling. “I wonder how Elly would react to your snake! It would be so cute~ they would either become friends or fight to the de-”


Jaehee: The moment you you showed Jaehee your little pet snake, you could tell she was trying hard not to react. Her mouth opened slightly, then closed again before speaking.

“Is this… your pet?” She asked, eyeing the animal you held.

“Yes~ I love snakes!” You chirped, stroking the mini serpent’s head. “She’s still small but the internet says she’s gonna grow up to be about four feet long!”

Jaehee chuckled nervously, unsure how to feel. Dealing with Elizabeth 3rd was already hard enough, and now a snake? Jaehee was mentally crying, already imagining the horrible situations she would have to face. But as she dealt with Elizabeth 3rd, she would also deal with your snake since she loved and respected you. “I think it’s very nice of you to care for it…” Was all she could come up with.

You blinked at her reaction. “Are you scared?”

“Well…” Jaehee eyed the little creature with narrow eyes. “I think I can handle it.”

On the bright side, at least snakes didn’t produce c-hair.

Yoosung: “O-Of course I can handle snakes, I’m going to be a vet!” Yoosung forced a smile as he tried to get a good hold of your rather huge python.

You had given him the snake to hold so then maybe Yoosung could get used to it, but so far he still looked horrified. “You can put him down if you want to.” You chuckled.

“No! I have to do this to prove myself worthy.” Yoosung said, jumping slightly as the snake wrapped around his arm. “I just need to get more comfortable, haha!”

Though it would help his future career as a vet, Yoosung also wanted to hold the snake just to impress you. He wanted you to see how much he had grown as a person since you first met him, he wanted to show you that he was much braver now. Sadly, things weren’t going so well with the snake tightly coiled around his arm. Honestly he was very afraid, fearing that the animal would bite him at any moment.

“Um… Yoosung I think you better put him down.” You warned.

Yoosung laughed and brushed you off. “It’s fine really! My arm is just a little numb…” He glanced over at his arm and almost screamed.

It was turning purple.

I wasn’t sure if you wanted me to include V or not, sorry! 

~ Admin Riri

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Do you like have a appropriate Stephen gif for every ask? All that pretty on your blog is blowing my mind!

Of course!

This man.

That face.

Those eyes. 

That eyebrow arch.

That dimple.

That scruff.

That neck.

That tongue.

Those expressions. 

He blinks 


And that’s not even the tip of the iceberg. When it comes to this man…

It’d be a crime not to share the pretty. 

(I’m a connoisseur of Stephen gifs. None are mine.)