whats my name again

kageyama bros fight!


“keith” akira kogane

guess who is also a school dropout hero with a red jacket and a red cool vehicle ?

(also i used refs from ep1 for the futuristic bike)


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Hey Diana! Today I turned 19 and just wanted to say thanks for over two years of a great webcomic experience. I know that it takes a lot of effort to create a page so that's why I admire every update and look forward to them so much. Thanks for creating one of my favorite webcomics ever and for working so hard for your fans. You're genuinely one of my biggest inspirations as an artist. Also, if I may ask, how old were you when you started writing/drawing (specifically Lonely Vincent)? Thanks :)

Hey, happy belated birthday!! I really appreciate this, you’re so sweet to send me this message, thank you! And oh gosh… Alright, I think I was at least 15-17 when I first started drawing this comic (I’m 26 now!). And as some of my older readers know (*narrows eyes at all of you* don’t you dare tell anyone) it was MUCH different back then. I will forever lament how long it took me to draw this comic, but I still maintain that its current incarnation is better than whatever I came up with in the beginning, haha!


((yay, memes.))

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Raúl Esparza characters + name meanings {Part 2} insp