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Seventeen Reaction: Finding out their crush has tattoos

||| @au-writer asked:  how would seventeen react to finding out the sweet girl they have a crush on is covered in tattoos that she alwyas covers up. |||

S.Coups/Choi Seungcheol

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You fell asleep on his couch and hoping he could tickle you awake he came to you from behind and lifted your shirt revealing the tattoo.

“Woah!!” he screamed waking you up.

“What? What happened?” you jumped wide awake.

“Bad girl, how come you never told me you have a tattoo?”

Yoon Jeonghan

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He was standing behind you in a queue when he noticed something on your neck. He brushed your hair off and saw the tattoo.

“What are you doing?” you asked turning around.

“That’s a lovely tattoo you have there.”

Joshua/Hong Jisoo

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You handed him the book he asked for.

“Thanks. Wait what?” he said pulling you closer and pointing at the tattoo on your wrist.

“Was this always here?”

Jun/Wen Junhui

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You playfully tried to kick him while watching TV when he caught you by the ankle.

“And what do we have here?”

Hoshi/Kwon Soonyoung

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When you casually told him you had tattoos he was shocked.

“I have been in the friendzone for how many years and you only tell me now?”

“Wait. Could you repeat what you just said?” 

“Nevermind.” he said quickly leaving the room.

Jeon Wonwoo

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You were putting your hair in a bun when he noticed the tattoo on your shoulder. He kept silent so he could enjoy the view from behind.

Kim Mingyu

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He found your little tattoo behind your ear really adorable.

“Why is it so small? Were you afraid of the pain to get a bigger one?” he laughed.

Woozi/Lee Jihoon

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He saw your tattoo by accident when he walked in on you changing. He was too embarrassed to ask you about it after that though and just waited for you to tell him yourself.

DK/Lee Seokmin

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You were at the pool when he saw the tattoo on your thigh.

“That makes her even sexier.” he thought.

The8/Xu Minghao

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You were playing truth or dare when you told him you have a few tattoos.

“Would you dare show them to me?”

Boo Seungkwan

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When he found out about your tattoos he got really interested in them.

“How many do you have? Was it painful? How long did it take? Do you have ones in colour?”

“Seungkwan, one question at a time, please?”

Hansol Vernon

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“Were you trying to hide this one?” he asked looking down your back through your shirt.

“I was going to tell you.”

“Were you now? When?” he smirked.

Dino/Lee Chan

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When he noticed your heart shaped tattoo he got all worried.

“Do you perhaps have someone, you know like a boyfriend?”

“No, why?”

“Nevermind.” he said relieved.

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okay but all the soulmate au explain that there is just THE ONE for you.
but what about polyamorous relationships then ? bc that’s what i wanna see :

AU where your soulmate name is written on your wrist and there is three names on yours and you just think your soulmate has a really weird and long name

AU where you can “text” your soulmate by writing on your arm, and soon it just turns into a group chat with your datemates which is just a huge cute mess ( especially since of them is always writing embarrassing stuffs to troll everyone )

AU where you start to see color when you meet your soulmate, but instead for you each datemate came with only a few colors and you didn’t see perfectly until you meet all of them.

AU where the first sentence your soulmate tells you is tattooed on your arm but you have several sentences and you’re like : “okay, i have already met ‘is this seat taken please’ and 'hello i’m your new colleague’ now i just need to find 'who the hell do they think they are’ and i’ll be done”

The inevitable (Pt.4)

Genre: Mafia!BTS

Pairing: Yoongi X reader

Fandom: BTS

Summary:  After Hoseok is sick of you moping around after your break up and Yoongi overworking himself he made a plan to put you guys together. Despite surprising you with the sudden meetup you come to terms that maybe it was okay to move on already. He’s a mafia member with a short temper? Well, nobody’s perfect.

Pt.1 // Pt.2 // Pt.3 // 

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As exhausted as you still were you slowly opened your eyes to take notice at the clock in front of you. It read 8:27 and suddenly your minded was flooded of thoughts of last night. You shake your best friend awake as he slept next to you on the couch. Hoseok groans, grabbing one of your wrists.

“…What is it..?”

“Did Yoongi come home? Did he call either of us? Oh my god, shouldn’t he have been back by now?”

Hoseok finally sits up, stretching his arms. Your rambling wasn’t ideal this early in the morning but he fully understand due to your circumstances.

“Y/N. He’s fine. I promise you that last night and we both agreed to just trust Namjoon. We’ve been with him for years and there’s no way something went wrong.”

You shot him the saddest puppy dog look you could manage, making him feel guilty.

“I’m serious. He’s okay..”

“But what if-“

“Do you trust him?” He asked, looking more serious than usual.

“Well yeah-“

“Then he’ll handle it. Maybe you should just go get dressed and I’ll try to call one of them to see what’s up.”

You were grateful he was here right now because who knows what you would have done without him. You smiled, giving him a hug.

“Thank you for staying with me. I’m sorry I’m such a mess right now.

He sighed, not being able to hold back his own smile.

“Who wouldn’t be when the person they care about is fighting another gang? I mean remember all those times I got into fights and you worried for nothing?”

You nodded.

“I know, I know. He was just already hurt and-….I get it. I’ll just wait for him to come home.”

Hoseok rubbed the top of your head, teasing you.

“Good girl. Now go shower and I’ll see if Yoongi has any food worth cooking. The dude really needs to stock up his fridge but I’m sure you’d be happy to help him with that.”

“Yup~ Since this is his place though I might have to change into his clothes…”

“I doubt he’ll mind. If anything, I think he secretly loves shit like that.”

With a smug look on your face you got up from the couch.

“Good. He should get used to it.” You commented before running off to his bathroom to take a shower.

Hoseok fiddled around the fridge trying to find something edible for you two. He wasn’t the best cook but he prided himself for being able to make basic things when he needed to which was more than you could say for yourself. As he started to pull things out he heard his phone going off somewhere in the living room so he tried to search for it. Long after he heard it ring he still couldn’t find where it was hiding out.

Frustrated he came over to the bathroom door, leaning against it.

“Hey Y/N! Where’s your phone at? I need to call my phone with it!”

You could hear him talking but to no avail were you able to understand him. So, you turn off the shower and wrap a towel over yourself, opening the door.

“What? I can’t hear you when you’re not even talking near the opening.”

Hoseok froze, not expecting you to come out like that. He has assumed you would have just changed in the bathroom and he wouldn’t be seeing you standing there dripping wet in only a towel. This really wasn’t the time for thinking about the things he was but it was bound to happen anyway.

“I-I…um…need your phone to call mine…”

You rolled you eyes. “Alright. Alright. Just make eye contact with me while you talk, please?”

As you walked over to your old pants and pull your phone out of the pocket you hear a sound from the door. When you place your phone into Hoseok’s hand you turn around, standing In the doorway to see a shocked, blood covered boyfriend of yours.  Yoongi’s eye sharpen as he steps over with heavy feet.

“What the fuck is going on?” He growled.

At first all you felt was confusion until you realized how the situation must have looked. You run over to him, afraid to put your hands on him.

“Wait a second! Hoseok was only here to keep me company because I was so frantic while you were gone!”

Yoongi moved past you, ignoring your statement. He stops in front of your friend, glaring up at him.

“I’m out there busting my ass while you’re in here having sleepovers with my girlfriend?”

Hoseok didn’t look threatened though, rolling his eyes as he crossed his arms.

“A fight you started. They were just making you clean up your mess.”

Yoongi’s hand flew up and as almost a reflex you grabbed his wrist.

“Do you want a bullet to the throat? I’m on a roll right now and I don’t think you want to be #5.” Yoongi threatened.

“Stop it!” You yelled.

Both of them looked back at you in surprise. You tightened your grip on him, avoiding their gazes. You were sick of these two bickering when nothing had even happened. You were mentally tired and you didn’t need Yoongi getting into a third fight when he was already hurt.

“Look, I’m glad you’re safe but please just shut up for a second! Nothing happened! I was worried sick about you and I thought about going after you but he stopped me! He was there for me and he kept me safe. Doesn’t that matter to you? God, I promise you. Please….just trust me like I trusted you last night.”

Yoongi’s anger completely wiped off of his face. He put his other palm against the hand you used to hold his wrist and pulled you off of him softly. He brought your hand up to his cheek as he stroked it with his thumb.

“…I’m so sorry. I know I worried you..”

Hoseok grabbed his backpack as he began to pack his stuff up to leave but you turned to him.

“Oh wait. I’ll go with you. I just need to change really quick.”

Yoongi still held onto your hand when you tried to walk away. As you felt the small tug you looked back at him.

“Please stay with me a little bit longer.” He said, sounding exhausted.

The pure neediness in his voice struck a chord inside of you. You nodded.

“Yeah. Don’t worry, okay? I’ll stay here with you. Hobi you can call your phone with mine so you can find it. Just leave it on the coffee table afterwards.”

Hoseok only gave you a short look before putting your phone up to his ear in search of his phone. You pull Yoongi’s hand along to his bedroom.

“Can I borrow some of your clothes?” You asked.

He nodded, sitting down on the bed next to you. He watched as you wondered around the room trying to find the right drawer of clothes.  As soon as you opened the correct drawer you stopped, thinking of something you should have asked earlier.

“That blood…Isn’t yours, right? You’re not hurt, are you?”

He had a zoned out look to him that you couldn’t place. It’s like he wasn’t fully there when you were talking to him. He’s been through a lot the past few nights so you couldn’t help but still worry about him despite standing right behind him.

“No, babe. I’m not hurt.”

You slide the clothes on easily since he wasn’t planning on turning around as you changed. When you finished, and you came up to him he seemed a bit happier, giving a small smile as he reached for your hand. You reached for the ends of his shirt, pulling it over his head.

He gave off a little smirk. “Is this a reward for living? Because I was thinking about you too the entire time I was out there.”

“Maybe later. For now you’re filthy and covered in someone’s blood. You need a shower.”

Yoongi threw himself back on the bed.  “At least lay with me for a bit.”

“Nope. Shower, Min Yoongi or I swear I will leave with Hobi.”

And that was the fastest you had seen that boy jump up from his bed. At least you knew he really wanted you there. Maybe he did deserve a bit of a reward. You bit your lip, getting a pretty good idea.

Can you feel it?

 The dead weight of your legs from the sleeping pills, the dizziness from the alcohol, the soft throbbing of your pulse as blood is pumped out your wrists? That’s it. That’s what we’ve been waiting for, that’s the quiet comfort.

The beauty of dying.

—  Unknown
Because Of This//Raphael Santiago Imagine

‘’Bitch!’’The vampire yelled at your face while you were trying to push him.You were on a mission in Hotel Dumort and things weren’t going that well.It supposed to be secret mission but when you made tto much noise in the common room of the hotel,all the New York Vampire Clan came immediatly.’’How dare you come to our place?Apperantly Shadowhunters doesn’t respect boundaries.’’

‘’Yeah we don’t if you touch mundanes!Apperantly vampires don’t respect the law!’’You yelled back.He knocked you down by grabbing your wrist and pulling it twords himself.You yelled in pain.Right before he was about hit on your neck with his elbow you felt an another  hand on your wrist.

‘’What the fuck are you guys doing?’’You listened to the person who’s holding your wrist.You noticed that he was the one who pulled you away from that other vampire.

‘’That bitch came to our boundaries Raphael!’’he said.’’Why are you protecting her.’’

Raphael?Raphael Santiago?The guy who’s the head of the New York Vampire Clan.The guy who looked ice cold to you?And you saw a thousand times but always ended up fighting .

You gave Raphael a confused look while he was stil holding your wrist tightly.

‘’I’m the head of this clan so it’s non-of your business.Now,go away.’’He said calmly.And pulling you and making you walk behind him.You came to a room and he opened the door pushed you softly to make you get in the room and closed the door hardly.

‘’What are you doing here?’’He asked coming closer to you.

‘’I heard that your clan is killing of mundanes.’’you said trying to be tough but that the way he was lookig at you distracted you a lot.You realized how beautiful his eyes were.

‘’I’ll take care of it.’’He said looking at your lips and eatching them as you breathe.

‘’It’s my job to do that.’’You avoided eye contact.

‘’Technically it’s mine.’’

‘’Whatever.’’You said trying to walk away because you have to check the hotel.He grabbed your wrist making you stop.

‘’Tyler could kill you.He was about to,actually.’’He said locking his eyes to you.

‘’Why do you care?’’you said.

‘’I don’t have to explain anything to you.’’He said shaking his head as no.

‘’Yes you do!Why did you save me from whatever that douchebag was?’’

He breathed loudly for a couple times than looked at your lips.And the second thing you know,you were kissing him.His kiss was soft and passionate at the same time.After a while you started to respond to his kiss.He placed his hands on your waist and you put your hands on his neck.He pulled away from the kiss.

‘’Because of this.’’He whispered

30 x 31 Day Writing Challenge Day 8

Day 8- Use the line “how long have you been standing there for?”


You sat up and looked around, confused. Upon realizing that you were in an area you didn’t recognize, you jerked, and the sound of metal hitting metal made you look around suddenly.

You felt a weight on your wrists that made you look down.

“What the hell?” You lifted your shackled wrists and looked around frantically.

“Dami?” You hissed, wondering if your boyfriend was here too.

When there was no reply, you frowned and examined the locks more closely.

“Well look who finally woke up.” Came the voice you heard in your nightmares. You felt the blood rush from your face and your heart skipped a beat.

“No. Please no.” You whispered to yourself.

You jumped suddenly as a flash of green appeared in your line of sight.

“Such a pretty face. I understand why Batman’s bird is so fascinated with you.” The Joker reached out and stroked your face with a pale index finger. You cringed unwillingly, trying to move away.

He grabbed your face viciously. “Don’t move away from me.” He growled darkly. His voice resumed his lighter, creepier tone. “Anyway, I’m not interested in hurting you…a lot.” He laughed. “I just want your little bird to show up to save the day.”

“Robin is too smart to come here.” You retorted. “He knows it’s a trap you Bastard.”

His hand snapped across your face and he chuckled.

“Yet he’s still on his way now.”

“Of course he is.” You muttered under your breath. “Idiot.”

“Now I’ll leave you here. Wouldn’t want to ruin the trap.” He melted into the shadows and you were once again alone.

“God dammit.” You cursed as your wrists rubbed against the ropes binding you.

“Y/N!” Robin burst through a window, spraying a few pieces of broken glass over you.

“Robin!” You shook your head frantically. “You shouldn’t have come.”

“It’s a trap, I know, Beloved.” He shook his head, hurrying to untie you. “I don’t care.”

“Dam-” you cut yourself off. “Sorry.”

He untied your hands and helped you up.

“We must hurry.” He tugged you along. “Do you need me to carry you?“

“I’m not helpless.” You glared softly at him.

“Of course not. I was simply asking if you required assistance.” He smirks.

“Pretentious asshole.” You muttered.

Slow clapping filled the warehouse and you froze.

“Such a sweet display of young love.” The Joker said.

“How long have you been standing there for?” Damian asked.

"I haven’t left since your dear girlfriend woke up. I’ve been watching her struggle with her ropes. It’s been…amusing.“

"Stalker.” You mutter without thinking.

“You don’t know the half of it, Sweetheart.” He grins at you knowingly. “How long do you think it took to figure out your daily routine so we could take you? We’ve been watching you for days.”

“Oh my god.” You whisper, horrified. Damian grabs your arm firmly and pulls you closer. "We’re leaving joker.” he says darkly. upgrading the security around you.“ “What makes you say that?” The Joker says menacingly.

“They do.”

His brothers crash through the windows and the Joker’s henchman come out of the shadows.

As the two fight, Damian hurried back to the batcave with you.

“Beloved are you okay?” He grabs your shoulders and checks you.

“Damian I’m fine I’m just…”

He takes you in his arms and he doesn’t let go for a long time.

It Started With...

Summary: Request: Doyoung Soulmate!AU, in which you really want to meet him, but accidentally panic when you do. College!AU

Idol: Doyoung of NCT

Word Count: 1182

Warnings: None

Before you had ever met your soulmate, he had made you laugh. Every time you looked at your wrist, where his first words to you were forever imprinted, you would laugh. Every time someone new came into your life and saw your wrist, they would question under what circumstances the two of you would meet.

Especially when you were younger, when his words made sense to no one since the trend wasn’t in then. His first words exactly?

“It’s not lit, fam.”

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Summary: The Wang’s walk in on something unexpected.

Member: Jackson

Word Count: 1,077

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Jackson walked into his hotel room and sat at the edge of the bed with a sigh. While you were in the bathroom brushing your teeth when you heard him enter. “Babe that you?” you called spreading the tooth paste.

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  • Jaune: *Turns on video of Pyrrha*
  • Pyrrha: Okay Jaune. Are you ready for tonight's lesson?
  • Jaune: Yup.
  • Pyrrha: Did you remember to bring lotion today?
  • Jaune: Yup.
  • Ruby: Jaune what are you watching.
  • Jaune: Pyrrha recorded some training videos for me.
  • Pyrrha: Now Jaune, make sure to keep your eyes focused on me at all times. Now, take off your pants.
  • Jaune: *Begins pulling down pants*
  • Pyrrha, pulling off her breast plate: Now Jaune, once your underwear starts feeling tight, apply the lotion and make sure to moisten the palms of your hands.
  • Jaune: *Applies lotion*
  • Jaune: Wrist exercises! Come one Ruby, me and Pyrrha used to do these all the time. You know how they say it's all in the wrists? Well, you gotta train your wrists.
  • Ruby: JAUNE.
  • Jaune: ...Holy shit I'm an idiot. These aren't wrist exercises, she just wanted me to jack off to her.
  • Jaune: Guys
  • Jaune: I think Pyrrha might've liked me

Title: Comfort

Code: JD0001

Requested by: anon

Words: 784

Note: I don’t know if this fits what you were looking for, but here ya go! Let me know what you think :)

You could feel the blood on your wrists. You struggled and struggled against the rope that was tightly holding your wrists, but it was to no avail. You were bound, and you weren’t going anywhere. You did your best to hold your head high throughout the experience, but being kidnapped wasn’t really in your list of fun-weekend-activities. You’d much rather be at home, in bed, with your favorite little pet to cuddle with.

 You heard the door creak, and your captor enter the room. You heard his feet stalk over to you. He walked around and then chuckled deeply. “You’ve been quite busy in here, haven’t ya, dear?” He moved in front of you. Your sight was hazy from your dehydration. “We’ll just have to fix that, now, won’t we?” He laughed as he held a rag over your mouth and nose. You struggled, but your lack of energy was no fight for him. You closed your eyes, and drifted off.

Your eyes hurt and your head was pounding. You didn’t understand why the light was shining so bright. The first thing that you noticed was the warmth that was encompassing your hand. Faintly, you heard your name.

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The Last Time

As the poison consumes you body and soul, even the smallest rays of bliss become harder to reach.

Genre: Smut and angst

part one Part two

Sehun’s feet began moving towards the scene before he could properly process what was happening. He swiftly grabbed your wrist and yanked you from Suho’s grasp.  

“What do you think you are doing?” He spat through gritted teeth. His jawline was rigid as he waited for a response. 

 "Let go of me" 

 "I wasn’t talking to you" he snapped, pulling you closer to him. His muscles were tense as he tightened his grip on you. It took a lot of effort not to cry out from the pain he was causing you.

 "I think you need to let her go.“ Suho chimed in, trying to remain calm despite his youngers flurry of emotions. The two stared each other down for what seemed like forever before Sehun finally let go of your wrist. 

 "Fine, have it your way.” He tossed your wrist away as if it burned him to touch you. Disgust reigned over his features as he took one final look at you, drinking in your entirety, before walking away. You watched his retreating figure as he stormed down the hall from which he came. Your throbbing wrist invaded your storm of thoughts, bringing your attention back to the here and now. The skin there was red and angry where his fingers were.Surely it would leave a bruise the next day. Suho gently reached out to grab your injured wrist. He carefully inspected the extent of what Sehun did, being extra gentle as to not make it worse. 

 "You should really put some ice in this" he breathed, still holding your wrist. He held a look of utmost sincerity as he spoke. It was almost as if he was genuinely concerned. You weren’t about to accept his pitty however, not after what just happened. 

 "I’m fine, thank you" you hastily remarked pulling your wrist back. “I’m going to go, thank you for your help.” You hurriedly turned on your heel and walked out the tall glass doors of the building. You just went wherever your feet led you, not caring that it had started to rain. If anything, the rain was welcomed, because it cleared the streets of any people, and allowed your tears to freely fall. 


 Sehun stormed down the hall, furious that Suho had the audacity to try and comfort you. You had left him, so it was your fault if you felt any remorse. Besides, it was none of the leaders business. Suho needed to keep his hugs away from you and anyone else he knew Sehun was interested in. As he continued down the hall, a familiar face rounded the corner. 

 "Oh, Sehun oppa" she greeted with the brightest smile on her face. It was his new assistant, aka, your replacement. 

 "Oh Wendy, it’s so great to run into you. I had something I needed to see you about.“ And with that he pulled the overly happy assistant into the nearest supply closet, just as he had done with you only a month before. 

His lips were instantly on hers, greedily sucking and biting. He forced his tongue into her mouth, swallowing any protests she may have had. His hands were all over her body. Squeezing her breast, grabbing her ass, pulling her wrinkle free frilled blouse from the confines of her black pencil skirt. He all but ripped open the buttons to her top while ravishing her neck. He purposefully left marks on every inch of skin he could. 

Soft moans filled the small confines of the storage room as Sehun had his way with the assistant. His pants were proving to be to constricting for him, so without detaching himself from her now bruised neckline, he loosened his belt and lowered his pants just enough for his fully hardened member to spring free. Soon Wendy was hoisted against the wall, her skirt was pulled above her hips, and her small Lacey panties were ripped off her. Her chest was rapidly falling and rising as she continued to have labored breaths. In a normal situation she would have chastised Sehun for destroying her prized delicates, but in this moment she was at a loss for words. 

Sehun expertly aligned himself with her dripping entrance before lowering her body down in a swift motion. He filled her to the hilt, causing her to scream out louder than anticipated at the sudden intrusion. Any passer by would have heard the commotion, but Sehun was smarter than that. He knew that the only people in the area at this time of day were Wendy and you. Wendy was a little preoccupied with him at the moment, and based upon the events that unfolded in the lobby, he knew you were long gone. All the better for Sehun.  He pulled out of Wendy before slamming back into her at a rapid pace. Lewd sounds of skin on skin filled the room as he continued to pound into her. All the while she repeated his name like a mantra. 

 "Sehun I’m so close” she raggedly breathed. A few more hardened bucks of his hips and she was unraveling in his arms. Sehun wasn’t finished though. He never let up his pace as she finished riding out her high. As Sehun grew close, he pulled her off his lap, and force red her onto her knees.

“You know what to do.” Was all he spoke. Immediately she latched onto his shaft with her lips. His hands were latched in her dark locks as he all but fucked her face. Wendy was used to this though. It was the agreement they had made. He would fuck her till she reached her bliss, then she would finish him by sucking him off. A pretty fair trade in her opinion. Sehun was close to his release. This was made evident by his unsteady movements and scattered grunts. Wendy bobbed her head a few more times before Sehun rammed his member to the back of her throat. His hot seed spilled down her esophagus as she choked from her gag reflex being triggered. Sehun pulled away from her, his member springing from her lips with a light popping sound. Wendy crumbled on the floor trying to catch her breath. After tidying himself up, he gave Wendy a helping hand in pulling her to a standing position.

“Good job. You always were a good little slut for me.” He winked before heading out the door and into the hall. Wendy knew what to do. Straighten herself up, wait five minutes, and continue on with her day as if nothing had happened. It was easy really. No one would know of their relationship, but she would still have her sexual needs fulfilled. 

 After giving herself a once over, she proceeded out into the hall, carrying on her business like she would any other day. She sinfully smiled to herself thinking about the whole situation. The day you had left Sehun, he came to her with a deal that was too good to be true. They would have casual sex, of course without him releasing inside her. She would suck him off, and that would be their little secret. What Sehun didn’t know was that Wendy had tricks up her sleeve. Once the time was right, she would use their “secret relationship” to climb herself higher up the corporate ladder of S.M. Entertainment. And if that didn’t work, then their relationship would go viral, and Sehun would be ruined. An evil chuckle escaped her lips as she finished her last task of the day. 

 What a win win for me


 After you were dripping wet and frozen solid, you found that your feet had carried you home. Shivers racked your body and you head felt lighter than air. On the walk to your porch, the ground felt as if it was moving beneath you. With unsteady hands you grasped onto the handrail before losing your balance completely. The three steps that led to your door seemed doomingly impossible as your head began pounding with a migraine. Rain continued to pour down upon you as you made began your ascent of the stairs with heavy steps. It took all your strength to pull yourself up the final step, and up onto your door stoop. By this time the edges of your vision were blurred, and any strength you had was quickly dissolving.

Your makeup had long been washed away by a mixture of tears and rain drops. A few stray pieces of hair clung to your face and neck as you struggled to find your keys in your purse. Your vision was continuously getting worse. What seemed like hours was only a few seconds, but with how you felt, it was a miracle you had even made it up the stairs and located your keys in your oversized purse. With shaky hands, you finally got the key in the lock. You must have really been feeling ill because you could have sworn you heard someone calling your name. 


 "I’m going crazy ” you mumbled to yourself as the struggle began to open the door. Your grasp kept slipping on the doorknob from your wet hands. Frustration was beginning to line your emotions. 


Hearing the non existent caller of your name frustrated you even more. Just when you were about to give up, you took the hem of you shirt and wrapped it around the knob. Finally it turned enough to open the door. 

 "Finally” you breathed to yourself, taking your first step in the warm, dry sanctuary you called home. But before you could fully celebrate your accomplishment, your vision finally succumbed to the numbness your body felt and your legs gave way beneath you. The hardwood floors of your foyer rushing up to meet your face was the last thing you remember before everything turned black. What you didn’t know was that a strong pair of arms stopped you from falling to the floor. 

A/N: Finally a part 2. I was feeling better today, so I finally was able to update at least one of my stories. Who do you think was there to catch her? Or better yet, who do you hope it was??

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Blue and Gold

AU: the one where color appears on your body wherever your soulmate first touches you.

Relationship: Soulmates

Fandom: DC Comics

Character: Conner

A golden band of color wrapped around your wrist, you often wondered what color would go with your gold. You looked up many colors that could mix with your color, your top being red and blue. But you didn’t control this soulmate thing so you would just had to simply wait and see what color would match with yours.

It was late at night on the college grounds as you sat in the library working on a paper that was due in a few weeks. You enjoyed getting things done that way you could enjoy your weekends when those other students were rushing around trying to finish their work. You had just saved your work, closing down your laptop you began packing up when you heard a loud crash and yelling. Suddenly the library shook, there was a crash, bits of the wall fly towards you. Quickly you ducked under the table hearing the debris hit the bookshelves knocking a few over. Grabbing your computer bag and putting it over your shoulder as you tried making your way to the exit dodging bits of the wall that came at you. The exit was in sight, however, you felt a hand wrap around your waist and pick you up. You let out a scream, the fews lights that were still working allowed you to that it was Solomon Grundy who had a hold on you.

“Let her go Grundy.” You saw Nightwing and Superboy in front and Miss Martian and Kid Flash behind him.

“You come any closer I crush the girl.” You felt him squeeze you causing you to cry out in pain, you could swear that at least one of your ribs was now broken. As the heroes circled the zombie, he squeezed tighter. You hated that you had to do this, your body quickly crystallized, you turned your hand into a blade cutting Grundy’s palm.

“Ah!” He quickly threw you towards Superboy, your body quickly uncrystallizing as he caught you.

“Thanks for the save.” You smiled, he nodded setting you down. By this time Grundy was down and out.

“Nice powers.” He shook your hand, as your hands touched you saw his blue band mix into your gold band. It created a beautiful morning ocean effect, you smiled brightly looking at him as he looked at you surprised.

“Guess working on projects early has some rewards after all.” You said as Conner chuckled.

dlc idea 4: you are jessamine kaldwin and you have one goal: to fuck corvo attano

low chaos: have a night of passion in your bedroom, quietly so no one is alerted to your secret trysts. you part ways before dawn, ready to return to your cool, performative professionalism the next day.

high chaos: im sorry, you are the empress? what do you care if those beneath you cannot contain their gossip? dont bother with that droll meeting on morley merchant policy or whatever, just find a hallway and stake your claim on that delicious serkonan sausage. every housemaid in the tower will know what the bruises around your wrist mean but you dont give a fuck am i right!!!!!


01:tell me the truth, what made you start liking the person you like right now?
02:what on your body is hurting or bothering you?
03:what was your last thought before going to bed last night?
04:what are you listening to?
05:what’s something you’re not looking forward to?
06:where do you think your best friend is right now?
07:have you kissed anybody in the last five days?
08:favorite song ?
09:kiss on the first date?
10:is there one person you want to be with right now?
11:are you seriously happy with where you are in life?
12:is there something you would like to say to someone?
13:what are three things you did today?
14:would you rather sleep at a friend’s or have them over?
15:what is your favorite kind of gum?
16:are you friends with any of your ex boyfriends/ girlfriends?
17:what is on your wrists right now?
18:ever liked someone you thought you didn’t stand a chance with?
19:does anyone have strong feelings for you?
20:are you slowly drifting away from someone?
21:have you ever wasted your time on someone?
22:can you do the alphabet in sign language?
23:how have you felt today?
24:you receive £60 without any reason, what do you spend it on?
25:what is wrong with you right now?
26:is there anyone you’re really disappointed in?
27:would you rather have starbucks or jamba juice right now?
28:why aren’t you in ‘love’ with your last ex anymore?
29:how late did you stay up last night and why?
30:when was the last time you talked to one of your best friends?
31:what were you doing an hour ago?
32:what are you looking forward to in the next month?
33:are you wearing jeans right now?
34:are you a patient person?
35:do you think you can last in a relationship for three months?
36:favorite color?
37:did you have a dream last night?
38:are you wearing jeans, shorts, sweatpants, or pajama pants?
39:if someone could be cuddling you right now, who would you want it to be?
40:do you love anyone who is not related to you?
41:if someone liked you right now, would you want them to tell you?
42:do you like meeting new people?
43:are you afraid of falling in love?
44:ever self-harmed or starved yourself?
45:has anyone ever told you that you have pretty eyes?
46:have you ever felt like you weren’t good enough?


Locked Up

Desc: Reader is a witch who has un-dealt with feelings for Kai. After learning that Bonnie, her best friend, has locked him up, she flees to rescue him from the Prison World, determined to tell him how she feels.

x          x          x          x          x          x          x          x          x          x          x

Bonnie sat by the crackling fire, brown eyes wide as she spilled everything.

“You WHAT?!” you gasped, hands flying to your mouth.

“Trapped him in the Prison World,” she muttered softly.

Even though she hated Kai, a part of her also hated herself for what she did to him.

Your nails had been clawing into your tender wrists while you listened, tears burning at your eyes.

“(Y/N),” Bonnie hiccuped softly, offering you a hand, “I’m so sorry.”

Your chest rose softly as you took her hand. For a moment, she smiled sadly. Then-

“Gah!?” Bonnie gasped, pulling her hand back and looking at her charred skin.

“If you were sorry,” you said through clenched teeth, “You never would have done this.”

“(Y/N)!” Bonnie called after you as you made way to leave the Salvatore house. A shimmering white shield arose in front of you, blocking your way. “I can’t let you do this!” she begged from behind you.

Your fingers touched the shield, cracks appearing underneath your fingertips as you applied force. It shattered under your touch, splitting into a million pieces as you threw the door open and sprinted far far away.

I will find you, Kai.  


Kai was angry and you knew it. He really had been trying to be a better person. He was learning to love and be loved, but after being completely back stabbed ….he must be absolutely enraged, you thought.

It had been two weeks since arriving in the prison world, and over a month since Kai had been abandoned. The feeling of loneliness sunk deep through your skin. Every breath was yours, every movement was yours, every footprint in the snow was yours.

Until, it wasn’t.

You made way to the Salvatore house with a bag of stolen groceries in your hand. Glittering flakes of snow trickled from the soft white clouds, covering the ground in a layer of cold.

 It was there you saw it. A separate track of footprints in the snow, and they led all the way up to the house.

Pulling your coat to your exposed neck, you sprinted through the snow and to the unlocked door, hands fumbling and shaking from nerves and cold alike as you stepped inside. The house was alight with warm light and glowing candles. You could sniff out a burning log fire, so you let the groceries fall to the ground and tiptoed to the living room, where you came skidding to a halt.

He sat on the couch, feet propped up, and a glass in hand. His face was unshaven, his clothes were stained red, and his eyes were emptier than ever.

“Kai,” you breathed in astonishment. 

His eyes flickered up, and for a moment he didn’t move.

“Is it-”

“Me,” you smiled pathetically.

He looked so far off from reality, unbelieving of what he was looking at. This was, after all, the second time he had been abandoned down here.

A soft smile tickled the corners of his mouth.

“What the hell are you doing here? I mean, I just knew, I wasn’t alone, but-”

“Because I have to be.”

Kai stood, dodging the edge of the table as he approached you slowly, emptied glass in hand. He backed you into the wall, his eyes narrowed. In a flash he had slammed his glass against the wall, the jagged edge coming centimeters from your skin as he breathed heavily.

“She sent you, didn’t she?” he said furiously.

“Kai-” you panted, turning your head away as he easily withheld your limp struggle to escape from his grasp.

He smiled, a malicious grin lighting up his face as he brought his lips to your ear. He placed them softly against your earlobe, whispering against your warm flesh.

“Pathetic. She stole away what I had and now I’ll take what s-”

“Shut up!” you snapped suddenly.

Kai cocked his head, moistening his lips and forcing you to meet his gaze.

“What was that?”

You opened your mouth, eyes red as the feel of the glass slicing your skin caused you to gasp sharply. Your hand wriggled free, snapping up and catching Kai’s wrist. The glass he held instantly melted through his fingers. His lip curled as he brought up his free hand, but you caught that too, swinging him around and pinning him into the wall with such force that the wall cracked behind him. He opened his mouth for a split second, and with both hands pinned above his head, you pressed your lips forcibly into his, silencing his thoughts. It worked. Through the confusion of it all, Kai lost his willpower to hurt you. You pulled back from the kiss and placed a finger over his lips. The horrible malicious expression he’d worn was replaced with confusion.

“I came down here because I wanted to save you,” you said, voice shaking.

Kai stared at you, awestruck.

“I know why you might think I helped Bonnie, but I was never a part of that plan. She may have been my best friend before, but she knew how I felt about you, and put you through this anyways, and I could never forgive her for that,” you cried softly. “And I couldn’t stop thinking about how alone you must be…how alone I was without you. Because I never even-” you gasped, your hands wiping away the crystal water rolling down your cheeks, “I never got to tell you I-”

Kai’s arms flew out, snatching you from your back and pulling you tightly into his arms. He held you for a while, cradling your head to his shoulder, lips on your forehead while you sobbed into him. Two of his fingers crawled under your chin, lifting it up so your eyes met his blue ones.

“I’m so sorry, babe, I just…have a tendency of being abandoned. And as you must imagine, that comes with some trust issues.”

You smiled a little.

“My instinct is to hate. And clearly hate it must be, for even my best could never be enough for anyone,” he said, eyes signalling the red stain in his clothing where Bonnie had stabbed him. “I can’t put my faith in anyone because it always gets shattered when I need it most, and no matter how fucking hard I fight for good…at the end of the day, I’ve been made out to be alone.”

Your eyes flickered downwards and back up. “Your best and worst side has always been enough for me,” you sniffed quietly.

Kai’s familiar & cheeky smile appeared, melting your heart into an oozing puddle.

Kai bent over you, lifting your chin up so that your lips touched. He pressed his lips lightly to yours, arms dropping around your waist as he gently coaxed you for more, easing into the kiss slowly. You craved the taste of his mouth, lips parting as your chests rose and fell lightly to the beat of the kiss. Kai explored your mouth curiously, with more caution and gentle passion then you would have expected from him. Then, he slowly pulled back, eyes closed. His breath came a bit short.

“Kai?” you murmured.

He smirked, his eyelids fluttering open.

“Sorry,” he said, his teeth gnawing at his lower lip, wrinkles forming in his forehead. “I’m just not used to that. It might take me a second.”

You giggled and touched noses with him.

“What is it, bear?”

“I don’t know,” he said, trying to piece together his words, “M-My heart is fluttering and- I feel this warm thing inside my chest.”

You snickered and wrapped your hands around his neck, “That’s called love.”

Kai tilted his head, an eyebrow raised. “It feels nice.”

You grinned and planted a kiss on the bridge of his nose.

“I can show you more, if you want.”