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“I’m masculine, so to speak, in the way that I am in my life, but I can embrace that co-existing other part of myself, and it doesn’t mean that I’m conforming to long-standing notions of how women should and shouldn’t be, or dress.”What Gillian Did Next…, Red Magazine, April 2017

The shedding of my skin
Has always come naturally
But never easily
It is a violent, bloody act
As if the layer I’m peeling off
Isn’t quite dead yet
But it wants to be
—  Growing pains. (e.r.)
Her ideal routine is to drop the kids off at school, come home, meditate, then go to meetings. But often ‘the grid’ (a sort of giant diary) is so tightly scheduled that she has to slide down the side of the bed ('while my kids are sleeping in it with me because they’ve crawled in’) to meditate.
—  What Gillian Did Next…, Red Magazine, April 2017
When the book landed on my desk, I wondered what to expect: is it a self-help book? A joint feminist memoir? An activist guide? Now, after reading it, I see it simply as a map for women who feel lost at sea. Through tasks, affirmations and principles, the book aims to help us dig beneath our layers, dismantle our fears, and to develop healthy coping mechanisms when we wobble. The theory is: if you are happy as an individual then you have more strength to improve the world around you.
—  What Gillian Did Next…, Red Magazine, April 2017

i feel like the ‘seeding’ process is complete and huge trees are standing tall and people are just waiting for someone to clarify what kind of tree it is so they can move on


Two couples that really inspired us and gave us strength when we were long distance are in this month’s DIVA magazine! They are: Luclyn, who are Lucy and Kaelyn… and Wegan - Whitney and Megan.