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Made of Skin and Bones

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Pairing: Alpha!Bucky x Omega!Reader

Warnings: Language, A/B/O dynamics

Summary: Due to the premature death of the King of your clan, his son, the alpha James Barnes, must assume his destiny and lead his people. As the tradition commands, he must choose some worthy omegas to make their his wives and with which he will ensure the subsistence of your clan. All the omega women are obliged to appear before their king, including you. Luckily for you, you would never be chosen… right?

Tags: at the end. ARE NOW CLOSED (sorry guys) I wrote them again one by one I really hope this time they work

8. Fire with fire

You rub your face stretching beneath the soft sunlight that is diminished by the curtain that James has conveniently run closed. A strong feeling of optimism wants to make it’s way in your brain but you resist to let the emotions control you. Yes, it is true that James has marked you as his and that has helped you to overcome your heat but… you have not talked about anything yet and his neck is still intact. There’s no real difference in your current situation than the deal you made with him about your fake marriage. Your heart hurts a little at that thought.

Cutting your thoughts the door opens suddenly and you smile at the figure of James

- Hey… - but then you realize that something is wrong

He, far from returning the smile, closes the door behind him and stands next to its frame.

- Get dressed and come with me - it’s the only thing he tells you

- What? Why? - instinctively you take the sheet to your chest 

- When you dress come outside, you have a visitor - and with that he leaves the room leaving you with the mouth open and the heart pounding fast


In less than a minute you put your clothes on and meet with James in the hall, he just starts walking, taking for granted that you will follow him.

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How about a sad Tony that has to face the Rogue Avengers alone because the Guardians are in a mission and the Avengers are mean with him, but then the guardias return?

(what is wrong with me. I said short. This isnt short! :D hope you like it anyway.)

Tony isn’t an Avenger anymore. Or more like he never was one.

Fury told him that he was just a consultant. Always was. That he was never a real avenger and just sort of their mechanic. Sure Iron Man was great. Tony Stark? Not so much.

And now he was back to being their servant. Just a month ago Fury got the avengers back to the tower. They weren’t criminals anymore but still under a sort of arrest.

They could leave the tower but there would always be police unit with them. (Not that they could’ve stopped an angry captain america. But whatever.)

Still. They were back and Tony doesn’t know how Fury did managed that but he did. Even Barnes was there. Still frozen but in Tonys home.

And he couldn’t do anything about it or he would never be an avenger.

“Sir? Sergeant Ross on the phone.” says Friday in her monotone voice. Tony looks down at that.                

“Alright. Lets hear him.” says Tony but he doesn’t stops working. He needs to finish Clints bow today and after that he has to look after Barnes again. And Natasha wants her new jacket by tomorrow.

Tony shuts his eyes.

“Stark? Did you already read Furys report? Is there anything we can do?” asks Ross and he sounds already annoyed. Tony sighs.

He turns around and see the four folders from Fury. He hasn’t even started.

“Uh…No i have other things…and…” stutters Tony and he groans mentally. Normally he would’ve a sarcastic remark but he is…he is just tired.

“I don’t care. I need something to hold it against them.” says Ross again and Tony has to shut his eyes again.

Like kill my mom? Or keep that a secret?

“Yeah…i will do it after…” starts Tony again but Ross on-hooked already.

“Sir? Mister Quill send another message.” says Friday this time and Tony wants to scream.

“I bet about the new taser for him. I know.” says Tony and makes a gesture with his hand. He doesn’t have the time to read Peters message. Doesn’t matter how much he likes his silly letters.

He doesn’t have the time.

“Okay Friday it’s already after lunch. I have to check on Barnes.” says Tony and Friday shuts the workshop down.

Tony goes over to the elevator and can’t help himself but reads Peters message anyway. He smiles. He misses him so much. All the Guardians. Sometimes they visit him to get new tech but they write him everyday. Even Rocket.

The elevator stops and Tony sees Barnes in the corner. He sighs. Its his task to look after him and to make sure that he puts a new system in him. When he doesn’t have those words in his brain anymore Tony can wake him up.

He studies the results and nods. Looks good, but its still not enough to wake him up. He needs to be sure or the winter soldier would do something really bad again.

And…then its Tonys fault. Again.

“Sometimes i wish i could kill you…” says Tony towards Barnes. He isn’t sure if Barnes can hear him, but he hopes he doesn’t.

Sometimes i wish everything would’ve gone another way. Sometimes i wish we could have been friends, Barnes. You seemed like a nice guy when you didn’t fight me.

“Maybe you would like to think over your words again.”

Tony is so close to screaming at that but he only does a little whimper.

“What are you doing here?” asks Tony when he calmed himself down again. Steve shrugs.

“Looking after him. And hearing you threaten him.” says Steve and he looks so disappointed in Tony.

“Hm.” says Tony and puts the results back on the table.

“Is he ready?” asks Steve when Tony sits down on that chair.

“No.” is Tony only answer and this time he jerks away when Steve hits onto the table in front of him.

“Damnit! Tony you said it would only take you days! Now its been weeks.” says Steve and he is angry. Tony is so glad the shield isn’t with him or he would’ve freak out.

“I-i’m sorry.” says Tony and tries to busy himself with the results again.

“Ey Stark!” says Clint now. Tony hasn’t seen him enter the room. But it doesn’t matter.

“Hm?” says Tony again and he doesn’t look up.

“Where’s my bow?” asks Clint and Tony sighs. He forgot it in the workshop. And its not finished either.

“Not ready.” says Tony softly but Clint groans.

“Dude you have like what one task and you can’t even do that?” says Clint and Tonys next breath is a bit watery.

“He hasn’t finished Buckys process either.” says Steve and Tony makes himself smaller.

“Man i know that he got old but that he doesn’t even remember to do the things we tell him.” says Clint and he laughs at that.

Tony wishes he could go now. But is afraid to move. What if Steve beats him again?

“I told you we should find another mechanic.” Wanda stands in the doorway and her glimpse is so cold. Tony can see a bit of red in her eyes and he looks quickly away.

“Yeah i think Shield can help us.” says Clint now and Tony wants to laugh. Wants so say: yeah and who pays for everything you want or destroy? Or: yeah try and find a genius like me!

But he just swallows. He is done.

“Ohhh looks like we are a bit late for the party.” says now someone and Tony gasps. Peter stands there and he looks angry.

Oh no, thinks Tony, he is also angry at me. Fuck he should’ve done his taser first.

“Quill.” says Steve and he even rolls his eyes. The Avengers and the Guardians aren’t friends. At all. But the Guardians work together with them sometimes. Its how they’ve met.

“Where is the raccoon.” snickers Clint and when Rocket shows up a moment later he hisses at Clint. Tony would like to smile at that but he is still afraid.

“Hey Tony.” says Peter and then goes over to him. He lays his hand on Tonys shoulder. Tony holds his breath.

“So what exactly are you doing here?” asks Peter and Tony wants to explain that he was just looking for Barnes and then he would go back in his workshop and do the bow. And the taser. And Natashas jacket.

But Peter doesn’t look at him. He looks at Steve.

“We talked to Tony about a few … disagreements.” says Steve and Rocket snicker at that.

“Looked more like you threaten our friend.” says Rocket and he hops on Clints shoulder. The archer doesn’t flinch but Tony can see Rockets sharp claws in Clints shoulder.

“And if you do that again we might have to hurt you. Drax you would like that, right?” says Peter and Drax grins.

“I want to take the Captain. He looks like he could use a punch.” laughs Drax at that and Steve frowns at that.

“I will remember that. So if you are going to yell at Tony ever again or only say something that we don’t like, we will take care of you, do you understand me?” says Peter and when Clints start to open his mouth Rocket claws him again.

“He should just finish his job.” says Wanda now and in a blink Gamora his behind her. Her sword at Wandas neck.

“He can do what he wants. He isn’t your employee. You should feel lucky that he even does a single thing for you, after what you did to him, witch.” says Gamora and Wandas eyes glow red.

“Try harder. You know your little magic isn’t working on me or Drax.” says Gamora grinning. And she is right. Tony doesn’t know why but its useless.

“Okay stop! I don’t understand why you are so angry.” says Steve and Peter turns to him.

“Because you treat our friend like shit! And i won’t let you do that anymore. So be thankful if he helps you, but if he doesn't… well tough luck.” says Peter and when he holds his hand up, Rocket jumps back to the ground and Gamora puts her sword away.

“Alright.” says Steve even though he looks still so angry.

A moment later Tony is alone with the guardians. He is still shaken a bit.

“Oh uh… i will start with your Taser now.” says Tony and when he wants to stand up, Peter holds him down.

“Nope. Wanna tell us what that was?” asks Peter and Tony shakes his head. He isn’t even sure what it was.

“Alright. Tony you know that you are an avenger, too right? You can tell them to go fuck themselves. You should take a break when you need it.” says Gamora and she smiles at him.

“I’m not…” says Tony and looks down at his hands. They shake.

“What?” asks Rocket and jumps on the table right in front of Tony.

“I’m only a consultant.” says Tony and he sounds as bitter as he feels.

“I hate humans.” says Drax.

“I am Groot.” says Groot.

“Yeah i hate humans but Peter and Tony.” says Drax then.

“A consultant? Fuck that. You are right you aren’t an Avenger.”  says Peter and he claps Tonys shoulder.

Its hurts even more when somebody else says it outloud.

“Because you are a guardian of the galaxy.” finishes Peter and Tony looks up at him.


“He means if you want. You are welcome on our team.” says Gamora and Rocket climbs onto his lap.

“We are already a weird family. So you should join.” grins Rocket and Tony laughs watery.

“Really?” he asks because of course he wants that!

“Really. And for now. Forget about those idiots. What do you want to do?” asks Peter and Tony shrugs.

“Still need to finishes Clints bow. And Natasha’s jacket. Your taser. Oh and Ross told me i should read…” says Tony and he knows that he babbles.

Drax laughs.

“Wrong. You need to watch a movie with us.” says Peter and Groot shrieks at that.

“I am Groot.”

“Yeah and eat ice-cream.” laughs Gamora and Tony can’t believe his luck.

And when he cried when he gets is official guardian jacket, well nobody needs to know.

Besides Peter who kisses him silent, when Tony stars babble again.


Title: Life Changing ( Part 3 )
Part 1 》《 Part 2

Finally having some privacy in Peter’s room, Peter and Y/N talk about Y/N’s friends and the fact that things are different now but they end up doing other things.

Words: ~ 1900

Makeout Session!


Arriving at the flat he shared with his aunt May, Peter pulled out his keys and opened the door before he yelled, “I’m home.”
I closed the door behind us and Peter continued, “And I brought Y/N. I hope that’s fine.”

Following Peter into the living room, I already felt home, exactly like the times before. The atmosphere in this flat was so much better than in my family’s flat. Not that I didn’t like it at home but this flat was Peter’s home. And that’s what made it so comfortable, I guess.

“Of course it’s fine!”, May exclaimed, standing up from the couch and walking towards us to give me a hug. “Good to see you again, honey. Peter told me about yesterday…”
“He did?”, I chuckled before I gave him a quite nervous look, unsure of what to say. Peter only shrugged with a smile.
“Yes, he did. And it was about time! I used to believe that project you were working on was actually a physical project if you know what I mean.”, she laughed loudly and I laughed rather awkwardly, not really knowing what to reply.

Fortunately, I felt Peter’s hand grabbing mine and tugging me with him. “Aunt May…”, he only mumbled, giving her a strange look before pulling me into his messy room.

“Sorry, I wasn’t… expecting anyone… today.”, he laughed while collecting some of his stuff which he threw in the cupboard. “It’s okay. My room’s not any better.”, I claimed, stripping my shoes from my feet.

He sighed quietly as he sat down on the bed. “I can’t believe you’re here.”, he started, “No project, no homework. Just you being in my room with me.”
I laughed at that before I sat down on the chair which I had put in front of him.
“I like it here. It’s welcoming and comfortable.”, I put my feet on his tigh playfully to tease him but it was actually a nice position and he didn’t seemed to care.

“Also I feel comfortable around you.”, I began, having his complete attention, “I don’t worry about saying something stupid or doing something wrong. That’s why I was a bit… sad today… because my friends… let’s just say they are not my friends anymore.”
Peter’s eyes stared into mine in confusion and disbelief, not saying a word.
“They said they don’t want me to date you because you’re too unpopular. We, I quote, are from different categories and it wouldn’t work out.”, I continued, seeing hurt in Peter’s eyes, which I could feel too, “They said we don’t belong together and then made me choose.”

There was shock and sadness in Peter’s eyes. Only for a moment.
Because he realised that I was sitting in his room, telling him about my friends. Because he realised that I wouldn’t be sitting in his room, telling him about my friends if I had chosen my friends.

I chose him. And that made him smile so much he had to bite his lip to remind him in what situation he was in. After all, I just told him my friends let me down because I was dating him.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t… be happy that, uh… I’m awfully sorry. Really, I’m-”, he stuttered, his eyes roaming over the ground to avoid eye contact.
“Peter, it’s fine.”, I interrupted, my hands reaching out to grab his. A moment of silence lingered between us after he looked up in my eyes, this intense stare making my cheeks turn to a slight pink.

“It’s just… I don’t want to… bother you but, uh, I can sit with you at lunch, right?”
He chuckled at my question, slightly shaking his head with a smile, “Sure! You don’t need to worry about that.”

“Okay, great!”, I sighed in relief and again there was silence. Not a weird silence. Both of us simply didn’t find the right words in a short period of time.

Suddenly the door opened without warning and May stood in the door frame, a plate full of cookies in her hands. This scenario had happened a couple of times before when Peter and I were working on our biology project but I still got a mini heart attack every time.
I placed my feet on the ground, taking my hands away from Peter to put them under my tighs.
“Just wanted to make sure, you have something to eat when you get hungry.”, she smiled softly and placed it on Peter’s table. Peter and I thanked her and then she stood in the middle of Peter’s room, her hands in her hips.
“What are you doing?”, she asked casually, looking back and forth between me and Peter. “Just talking… about school.”, Peter replied, his voice raising at the end of the sentence making it sound like a question.
She left with the words “Oh, okay.”, quickly opening the door before she closed it in slow motion.

Peter looked at me apologetically, his hands resting in his lap. “You know what she’s like. Always checking up on me.”, he mumbled, clear annoyance in his tone.
“She simply cares for you.”, I replied, shrugging my shoulders.
“She’s just curious if we are actually talking and doing our homework or if we are… doing other things.”

I smirked at him as an idea popped into my head, standing up to sit down right next to him on the edge of his bed. He turned his body towards me instinctively, supporting his weight with his hands on the matress.
“Other things like that?”, I whispered slowly before I closed my eyes and leaned forward quickly, pressing my lips on his.

He reacted quicker than expected, his hands instantly being on my hips while my fingers interwined behind his neck. I felt my heart running a marathon in my chest after our lips startet moving and everthing else worked out on its own.
That’sexactly… what I meant…with other things.”, he mumbled against my lips, causing me to laugh briefly.
My fingers found themselves in his hair seconds later, tugging at it while his hands carefully wandered up my sides.
I hummed when I felt the tip of his tongue against my lip, not expecting him to make a move so fast. A moan left my lips as soon as the kiss got more and more passionate and Peter pulled me on his lap, impatiently closing the last bit of space between us and making my body heat up.

Heavy breathing filled the room while Peter and I obviously couldn’t get enough of each other, his hands roaming over my back and my fingers messing up his soft hair.
I pulled back for a moment, catching my breath while me and Peter held eye contact, Peter being out of breath as well. His cheeks had coloured in a deep tone of red and I couldn’t help but return the huge smile on his face. “Definitely the right decision.”, I told him as I rested my fore head against his and put my hands on his shoulders.
“I agree.”, he breathed before pecking my lips, “Kissing you is so much fun.” He pressed another kiss on my smiling lips.

“I still can’t believe you chose me over your friends.”, he admitted, pulling me even closer and holding me tightly, a smile on his face and a sparkles in his eyes.
“They’re not really good friends if they don’t want me to be with you. And therefore to be happy.”, I explained, not only to him but also to myself. I knew that Peter was better company and that he was good for me.

There was silence again. Silence and our heavy breathing.
But it didn’t last very long since it was nearly impossible for me to look at him and not kiss him in this momemt.

So our lips melted together again, tongues dancing and exploring. Moans coming from our lips, especially after I started to grind my hips against his occasionally. His hands still on my back and on my side, fingertips pressing against me while my right hand wandered to his neck.
I pulled back slightly only to pepper his neck with sweet kisses, noticing the chills on the back of his neck. A shaky breath left his mouth after my kisses turned into open mouthed ones, starting under his left ear and making my way down to his collar bone. “This feels really nice.”, he breathed out and I brought my lips to his ear, “That’s good to know.”

My hands went down to the hem of his shirt, tugging it upwards before looking at Peter and checking if this was fine with him. And it was. It totally was.
Peter pulled it over his head in a millisecond and I pushed him softly on the matress, letting my gaze wander over his body.
“Jesus, I didn’t expect that.”, I exclaimed quietly, knowing that we weren’t alone in this flat.
My fingertips roamed over his abs, as I felt myself getting hotter by the second, my face probably being as red as a tomato.

Peter blushed, looking up at me shyly before I leaned down, pressing a kiss on his lips, then on his cheek, then under his ear.
I started nibbling at his neck, once again earning moans from him after licking over the sensitive spots. He gasped as I sucked under his ear, revealing his sweet spot which I tried to memorise.
Suddenly, Peter turned us over, hovering above me with a flirty smile on his lips before he pressed them on mine. My hands ran through his curls while my legs sneaked around him.
Peter pulled back slightly before his mouth was next to my ear, his lips brushing over my ear. “It’s my turn now.”, he whispered in a deep voice I never heard him use before.
My heart jumped to my throat the moment I felt his lips on my neck, immediately starting to nibble and suck. I turned my head to the side, giving him more access and soon I couldn’t controll my breath anymore, tugging harder on his hair and making him groan.

“Peter?”, we heard Aunt May yell and I quickly passed him his shirt which he pulled over his head. “Yeah?”, he responded, his voice an octave higher than usual. He stared down at me, his breath on my skin and his eyes not even fully opened.

But he didn’t get answer. So he stood up to open the door and ask again. “You want some snacks?”, Aunt May wanted to know, coming out of nowhere but Peter only groaned as he took the snacks. “What are you doing?”, she asked in the same tone as before.

“Nothing.”, Peter replied quickly, closing the door before leaning against it.
I laughed at him and he joined in, climbing back into the bed after placing the snacks next to the untouched cookies.
His arms sneaked around me, fore head leaning against forehead. All the needy tension turning into sweet, innocent cuddles.

“I’m hopelessly in love with you.”, Peter admitted, eyes glued to the ceiling.

“I know. I feel exactly the same… and I’m actually not that sad anymore.”, I realised, making Peter grin proudly.


alternative Part 4:《 Innocent Boy


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Please, Oppa

hoseok x reader ; part two of “yes, oppa”

Genre: Smut
Word Count: 5100ish words
Oppa needs a good kitten.

A/N: So Im gonna be honest here and say I did not reread this cuz I promised it would be up tonight, so I’ll go back over it, edit it, make it better, and add a gif later. But here you guys go, please enjoy. I’m going the fuck to sleep because its 5:30am and I have work in two hours. You can thank the mother fucking cameraman for Music Bank, as well as my sunshine because mother of god, Hoseok, keep your goddam hands off your fucking cock while on live television, I swear to god -

It took the entire trip the bedroom plus the time in between being shoved against a wall and feeling Hoseok’s teeth on the flushed skin of your neck for you to come to terms with the fact that this was actually happening. Previous episode on the couch notwithstanding, you were actually about play with Jung Hoseok.

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Zombie! AU

-Izuku wonders how he gets to this deserted, rundown town with nothing in his backpack except for a strange rod thing he has no idea what is for.

-The first living thing he encounters tries to bite his neck with decaying teeth. Disgusting rotten skin falls off onto Izuku’s clothes. Its breath makes Izuku gag.

-He manages to escape the thing at the loss of a shoe and runs right into a horde of them immediately after.

-He is ready to die.

-Then explosion comes from behind the group and two truly-alive figures comes into view.

-‘What did you do this time?’

‘Not a fucking thing, you damn asswipe.’

Izuku hears them argue while busy slicing and exploding zombies left and right with Star Wars like weapons.

-He is certain that current technology is nowhere near recreating lightsabers, especially lightsabers that can freeze, burn and explode upon impact.

-‘Oh, you’re alive as well?’ The half-white-half-red-haired man asked Izuku. ‘Hey Bakugou, take care of the rest. We’re leaving.’

‘Fuck yeah get lost!

Izuku is yanked up and dragged away by his collar. The sandy-haired one, Bakugou, stays behind and starts throwing orbs like things from his backpack at the approaching zombies. The orbs are grenades, powerful ones that shake the earth. Izuku hears Bakugou cackle madly with glee.

-They take shelter in a rundown building three blocks from the fight. The man introduces himself as Todoroki and takes a look inside Izuku’s backpack. He takes out the grey rod and tells Izuku to twist it like how he would a candy wrapper.

-Todoroki demonstrates with his similar looking rod. Two sabres appear from both ends, one icy blue and the other fiery red. Bakugou’s saber, Todoroki explains, is shorter and creates explosion when it comes into contact. Izuku’s rod will become some sort of weapon as well.

-The pen tip that pops out when Izuku turns the rod is disappointing. It’s really just a regular, ball point pen tip that is useless except for writing peace treaty with the zombies. It’s not a disguised stun gun, poison dart gun, smoke screen ejector, not even a medical syringe! How is he supposed to stay alive in this zombie infested place!?

-Bakugou, when he joins back with Todoroki, can offer no explanation either. He even suggests that Izuku go and be the prey for zombie so he can be useful. That’s just rude! And scary!

-Todoroki lends him a pocket knife he swiped from a deserted convenient store. Then he explains how to kill the zombie, cutting off the head. Izuku looks to the small, rusty blade in his hand. Yeah, he is going to die soon.

-When Izuku asks how the zombie infestation started, neither Todoroki nor Bakugou has any answers. That strikes Izuku as odd.

-Odd things start showing themselves to Izuku. He is never hungry or thirsty. He doesn’t break a sweat when running four blocks and climbing three flights of stair to escape zombies. Neither does he bleed when he accidentally flips the knife the wrong way and slices his palm.

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okay this is weird but when i saw the "Behind the Scenes Vs Actual Scene Series" #42 that you reblogged (with amy wearing her queen's outfit), i thought the headphones were like a priest's neck thing (no idea of the name in english) and it kinda looks like he's marrying amy and jake hahaha



The Morning After

Pairings: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 412

Warnings: Mentions of nudity, it’s not graphic at all, swearing mentions of drinking. It’s just fluff

A/N: This is my first entry for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing‘s SPN Hiatus Writing Challenge! I used the dialogue prompt and not the song, the song was really speaking to me… The line is in bold in the fic so it is relatively easy to find! Enjoy!

Prompt: “It’s 8:30, I have a hangover and you’re annoying me.”


The incessant blaring of your alarm made you groan and slap your hand around your nightstand, trying to hit the large snooze button. Glancing up when your hand came in contact with nothing but polished wood, you noticed your alarm clock’s absence.

You sat up, suddenly feeling an immense pressure behind your eyelids. Great, you thought. I’m hung over.

You looked around your room. Damn was it a mess. Clothes were strewn about; it looked like your closet exploded. Your desk chair was knocked over, most of the things on your desk were thrown to the floor. The curtain rod was falling off of it’s hooks, the curtains torn. What the fuck happened? You thought.

The annoying beeping continues, drawing your attention to the floor, your groggy eyes land on your large alarm clock, “There you are, you sneaky motherfucker,” you grumble as you pick up the clock. You yank the cord out of its socket and flop back down on the bed.

It was then that you noticed the heavy arm draped across your middle, the light snores coming from behind you, and the breath tickling the back of your neck.

You turned around bewildered by the person’s presence, “What the fuck?” You screech, pulling the white sheet close to your chest. “What the fuck are you doing in my bed?”

Jensen cracked one eye open, his hazy green eyes staring at you, “Y/N,” he said. His voice was gruff from sleep, “You need to shut the fuck up.”

“Why the hell are in you in my bed, Jensen?” How was he not worried about this?

“I don’t know, Y/N,” he said. “But it’s 8:30, I have a hangover and you’re annoying me.” The arm that Jensen had around your waist tightened, pulling you back into his chest.

“Jensen,” you whined, wriggling in his grasp. “Jay, you are my co-star, and you and I are both naked in my bed, and my room is a disaster.”

“I don’t care about that right now. Go back to sleep.”

You sighed and stilled in Jensen’s grasp, submitting to sleep.

When you woke up, you’d find a simple gold band on your fourth finger on your left hand. You’d probably beat Jensen’s ass and make him clean up your room, but for right now, you were going back to sleep, the intensity of your own headache finally catching up to you.

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Love Letters- Hansol (Vernon) Fluff (Highschool!AU

Originally posted by carol12lopes-blog

Request: Hi! Can you do an imagine where the reader is extremely shy and so is hansol but they manage to talk through notes. Soon they start gaining confidence and talk to each other more and they notice they like each other. Can it be a highschool au as well?? Sorry if this is too vague!

Word Count:1154

Member/Group: Hansol of SEVENTEEN

Summary: ‘Whenever I see you, I can’t ever speak, so I wrote it down instead.’

A/N: I am having an amazing day and I just had to write! I mean, I actually got asked to a dance at my school by a boy that I’ve known for a while and now I’m just a bit jumpy I guess.

Author: seventeen-central’s Admin Cloud (I’m going to begin signing all my imagines to avoid confusion!)

 “Hello, students. Bring out your journals, today we will be writing short stories.” Mrs. Park finished writing the assignment on the board before going to enter grades into her computer.

 You quickly turned your seat to look behind you at the boy you had become well acquainted with over the school year. His dark, hazelnut eyes glanced up as a smile played on his lips. A warm, pink blush tinted your cheeks before you gathered your things. Without Mrs. Park even noticing, you tip toed and slid into the empty seat next to the quiet boy.

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H.G x Reader ||SMUT|| #9

Prompt: Hermione and you have some late night fun at the library.

Throughout the years, Hermione and you managed to get to know the castle and it’s endless corridors from sneaking around so much.

For the first several years of your friendship when the two of you would sneak out and about, it would be only to talk. You would talk on hours on end and get to know each other more and more. By third year things- feelings- began to transpire between you two and your stake outs would become heavy with tension.

It was near the middle of fourth year that Hermione and you actually did anything about said feelings.

Throughout the beginning of fourth year the two of you had something of an unspoken-unofficial relationship.

You both had your eyes set entirely and solely on each other.

You began to hold her hand shyly. When she became tired she would lay her head on your shoulder and nuzzle your neck. When she was cold you would lend her your jacket and pull her into your warm and safe embrace. When Hermione was upset or forlorn you would wrap her in your arms, sit her on your lap and rock her back and forth while brushing butterfly kisses between encouraging whispers on her temple and her forehead.

You only really admitted your feelings toward her when you became jealous and so she did the same.

After that night, when you would sneak off, sometimes you’d just sit in silence, Hermione sitting between your legs with her back pressed against your front and your arms encircling her waist while your head rested against her shoulder.

By fifth year the tension came back, this time however, it was different. So very much different, for it was sexual tension now.

Sneaking off with the prefect usually led to steamy kisses, quiet moans, and hickeys. And, while your make out sessions became longer and hotter, so did your knickers.

Neither of you could ever return to sleep without having had sated your thirst of each other. Hermione would absolutely love being pinned against the wall as you slipped your hands under her shirt and played with her nipples. She soaked in the pleasure of tangling her fingers through your hair and forcing your mouth to her neck.

On occasion, when Hermione was feeling absolutely and wildly lecherous, you would slip your hand through her skirt and her panties and tease her clit.

Now, at sixth year, it wasn’t merely teasing. Now, neither of you hesitated on taking things further with sex.

That was how you ended up here…

In the library- behind countless shelves- in the Restricted Section.

Sneaking out for some late night ‘reading’ and actually doing the late night reading had proved to be a difficult task. A difficult task indeed.

Hermione had been awfully quiet for the past hour and you were sure the sound of pages turning had also stopped a while ago.

You smirked slyly over your book at Hermione, her eyes dilated and already fixed on your lips.

Her book was lying open, long forgotten, in front of her but, it had been long since she had read the page.

You glanced down over the side of the table and bit back a grin. Hermione was crossing and uncrossing her legs, a habit you knew she only displayed when she was hot and bothered.

“It’s a bit warm in here, lovely? Don’t you think?” You asked, biting your lip not-so-innocently.

Hermione met your gaze and saw the amusement dancing in your eyes. She glared at you in annoyance.

“Shut up,” she snapped, vexed.

You rested your head in your hand and propped your elbow up on the table, closing your book.

Make me,” you responded.

Hermione clenched her jaw. She turned and glared the the ground for several seconds before huffing out a breath and making her way toward you.

She pushed your books carelessly off your lap and sat herself down, straddling you. Immediately you grabbed her hips.

Hermione had been fighting the urge to fall for your teasing antics. You had been teasing her all week and you both hand an unspoken challenge going on. It seemed ,however, that Hermione couldn’t hold off any longer.

Hermione wrapped her arms around your neck and hungrily brought your lips to hers. You moaned quietly against her feverish mouth, somewhat taken aback by how fiercely she was kissing you. Your moans soon turned to growls when you began to feel her hips grinding on you.

Hermione’s hands fell from your neck and instead moved to begin unbuttoning your uniform. She had barely managed to undo the second button of your shirt just as you stilled her hands and pulled her wrists back behind her back.

You felt your girlfriend’s breath hitch at the action. She knew what was about to happen and she couldn’t wait any longer for it.

You gripped her wrists tightly behind her with one hand and pulled her head back with the other, revealing her neck. Instantly, you brought your lips to jaw, pressing open-mouthed kisses down the column of her throat and back up, occasionally whispering dirty things into her ear.

Hermione moaned hoarsely.

You released your grip on her hair momentarily and began to undo the buttons of her shirt.

When you were done the shirt fell open on its own, exposing the fair skin of her chest and her stomach.

You left it on, letting it hang messily off her shoulders because damn it was a major turn on for you to see her ’innocent girl’ demeanor broken by the image of her being so eager to be fucked.

You chuckled lowly, trailing a hand from her neck down to her chest. You fingered the material of her bra admiringly. The black lace allowed you to see her nipple- rosy and erect- and the colour clashed gorgeously against her skin tone.

Just like I knew it would.

“Are you wearing the present I got you?”

“Yes,” Hermione answered, breathy.

You smiled up at her, smiling in approval.

“Good girl.”

You leaned into her chest and took a nipple into your mouth. You wiped your tongue over the lace and sucked on the bud.

Hermione threw her head back, swallowing down a moan.

You alternated the nipple, sucking on the other one but, still playing with the first one.

Hermione bucked her hips in a needy way and whimpered when she didn’t find the contact she needed.

“Hey, now,” you chided, tightening your hold on her wrists. “I can’t please you properly if you’re not being a good girl, now can I?”

Hermione shook her head, biting her lip.

Then stay still,” you growled.

Hermione’s eyes dilated even more and she nodded rapidly. Pleased, you began sucking and biting her neck.

“Please…,” she whimpered softly.

“Please what?” You questioned against her chest. You pulled down the lace, finally revealing the pert nipple to you.

“Please- ungh- please fuck me [Y/n].”

You slipped a hand through her skirt and grabbed her center tightly. You could feel the heat and the wetness gathered there even through her lace panties.

Hermione moaned, bucking her hips against your hand.

Quiet.” You hissed.

You slipped your fingers past the hem of her panties and smeared her wetness along her thighs and her lips.

Hermione threw her head back, biting her lip tightly.

You pushed her lips open and rubbed your fingers over her clit.

Hermione shuddered and cried out softly.

You rubbed your fingers rapidly over clit for several seconds, just watching Hermione, then you prodded a finger into her slit.

Not being able to control herself, Hermione moaned loudly.

You pumped your fingers into her slowly, teasing her for a while, building her up before you curled your digits. You gradually sped up and released your hold on her wrists.

Instantly she wrapped her arms around your neck.

Her moans and cries began to get harder to contain so you let her bounce on your hand while you undid your tie.

As much as you loved to hear Hermione become undone you feared someone may hear you. You scrunched up your tie and stuffed it into her mouth, silencing her quickly.

She clamped down on the makeshift gag at the same time she clenched her thighs.

Her chest heaved raggedly and her legs began quiver unsteadily.

You held her hips steadily and sucked and bit her nipples and neck, bringing her to her release.

Hermione shuddered and screamed. Her nails dug into your neck and she dragged them down your back harshly.

She came on your fingers and over the floor.

You waited until her spasms stopped and slowly pulled your fingers out. They glinted with her juices and you sucked your fingers clean off, smirking up at Hermione.

She was panting and flushed, watching you with dark eyes.

You took your tie out of her mouth and tossed it away. Hermione crashed her lips onto yours, her hands cupping your face.

You pulled away and rested your forehead against hers.

“Ready for round 2, Princess?”

You had been speaking and goofing off with one of your closest friends when Professor McGonagall called for all the student’s attention, tapping a fork against a goblet. There was an announcement.

While everyone turned their bodies to look at the Professor you caught Hermione’s eye across the tables.

She sent you a smirk and you flashed her your own grin before turning away.

Students… as you all know no one is allowed to roam the castle after bed.”

She looked over the student body, eyes searching for a culprit.

Everyone nodded in confusion.

“This morning, our dear librarian, Madam Pince,” she motioned toward the librarian standing at the edge of the hall, beet red.

“-opened the library just like any other day. Imagine her surprise when she found this,” she summoned a cloth and you could faintly recognise [Y/h] colours.

Your eyes almost widened and you nearly smacked a hand to your face as she waved it in disgust but, you managed to control your reaction.

“-in the Restricted Section no less!”

So that’s where my tie went.

Your eyes searched for Hermione’s and when you found her she was already staring at you.

She turned back around after giving you a discreet sneer. You turned back to look at McGonagall when your best friend caught your eye.

She was staring at you with her brow quirked and a smile knowing smile playing at her lips.

She leaned toward you. “So that’s why you needed my extra tie.” She whispered, snickering slightly.

“Shut up,” you growled lowly, your face growing as red as Pince’s.

“Now, we know which house this belong to, clearly but, we don’t know if this is charmed or if this was some sort of trick. So, listen closely and carefully, you have all been warned. No more sneaking out of bed and no more going into the Restricted Section! Whoever is found out of their bed chambers after hours will be Filch’s responsibility.”

A/n: Dedicated to the @Anon who requested this.💜 Never written smut before but I definitely don’t mind the practice👍


PAIRING: poly!hamilsquad x reader

SUMMARY: Y/N takes a trip to New York and manages to find love in not one but four men. [FLUFFY?]

AU: soulmates

WORDS: 2676

A/N: okay this is my first POLY!HAMSQUAD imagine but ughhh ‘m so in love with all of these boys it makes my heart ache- also this is the longest fic I’ve ever written so enjoy!!


request here

 When you booked the tickets for your flight to America you never thought you would find love. Let alone love with four people- but here you were squished in the middle of your too-small bed with the loves of your life.

 It all started when your sister met her soulmate, the emerald green shaded circle on her wrist matching perfectly with her husband’s. It was when she called you screaming about the news that you knew you needed to take a holiday. You were older sister and therefore you always believed that you would be the first to find your soulmate in the family but you were mistaken.

 So after a bottle of cheap red wine and a late night shopping spree you boarded the plane to New York a scarf covering up the tattoo underneath your collar bone that you’ve come to memorize over the years if you were to ever run into your soulmate. You were always confused about your tattoo as it seemed normal. It appeared to be a small flower with five petals except one petal was coloured in with your favourite colour. You tried to find the answers for this phenomenon as usually peoples tattoos were half coloured with their favourite colour until the met their soulmate and the other half became their soulmates favourite colour. Many theories suggested that you had more than one soulmate- a small part of you kind of liked this idea. But many other theories suggested that you were broken and that your soulmate had died and therefore you lost some of you colour (you prayed for this to be some sort of sick joke).

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Collapse - Chapter One


Cowritten and Proofread by @aoimikans

Early Saturday morning…

“You understand why I asked you to not to join me for this interview?” Naomasa asked, passing the subpoena request form to Wright.

Wright nodded, “I doubt Sato would want to see me again anytime soon. However, I do appreciate you bringing Alba with you.”

Tyto swivelled her head around, feathers puffing up pleasantly at the sound of her name.

There was a knock at the door, and Sansa poked his head in.

“Sato is here with his attorney. I left them in the break room,” he said with a smile.

“Thank you,” Naomasa stood. He glanced at Sansa’s casual clothes, “Going to U.A. then?”

A soft purr rolled in Sansa’s throat as he nodded, “Just heading out.”

“Have fun, Tamakawaii,” Tyto whistled, batting her eyelashes at the flustered officer.

Naomasa tried not to laugh as Sansa stuttered a ‘thank you’ and ducked out. Standing, Naomasa gestured for Tyto to follow, “Let’s get started.”

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Kylo Ren x Reader #3

Description: Being an 18 year old, and possibly one of the smartest people on board had it’s advantages. BUt after a meeting with Snoke, a certain Commander makes your work come to a halt to have some fun of his own.

A/N: Happy Easter y’all! Stay safe and fun, and I won’t be thinking about Kylo Ren hiding Easter Eggs around his house for his children… If they celebrate Easter.. Who knows, not me, thats who!

“Oh darling, we’re just so proud of you!” Hux shrieked, mimicking your mother who had just said goodbye to you minutes earlier. Rolling your eyes, you shove him to the side. “Oh shut up Hux, at least my parents still have communications with their offspring” You growled, he chuckled lightly, wrapping his arm around your neck and dragging you along. “Oh c'mon Y/N, working for The First Order is one of the best jobs in the world, ya know? All that killing and being angry at everyone, so much fun” He teased, letting go of you as you both walk down a long hallway. “Course, being 18 and already working for The First Order, sure is a blessing” The door screeched as it opened before you, both of you still walking forward, only pausing when reaching a large window, stars decorating the sky. “Not to mention, being possibly, the smartest person on board” Rolling your eyes, your eyes searched the galaxy ahead of you. “Now now, don’t get to jealous General, wouldn’t want any of your crew hearing that a female is more superior than you” He rolled his eyes, standing up straight, maintain his bossy act.

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It’s just a cold!

“Kara” you whine as your girlfriend tucks you in, practically binding you to the bed, with the thick wool blanket that Alex gave you when she heard you had gotten sick. “I just don’t want you to get could” Kara fusses as she pouts down at you, concern painting her features. You smile gently up at her, untucking one of your hands from the many blankets wrapped tightly around you, so you could stroke some lose strands with caramel hair back behind Kara’s ear, smiling at the slight blush coloring her cheek as your hand gently brushes her cheek. “I’m fine babe” you say, letting your hand brush against the skin of her neck, “it’s just a cold” Kara takes a hold of you hand, squeezing it lightly, “I know, but you never know, it could be something worse, some alien thing that was meant for me but hit you instead, or maybe it was, I don’t know, it could be red kryptonite, oh Golly, y/n! what if its red kryptonite!” Kara was starting to panic by now, her hands flying around, grabbing at her hair and clenching at her sides.

You tried to get her attention by taking a hold of her flaring hands, “I have to call Alex right n..” you dragged her down beside you on her bed “Kara!” you chuckle a little, her eyes widen as she sees the humor in your eyes. “This isn’t funny y/n! you could be in danger!” she squeezes your hands so tightly you think they might break, her eyes searching your body hastily for any signs of something out of the ordinary. “Kara! I’m fine!” you lean up and kiss her forehead. “Seriously baby, it’s just a cold”.

Kara still isn’t convinced. The famous crinkle growing by the second, she just sits there, staring at you in disbelief. “I still think I should call Alex” she mumbles, her thumbs stroking the skin of your wrists gently. “I swear to God Kara; you are worse than my mother” you grunt. Kara fake gasps, laying a hand to her chest in fake offend, “rude” she whines, a small smile tugging at her lips. You smirk up at her and tug at her right hand, bringing it up to your lips to kiss the back of it softly, “you are such a nerd” Kara giggles, adjusting her glasses. You bite down playfully on her thumb when you hear her remark, smiling at the startled gasp escaping pink lips. You blow gently at the offended skin before giving the thumb a quick peck, making Kara smile brightly at you, her other hand playing with a strand of your hair.

“But in all seriousness” she sighs “are you sure that it’s just a cold?” you smile a little at the concern in her voice, your heart swelling at the thought of how much she cares for you. “Yes Kara, I’m sure” you say. “a hundred-present sure?” she reaches for her phone, “Kara” you warn her, “sorry” she says cheaply, looking down at her lap as a blush makes its way onto her face.

You giggle at her sudden shy behavior, loving the effect you have on her. “d-do you need anything y/n?” she stutters a little, but meets your gaze straight on. “Yes, I actually do” she perks up at this, “what do you need?” you answer her by dragging her down next to you, “y/n? w-what are y…” “shh” you say, working on getting Kara underneath your blanket so you can cuddle her better.

She chuckles when you only manage to tangle yourself more up in the many blankest, “argh, I’m too tired for this” you whine, “help me” you pout up at her, making her smile adoringly at you. “what do you need?” she asks once more as she easily untucks you from the many blankets. “Cuddles” you yawn, tucking yourself into your girlfriend’s side, a strong hand wrapping itself around your waist, holding you close, the other hand playing with your hair. You close your eyes, feeling more and more tired by each gentle brush of Kara’s fingers running through your hair. “You tired?” she whispers. You nod your head. Yawning softly, you look up at her through hooded eyes, “you worrying so much over a little cold really wore me out” you smirk a little. She giggles at your sass, “sorry princess, but I love you and I don’t ever want to see you in danger” smiling, you tuck your head into the crock of her neck, “I know babe, besides” you kiss her neck softly, “I love that you care enough about me to get this concerned over a simple cold”. Kara pulls you closer, her hand lifting your chin up so she can gaze into your bright y/e/c eyes, “I just love you so much y/n” she breaths out. You smile brightly up at her, “I love you to Kara”, she smiles and you lay your head back down on her chest, your arms wrapping tightly around her. She gets back to combing her fingers through your hair, and the arm around you paint invisible patterns on your back. “Thank you” you whisper right before drifting off with a smile on your face, listening to the steady beating of Kara’s heart.

A Birthday Surprise - Jake x MC Fanfic

Summary/Prompt: From Anonymous: “Hiii!! I was wondering if you could do a JakexMC request where everyone notices that MC has been acting a little off lately and Diego accidentally mentions that it’s MC’s bday and MC doesn’t wanna celebrate it due to all the recent drama but Jake wants to do it anyway? Like he rallys Sean, Quinn, Raj, Craig and the others to make it so perfect, and it works, and when MC asks why they did all of this, everyone reveals it was Jake’s idea lol. Whaddya think? P.S. I love your blog!!❤❤❤”

Author’s Note: I had a lot of fun writing this. Thanks for the request, Anon. :)

“What’s with her?,” Jake asks, taking a seat beside Diego and Quinn. The group was having breakfast by the pool, everyone in a jovial mood because the morning breeze was extra cool. Everyone except for one.

Diego looks over his shoulder and sees MC on the hammock, reading a book. “Uh, well, you know her, she loves her alone time,” he says, voice squeaking a bit.

“Listen Pop Culture Petey,” Jake says, waving a fork at Diego. “Your voice goes all Mickey Mouse when you’re keeping something.“

“No, it doesn’t!,” Diego defends, his voice going up an octave. Jake raises an eyebrow at him. “Fine. I’ll tell you! She’s like this because she’s —“

“Hormonal?,” Quinn pipes up enthusiastically, cutting Diego off. Jake and Diego visibly cringe, making her laugh out loud. “You know what I mean! She gets super cranky and is on mega-introvert mode when she gets her per—“

Diego holds his hands up high. “Ew. Stop. It’s her birthday today, okay?”

Fork dropping, Jake gives Diego a pointed look. “And when were you going to tell us that?”

“Tell you what?,” Sean asks, placing a serving dish piled with hash browns on the group’s table. “Hash browns, anyone? Raj cooked up a ton.” He takes a seat beside Jake.

“I added some secret spices,” Raj boasts proudly, placing a hash brown on each one’s plate.  

Jake grabs a hash brown and stuffs it in his mouth. “Pretty good, Top Chef,” he munches, giving Raj a thumbs up sign. “Anyway, it’s MC’s birthday today. This guy over here,” he points at Diego, “didn’t even think of telling us.”

“I did!,” Diego squeaks, prompting Quinn to laugh heartily again. “She just didn’t want to bring it up because we’re all preoccupied with the secret island shiz.”

Jake looks over to MC, who had her back turned away from the group. He grins, then looks back at the group. “Here’s what we’re gonna do.”

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Dance With The Devil (iv)

word count: 4 317
warnings: none

*gif by me

previous part: here

Part IV

Some days had passed since the first time Y/N and Kai had met in the forests. It had become their little secret, every night they spend time at the well, getting to know each other and slowly growing closer. But the days passed quickly and now the last night had come before Y/N would go back to her hometown.

“To be honest, I wish I could stay here.” She said as she snuggled with Kai. He had put an arm around her while hers were hooked around his neck, her head casually placed on his shoulder.

Again, they were sitting at the well, listening to the sounds of the night and watching the stars above their heads. It was a starry night; not one cloud was shadowing the tiny lights or interrupting the figures they were forming. In her eyes, it was a perfect night, a perfect night to say goodbye to each other.

“Me too.” He answered as he intertwined his fingers with hers. For the first time in his life, he had a feeling of being wanted, liked even. Something he hadn’t experienced before. But now that Y/N had come into his life it had sparked something inside of him that he didn’t know he was capable of: real feelings. Joy, affection, maybe even love.

“Maybe… I have an idea.” She suddenly revealed a thought she’d been thinking about for the last two days. One day she had talked about her plans for the future with Jo. This year she was graduating high school so it would only be a matter of time until she’d go to college. And since she didn’t decide where to go yet (or even what to do) she could come back to Portland or maybe even attend the same college as Kai and move in a dorm with him.

While she told him about her idea, his mood seemingly lit up, a smile spread across his lips. He hugged her until he all of a sudden let go of her, his expression grave and kind of sad.

“There’s a snag.” He stated as his hand lightly started shaking. Instead of looking at Y/N he stared at a point on the ground, and Y/N had to take both his hands in hers to even get him to continue to talk. “My parents would never afford me going to college. You know what they think about me. I’m even surprised they let me stay at school and didn’t hold me prisoner at home.”

Only now she realized how horrid his whole life up until now must’ve been. It had affected him more than he wanted to admit and it had shaped him to become the person he was, the person she knew and learned to like, to accept. But sometimes she saw something else shine through, a certain darkness and something she didn’t quite know what it was yet. 

“Why don’t you just try and ask? And if it doesn’t work I’m sure we can find another way.” She asserted overly enthusiastic -  probably because she didn’t want to accept a ‘no’ as an answer. 

“You know what, you’re right. I’ll try it.” Kai shrugged, as he finally looked up again, piercing his eyes into Y/N’s. Her heart skipped a beat seeing him like this, his face enlightened by the moonlight, his eyes even bluer than usual with these little sparks only she could ignite. At this moment it hit her that maybe she had developed feelings for him that weren’t just friendly ones. She had started falling for him. 

“I’m always right, Kai.Thought you’d know that by now.” Y/N interjected with a big grin on her face. 

“Oh really? Cause I remember it had been your great idea to-” But before Kai could say anything more, Y/N placed her hand over his mouth, silencing him this way. He just rolled his eyes though he fulfilled her will and stopped talking. At least until she took her hand away because then there was another thing he needed to get off his mind. “Sometimes you can be really annoying.”

“Yeah, but that’s one of the reasons you love me.” She had answered without actually thinking about what she was saying. One of the reasons you love me - that had definitely been an unfortunate choice of words. She had thought, hoped, that Kai wouldn’t register it. However, everything seemed to indicate he did. 

Slightly tilting his head, he looked at her from head to toe as if it was the first time he truly saw her. Not making a move, not making a sound. He just kept staring at her as he reached for her cheeks, placing his hand on it like he had done so often. Out of reflex, Y/N leaned into it, feeling the warmth it spread through her whole body. Kai started caressing her cheek with his thumb, locking eyes with her. 

Y/N felt her heart leap out of her chest; her breath got caught in her throat. With every fiber of her being, she wanted to pull him closer, wanted to wrap her arms around him and have him all to herself. Her eyes darted from his eyes to his lips. These beautiful, plump lips. She wondered how they’d feel on hers. How they’d taste. 

A lock of her hair fell into her face which Kai quickly, gently put behind her ear. This way his other hand found its place on her cheek, too, as he was now cupping her face. Noticing her flushing, he smiled at her.

“Love.” He muttered nearly unhearable for Y/N. As he leaned closer towards her, their noses brushed against each other. Everything around them became blurry, unimportant. The only thing that mattered was them, and nothing could interrupt them now. 

When Y/N felt his hot breath on her skin, she closed her eyes, hooking her arms around his neck. They poised in this position, not sure what to do next. They wanted to savor this moment for as long as possible, not sure if they’d ever get that close again. 

Neither could take it any longer, and their lips met in a soft kiss. At first, they only touched lightly, more brushing against each other than actual kissing. But it deepened in an instant, their initial coyness fading away quickly. 

It felt like dozens of butterflies were flapping their wings inside Y/N’s stomach, her heartbeat increased to a dangerous pace. Forcefully yet not painfully, he pushed her down, so he was laying on top of her, their lips not letting go of each other. Y/N intertwined her fingers with his dark hair; Kai gently rubbed along her arm with one hand. 

Only when they both needed air again, they let go of one another. Kai propped himself up on his elbows, still laying on top of Y/N, their faces just inches apart. With his palm he brushed against her cheek, a big smile visible on his face.

“Wow.” She whispered, unable to comprehend what exactly had happened a few seconds ago. Under normal circumstances, they’d somehow still be considered strangers but yet, even in the short amount of time they have had together, they had managed to creep into each other’s heart. 

“Yeah.” Kai just answered, rolling off of her, so he was laying on his back. Wrapping his arms around her, he pulled her closer to him, her head now resting on his chest. Absently, he stroked her hair, removing any leaf that was tangled in it. “Now I don’t want to let you go even more.”

“Me neither.” She replied, for the first time in her life feeling utterly safe. With Kai by her side, nothing could happen to them; he would always find a way out of every situation. She was sure of it that he would leave nothing undone if something would be happening to her. Just because of one, sweet, little kiss which had both opened their eyes.

But maybe, if they really could make it work to move in together after graduation, they wouldn’t be alone anymore. They would have each other, probably even for the rest of their lives. 

The night had soon come to an end, their time to say goodbye had come. The only flicker of hope they had was that they’d at least see each other one more time tomorrow. They just couldn’t interact the way they could do it here. One last time they had kissed, hugged, and walked out of the forest hand in hand. An unspoken promise to stay in contact, call or write the other one, had been made. 

And so, on the next morning as the sun rose above their heads again, Y/N had reached the last day of her stay in Portland. She and her family were on their way to the Parker’s home, ready to face Joshua the last time until they’d be safer for the next months or years even. 

Nervously, Y/N played with the necklace around her neck. Her magical resources were almost entirely depleted, but she just didn’t want her parents to give her more as they had already done so much for her this whole week. She didn’t want to bother them anymore.

“It’s just one more day, Y/N. Everything will be all right.” Her father said on their way, smiling at his daughter. “And I think you convinced Joshua that you’re a real witch." 

He patted her on her shoulder before knocking on the door. Like always it was opened by Jo who pulled Y/N in for a hug. Her parents went straight towards the leader’s office, leaving their daughter and Jo alone. 

"Upstairs or kitchen?” Jo asked, by this time knowing Y/N always came here without eating breakfast and was always hungry as soon as she’d arrived. A light chuckle escaped Y/N'a mouth, giving a simple answer: “Kitchen." 

So they walked towards the kitchen where Joey and Lena were already sitting at the table, eating pancakes, talking and giggling. As soon as they noticed the newcomers, they stood up and hugged them. Nearly every day that Y/N had come here now she had seen both of them but almost never their other siblings - except Jo and Kai (though she had met the others one day when all the coven children were gathered in the garden after the adults needed the house for something). 

“Want some?” Lena asked, handing Y/N an empty plate from one of the cupboards. She nodded and took a bite from one of the chocolate chip pancakes. 

They sat down at the table, Y/N directly facing the hall, hoping that maybe she’d caught a glimpse of Kai. Even though it had been just a few hours ago they had seen each other, she missed seeing him. She missed seeing his smile, hearing him talk and the feeling in her stomach which was always there when he was around. 

But she was so engaged in thoughts she didn’t realize he indeed was there, staring wide-eyed at her from a distance. He needed her to get out of here. Immediately. The only problem was, how could he do this if his siblings were around all the time and he couldn’t get her alone? There was no way to get to her without being noticed. Or maybe he could just walk - they wouldn’t care anyway. They might be looking confused and annoyed, but they wouldn’t care as long as he’d be gone again quickly. 

Before he could realize his plan, the four people made a move, walking directly in his direction. Kai ripped out a piece of paper, scribbling something on it. He tried to hide which surprisingly worked. Nobody noticed him standing there. Except for Y/N who could sense his presence as she suddenly felt his hand on her thighs as he put the scribbled paper in the pocket of her jeans. She tried to suppress a smile, not wanting to give the others any reason to ask questions. She just continued following them upstairs, heading with Jo into her room while Joey and Lena got into theirs. 

They took their traditional places on the chairs, not sure what to talk about. These last few days they had talked that much that by now they didn’t have any topics left. 

Y/N played with the paper in her jeans pocket, waiting for the right opportunity to pull it out and read it. But as long as Jo was there, looking at her, there was no possibility of doing so unnoticed. 

Fortunately, an opportunity came quickly. Jo went to get the twins who wanted to see Y/N again, giving her the time to read the note. In a scribbled type there were written only two words. 

Get out.

A mixture of shock and fear spread in her body after reading those two words. Get out. She kept repeating it in her head, trying to find an answer to what she had done wrong that he wanted her gone. Or was it some kind of warning? Did he know something she didn’t and wanted her to get out to be safe? Did Joshua find out what she was? 

Y/N felt the nervousness taking over her; her breath got caught in her throat. It felt like all the air in her lungs had magically disappeared, making breathing impossible. Her hand reached for the pendant around her neck, hoping the feeling of magic would calm her down. 

But it didn’t work. 

Instead, she became only more nervous, wondering what took Jo so long. Maybe she didn’t want to fetch the twins but bring her parents who were going to lock Y/N up. No, that mustn’t happen. 

Kai was right; she really needed to get out of here. Now

Quickly, she stood up, walking out of the room. She had just opened the door as she was sent flying back into the room, bounced against the ground. Everything around her turned black as she passed out. The warning had come too late.

The next time she could open her eyes again, she was tied to a chair. Thick ropes hold her wrists and ankles in place, making it impossible for her to move. She was sitting in utter darkness, unable to see anything. She tried to hear something, finding out where she was and who was there. But nothing. 

Although she quickly was sure what was about to happen, she still clung to the slightest sliver of hope that maybe, eventually she was wrong and Kai had gotten her out in time, bringing her here so she’d be safe. But if that was the case, why wouldn’t he show himself? Why would he turn off all the lights? Why would she leave her here alone, all by herself and tied to a chair?

No, no matter how much she wished this was the truth, deep down she knew who was responsible for all of this. Joshua, Jo, the whole Gemini Coven. They had found out about her and wanted her and her family to pay for it now. They would exile them, send her away, lock her up in a Prison World for all eternity. 

Desperation took her over, making it difficult for her to breathe, to think even. If she could just see where she was or move her hands. Or if she would still feel magic inside of her but it was all gone. All gone… abruptly it hit her that they had taken off her necklace as she couldn’t feel the cool pendant on her skin anymore. They must’ve gotten it to prevent her from siphoning. 

Suddenly, her eyes were burnt by a bright light, creating annoying little spots that appeared every time she blinked or closed her eyes, making it hard to see properly. She wished back the darkness, as she now realized there had been a certain safety coming from it since she had still been hidden somehow. But now she was exposed, and the worst was yet to come.

“Finally, you’re awake. I was starting to think you’d never wake up and the spell just had been too powerful for you.” A familiar voice said, causing Y/N to blink a few times until her eyes eventually got used to the sudden light. Only then she could look around, find out where she was now. 

It seemed to be a basement with its low ceiling, dark and cold colors and the dim light coming from a few candles spread all around. Goosebumps built on her arms as she begun to shiver. She saw different silhouettes of people hiding in the shadows, waiting for further instruction on what to do. The only one she could clearly make out was Joshua Parker, standing right in front of her, holding a meanwhile turned off flashlight in his hands and having a wicked smile on his face. 

But what shocked her the most was not the fact that Joshua and seemingly the whole Gemini Coven were down here, no, it was someone half hidden in the shadows, tied to another chair just like she was with dark red blood dripping down from a fresh wound on his head. He still seemed to be unconscious, his eyes were closed, and his chest lifted and lowered itself in irregular intervals. 

“Kai!” She wanted to scream his name, wake him up this way, but what got out of her mouth was nothing more than a whisper. She tried to wiggle herself out of the ropes to run to him, not caring about what anyone would think about it. Not caring about the consequences this would have. Not caring about the consequences that were already about to come. She just wanted to know if he was alright. 

Joshua’s grin turned even wider, making him seem eviler than before. Her reaction was what had given him the final proof of what he had suspected. At least for this one thing, the other thing he had already proven by inspecting her necklace. 

“What have you done to him?” Y/N asked, her voice still quiet nevertheless firm. She didn’t know where all her desperation and fear had suddenly gone, all she knew was that it had been replaced by some kind of strength and bravery. She was ready to face whatever was to come. 

“Nothing that hasn’t been done before.” He answered casually, taking a step closer towards her. He leaned down a bit, so their faces were on the same level. “You know, I have always known something was different about you. I had this strange feeling you and your family were hiding something from me, something you didn’t want me to know. Well, but guess what - I know now. I know what you are and you and your family are going to pay for it.” 

Y/N turned around, almost sure of finding her parents here, too. But they weren’t there which meant…

“I’ve already taken care of you parents while you have been asleep.” 

Something cold rushed through her veins, making her shiver and bringing back all of her desperation, washing away the bravery she had felt before. What had he done to them? Why weren’t they here with everyone else? What had he done to them? 

She felt tears burning in her eyes, only waiting to roll down her cheeks, slowly dropping on the ground. But she didn’t want to give Joshua and everyone else the satisfaction of seeing they’d broken her only by this revelation. She wanted to remain strong - as far as she could. For her family. For Kai. For herself and for every person who was put in danger because of some stupid coven’s opinions. 

“If you would’ve been just another abomination I would’ve known what to do to you. But since you’re in addition to that the one person who makes my son happy your fate will be far worse. None of you deserves happiness. Not even the slightest bit of it.” Joshua had said before he turned around, facing the crowd of witches who were slowly, steadily moving closer, building a circle around Y/N and Kai. 

Her eyes fell on her friend, registering a slight movement of his hands. He was waking up! Meanwhile, Joshua had walked out of the way, joining the circle of witches who were now grabbing each other’s hands. Come on, Kai, wake up, Y/N begged in her mind, hoping he’d know a way how to get out of here, how to save them. 

The witches around them started chanting, draining even the last sliver of hope out of Y/N. She had lost. Noone would rescue her anymore; she would have to live with whatever was happening. Unless…

Kai opened his eyes, instantly finding Y/N’s who were now filled with fear. They grew larger as he quickly glanced around until he found something lying on the ground, inches away from where her feet were standing. Their only chance. 

He motioned towards the thing with slight, almost unnoticeable movements of his head that she probably hadn’t even recognized if she hadn’t been paying attention to him. 

Siphon.” He mouthed, answering the question that arose. Y/N’s eyes widened, trying hard to move her feet towards the shiny little object. She couldn’t find out what it was yet she knew what she needed to do. Kai seemed to be sure about the fact it was filled with magic, but why would someone place it this near to her? 

She looked up to the chanting crowd for a split second, finding an unfamiliar witch staring at her. Did she imagine it or did she just winked at her, motioning towards the thing? Had she been the one placing it there?

Y/N used all of her strength, reaching out towards it. If she could just step on it, she would already be able to siphon its magic, using it to loosen the ropes, freeing Kai and running as far as they could, making sure never to be found again because they couldn’t fight their entire coven. 

Breathing heavily, gritting her teeth, she attempted to move the whole chair as it was impossible to get to the object in any other way. Their time was running out, the spell was nearly finished, and she still hadn’t even budged an inch. 

Her eyes filled with tears again, realizing that she couldn’t do anything. She looked up, stared at Kai who’s blue eyes were piercing into hers, filled with the same mixture of anger and despondency she felt. 

I’m so sorry.” She had mouthed towards him before all of a sudden everything around them became quiet, as all the lights turned out, leaving them in utter darkness again. Not knowing if this was what should be occurring or if something had gone wrong, she waited for anything to happen.

She heard a loud scream, not noticing it was actually her own that escaped her mouth as soon as she felt a sharp pain in her head. It felt as if a knife was cutting her brain in half, removing essential parts of it, creating an irreparable damage. Feeling like she was on the verge of passing out, she tightly grabbed the armrests, hoping the pain would soon subside. Her screams turned even louder as the tears uncontrollably flowed down her cheeks, dripping onto the ground. 

Images were flashing through her mind’s eye. Pictures of her performing magic, of her parents, of the coven witches, of Kai. They were only lasting for milliseconds until they went into oblivion; to be always forgotten and never be restored. 

The pain stopped seemingly as abruptly as it had started but she was still flinching, still reliving it, feeling it weaken her mind and her body simultaneously. Something felt different than before; she just didn’t know what it was. 

She opened her eyes again, not remembering when exactly she had closed them, finding herself inside of a small unfurnished room with only two windows and one closed wooden door. The walls were made out of wood too, just like the cold and hard ground she was laying on. 

Quickly, she got used to the bright light shining through the windows and brought herself into a sitting position and rubbing her temple with two fingers in an attempt to release some of the aches. 

Someone else’s here, she thought when she heard a faint noise from behind her. Carefully she turned around, preparing for the worst. What she hadn’t expected was seeing a strange guy staring at her, watching her like a hunter watches its prey. Or at least that was how it felt for her. 

She was about to scream until a little voice inside her head told her not to. 

“I’m so glad you’re awake again, Y/N.” He beamed, moving closer to her as if he wanted to hug her. Y/N stood up fast, taking a step back, stretching out her hand to keep him at distance. Whoever he was, he shouldn’t get any nearer to her, nor even touch her. Despite the fact he apparently knew her, what she realized due to the fact her rejecting had seemed to hurt him.

Looking at him from head to toe she rummaged in her memories if she remembered him. His dark hair, his blue eyes, his lean body - just anything about him. But nothing seemed to click, to her he was a complete stranger. Her heart started beating fast out of nervousness; she needed to get out of here. 

Making her way past him, she got to the wooden door, opened it, so a cold breeze she hadn’t expected was hitting her. She was just about to step out, as she turned around again, as questions were still burning in her head. Maybe she’d at least get one answer before she’d always be in the dark about it.

“Who are you? And how do you know me?” 

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Lucid Dream-Day 13

Queen of the Forest- Part II

Did he not know her at all? He gave her away to Sakura before she could even talk. Did he actually think she’d go with the wedding? That she’d smile and nod like a lady would. What part of her was a lady? She was the watcher, her title wasn’t ‘guard’, no, no, Sakura had enough of those, she was the watcher. She stood a few steps behind the Princess looking around the room noticing everyone and everything, from the people’s behavior to the decor of the room. Her eyes saw all, just like the gifted Hyuugas.

“What are you thinking about?” asked the King. They were alone now in his chamber with only 2 guards outside his door.

“I was trying to decide if he was really that stupid or if he has something else hidden in his sleeve”

 “Who?” his eyebrows were furrowed. A few minutes ago he tried to touch her cheek and she moved away. That upset him, it was clear.

“My father. He can’t really believe I will marry you. That’s just absurd”

“Why?” he touched her cheek again “I’m not horrible. I don’t understand why you’re so against it” his thumb was caressing the part under her eye. She sighed.

“I know you’re not horrible. You’re the miracle, the boy loved by the Gods and Devils and men” she paused “and more importantly by Sakura”

There was a strange silence, with a sigh Hinata took the King’s hands  away from her face and exited the room. Her heels were making a small noise on the silent hallways. She remembered vaguely where the sparring room was. She made her way there, inside the room was Naruto all alone swinging his sword all over.

“Lady Hinata”

When he noticed her Naruto stopped and bowed to her. The way he bowed to her irritated her, her eyes narrowed and she walked quite fast towards him, her left hand on the handle of her sword a moment away from pulling it and swinging it at him. But he took a step behind and smiled at her.

“What brings you here? Looking around your future house? Shall I accompany you?”  

That was all it took. Her anger reached its peak. Her sword was out in a second, Naruto’s eyes were the size of her fist and he put his sword out in defense. Hey fought a bit without talking. The sense of deja-vu overcame her when his sword was thrown off and hers was near his neck.

“Woah. Who knew a pretty little thing like you can be this deadly?”

Her sword moved away and she placed it back. Her eyes still on him.

“You should have known. We fought before.”

She left the room. There was nowhere she could go but her room, the king showed her where it was before they visited The Gardens . It was getting late and she was very tired. The day didn’t turn like she thought it would. When she opened the door she wanted to cry. The bed was so princess-like just like Sakura’s back home. The sheets were pink and made of silk. Just that small detail made her anger bubble up again. There was a knock on her door.

She wished to fall asleep not talk to whoever was on the other side of the door.  She used to be partially in control, not anymore. She controlled everything in her dreams. Her dreams were the only place in which Sakura smiled forever, where her dragon was still alive and well. Funny how much she cared for it yet she could not remember its name. When her controlled dreams started and she forced him there she wanted to rename him, but that would have felt disrespectful, she didn’t want to offend it, all that mattered was that it was there, with her for eternity and even after.

“Lady Hinata. Are you asleep?”

Of course, it was the King. She considered ignoring it but she knew he could hear her moving around so she opened the door, and of course behind him was the blond guard, smiling at her like nothing happened, like she couldn’t defeat him without using her right hand.

“My apology for disturbing you so late, my lady”

She never understood the royals, that is what always bothered her with Sakura too. They always said so many words. Picked them so carefully, the longer the better. Yet they never said anything, not really. They were hiding the truth behind pompous words in an attempt to confuse the other party. Well she spend enough time around bullshitters to smell it from miles away.    

“You didn’t. I was in your room minutes ago and I was sparing with him seconds before you came” a pause “there was no way I was asleep”

At the mention of a fight, Sasuke flinched but didn’t mention it. He walked inside like he owned the place…which technically he did.

“Is this chamber to your liking? “

She wanted to say no, she had to bite her tongue to stop from spitting the word out so she nodded only. Naruto was watching her, if only he knew she was the master watcher. Whatever he saw was because she showed it. She didn’t have much to hide but the things she did hide would never be and she’d take them to her grave.

“If it would please you I could have a few words with Princess Sakura in the morning”

He talked slow and steady, he moved towards her with small steps. He was walking on his tip-toes around her, trying to be considerate. She had to admit, the King wasn’t like she expected him to be. The discovery pleased her. He wasn’t arrogant and didn’t sentence her to death when she didn’t bow to him.

“I don’t know if that will help.”

He nodded and moved closer. Both of his hands were on her shoulder and he was smiling at her. He was being so carefree, all it would take was a small movement and she could kill him. Surely he didn’t know that but his guard did.  Sasuke kissed both of her cheeks and held her hands before wishing her a good night.

Finally drifting to sleep she fell into her perfect world. Her dragon had its head in her lap and she petted him dearly while Sakura was talking to Sasuke holding his hand. She always hated Sakura for that, for putting her happiness in someone else’s hand. Look at how things turned out for her.  She hated how she played a damsel in distress despite the fact that she was able of doing whatever she wanted, even so, every time Sakura depended on her that pleased her. That was the only unbalance part of Hinata.

The dream didn’t feel quite as happy as normally. Maybe it was because of the way Sasuke treated her that day but she didn’t enjoy seeing him with Sakura, so she changed it. Sakura was happily picking up flowers and Sasuke was supposed to disappear but somehow he was next to her petting the dragon as well. That surprised her but was too tired to try to change it.

The watchers always had this ability to shift their dreams, of knowing what is reality and what is fantasy. When she was 9 the lucid dreams started. She walked down the hallways in the Dessert palace and noticed her favorite flowers in the vases, that is what made her realize it was all her dream, her favorite flowers were extinct.

When she told her father about the realization he cried and thanked the Gods and the Devils and the Men. His first born was a watcher. Despite popular belief, not every Hyuuga was a watcher, some never developed the ability to see beyond the surface.  

Part I

hurry home, partner. [part 7]

 - Surprise, my loves! I will admit my inspiration for writing hasn’t been what it used to be for obvious reasons but today during a really long shift at work I was hit with what I needed to write this next piece. So here’s the next installment and I hope this helps heal all hearts a little bit and thank you from the bottom of my own heart for enjoying what I write and for being a part of this fandom in the first place because you all are absolutely wonderful. <3 Please enjoy. 

“I - thank you all so much,” Erin whispered, her throat scratchy with tears and her heart full of appreciation because here, right here surrounded by every single member of the team she had come to call family she knew without a shadow of a doubt that this baby girl was going to be loved. Loved, appreciated, cherished. Everything that she hadn’t been growing up in that abusive and dark and dirty home and for that Erin couldn’t be more grateful because Anabel would always have someone to turn to and would always have someone to tell her that they loved her when she needed it most.

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something about nasal spray

yeah i can’t think of a title for this lmao

self ship fanfiction?? really?? wowie wowie

ah anyway, this ended up being a bit longer than i wanted, but i’m still kinda sorta proud of it seeing as i haven’t finished a story in like,,,ever. this is also the first time i post my writing so yay for me i guess

i also finished it in like three days so that’s pretty cool, sorry if it’s a little rushed at the end but i still feel kinda happy with this (i also wanted to add another flashback between the two last pieces but it was already getting so long)

also sorry if something looks/sounds weird, english isn’t my first language!! also sorry if any of the characters seem ooc or smth idk im apologizing way too much wtf

alright enough of that. earnest/milliz, earnest’s p.o.v. things in italics = some sort of flashback thing

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Imagine Harrison Wells’ counterpart trying to flirt with you

Words: 422

Note: No one request this, I just love Harry’s reaction when he met his doppelganger. Enjoy! :) *The Flash 3x04 Spoiler-alert*

Originally posted by rumplestiltskin

“Greetings, earthlings.” Harrison Wells, or more accurately, the Harrison Wells from Earth-19, who just jumped through the breach, uttered with a deep voice.

You and the Team Flash were totally startled by the weird opening words. All of you couldn’t help but keep staring at the familiar face with your mouth opened.

“Just kidding.” The new Wells giggled, a smug expression creeping up on his features, “I don’t really talk like that.”

“I’ve just always wanted to say that.” Wells smirked, gesturing his hands in the air vividly, “Earthlings.”

“Wells with a sense of humor. That’s new.” Caitlin stated, causing Harry tossed an unbelievable glance at her while the new comer was laughing at his own joke.

“Hey, young lady.” The new Wells approached you with a few strides.

“You.” He paused, gazing at you with his attractive sapphire blue eyes, “You’re beautiful.”

“Thank you.” You said with a shy smile, feeling flattered by his sudden compliments.

“Harrison.” He gave you a toothy grin and offered his hand fervently, “You can call me HR.”

“Y/N.” You introduced yourself, taking and shaking his hand.

HR lifted your hand, placing a soft kiss on the back of it.

You looked at him with wide eyes, instantly blushed at the unexpected touch.

“Single.” He added.

“Okay.” Harry rolled his eyes, stepping between you and HR with a stone face, “She’s mine.”

You tilted your head and looked at Harry, who was now putting his arm around your waist possessively.

“She’s my girlfriend.” Harry declared with a grim expression, gripping you tighter and pulling you closer.

“Oh.” HR winked at you after a slight disappointment flashed behind his eyes, “Nice to meet you.”


“What are you doing?” You sneaked behind Harry and found him fixing his rifle with a screwdriver.

“Maximize the weapon to its highest level.”

“Why?” You asked with furrowed brow.

“I’m going to shoot that thing if he tries to flirt with you again.” Harry said with a stern face.

“You mean HR?” You chuckled, a jealous Harry somehow pleased you.

“The way he looks at you…” Harry sighed, shaking his head, “I can tell he is totally interested in you.”

“Well…” You wrapped your arms around Harry’s neck from behind, “The idea of two Wells falling for me is appealing though, but my heart only belongs to the one who comes from Earth 2.”

“That’s going to get you kissed.” Harry whispered, a pleasant smile resting on his lips.

“You’re irreplaceable.” You giggled, leaving a quick kiss on Harry’s cheek.

Why I Believe that Takahashi Grew Up in an Abusive Home

I have the strong suspicion that Takahashi grew up in an abusive home. There’s no way to know if the abuse on him was psychological, physical or both but meanwhile I’m certain that something must have happened.

Why do I suspect this? For two reasons: First Takahashi’s state of mind and second because of his IBM.

Takahashi’s State of Mind

The one thing that stands out strongly about Takahashi is how laid back he is, he doesn’t get bothered or upset easily. Fine, he has his feud with Tanaka but I always had the impression that you have to mess up heavily in Takahashi’s eyes to make him seriously dislike you. And what does he dislike about Tanaka? Sure, in Takahashi’s eyes he’s stuck up but there’s more to it: It’s becoming evident that he Takahashi has a problem with Tanaka’s sudden anger outbursts. Takahashi doesn’t have a problem with people having violent tendencies itself, after all he gets along with Sato and even seems to admire him judging how enthusiastically he and Gen were fanboying over him during the attack on Grant Pharma. But could it be that Tanaka’s choleric nature is an unwelcome reminder on someone else who used to act unpredictable around Takahashi?

Yes, Takahashi is very easy going. I have the impression that he uses staying cool and not getting affected by things as some sort of shield to hide behind and not letting things to close to him. We don’t see many things Takahashi is seriously passionate about. Just like Sato he seems to have fun getting into fights and having a chance to use guns, I guess this means that the fight for ajin right isn’t his priority either and he just enjoys the excitement of combat.

The only thing we see Takahashi genuinely care about is Gen. Their relationship just seems to be deeper than a usual friendship, they rely on each other so strongly that it makes me think that’s the only thing of value they have in their life: Each other.

An existence so empty and lacking of sense that you might as well overdo it with doing drugs, maybe? At the very least we know that Takahashi and Gen regularly take drugs and from the looks of it Takahashi seems to be the driving force behind this habit, Gen just seems to go along with it whenever Takahashi is in the mood to take anything. Abuse survivors often use drugs or alcohol to cope with their horrible memories of what happened this might also be the case with Takahashi.

Takahashi’s IBM

There are certain features in the physique of Takahashi’s IBM I find very interesting. For one its head is almost absent and its neck is so short it might as well not have any at all. What are the things you instinctively want to protect most if getting attacked? Head and neck. So barely having either would already be a form of self-defence.

The hands of Takahashi’s IBM are huge. As we have seen several times it fights by using its fists to smash and destroy. Once again a reaction that might have its roots in a wish for self-defence. Because if you’re getting attacked and driven in a corner what is your instinctual reaction? Freeing yourself by breaking out, punching your attacker to the side and just getting away from it all.

So Takahashi’s IBM is interesting as it is not only useful during a fight but also shows signs that its form might have its roots in a wish for self-defence. I mean, just look at that thing: You’d feel protected only by having it by your side.

So my conclusion is the following: We can’t know for sure if Takahashi grew up in an abusive home. But there are indications that this might have been the case.