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Of Ninjas and Foxes (SLBP) part11

“I met a boy once… in Kyoto… under a blossoming cherry tree,” you said, remembering your childhood yet again. You knew Saizo was listening, even though his eyes were closed and he was laying on the veranda, “He looked so sad. So, I thought I should make him feel better and gave him some dango I had made…”

“Why are we telling this now, kitsune?” Saizo was suddenly standing next to you grasping a hold of your jaw, turning your face towards him.

“Y-you’re hurting me…!” you tried to push him away, but he took your wrist in his hand, gripping his fingers tightly around it,

“What do we think we’ll gain by telling lies like that? Hmm?” his face was inches from yours and you looked into his eyes that weren’t their usual coppery red colour, but the colour of crimson.

“I-it’s not a lie! Please… let go!” you didn’t try to fight back, you just stood passively still, in hope you wouldn’t aggravate his aggression any further. Finally, Saizo let his hands fall down. You hastily took few steps backwards to gain distance between you, tumbling on the long kimono you were wearing. Something about what you had said had clearly disturbed him, but you had no idea what it was. You lifted your hand to your face to massage your jaw, hoping you wouldn’t get bruises. When you looked up, the ninja was gone from your sight.


After the cherry blossoms your relationship with Saizo had been awkward for a while, but little by little things had gotten back the way they had been. You thought you even had grown a little closer to the ninja, that or he just took some enjoyment in teasing you. In a weird way, you might have been a bit fond of him as well, but you weren’t sure if it was just because he was actually talking to you unlike all the other people in the shrine. It was already past midsummer. For some reason, you hadn’t seen Sasuke that much recently. You had tried to ask Saizo about it, but it didn’t surprise you that he didn’t give you a proper answer.

The urgency of lord Moritane to know what you wanted had become apparent by his recent messages. When before they had come maybe once a week, now you got a message every other day, demanding to know what you wanted as a reward for your services. Still, all you answered him was that you wanted to be returned to lord Masamune as soon as possible.

“You need to leave.” You were once again startled by Saizo’s sudden appearance but didn’t have time to say anything, before he pushed something into your hands. You looked at the bundle of cloth surprised.

“Wait- what…?” you stuttered, lifting your gaze at Saizo who looked at you dead serious,

“The war will be here soon. Change clothes and leave. Hide. Survive. I’ll come for you.” Saizo kissed your lips softly, trailing his fingers along your cheek. You felt bewildered and when he took a step back you lifted your fingers to your lips and looked at Saizo eyes wide, your heart pounding a little bit faster. He had a gentle smile on his lips, but before you could ask anything further he was gone.

You looked at the clothes in your hands unfolding them carefully. Something hard fell from the bundle with a thud and rolled to the floor. You lifted it and it felt like your heart would stop. It was the tessen lord Masamune had given you. You had no idea Saizo even had it, let alone would give it back to you. You pressed the fan to your chest, tears forming in your eyes. Maybe… if you managed to escape and survive this war you could return to him. You missed him so much…

Suddenly you heard panicky voices and yelling from the hallway. You slid your door open carefully and saw people running around, trying to hide things. You didn’t have time to hesitate. If you wanted to escape without anybody noticing, now was your chance. You removed your heavy five layered kimono and dressed in the plain one Saizo had given you, strapping the wakizashi, that had been in the bundle as well, to your waist and hid the tessen you in your obi. You climbed the shelves of your closet to get all of the money you had managed to steal from the temple and grabbed all the food in your room to a napkin, stuffing them in the pocket in your sleeve.

You looked carefully into the hallway, and when nobody was in sight, you made a dash to the to the entrance. You slipped on the shoes Saizo had brought you and ran as fast as you could to the surrounding forest, trying to get as far as you could from the temple.

You could hear the nearing army and realised how close it really was. If Saizo had arrived an hour later, the temple might have already been in ruins. There was no way you could have escaped properly in heavy kimono wearing no shoes and you send your prayers to gods thanking Saizo and hoping he was safe.

You had no idea of your surroundings as the only times you had been outside of the temple was when you had been brought there and when you had been carried around in the palanquin during the festival. So… where were you supposed to go? You had no idea whose army was nearing the temple, nor what direction might Oshu be. You stood still, shifting your weight from one foot to another before you decided your best option would be to hide in the forest, not too far away from the temple but away from all the roads the army might use. That way you would know where you were and Saizo had a chance of finding you.

But would Saizo really come for you? If he didn’t what should you do? Could you find your way away from the mountains by yourself? You had food only for a day, but you could make it last for two days, maybe three if you only ate to keep the worst hunger away.


It had already been a whole day and there was still no sign of Saizo. The ground around the temple had become a battlefield and you had no idea how you would make it to the nearby village. The village was the only change you had on getting food and some directions to Oshu. You thought you could somehow make your way around the battling armies while you still had some food left. You had no plans on starving to death just waiting for someone to come and rescue you.

You made your way near the armies, making sure you were far enough so you wouldn’t be seen. The banners caught your eye and you stopped dead on your tracks, just staring at them. The Date emblem was clearly visible. There had to be someone you knew! You quickly made your way to the edge of the army, trying to get a glimpse of the generals giving orders.

“A spy!” you heard a shout near you and you were tackled to the ground, somebody lying on top of you.

“No! You got it wrong, I’m not a spy!” you tried to defend yourself.

“She has a wakizashi with the Date emblem, bring her in for questioning,” someone said and you were pulled up from the ground.

“No! Please! I’m not a spy! Lord Masamune knows who I am! Or lord Kojuro! Or lord Shigezane!” you tried to plead.

“Shut up!” the man holding you snapped dragging you along to the middle of the camp, ignoring your continued pleads. You were thrown in front of a samurai you didn’t remember seeing before. The men who had brought you explained themselves quickly, but the samurai looked irritated,

“Why did you drag her here, I don’t have time for this, just kill her.” The samurai said turning around.

“N-no!” you screamed as one of the men grabbed you again, “Lord Masamune! Lord Kojuro! Lord Shigezane! Help me!” you yelled as loud as you could.

“Shut up! Stop screaming!” the man holding you shouted, but you just shouted louder,

“Lord Masamune! Help! Lord Kojuro! Help! Lord Shigezane! Help!”

“What’s the ruckus?” you heard a familiar voice and turned towards it.

“Lord Masamune! Help me!” you pleaded. The look on lord Masamune’s face was an utter shock. He stood there silent, staring at you, eyes wide until lord Kojuro appeared by his side,

“What’s going on in here? ____!?” he looked at you as shocked as lord Masamune, but he managed to get his composure back faster, fixing a stern expression on his face,

“You, let go of her this instant!” he commanded and the man who had been holding you let go of you, sending you stumbling to the ground. You stood up quickly running straight to lord Masamune, grasping the jacket of his armour tears in your eyes, sobs shaking your body,

“L-lord M-Masamune! I’m s-so glad I f-found you-u!” you cried to his chest, relief filling you. Everything was going to be alright now, you were safe here with lord Masamune. He eased you off his chest and spoke to lord Kojuro, his voice cold and emotionless,

“Escort her to my tent and see that she gets food. I’ll deal with this later,” he commanded and turned around leaving. You were left there standing the shock of it all trembling you. You could feel your legs giving in underneath you, but before you could fall to the ground lord Kojuro managed to get hold of your arm, holding you up. 

“Come on, ____. You can do this,” lord Kojuro said quietly leading you towards a large tent a short distance away.


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Imagine #3 - Bjorn x Reader Part Two

PART 1 :  !!!!! 

« I dont know » you mumble.
« I’ll give you time » he said.

Bjorn words was the only thing you were thinking of. The attraction grow harder, Bjorn wasn’t hidding his feelings for you, but you still feel like you didn’t have the right to be his wife because you’re just a slave, no matter what was your position before. And you are not free.
Still going with his lesson, it was you this time who cut the work: « I want to be your equal » He lean against his chair, touching his lips with his fingers, reflecting. « What do you mean by that? »
« I’m just a servant here and I want to prove I’m more,
I want to prove you deserved someone like me »
Interested, he cross his arms « What do you suggest ?»
« You, me, in a fight »
« What? No » Bjorn wave his head « No »
« Yes, and no restriction, you’ll do it like I’m one of yours » 
« What If I kill you » he asked trying to scared you. 
You didn’t cave, still challenging him with your eyes.
« I’ll leave you a month to prepare yourself » you rolled your eyes « AND IT’S NOT NEGOCIABLE »

The axe was always your favorite weapon, it was shorter than a sword, nice curve. You liked it.
But whiteout no one to help you ,this was a lost cause. It was the night, Ragnar was eating. You silently found your way to him.
« My king » you bowed in front of him, a little smile on his face. « What can I do? “ 
« I asked your son in a battle »the surprise on Ragnar’s face was priceless.
« Really…» « Yes, and I won’t be able to win if I have no one to help me »
« Do you ask me, to help you, win a battle, against my son? » he laughed
« Yes » you said, thinking about how stupid this request was.
“ How do you want to fight?” he asked, and you told him about the axe.
« This will be with pleasure love, but Floki is much better than me with an axe » he winked at you. 

The next day, you went see this Floki man, he giggles when you told him the reason of your presence.
« You’re a strange little one » he said, turning his axe in his hand.
You never had so little sleep in all your life, or more bruises on your legs. Your arms was always sore, but it felt good, it felt right.
« Do you think I have a chance? » you asked Floki. He giggles again «Bjorn Ironside has fight more fierce warriors » you sight. « but never one he loved»  You didn’t say anything, a little bit worried about how this fight will end.

The day has come, you lay a little bit in your bed, your stomach tight; you took a deep breath, in a few hours your faith will be made. You grab your shield and your axe. It was a little bit foggy outside, it was early, the air was still fresh.
When you saw Bjorn, you could almost feel your body break down, you were scared, no need to denied it.
« It’s always time to go back » he said when he saw you coming. You grab your axe harder.  « Are you sure? » he ask again, « you’re livid »
« I’m alright, i’m fine » you try to say with your mouth dry.

He grab his sword, and you could imagine it in your all body. It was time to focus on your move, nothing else.
Bjorn face completely chance, he split in the grass. You two stare a little bit to each other, waiting for someone to attack first.
He start the first move. You could feel his muscle wasn’t here for nothing, and each time his sword hit your shield, you felt your body tremble. You didn’t try any moves in the first minute. You finally caught a good rhythm, and give him his moves back.
« Don’t restrain your moves » you yelled.
« I DON’T WANT TO KILL you » he yelled back.
While you blocked his attack, he kick you with his shield and you fall on the back, a little scream of pain in your mouth. You have the reflex to turn before his sword cut the grass where your head was before. You knock him in the knees, he falter a bit, and with your axe hit him on the rib, red fluid was seing through, and you watch it with a sad but exalting feeling.
You didn’t know if this give Bjorn more anger, but your shoulder was in a second bleeding, it feels like a million of knives was cutting your shoulder.
It was even more difficult to move, you shield not made with the best quality, was almost breaking.
With agility, he cut your forearm, and you drop your shield. Your survival instinct, help you block his next move with your axe, but it was near the end. One month of training for that.
You suddenly feel a terrible pain, Bjorn punched you in the chest, and you almost chocke. Blood was now in your mouth.
« Equality » he said and throw his shield away. You try to think about what Floki taught you, putting pressure on his sword he used to defend himself you knock him hard in the knees again, with your weight on him, you two fall on the back, you climb on him and knock him on the face, but he took control back, and was in an instant on top of you. 
He put his sword under your throat and you didn’t move a muscle, his eyes was swollen. « You lost »
« I could killed you in the first ten second » he add. 
You try to laugh but all the blood chocked you. He throw his sword away, and get up, giving you his hands. You get up, he hold you tight because your legs was shacking too hard, your all body hurt like hell.
« How I was » you asked 
« Terrible, I’ll have to say a few worlds to Floki » he smirk.
« I didn’t regret anything »  you confessed.
He suddenly left your body into his arms « I still found you attractive »
« Liar »

It took you a all week to leave your bed, which Bjorn never leave too.
« I always dreamed to have scars » you said in a sarcastic voice, finally up of the bed, touching your shoulder. He gives a little kiss on it, that make you shiver. « Anything my princess want » he said back.
“Are you going to ask me in an other fight, or are you fine to just be my wife?”
“I think, I had enough”
“It’s that a yes?”
“Yes Bjorn Ironside” 
He make you turn into the air and he gives you the kiss he wanted since the first time he saw you. 

Note : It was very hard to describe a fight scene since I really don’t know how do it in English but I tried. Hope this was long enough ! Thanks!!

“What’s this?” Dipper gestured to his nose.

Pacifica glanced up from her French textbook and sighed. “Le nez.

Dipper nodded as he absorbed her response, then jabbed a finger at his elbow. “What about this?”

Le coude,” she replied as she lowered her eyes to her book again.

“Alright…” Dipper thought about the next one, “What about…this?”

At the thud that shook the table, Pacifica looked up to find Dipper with a foot propped up and his hand wrapped around his foot.

Le pied. You know, this is surprisingly not helping be study for my French test,” she remarked as she flipped the page for emphasis.

Dipper shot her a grin and said, “What do you mean? I’m the best studier there is! No one gets grades like mine.”

Pacifica couldn’t argue with his top grades, but his methods were unorthodox. “You recite your notes like it’s some kind of demonic chant for two weeks, stay up way too late the night before the test perfecting your cue cards, then roll out of bed the next morning, drink two Redbull, and say “Let’s do it, nerds” before every single exam.”

There was a pause. “…but I ace them.”

She just sighed and returned to reading her textbook. Dipper was definitely the most successful student she knew, but his study system was the strangest thing she had ever encountered. She would stick to the old fashioned way: repetition and context.

There was blessed silence for a few minutes, and Pacifica had just started to believe that Dipper had given up on trying to help her when he leaned forward and took a deliberate breath.

She braced herself.

“Whah dar deez?”

Against her better judgement, Pacifica raised her gaze to see Dipper had squished his cheeks so his lips stuck out like a fish’s. In moments like this, she remembered exactly how similar her boyfriend was to his twin.

“Cute,” Pacifica drawled.

He lowered his hand and smiled at her. “You think I’m cute?”

His facetiousness only made her laugh. “Somebody has to, I guess, And they’re les levres.

Dipper cocked his head to the side and asked, “Yeah? Well, I think your levres and my levres should parler.

Her snort of laughter was obnoxious enough to wake Waddles where he snoozed in the corner. With a grin, she said, “Oh my god, you’re such a dweeb.”

“A dweeb who now knows the language of love,” he pointed out. “So, you wanna make out or what?”

Pacifica looked at her book and considered the offer. Maybe it was the desperation to procrastinate when her exam was bearing down on her that pushed Pacifica to close her book with a clap and stride around the table. Maybe it was the need for a distraction after hours spent studying that moved Pacifica to throw her leg over Dipper’s lap and settle in with her arms looped around his neck.

It was definitely love for her goof of a boyfriend that made her give him a brief but firm kiss on the mouth.

“Alright, ten minutes. But no marks, got it? I need to look presentable at my exam tomorrow,” she said brusquely.

Dipper’s hands landed on her hips and his breath grazed her neck. 

“Wouldn’t dream of it,” he murmured as he pressed his mouth to the spot beneath her ear.

“but poe wouldn’t even be ‘space latinx’ because yavin 4 was abandoned, stop acting like he has to be headcanon’d as speaking space spanish or having a latinx identity!1!”

first off: just say you’re racist, it’s who you are

second off: yavin 4′s first permanent settlement colony was the survivors of the alderaanian genocide. alderaan was space latinx, or at LEAST space spain if you really can’t bring yourself to think that a space latinx planet could have been “the jewel of the core” bc you are racist.

2a) let’s take a look at some canonical alderaanians:

the most notable alderaanian besides leia with an actor counterpart is bail organa, played by jimmy smits, who is puerto rican-american.

“but AHA!” you racistly claim, with a racist finger in the air, “what about max von sydow? HIS character is alderaanian!”

2b) let’s look at some traditional alderaanian names from canon:

  • anandra milon
  • santigo milon
  • lor san tekka <– max von sydow
  • liana merian

i mean they’re star wars Space Names but you have to be purposefully obtuse to ignore the earthbound schema they’re based on. alderaan = a part of Space Latin America. alderaanians = colonized yavin 4. their names are as reflective of alderaan’s space puerto rican identity as “cassian jeron andor” is of fest’s mexican coding. stop being deliberately obtuse; you’re not being MORE creative by insisting on whiteness or whatever it is you think you’re doing.

also, in the words of oscar isaac, aka poe dameron himself: “ Because Latino is not a race – it’s a culture. There’s Chinese Latinos, there’s very white Latinos, there’s very dark Latinos, there’s black Latinos. There’s all sorts of variants – it’s not one thing.”

you’re not being pinned down to one idea/theme when people criticize your White Poe headcanons and say that he has to be space latinx. you’re being challenged for your narrow-mindedness and lack of creativity.

2c) yavin 4 = literally guatemala, by the way, like that was… the whole. thing. of making poe yavi. yavin 4 itself is meant to be read as part of space latin america.

2d) let’s look at how alderaan, also, was not the only planet coded as being part of space latin america, given that cassian andor is from fest. where were shara and kes, poe’s parents, from? we don’t know. but you know what probably encompassed many planets? space latin america. like earth latin america: a wide variety of cultures and countries and spread across races.

2e) that said, let’s look real quick at how shara and kes are not white people.

third off: let’s look at oscar isaac, who is guatemalan and specifically asked for poe to be from yavin 4 BECAUSE it is guatemala and it was important to him and that’s reason enough to stop being a dickhole about the canon fact of poe’s latinidad:


thank you.


Mark is that a finger ❤️️?

What about Credence with panic attacks? What about Credence, who counts freckles on Newt’s face to calm himself down? What about Credence grounded by the feeling of Newt’s fingers in his hair?

What about Newt reading to Credence about fantastic beasts and staying all night so Credence does not have nightmares? What about Newt hugging Credence and praising him for the slightest of achievements untill Credence himself believes that he deserves it?

What about Credence who’s barely breathing and afraid to move, but he is so, so happy because Pickett nested in his hairs for the first time?

What about Newt joking about his creatures that “they love you more than me” and Credence starts to freak out, because it’s wrong and Newt will hate him now and he deserves punishment, and Newt calms hin and tells him that of course they love you, there is nothng in you not to love. And then he says “and I love you too” and it’s the most natural thing to say.


Suga showing off the super “cool” dance moves that he practiced in his free time 

lardo and chowder sharing a bathroom/being besties:
  • they have sleepovers all. the. dang. time. 
    • it started accidentally. lardo stormed into chowder’s room at midnight frustrated that one of her pieces wasn’t going how she wanted it to and just flopped right down onto chowder’s bed (and kind of onto chowder)
    • dude just takes it in strides and brushes his fingers through her hair and asks what’s wrong
    • they end up talking for like 3 hours then lardo says she can’t be bothered to go back to her room and they just fuckin fall asleep there
    • it’s the beginning of a beautiful tradition any time either of them are stressed or upset
    • it happens even when farmer or shitty are staying over (they just join in the cuddle sesh, it’s wonderful)
  • lardo once forgot to lock the bathroom door on chowder’s side while she was having a shower and chris was still half asleep and walked in to pee and screamed which scared the fuck out of lards and made her fall out of the shower
    • after chowder finished apologising while covering his eyes lardo vowed she would get him back for this
    • she still hasn’t but chowder is extremely worried about what she’s going to do and has taken to triple checking both doors are locked before even getting undressed
  • i’ve mentioned before that chowder really likes plaiting hair and often does lardo’s for her but she always likes to return the favour and chowder does have a crazy long fringe so lardo likes to do a plait from the crown of his head forward to his fringe
    • it looks awful (think malfunctioning unicorn horn) but he loves it and usually keeps it in for the rest of the day
    • the team aren’t sure whether to chirp him or not bc he looks so happy but does he seriously think it looks good?
    • he knows it’s Bad but he loves lardo and it’s funny and it makes her laugh so he tries to keep it for as long as possible
    • (also it makes his fringe go all curly when he undoes it and farmer says it looks really hot so Worth It)
  • lardo has a perchant for drawing really realistic dicks in the bathroom mirror when it’s steamy and she likes to leave them as a surprise for chowder when he has a later start than her
    • at first chowder tries to ignore them but they are very um prominent
    • so he starts adding to them
    • the first time he snaps her a picture of a giant dick wearing a goalie mask she’s in a lecture and bursts out laughing before she can stop herself
  • when chowder’s having a bad depression day and farmer can’t come round lardo warms up one of those beany toy animals in the microwave and puts it on chowder’s feet while he lies in bed and just sits next to him until he’s ready to talk or eat
    • sometimes he needs contact so she’ll lie behind and press her fingers into his back, running them up and down with just enough pressure that he eventually starts to feel more comfortable and present again
  • chowder once found a huge string of shark fairy lights at a charity shop and tried to hang them up all Arty around his shelves and stuff but ended up getting tangled in them 
    • lardo walks in when he calls for help, takes one look at him and immediately leaves, only to return with her phone in hand 
    • she then proceeds to take about 100 photos of him sitting on the floor with glowing sharks wrapped around his arms and legs, telling him to look at her and pose like he means it
    • eventually she helps untangle him but not until she’s put at least 20 of the photos on the group chat, changed her lock screen, and emailed a picture to mama chow
  • chowder gets lardo a giant stuffed duckling for a graduation present
    • she cries
  • Take a moment to imagine Noctis in an oversized sweater and leggings???
    • Bare feet and sleepy eyes and a bedhead, the ultimate lazy day attire
  • Now, imagine, Prompto coming by to hang out, and Noct not bothering to change cause they’re closer than best friends and he’s so comfortable that he doesn’t mind not looking his best
  • Imagine Prom turning beet red as soon as he laid eyes on Noct because ??? Who gave him a right to look that cute???
    • Be still his beating heart, he wasn’t ready
    • So many sneaky pictures will be taken, gotta capture this cute moment forever, it’s not like this happens often
  • Now, imagine Noct stretching when he yawns, sweater pulling up and showing off a sliver of his stomach
  • He looks so warm, and before Prom even realizes what he’s doing, he’s running his hands under that sweater, fingers fanning out over the others ribs, marveling at the warmth radiating from his skin
    • Noct doesn’t pull away, wouldn’t dream of it, he was used to the touches, the skin to skin contact that they both seemed to crave
  • Imagine Prompto realizing what’s happening and jerking his hands back with a blush, only to be pulled back down, hands returning to their rightful place against Noct’s ribs and his head against his chest, listening to his heart beating
  • Finally, imagine them staying like that for the rest of the day, feather light kisses shared between them, and soft words of praise and devotion
    • Only, probably, being interrupted by Iggy coming in to let them know about dinner 
  • Just, imagine them soft and warm, and most of all, happy

Frank: I have an idea. Why don’t we play Rock, Paper, Scissors and whoever loses goes in first.

[Frank plays paper, Jason plays scissors, Percy plays rock, Leo wiggles his fingers]

Leo: Haha, I win.

Jason: What is that?

Leo: That’s fire. It beats everything.

Percy: Oh really? Does it beat water balloon? [opens fist over Leo’s hand] Pop-pssh!

Leo: Well-played, Percy Jackson. Well-played.


Isaac x Reader

Requested By Anon

“You’ll do fine.” You whispered to Isaac who was fiddling with his fingers.

“But they’re better than me what if I don’t make the team or… what if the try-outs run late!” Isaac mumbled as he watched the busy corridor.

“You’ll be fine, and I’ll even come and watch.” You smiled when he flashed a quick smile as he ducked his head.

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