whats so special about this bella girl

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You're my favorite HBC blog! What's your favorite bellamione fanfic/fanfic series/fanfic author? Much love -KSR

Thank you so much my darling! I remember you sending me asks before and you were so sweet

In answer to question, goodness, I’ve read to many Bellamione fanfiction that I’ve lost count of my favourite writers! They are all brill to me and I know it must of taken them a lot of time and effort for their writing so hands up to them!

If one catches my eye though love I shall post the link to them in this ask so you can get the answer to your question!

Lots of love dear

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What is your absolute favorite ship? (ASIDE FROM MC X BECCA MWAHAHAHA) 😈

Heya, Bella! (oh look it rhymed 😅)


Uhm. You know what. Kaitlyn will always have a special place in my heart (ay wow hahaha.) Before Becca came I was all about her, so Kaitlyn x MC.

BUT pweds din Maria x MC and Eleanor x MC 💖 I can’t choose girl 😂

Bella the Vampire Slayer

I’m not out to mock Stephenie Meyer for writing fanfiction, if that’s what happened. I write fanfiction, it’s cool. It’s just that my confusion over the puzzle about what’s going on in Twilight and why it’s structured the way it is is entirely solved by the suggestion that it’s a Buffy/Angel fanfic. If it is. It’s like the other shoe has finally dropped. It makes sense.

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aight fam look :/ I got love for you all but lemme catch you degrade Bella for no other reason than the possibility of her being with Abel. Some of you acting like envious middle schoolers and it’s truly disturbing to see how far some of you will go to make this girl, whom you probably didn’t know existed until Abel was mentioned, know that you hate her. It’s disgusting and yall better than that. If you come into my inbox, saying one bad thing about bella, I will expose you then drag you. If I see a post insulting her, I’ll be sure to leave a not so nice commentary. As Taylor once said, “There’s a special place in hell for women who dont help other women.” I know the majority of you hating are girls and it’s really pathetic. It only exposes you for who you really are. I’d also like to mention that the unconfirmed relationship isn’t…confirmed.

If you ain’t wit it, you ain’t wit it

And guess what?

No one gives a shit. you won’t be missed✌