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My little puppeteer | Prologue

Genre: Fuckboy!Calum, slight Badboy!Calum

Pairing: Reader x Calum 

Word count: 3,000 +

Summary: But there was something about him. Even if you knew he was bad for you, even if you knew he’d hurt you, even if you knew this wouldn’t end good for you, you had to know him. You had to see him again.  

Prologue Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Epilogue 

He supported himself on his elbows, panting with his dark hair hanging damp on his forehead. After catching his breath, he pulled himself out while grunting hoarsely. He swiftly got up from the bed and tossed the used condom away. “You can go now,” he said haphazardly. As if he didn’t care. As if he got what he wanted. As if he was pulling the strings on a little puppeteer.

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Wedding Bells

A/N: So I wrote this a while ago and totally forgot about it. Oops. Hope you enjoy it.

Summary: Reader and Keith go to a restaurant and forget money. In order to get their meal for free, they must go to desperate measures.

“And please remember,” Allura said, finishing her briefing on the alien planet below, “that this species, the Picarians, takes promises very seriously, and I know that this probably won’t be a problem, but I just want to emphasize that whatever you do, do not propose.” She put her arms to her side and stood up strait.

Lance leapt to his feet and stretched his arms over his head. “Great. Can we go now?”

Allura gave him a hard look and sighed. “Yes. But please remember what I told you! Manners and promises!” It was too late. Lance had already gone, and Hunk was following close behind. Shiro and Pidge stood, said goodbye to their friends, and left.

“Where should we go, Y/N?” Keith asked, looking at the map of the planet below.

You shrugged and scanned the map, your attention going to the mountainous, forested areas. “Do you think they have grass?” you asked. “I miss the grass.”

Keith grabbed your hand and pulled you up as he stood. “I don’t know,” he said, “but let’s go find out.”

You and Keith had been good friends since the day they met, trying to make an escape on the back of his motorcycle along with Hunk, Pidge, and Lance. Whenever they were allowed to take a break on an alien planet, you were together exploring. When Keith found out he was part Galra, you weren’t bothered for long. Sure, it was weird that your best friend wasn’t entirely human, but it was cool, and he was still the same Keith you had adored.

When the two of you got to the surface, you immediately began to walk towards the forested area. The closer you got, the more excited you became. “Those trees look like the ones on earth!” You squealed, jumping up and grabbing the sleeve of Keith’s jacket. “Look, Keith! Are you looking?” You took off running in your flip flops, but soon became annoyed. You took them off and continued sprinting to the trees. By the time you reached them, your feet had several cuts, and your big toes were bleeding a little. You didn’t care. You was seeing trees.

But where were the bushes? And grass? You saw flowers, gigantic neon flowers, but no other type of greenery around. Disappointment settled like a rock in your belly.

“There’s no grass,” you whispered, shoulders slumping. “Keith. There’s no grass.”

“I can see that.” He walked up to you and took one of your hands. Keith began to tug you in the direction of the city. “Come on. Allura mentioned something about a popular restaurant that sells food similar to food on earth. Let’s go check it out.”

The two of you walked side by side, looking at the world around them and sneaking glances at each other. There were creatures similar to butterflies, but they were the size of cats and had horns in place of antennae. Their bodies were covered in long, thin, black hairs. You were reminded of Keith’s hair because it was similar in color to that on the giant butterfly’s body.

“I think this is it,” Keith said. You stopped in front of a fancy restaurant. He noticed a sign that said, “Free meals with proposal” in several languages. His stomach did little flips as he glanced at you, hoping you didn’t notice it.

“Let’s go, then.” Your stomach rumbled as the smell of sweet steak wafted through the air.

The two of you took your seats at a table, ordered food (“Whatever the most popular item on the menu is, we’ll take two,” Keith said.) and began talking. You never had trouble talking to each other. You was always very open and could ramble on for hours about nothing and never pushed Keith to talk if he didn’t feel like it.

Keith felt bad for you. You loved the nature on earth more than anything. You missed trees and plants from earth, but she never complained. That part of you Keith admired.

As their food arrived, Keith realized one critical detail: neither of you had any money.

Keith stared at his food. It was grilled pomoi, and looked like a steak. His face felt hot as he realized what he needed to do. Suddenly, he hoped you had seen the sign at the door. He got off of his chair and knelt in front of you.

“Keith, what are you-”

“Give me your hand.”

“Why? What are you doing?”

Keith groaned mentally. He whispered, “In trying to propose, so give me your hand!”

Annie glanced at the sign at the door. “I was hoping you hadn’t seen it.”

“Y/F/N,” he began more loudly, “we’ve been dating for two years now, and today, as we got to this planet, I began to think about doing this. I just couldn’t wait!” He laughed nervously, looking to make sure the waiters had noticed what he was doing. “You’re the nicest, most patient woman I’ve ever met and I was wondering if you’d marry me.”

Keith held his breath. Say yes. Say yes. Say. Yes!

“Okay,” you answered in a hushed voice.

You both smiled. You were in the clear.

The restaurant around you erupted into cheering and screaming. The noise was so loud that you thought your eardrums would explode.

“Congratulations!” shouted their waiter. “Come, Y/F/N! We must get you ready!” The alien grabbed you by the shoulders and brought you to your feet.

“For what?” You asked.

“You’re getting married today!”

As you was being pushed to the back of the restaurant, you looked back at Keith, who watched her with a small smile. You then realized you loved him. Maybe not as a romantic partner just yet, but you could make it work. You knew Keith felt the same.

Before you knew in, you were both back with your friends, journeying away from the planet. You laughed at your friends’ reactions to being told the big news. Lance just sat down with a blank, unbelieving expression. Hunk, Pidge, and Shiro were happy for them. Coran was jumping with joy, having his own private celebration. Allura pinched the bridge of her nose.

“You do realize you can’t divorce, right?” she asked. “No lawyer in the universe will let you divorce under Picarian marriage.”

You and Keith looked at each other and shrugged. You didn’t cared very much. Your fingers intertwined with his as Keith brought them up and examined them.

“We need rings,” you murmured.


Straightforward (Jay Park)

Anonymous asked: Hii can I request a jay park scenario where the reader and him are Best friends and he confesses to you 😆

Originally posted by clubeskimo

    “So, what do you want to do today?” you asked, putting your sneaker-clad feet on Jay’s dashboard and watching with no surprise as he shoved them off (the exact same thing happened most times you rode in his car).

    “How about we go to the Bentley dealership and you can buy me a hella nice cleaning kit for this car and then demonstrate how it works? I’ve never gotten this as dirty as you have,” he replied, turning the key in the ignition.

    “That’s not true!” you protested. “I’ll I’ve done is gotten a little dirt on the dashboard. You were the genius who decided to get a white leather interior and then eat flaming hot Cheetos in it while drunk. Did you ever get out the stains?”

    He frowned at you.

    “No good enough comeback for that one, eh?” you asked. “I didn’t think so. So, like I was saying, where are we going?”

    “Well, maybe I’ll just drop you off at your apartment again,” he said. “You’re being kinda annoying…”

    “Jay!” you protested.

    “I’m kidding you, geez,” he said, glancing at you with a playful smile before his eyes returned to the road and his expression became serious.

     “What’s on your mind?” you asked.

     “What are you talking about?” he asked, not looking over at you.

    “I know you, and there’s something you’re not telling me right now,” you said. “When you smile for real, you smile a long time, and that one lasted for like two seconds.”

    “You’re close to being able to read my mind, but not quite there,” he said. “I’m fine. Seriously. Anyway, I was thinking maybe we could just go shopping? Morning on a weekday- the mall shouldn’t be too busy.”

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What if bakugou /izuku and s/o has a really tiring day in training and came home to play on their DS's together at one of their houses but they are so tired that they end up falling asleep on each other and the moms and toshinori walk into the room and move them to a bed but they aren't cuddled anymore and in their sleep they just end up moving to hold each other and they moms and all might just think it's the most adorable thing? (Sorry for the long ask) love you and thanks!!!

“I think I’m going to die.” you sigh as you finally got to Izuku’s house with him and Bakugou. “Oh shut up, you aren’t going to die.” Bakugou rolled his eyes at you as Izuku bent down to remove his shoes, “Please don’t die! Especially not in my house, I wouldn’t be able to live here if you did.” he said as the three of you walked to the living room. “Can we just set this up and get started.” Bakugou complained and you jumped and laid across the couch before he could sit down. He grumbled but sat on the ground nonetheless, digging in his bag to pull out his red DS. You snuggled into the couch and Izuku sat down near your feet on the couch.

“What are we playing today?” you asked as Izuku perked up, “Nintendogs?” “Enough with the Nintendogs! I want to play something with action in it!” Bakugou rolled his eyes and you flicked him in the back of the head as you pulled out your DS and turned it on, Izuku doing the same. “Pokemon Sun and Moon?” you suggested and the two nodded, Izuku was relieved that you didn’t let Bakugou pick Corpse Party or Danganronpa. Once decided on a game the three of you turned on your DS consoles and started playing.

After a couple rage sessions from Bakugou for not catching the pokemon he wanted, or Izuku over-analyzing all of the battle statistics of his pokemon team, you could feel your eyes starting to droop. You closed your DS and nuzzled your head into Bakugou’s neck and rested your head on his shoulder. Your legs were across Izuku’s lap and it didn’t take long for all three of you to fall asleep draped across each other. Izuku had leaned over in his sleep and was resting on your stomach and Bakugou’s head had tilted to lean on yours.

“Oh my gosh, you guys come here! But do it quietly!” Katsuki’s mother had come in and seen the three of you snuggled on the couch. Izuku’s mom came in and smiled looking at her son and his two friends. Toshinori chuckled a little and walked into the room, “They’re going to wake up stiff if we let them sleep like this though.” “We’ll move them in a moment, I want a picture!” Bakugou’s mom pulled out her phone and smiled as she took her picture with the three of you asleep on the couch. “Send it to me please!” Izuku’s mom asked and Bakugou’s mom nodded, “Help me get them to Izuku’s room first. Then the three adults nodded and lifted each of you one by one until they had successfully moved all three of you into Izuku’s room. “It feels wrong to leave them separated like that.” Bakugou’s mom huffed as the three finally laid Bakugou down next to you and Izuku. “I’m sure they’ll be fine.” Inko smiled and pulled her along behind her so she wouldn’t wake up the three, Toshinori already out of the room.

“You guys it’s been hours, do you think they’re awake yet?” Bakugou’s mom asked and Inko shrugged, “Toshi, was school rough today?” “Training was rigorous today I can see why they would be tired.” he nodded and the two mothers made sounds of understanding. “We should probably still check on them though…” Inko said since she was now worried about the three. The adults nodded to each other and got up from their positions on the couch, walking up the stairs quietly so they wouldn’t be detected if the three teens were still asleep.

As Inko pushed the door open she smiled and tried to usher the other two out before Bakugou’s mother made a ruckus. “I want to seee!” she said and pushed past Inko and beamed at the sight. The three of you had moved together in your sleep and were now in one incredibly comfortable looking cuddle pile. Izuku had wrapped himself around you and was nuzzled into your chest while Katsuki had pulled the two of you close to him and his chin was resting on your head while he had his arms around Izuku’s head. You were nestled in the middle of the two of them and were nuzzled into Katsuki’s chest while hugging Izuku with your legs tangled with his. Katsuki’s mother made a silent little squeal sound and smiled while pulling out her phone to take a picture. Inko smiled and looked at the three of you. “I never knew my little shithead could look so relaxed!” Katsuki’s mother snickered and continued to take pictures. Inko gently smacked her arm and she turned to her and smiled, “Come on, they’re cute.” Inko smiled and nodded, “Yes, very.” Toshinori chuckled and watched as the Bakugou pulled the two of you closer to him and the two mothers smiled wider. “Come on, let them sleep.” Toshinori motioned the two mothers out the door and glanced behind him once more to take in the sight of three of his students. Izuku muttered something in his sleep as Toshinori pulled the door closed and he smiled a little as he heard something about All Might.

You are beautiful. Regardless of your physical impression: Your weight in the scale and your height in the rod, you are.

You are beautiful. Regardless of what skin complexion your body owns, how you style you hair and how you dress your body, you are.

You are beautiful. Regardless of what marks you have in your academic card, what position you hold, and how high or low your feet is positioned today, you are.

You are beautiful. Regardless of your incommonality in terms of passion and dreams when compared to other people, you are.

You are beautiful. Even with your flaws and past mistakes, even with your diversities in life, you are.

You are beautiful. Even when you want to sleep early more than to stay late at night. Even when you prefer reading books more than drinking champagnes, you are.

You are beautiful. Even when you choose school over night bars. Even when you choose writing stories more than smoking cigarettes, you are.

You are beautiful. Even when other people’s eyes see you the opposite way. Even when there are thousands of them against you, you are.

You are beautiful. Even if you are made up of fire and ice, dark and light, sugar and spice, and wounds and scars, you are.

You are beautiful. Even when people’s words took your confidence to believe in that you are, even when they throw knives behind your back, you are.

You are beautiful. Even when you find it difficult to love yourself and to keep yourself in one piece, in a perfect shape, and in a steady condition, you are.

You are beautiful. Despite the fact that there are mornings you look in the mirror and the world tells you otherwise, you still are.

You are beautiful. Everyone is rightful to hold this title only if they are to believed that they really are. Physicality is not an indication of beauty nor the measure of how beautiful you are.

You just have to tell yourself today that you are beautiful and eventually you will recognize that you really are. Take the spotlight and speak of your beauty. You can only be beautiful if you choose to be.

—  J.DG
Imagine-The y/n is a dancer and Klaus Mikaelson personally invites her to the Mikaelson Ball

Length- Kinda long

You were working at the bar. It’s been a slow day and you were basically enjoying not having to overwork considering that you had just got out from dance practice a few hour earlier and your feet were killing you. 

“Guess what I found today, (y/n)” Davina says as she walks up to the counter.

She held up a white envelope and handed it to you. Davina was written in cursive letters. You look at her confused. “And what is this supposed to be?” You ask.

“It’s an invitation. To the Mikaelson Ball. They have it like every year. Usually it’s to cover up some secret business they have going on but the food and drinks are free and it’s usually pretty fun.” Davina explains.

You hand her back the invitation and continue to wipe up the counters. Although the Ball sounded like fun, you decided a while ago you wouldn’t get yourself into vampire business, especially the Mikaelsons. But there was always the one who caught your eye. Klaus. Despite the continuous warnings from Davina and Josh you still found him fascinating. His smile, his accent, his charm. They always got you every time he was around. Sometimes when Josh would drop you off to dance practice, Klaus would sit and watch from a distance. Even though it was creepy and borderline stalkerish, you also found it really flattering. 

“So, (y/n), you need a ride home, today?

“Yeah. Actually I think I’m going to head home now. The bar is kinda dead and i’m really tired.”

You finish cleaning up and clock out. You meet Davina in her car and she proceeds to take you home. On the ride home, you continue to examine the invitation Davina got and get help but wonder if you would get one. As much as you wanted not to care about this stuff, deep down you thought i’d be really fun to go to one of these things.

“So. This Mikaelson Ball thing…is it invitation only?” You ask.

“Yeah. It is. Klaus and the others are very picky about who they let inside their house. Why you interested?” Davina teases.

You laugh it off. “Not exactly. Just wondering.” Davina chuckles to herself.

After a few more minutes of driving in silence, you finally arrive at your house. You and Davina say your goodbyes and you head into your apartment. As you look through your bag for your keys, you realize that your door is already opened. You reluctantly walk inside and close and lock the door behind you.

You look around, cautiously. Living in New Orleans meant that any supernatural creature could be lurking around. You check the living room first. There were no signs of forced entry and it didn’t look like anything was stolen. You walk in your room and was taken back from what you saw. There was a white gown dress laid across your bed. At the end of it were a pair of gold and silver pumps. There was no note, no letter or anything. 

“I hope you like it.” A voice said from behind you.

You jump and turn around and there he was. Klaus Mikaelson. At first you were scared but then was struck with the realization that you don’t remember inviting him in.

“Klaus! How the hell did you get in my apartment?!” You yell.

He smiles and points at the dress. “So, do you like it or not?” 

You try and stay angry but you couldn’t help the fact the dress was absolutely stunning and not to mention the shoes. “It’s beautiful. But how-”

“I’m glad you like it. It’s made from the finest cloth I could find in this city” He cuts you off.”

You turn around to feel the dress. It’s softness was unlike anything you’ve’ve felt and it was certainly softer than the shitty pillow you sleep on. Klaus walks up behind you and puts his hands on your shoulders.

“As you might have heard. My family is having one of our famous Mikaelson Balls this weekend and we’ve sent out all the invitations. But you, love, I wanted to ask you myself. I’ve seen you dance and I have to say, i’d be honored to be your dance partner. If that’s okay with you.”

You smile, turn around, and kiss Klaus on the lips. “How could I say no?”

Requested by: @queen-flawless  I hope you like this, love!

The Kindergarden Teacher

Originally posted by fuckyeahgothamfox

Request -Where his girlfriend is a Kindergarten teacher. I think it would be cute to see their differences and both stay together 

Pairing - Victor Zsasz X Female Reader

Wordcount - 1711

Warnings - Strong language, jealousy, fluffy Victor 

A/N - There could be a part 2 to this 

Everyone outside of your relationship would never understand why you continued to stay with Victor. How could you stay with such a man? He could kill you. How could you be with an Assassin, it was from that day onwards that you decided to keep the details of your relationship to yourself. If they couldn’t support your relationship, they certainly didn’t deserve your attention. You were with Victor. You loved Victor and were going to continue your committed relationship with him no matter what people had to say. You were not asking for their approval nor their acceptance.

Even though you and Victor were polar opposites, he was an Assassin and a part of the Gotham underworld and you were a Kindergarden teacher. Teaching had always been your passion and you knew for a very early age teaching would be your choose profession.

Meeting Victor had been by mistake, one of your friends from college had been in town for the weekend.  She suggested that you go down to the new bar that had opened downtown, Oswald’s. After having a pretty stressful week, you agreed,eager to have a night out with an old friend and finally having time to let less and forget about the pressures of work.

When you arrived, you were instantly taken back by the classiness of the place; it was far from what you had been expecting. Most bars in Gotham were dully lit with sleazy men sitting in the corners trying to get laid; the places were normally dirty and covered in grim. Oswald’s was the opposite, it was spotless, dark yet you could see everything around you. The bar did not make you feel intimidated and cautious rather calm and invited. Whoever had opened the bar was very wise indeed.

You and your friend were having a good time; catching up on what had been going in your lives since you last spoke. She had settled down, meet a lovely man and now we’re engaged to be married, you congratulated her despite her scolding that you had no intention to find somebody. You believed strongly that when the time was right you would find someone; unbeknown to you the night at the club you met the person you were never going to withstand giving up.

As you were talking with your friend, you noticed a bald man sitting in the corner hovering over his drink; your eyes met those cold brown eyes and somehow the look warmed you. One cold stare was all it took for you to become transfixed. That one look took you down a path you never expected to go down, yet you wouldn’t have changed it for the world.

As you closed your door on your car, you moved to the boot of your car grabbing bags that needed to be taken into the house. Okay so maybe going grocery shopping and bringing home all your marking was not such a good idea. But with the school breaking up for two weeks you had a lot to do. Tiredly, you began to bring bags into the house, one trip, two trips, three-

“Y/N we need to talk.” You rolled your eyes at the voice; one in which you had become very familiar with since you entered your relationship with Victor. You didn’t mind seeing the Detective every once and a while, Victor was a criminal and you were well aware of the risks being with him but this was the third time this week and Detective Jim Gordon was beginning to scratch on your last nerve.

“Detective, what a lovely surprise. As I told you previously twice this week already Victor is not here nor am I aware of where his current location is. So if you don’t mind as you  can already tell I’m preoccupied at the moment. It was good to see you again Harvey.” You carried some more of the bags into your house; hearing the sound of two sets of footsteps behind you, you debated about drawing one of the many guns you had dotted around the house. That was not your idea, it was Victor’s. The only reason you kept them was to get rid of some Victor’s anxiousness concerning your safety.

Turning around with anger boiling within you like a volcano, Jim Gordon had indeed followed you into the house, his arms empty, yet Harvey’s arms were full of your groceries. You smiled at Harvey, your expression shifted when your eyes met Jim’s. You had no patience for Jim’s constant prodding around in your life.

“Thank you, Harvey. At least someone has some manners around here. Would you mind putting them in the kitchen for me?”

“Sure thing darlin’, how about I bring the rest of ya bags in for ya while you and Jim here have a little talk.” Harvey walked by you and Jim leaving you two both alone in the hallway.

“You better come in.” You lead Jim into the living room, as you slipped off your shoes, your feet were hurt particularly badly today.  

“What do you know about Don Falcone?” As you sat down on your couch placing your feet up on the couch, stretching out your legs as you looked up at the Detective.
“He’s a mob boss and extremely powerful; he can get what he wants when he wants. He’s not a man to cross. The normal characteristics one would normally associate with a powerful man.” The Detective seemed impressed with the answer that you had given him.  

“Is Victor working with him?” The way the Detective spoke his Victor’s name like it was poison on his tongue infuriated you to the extent you stood up.

“We have had this conversation multiple times Jim, I do not know anything about Victor’s life outside of our relationship, as it does not concern me.” You lied through your teeth, you knew exactly who was Victor’s current employer was indeed Don Falcone himself.

“Your lying.” Detective Gordon pressed further, as you began seriously debating the gun that was so close within your reach, just in the draw next to the couch. Victor had bought that for you on your first-month anniversary. Most men bought flowers. Victor liked to buy you weaponry.

“No, I am not. Victor keeps that part of his life very much away from me. Is that all Detective?” You asked as you began to walk towards the living room door.

“For now.” The Detective walked out of your living room as Harvey entered the end of the hallway.

“Hey Y/N, you don’t mind if I take some of those brownies that you had on the counter.” You laughed, being fully aware of how Harvey would always ask if you had food when he and Jim came around.

“Go for it Harvey. I’m sure I’ll be seeing you, gentleman, again soon.” As soon as the two men left, you walked into the living room collapsing on the couch, wondering if the day could get any more hectic .

After distressing and putting away all of the groceries that Harvey had helped you bring in you sat on the couch, dressed in one of Victor’s old shirts as you marked the children’s books, as your freshly made mug of tea, sat beside you on the side table.
Faintly you could distinctively hear a key beginning turned within the back door. Victor never used the front door. His footsteps were urgent, you placed everything down before turning looking up to face Victor who was standing in the doorway.

“Who has fucking been in here Y/N? Are you fucking someone else? Your mine, no-body else, do you understand me”  Victor growled as he blocked the doorway preventing you from leaving, you got up and began to walk towards Victor closing the distance between himself and yourself.  

“ Will you relax; I am not fucking anyone else. The only men that have been here is  Harvey and Jim Gordon.” You took hold of the ends of his suit jacket pulling him closer towards you.

“What did they want?” Something was off. Something at work had gone wrong or was currently going wrong. Victor was acting like his old hostile self, something you didn’t see so much anymore, currently, he refused to even acknowledge the closeness between you. Usually, he would have placed his hand on your face by now pressing a soft kiss to your lips yet nothing.

“Harvey helped me bring in the rest of the groceries that I had been unloading into the car and then he took some of the brownies from the dome on the kitchen counter. Jim was the one pressing for information.” Victor’s eyes were staring down at you, emotionless, vacant, Victor’s arm wrapped around are your waist, his fingers digging into the side of your hip. You knew that you had to give him every single piece of information about Jim and Harvey’s visit. Especially Harvey’s, you couldn’t allow Victor to seem Harvey as a threat, he was one if not the only people who understood the situation.

“What did Jim want?” Victor’s voice was grave, you refused to make eye contact with Victor knowing the anger was rolling off Victor in waves. His other hand slid up the back of your neck making you look at him.

“He asked if I knew who Don Falcone was and then asked if I knew if you were working for him. I might have given him a smart ass kind of answer when he asked if I knew who he was. I told him nothing, made out that you never told me anything about your work. He accused me of lying.” Victor leant down and kissed your lips softly, although the grip on your hip tightened. What was troubling Victor so badly?

“I believe you. Sweetheart go and get dressed; pack a bag and gather up some of your work. I’ll explain on the way.” Victor pressed his lips to yours passionately as you walked away, your hips swaying with your every moment. Victor was going to teach Jim a lesson for harassing and going near you, but first, he needed to make sure you were in a safe place.

Today’s classes were over, and Gunner had finally some time to take a break, before having his first private class with Adriana, one of her students at school that wants to learn how to play guitar, and he could use the extra income. Since he had a couple of hours to kill, he decided to go out and grab his ultimate drink of choice: coffee. Walking his way to the coffee place, Gunner took his time, appreciating the views, still not used to the new sights of the place, always finding interesting new ones here and there, Wilmington was easily growing on him, and he was loving this new chapter of his life, the people being always extremely nice and welcoming to him only adding to it. As he was about to turn the corner to where the coffee place was situated it was too late when he felt himself step onto something laying on the floor that made him twist his ankle, completely losing his balance and before he knew it he fell flat into the floor. “Fuck-” he cursed to himself, letting his head fall down, a wave of shame running through him as he saw an unfamiliar face looking down at him. “Way to make an entrance” He mused, pulling out a smile, even though completely laying on the floor. 

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How do I know that this is not just a phase???

Fox says:

You don’t. Who cares? You wear blue socks today, you wear purple socks tomorrow. So? You still wore blue socks today, and they kept your feet warm and comfy.