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Ok i had the most vivid picture in my head when i read this scene so i had to draw it. This is from the Pharmercy Mafia!AU fic: Pocket Full of Shells by @logosminuspity (a fic based on drawings by @superrisu ) so go check that out if you want to fully understand this comic :D

I sure as hell know who I’d be loyal to, Fareeha

For Joanie 

Joanie - I know you and I know you’ve probably spent the past five years working your ass off and doing nothing else. Which I appreciate of course, because, you know, here I am, but based on your CD collection (CDs Joan!!! CDs!!! What are you doing!?!? iTunes has existed for nearly 20 years), you haven’t been buying new music. I checked your computer too. You don’t have Spotify or anything (it’s this new streaming service that I don’t understand).

Just so you don’t think I’ve been sitting at home watching Netflix all day, I’ve also been catching up on the last five years of music. Sam and the boys have tried to get me up to speed on all things pop culture but there’s just so much. It’s been a big undertaking and I’m making this a family project now. You and I are both going to start listening to music that’s been released since 2011 (spoiler alert: pop music got gooooood). You need to know what’s going on in the zeitgeist, Joanie. You can’t just listen to Radiohead and The Beach Boys on repeat forever. (don’t worry, I got you an actual Christmas present, this is just a bonus)

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More of my modern/college band au Richie!


You’ve Got to be Kidding Me

Okay, so me and my friend (who is also a girl) have this pact that whenever a guy hits on us or something, we pretend we’re dating.

So, we just ate at this one bar (they have really good burgers) and we both agreed not to drink. Well, while she’s in the bathroom, this guy slides in the stool next to me and asks if he could buy me a drink. Panicking, I said no because I was pregnant.

At that moment, my friend (who again is a girl) comes back, sees this guys flirting, and proceeds to wrap her arms around me and kiss my cheek, and says “Hey, babe! Who’s this?”

The guys immediately catches on and just gives me this blank stare, and I’m sweating so I just let out this awkward laugh and say, “It’s a miracle!


Happy Birthday to the Best Boy in the Universe

❤️ The Bae of Marmora and of Our Hearts ❤️