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Like all of us in this rabbit hole that is our lives of Ginny/Mike feels you want to shout out WHY from the rooftops. SO WHY DO YOU LOVE THEM SO MUCH? Please write as much as you want. (also am i the only one who finds it interesting MIKE LAWSON'S EX is apparently a prominent feminist (sports?) journalist??!)

before i do this, i just wanna say that i’ve seen some great posts speaking on this topic and, if i were you, i would head on over to those, because i am a mess when it comes to ginny/mike ( and in general ) and will not be able to form coherent sentences for you to understand, so be warned. there will be a lot of yelling, exaggeration and extra(ass)ness ( like this shit right here ^ i mean who cares?? move on! clearly i cannot, but ANYWAY ) < and brackets! Also this is v long and I MEAN VERY! 

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