whats monica

I think it’s time we appreciated friends for what it really is: a sitcom about a lesbian couple, the lovely gay couple who live across the hall from them, their quirky pansexual best friend and the token heterosexual douche


friends!au - the central perk; it doesn’t take much for monica to fall for the new waitress at the central perk. she’s beautiful, funny and lights up the cafe each and every time she’s working there. between the constant stolen glances and flirtatious conversation, the gang catches on quickly. tired of watching monica be unlucky in love, they decide to intervene and give her a little bit of help with her new crush. however, the news doesn’t strike rachel quite as expected and leads to a flustered and emotional exchange between the girls when monica attempts to get rachel alone.

whether someone prefers Chandler and Monica or Ross and Rachel really says a lot about them as a person tbh

to those who feel sad for Taylor:

I think Taylor is still every bit the sweet and kind and forgiving girl we all fell in love with. like someone theorized on twitter, this new era is born out of her building a persona that allows her to still release honest music while having a mask to hide behind.

I’m so proud of her for having the good spirit to play around with the emotions from this PAINFUL and heartbreaking time in her life, and then release them to the world in such a creative way