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David Tennant + Tumblr [Part 1/6] (insp.)

anonymous asked:

if you are "not knowledgable person" then tell them that and ask them to go ask a knowledgeable person instead of answering with your "personal" views about religious matters to others. tell "them" that this is 'tumblr com" and not 'askimam' or whatever. if you are not here to "guide" then do that .. "dont" (mis)guide them about things which you are not "knowledgeable" of. u have so many followers here. come out of denial that your posts dont have influence. you are responsible whether u accept

Lol…how do you know how many followers I have? People come to me for help, when they have no one else to talk to. Knowing full and well I’m not a scholar, but that I’m someone who cares when they don’t have anyone. And I help them to the best of my ability. Your shitty words aren’t going to stop me from doing that. If you’re so bothered by my posts, stop following my shit. Gain some compassion, and next time you want to give religious naseeha show your face. Hiding behind Anonymous only proves just how low of a person you are. Not replying to any more messages like this, Salaam 🤙🏽

lol I love the moment when a really really popular blog reblogs one of your posts and you just go on tumblr to see your activity blowing up on the one post and you’re just ?????? who?????


food that looks like dio brando: guerrero brand tostadas


me vs you

  • me, taking a breather after all the recent DCEU news: hoo boy were we close to a heart attack from all excitement this weekend or what
  • me, suddenly remembering SS reviews claiming batman "is BTAS bats personified in the film": HOO 👏 MY 👏 BOY 👏

My Most Popular Posts Based on Notes from last week. Part 2

  1. The Period Party or Menstruation Celebration for the Launch of the Period Store here.
  2. Felt Heart Patch from Mr. Kate here.
  3. Claw Nail Art by honeymunchkin at beautylish here.
  4. How to Answer the Top 35 Asked Interview Questions from The Undercover Recruiter here.*Complaining in notes that this can’t be read - that’s why I put the original source with the high res version link in my post.
  5. Kitsch Colorful Crochet Clock Tutorial from Annie’s Granny Design here.
  6. DIY Inspiration: Buy or DIY. Origami and Paper Necklaces from Etsy Seller Laura des Villes Laura des Champs here.
  7. Altoids Tin Emergency Kit Tutorial Cup of Delight here.
  8. Sheer Lace and Ribbon Top Tutorial from Trinkets in Bloom here.*Featured in crafts for the GIFs?
  9. The Crash Reel’s LIfe Saving Infograpic about head injury symptoms here.