whats the name of the guy with the short hair the brother who looks like he was born with a pout

Little Piece of Heaven - George Weasley Imagine

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anonymous asked: Hi darling! Can you make a one shot where its a couple years after the battle and were married? You can choose what its about! Thanks!  im sorry i forgot to add my character! Can it be about George Weasley. Thank you!

so here it is:D it’s a bit short but I hope you guys like it :D

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Little Piece of Heaven

(Y/N) woke up in the middle of the night to find herself in an empty bed.

“George?” she said still sleepy. She heard some noise coming from the next room and she quickly put on a sweater around her and made her way out of her room to look for her husband. Their flat was small but it was cozy and (Y/N) loved it. She walked over to her son’s room but also found it empty. So she made her way over to the dining room-living room and saw George walking out of the kitchen with his son in one arm and a book in his other hand.

“And then, the two brothers got into their brooms and set the whole room with fireworks as they yell at the ugly toad witch…”

(Y/N) smiled dreamily leaning against the doorframe listening as George told his son about the day he and Fred had stood up to Umbridge in their seventh year. After he was done, he closed the book and turned to look at his son, still oblivious that (Y/N) was witnessing the whole scene.

“You know, your uncle and I used to do all those kind of great things” he told his son who was paying his full attention to his father. “He would’ve loved you so much” he said sadly.

(Y/N) felt her heart breaking. She knew how much George missed Fred and always tried her best to make him feel better when he was feeling sad about it. Like when their son was born. George had never even suggested a name if the baby was a boy. The look on his face when (Y/N) told him that she wanted to name him Fred II was something she would never forget. It was little things like that that she tried to do to make him feel better. And she was certain that he also felt that whenever he looked at their son.

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starry-athxna  asked:

scenario where aomine + kagami (seperate) giving some valentines gift to their wife and then their teenage son is swoon by gifts from girls in school and daughter is being chased down by guys asking her out ( first child boy then girl) daiki police


“I’m surprised you wanted to take me out, honey,” you said as you smelled the flowers Aomine surprised you with in the car. He looked to you while turning the car around the corner with a smile then looked in the rear view mirror to see his high school kids lost in their own world.

Kazuhiko, Aomine’s son and the eldest child, was on his phone texting his phone with a smile. Meiko, his daughter and youngest child, was looking outside the window with her head being supported by her fist, looking a little nervous.

“I can actually be a good husband on Valentine’s Day, okay?” Aomine replied with a shrug. A small laugh escaped your mouth.

“Yeah, for once Dad. Remember last year, you forgot your guys’ anni-”

“Shut it, kid. I thought you were my son, not my enemy,” Aomine growled, looking into the rear view mirror to find his son smirking.

Aomine parked the car right in front of the school entrance. Almost immediately, Meiko opened the door, practically jumping out the car, Kazuhiko looked to his sister curiously. Both Aomine and you had looked behind to Meiko, Aomine a little hurt.

“Honey, are you okay?” you called out. Meiko flinched and turned her body to face the cop car with a frown. You, Aomine, and Kazuhiko looked to Meiko confused or worried.

“I-I’m good, Mom. I just have a test to get ready for,” Meiko said with a small smile. It looked more stressed than anything. It made Aomine tilt his head a bit confused.

“Ah, okay sweetie. Well good-”


Suddenly, Aomine and you were alert to the numerous boys coming towards Meiko. Meiko flinched to the sound of her name and turned around to see the crowd of boys. Kazuhiko bursted out laughing and immediately Aomine and you had looked to your son even more confused.

“No wonder Meiko’s been blanking out,” Kazuhiko said, his laugh dying off. Soon he had a smile, but it looked more annoyed. He looked to you with a sweet smile then to your husband with an annoyed smile. “She knew they boys in the school were going to crowd her.”

Now Aomine and Kazuhiko both glared to the group of boys, an evil aura surrounding the cop car. You looked to Meiko with a worried smile as you could see she sensed her brother and father’s presence.

“My, my, my poor baby. Stuck with an over protective father and older brother,”

“Huh?! You were like that when these two were first born! What are you-”


Now, Aomine and your eyes averted the screaming girls waving and squealing towards your son. You looked back to him, who was rubbing his neck nervously while waving back, then glared at the girls who held chocolates for your son.

“And you call me over protective over Meiko. Kazuhiko is a third year, of course-”

“I will hurt you for giving me such attractive children,”

“Bye Mom and Dad!” Kazuhiko greeted with a wave as he walked away.

This was the beginning of your Valentine’s Day together, watching your children be surrounded by their adoring fans. You and Aomine looked to each other with a little jealousy. “We never had it like that,”


Kagami laid a kiss atop your head, following your daughter next. Chiyoko smiled up at her Dad, sending an arrow to his heart. You gave a small laugh as Kagami and Chiyoko were in their own world.

“Good morning,” your son, Kyurou, greeted with a lazy yawn. Kyurou put a hand on your shoulder and kissed the top of your head, then proceeded to sit in his seat at the kitchen table.

“Good morning, Kyurou,” you greeted with a smile.

“Good morning, Onee-chan,” Chiyoko greeted with an even bigger smile.

“Morning,” Kagami greeted, mouth full of half his breakfast.

Chiyoko and you looked to Kagami questioning how he could devour food in such a short amount of time. The both of you looked to Kyurou, who had mimicked Kagami. The two men looked to each other with straight faces, then a big smile to each other.

Suddenly, a chirping interrupted breakfast.

“Ah!” Chiyoko said. She brought out her phone, and as she read her phone, all three of you watched as the youngest in the family grew a smile from ear to ear. Somehow, Kagami had a bad feeling about this.

“Chiyoko? Whose that?” Kagami asked after swallowing his vicious amount of food.

Chiyoko looked to her father, the blush and smile gone. “Ah, nothing, Papa! Ah, where’s your present for Mom?”

Your eyes traveled to your husband, and a smirk grew atop your face. “Yeah, honey. Where’s my present for Valentine’s Day?”

Kagami flinched back, suddenly remembering he had left your Valentine’s Day presents in the car. He hadn’t wrapped it, so he wanted to surprise you a different way. “It’s not ready!”

You pouted then gave a sigh. “Fine, I’ll take that. But I hope I get it soon!”

“Kagami-kun!” The whole family looked out to the front door. Only to see numerous girls waiting outside. Slowly, you, Kagami, and Chiyoko looked to Kyurou. His mouth was still full with food, but after a hard swallow, an unconvincing smile appeared on his smile.

In one swift motion, Kyurou grabbed his things and ran to the front door. “Thanks for breakfast, see you later!”

As Kyurou slammed the door behind him, a bit over excited, the girls squeals had become roars. The squeals had silently gone away, dying down. You looked to Kagami with half a smile.

“I didn’t know our son was so popular,”

“He is, Mom. And the girls are annoying,” Chiyoko pouted, barely hiding the fact she was annoyed.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang. As if Chiyoko had heard a bell for natural disaster, she darted the to the door. Kagami and you looked to each other, and as Chiyoko came back to the dinner table, you two expected an explanation or an answer to who it was. Instead, your daughter had smiled and ran off without an explanation. Kagami stared at the door, but as he saw you walk passed the main window, he noticed a boy walking next to you, who held flowers.

“Ah! Our daughter too! She’s popular too! Not my baby!” Kagami began to scream, pulling his hair. You looked to him worried and tried patting him quiet.

“Honey, our kids are getting big. I think-”

“But that’s my baby girl!” Kagami exclaimed, his eyes becoming watery. As Kagami leaned over his chair, his aura sending a black cloud over his head, you just sat in your chair, rubbing his back.

“There, there honey. Remember when that was me? This is just your price for falling for me,” you said with a chuckle. At the sight of Kagami sinking in deeper into his dislike to this all, you couldn’t help but laugh even louder.


I’m Going To Die

ff.net // ao3

summary: In which Annabeth has a crush, Jason won’t leave her alone, and Percy likes candid photos.

a/n: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEG! jasongrinchless We talked about this months ago and I’m guessing you forgot we even had this conversation. Or that you sent me screenshots of it, but guesS WHAT. WE TALKED ABOUT AN AU FOR “Annabeth has a crush on Percy and Jason interrogates her.” Sorry for the horrible editing and how rushed the ending is! Hope your birthday is everything and more, because you deserve it all.

“Oh my God, Jason,go away.”

“Sharing is caring, Annabeth.”

Swinging her eyes to glare at the boy she’d known since the first grade—could tolerate since the third, maybe—Annabeth let out an annoyed huff. “I’m not telling you.”

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When I Wished Upon that Star, I wasn’t Expecting it to Come True. (2/?)

Pairing: Joelay
Warnings: swearing
Word Count:1,443

Summary: The Wish Granting Federation, or WGF, is a federation that was created to grant the wish of those that wish upon stars. Those that make the wishes are called Wishers, the agents that are deployed to grant the wish are called Granters. 

Ray Narvaez Jr. has wished upon a shooting star for someone to love and for someone to return that love. Love wishes are rarely granted for various reasons, but Agent Joel Heyman has been assigned to his Wish. It his job to find Ray that person.

Based on this post.

Part 1 Part 3


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