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Whats My Name Music Video

NCT Songs as Zodiac Signs

Aries: Mad City

Taurus: Wake Up

Geminis: Whiplash

Cancer: Walk You Home

Leo: Switch

Virgo: The 7th Sense

Libra: Limitless

Scorpio: Baby Don’t Like It

Sagittarius: Paradise

Capricorn: Another World

Aquarius: Once Again

Piscis: Cherry Bomb


Definitely a conspiracy.

Check it out. I know when that arm wreastling scene happened with Gil.

Now look at the right corner. Ik it’s hard but take your eyes off huma. You can see gill arm going down reallly fast as two guys strggle to put it down. The same two guys in the photo. These guys were having an arm wrestling match in the middle of whats my name.

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Look at how fast Gil won. In less than two seconds he beat four to three guys. With such force that one of them hit the table. You go Gil.

Getting stuck in my Once upon a Time and Descendants phase at the same time might not’ve been the best idea, but oh well. This song just screamed Pan to me, so I really couldn’t help myself. This also might’ve turned out a bit Captain Pan-y, but it’s not like I mind~


this ep…. was so good… so i vidded the les beans.

Play with Me

Written for: Melissa’s Birthday/1000K Followers Challenge

Words: 6062

Pairing: Dean x Reader x Sam

Prompt: Reader is shy (but secretly kinky)

Warning: SMUT, Dom/Sub Relationship, Language, Minor Angst, Polyamory,

A/N: I’m pretty confident that this is the smuttiest thing I’ve ever written. I apologize for nothing. Happy Birthday Melissa and I sincerely hope you enjoy this. All errors are my own, gifs/pics found on google, and as always feedback is very much appreciated.

Summary: Dean and Sam realized a long time ago they were in love with their shy hunting partner, but never thought they’d ever had a chance. Needless to say, a random accident leads the boys to a shocking truth about her and hopes that just maybe they’ll stand a chance with her after all.


        Sam wondered down the hallway to your room looking for your laptop. He was in desperate need of a new one but since you were away on one of your weekend excursions he figured he could easily grab yours to finish the research he had been working on. He grabbed it heading back to the library as Dean brought out the lunch he’d been making for them.

     “Isn’t that Y/N’s laptop?” Dean asked as he took a bite out of his burger. “Sure she’d be okay with that?”

     “Yeah she’s let me use it before and I’m nearly finished.”

     “Awesome. Have you heard from her?”

     “Not since we talked to her last night,” Sam offered. “You know she’ll be back tomorrow with some weird story and ply you with pie and that’ll be it. Stop worrying.”

     “I can’t help it, Sammy. You know how she is. I mean to be a hunter she’s the shyest person I know. I worry,” Dean shrugs as Sam smiles at his brother.

     “I know what you mean Dean, but she lives with two guys she’s probably just visiting friends or something. Hell maybe she has a significant other I mean we’ve never seen her hook up with anyone before,” Sam trailed off when he thought about Y/N with someone and he could see that Dean agreed. Dean and Sam had several conversations once they realized they both had feelings for you. Although they ultimately decided that neither would pursue you unless you showed an interest, they knew you probably never would. Dean admired how strong you were despite your timid nature and Sam had this desire to protect you from the world.

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What’s her name?

taehyung and bogum’s lil adventure video :’) | © 朴寶劍 on youtube

I DOn’t think now is the best time… 

The W & E “wedding scene” from AWE

This is dedicated to Barbossa (Hector Barbossa, to be precise) and also to the two character’s from the original trilogy (Will & Elizabeth). 

I love Barbossa in this scene. (I’m a little busy at the moment). 

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