whats that little blip of blue up there

You know I’m gonna keep saying this until these moronic YouTube creators get it through their thick heads, don’t like the way YouTube is running things? Go to another fucking website! There’s Vimeo and Vidme, two very popular sites for people who want to get away from YouTube’s bullshit. But do these people ever go there? No, they just stay on YouTube even though they KNOW the website is full of shit.

And another thing, stop hiding behind the “Free speech” argument, free speech only protects you from the government, companies like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and hell even Tumblr don’t have to abide by free speech because they’re all private companies, when you use them you are playing by THEIR rules not the government’s.

This is what happens when kids grow up getting coddled by their parents and constantly keep getting told they’re special, they grow up to become entitled little shitbags who think they don’t have to follow anybody’s rules or terms of service because they’re special.

I’ll keep saying this until I’m blue in the face, if you don’t like how YouTube is handling things, go to fucking Vidme, Vidme is basically Blip 2.0 at this point, but nobody is leaving for Vidme because they KNOW that despite all the shit that YouTube has done in the past, they will still use their services because they know the site is the most popular site on the internet!

I’m really getting sick and tired of this cycle, YouTube does something stupid, a bunch of whiny e-celebs whine about being censored and start a failing hashtag movement (#WTFU, #YouTubeIsOverParty etc.) then things go back to normal in three to four weeks time and then the cycle begins anew.