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  • Eren: [on his birthday] Y'know what? I am going to do something today. I'm not just gonna sit around like some old man. I'm gonna get something pierced. Like my uh, like my nose or my tongue or something.
  • Mikasa: Really? 'Cause you know that hurts.
  • Eren: So what? You know the way I see it-
  • [Mikasa pulls a hair out from the back of Eren's head]
  • Eren: Ow! Son of a BITCH!

Feyre: Tamlin, I need to get out of the house and help dealing with my problems and I want to be useful and please hold my hair back while I get sick and acknowledge the fact that I am having nightmares and also btw I hate this wedding dress and Ianthe is weirding me out and-

Tamlin: Empathy machine broke

Feyre: Rhys, I need-

Rhys: Here, have it all, please tell me what you need, here, have my soul and whoops is that too much and please if you need anything else Mor will be right here, but not too close if you don’t want and also lol don’t go talk to the Suriel for a while ok

Straight men: “I’m going to shame women for their bodies until they change their bodies to meet my standards”.

Straight men after women change their bodies: “Now I’m going to also shame these women for altering their bodies to meet my standards”.

Straight men: “I’m going to shame women for wearing make up.”

Straight men to women who don’t wear make up: “And I’m also going to shame women for not wearing make up, and tell them how horrible their faces and skin look when they don’t wear make up”.

Straight men: “I’m going to shame women who don’t have long silky straight hair naturally, because you know that’s what I like.”

Straight men to women who change their hair to meet their standards: “But I’m also going to shame women who change their hair and add extensions to meet my standards, and at the same time make fun of women with short hair or natural hair, because they don’t meet my standards”.

Moral of this story is, don’t trust straight men’s comments about women’s looks or bodies.


Thoughts While Playing Endless Summer, Book 1, Act III, Chapter 16: Here’s to Adventure


Why are we starting off with Diego’s statements? Does it mean we’re going to end with Diego’s “end” too? No no no I’m getting ahead of myself.

Watchers in the ceiling! They drop to the floor and now we fight!

“Craig was annoyed by having to save you.” Sorry, dude, we’re not close enough.

As MC’s slashing through the rope trap, Michelle goes “Oh my god, if you cut my hair, you are dead!” LOL. #priorities

Crap! Dump the bucket of cold water on the fox or use the sprinklers? I go for sprinklers and hope I’m right. YAY! Winter is shimmering with energy! Woohoo!

“Why do you fight your destiny?,” asks the Blue Leader. Why does he keep saying that?!

Oh. “Because I decide what it’ll be,” answers MC. *slow claps*

More Watchers! Never fear! Jake has his futuristic weapon. It’s a bubble gun with a “world” inside? That whisked the Watchers off… someplace? Woah, Iris says it moves physical objects forward in time. TIME TRAVEL.

Raj? Grace? Neither? I can’t take this decision-making!!! I choose Grace for 20 diamonds.

“Aleister grabs your face and kisses you hard on the forehead.” Hahaha.

Hey hey hey, now Angry Aleister in the HOUUUUUSE. Fighting for his lady love. I love it. He was “fencing”, ladies and gentlemen.

“Grace is now friends with you.” “Aleister no longer dislikes you.” YES. Milestones.

Ooooh we can save Raj for another 20 diamonds. Initially I thought we’d have to choose. Let’s go save our friend!

How do we do that? Iris turns into a friggin’ King Crab and scares off the Watchers. That was hilarious. The Watchers run along and Raj follows them, hahaha. Looks like Iris is sort of a Mystique. Hell, she’s blue too. And she’s into… Raj? Is he into… her?

THEY DON’T HAVE ENOUGH CHUTES FOR EVERYONE. This is just like the fanfic I read the other day. 

“Wake up when it’s all over.” Crap. What do we choose from this bunch of items? Tranquilizer dart? Ugh. The necklace? Crap. What? What?! The necklace isn’t charged so I go for the dart. Oh. Wrong. It’s the gun. They’re going through a portal. TOGETHER.

And Diego says the title. “Here’s to adventure, eh, MC?” And MC too. “Here’s to adventure.”

“A lasso of vines wraps around Diego’s torso”. HEY NOW. Nooooooo. I seriously got goosebumps through the Diego-MC scene.  

204 days ago. That’s how long they “were” in the portal. 6 months. Diego’s been with the Watchers for 6 months too.

“Diego…” Aaand MC says the last line in the finale.

Is there a bonus scene though? YES!!!

Full bonus scene: 204 days ago… Diego is walking through the jungle with the Watchers, tries to escape, but only sees himself come upon a whole VILLAGE of Watchers. Crap.

Earlier that night… LILA. She’s being chased by a Watcher, but she goes full karate on him. Huh. “Where is Everett?,” she’s asking. “What have you done with him?” The HYDRA. He doesn’t know where Rourke is and she… pushes him off the balcony. Without remorse. Oh-kayyyy. This is weird. Is she after Rourke too?

Epilogue. ANOTHER CLUE. Hadean zodiac. Lupus. (Jake?) The RUNES are the key.  They’re back at the penthouse trying to crack the password. Okay here we go.

Okay I’ve been trying to crack the PW the past 30 minutes and I just can’t. I’ll put the game on PAUSE!

(NOT) the end.

Final thoughts:
What a FINALE. And since I still can’t figure out the password, it’s not over yet. Lots of action! And we all kinda saw Diego getting left behind or risking his life. So, yeah, the fandom called that and our best friend has been captured. :( Now what do we do?!?!!? But overall, loved it. Still have a gazillion questions. What did they want with Diego? What’s happened 6 months later? Is Lila on Rourke’s side or not? The plot thickens even more. Aaaaaghghhhg. Another question: What’s the password?!

EDIT: Password is in the comments if you’d like to know what it is. I won’t post it here, for those who still want to take a crack at it. :)


In an effort to procrastinate at work I was doing a little dream casting in my head and thought Josh Zuckerman might make a good Denzell Hunter.

In the books Denzell is described as late 20’s, fine boned, brown hair, amber eyes and cheerful demeanor. We are likely never going to see him actually cast as he pops up late in the books. I’m fascinated trying to imagine what adorable little biscuit made Dottie give up all the gentried suitors of London for!?!

Whatta ya think fandom?
Any fandom goddesses want to weigh in? @bonnie-wee-swordsman @lenny9987 @gotham-ruaidh @drunklander @takemeawaytocamelot @whitenightowl @cranesmuir-witch @kalendraashtar @iwanttodriveyouthroughthenight @suhailauniverse @sapphiresassenach ??

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I'm trying to make a in depth character and need halp. What should I be writing about the character?

So, first off, I’m no expert on the matter, and I can only tell you what I’ve used for my writing! [If others would like to chime in, please do - I think this is a really interesting question!]

First, I’d take a look at the setting. What kind of story are you writing? What role would you like your character to play in the story? Are they going to be the protagonist, or an accomplice? This will help you figure out character traits.

Then comes the character creation. I usually break this up into several categoies:

1. Physical appearance - age, height, weight, body type, hair color, eye color, skin tone, etc. Do they have any scars or distinguishing marks? Are they athletic, or a couch potato? Do they have any disabilities, physical or mental? Are they mentally and physically healthy? [If not, then why?]

2. Background - you might not necessarily include all this in your story, but it helps to have this so that you can get into the character. It helps when you’re trying to figure out how they’d react to a situation/experience. This would include things like where they grew up, what kind of childhood did they have, their parents, their siblings [if any], their relationship with family members. This would also include education, and whether they’re book smart, or street smart. Religious beliefs would also be part of this.

3. Deeper background - I usually put this in a separate category because not everyone needs this. Is your character married? To whom? How old is their spouse? What is their spouse like? Do they have children? How many? What are their ages?

4. Occupation - What do they do? Do they like what they do? What is their dream job? Do they get along with their boss and co-workers?

5. Attitude - What is their greatest fear? What is the worst thing that could happen to them? What makes them feel comfortable, and uncomfortable? How do they feel about themselves? Do they have any regrets? Do they have any accomplishments they are proud of? What is their darkest secret?

6. Personality - What is their greatest strength? What is their biggest weakness? Do they have a soft spot? If they do, do they hide it from others? What makes them vulnerable? Which of the seven deadly sins do they fight against? What virtues do they have? Are they an optimist, or a pessimist? Introvert, or extrovert? What motivates them? Do they have any talents? What are they skilled at? Is there anything they’re unskilled at? What are their flaws? Do they have any quirks/eccentricities? How do they react in a crisis? How do they deal with problems? What kind of problems do they usually run into? How do they deal with change? How to they react to new/different problems?

7. Self-perception and relationship with others - What do they like and dislike about themselves? Is there something they want to change? Are they realistic about their appearance, or do they have any insecurities? How does the character think others perceive them? What do their friends and family think of them? What do character’s friends and family like and dislike about them? What is the character’s relationship with the protagonist and/or antagonist?

8. Extras - These would depend on your story. Where does character live? Do they live alone? What do they drive? Do they wear jewelry? What are their spending habits? What is their most prized possession? Do they play any musical instruments? Do they like music? If so, what kind? Do they like animals? Do they have any pets? Is there someone they secretly admire? Is there a person who’s majorly influenced character? Who are the most important people in the character’s life at the start of the story?

This turned out to be quite long, sorry! Again, I’m not an expert, I’m going by the questions I usually ask myself when I create a character. You don’t have to use all of them! This is more meant as a guide than an absolute rule :) I hope this helped! 

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Dear (someone you want dead),

“Dear  Jandelaine:

You overpriced piece of shit. Two thousand fucking gil. Two thousand. For a hair cut. Listen here bubblegum stick you’re an overpriced hack who can only rip off popular styles from famous people. Oh,you want to look like lord Whats-his-face from Ishgard? I can do that for you. FOR TWO THOUSAND FUCKING GIL!!!

Someday I’m going to ring that thrice damned bell and you’ll find me sitting there with a shotgun and a smile on my face.

On that day I will have supplied Eorzea with a cheaper, more effective stylist.

Until that day you can have my gil. And my hate.”

Relationship with Sirius

big spoon/little spoon: Sirius is the big spoon almost always. Unless he’s sick. Then he wants to be cuddled.

favourite non-sexual activity: hanging out with the group. who uses all the hot water: Sirius. “It’s not my fault you’re jealous of my hair." 

the most trivial thing they fight over: "no that’s not ok.” “What’s not ok pet?” “Your freezing ice cubes you call toes. Get them away from my knee pit. That’s cruel and unusual.” Sirius usually finds this hilarious every time.

 who does most of the cleaning: you. Sometimes he tries to help but it usually ends up with you just telling him to go sit down.

 who controls the Netflix queue: it’s your Netflix but Sirius uses it all of the time. It’s at the point where your recommendations have nothing to do with your likes. 

who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working: Sirius. But he only calls after he makes a point of trying to fix it. Even if he has no clue what he’s doing. 

who steals the blankets: you do and it drives him mad. “My arse is freezing over here.”

who leaves their stuff around: do you really have to ask? Your sure he has never heard of a clothing hamper. 

who remembers to buy the milk: you. He can remember you’re out of the most random things but the necessities are long forgotten. 

who remembers anniversaries: surprisingly he does. “Happy first time we snogged day!” “That’s just weird that you remember that:" 

Who cooks normally?: the both of you. His no expert chef but he is learning fast. 

How often do they fight?: all the time. To be honest it’s not so many fights as Sirius getting bored and picking on you until you lose your mind. 

What do they do when they’re away from each other?: Sirius is with the boys caused great mass mayhem. You are probably getting done things that he hates like shopping. 

Nicknames for each other?: He calls you pet or love. You call him love and behind closed doors bae. He hate loves it. 

Who is more likely to pay for dinner?: Sirius. Even when you say it’s your turn. "Got that Black money. Don’t bother even thinking about paying." 

What would they get each other for gifts?: you get him something muggle that he would love. On year you got him a pen but you’re pretty sure the only use that came from it was him biting the end. He gets you ridiculously expensive beautiful jewellery. 

Who kissed who first?: Sirius kissed you first in the hall after potions because you kept biting your lip in class. It was driving him mad not to kiss and bite on them. 

Who made the first move?: Sirius. Patience was never his strong suit. 

Who remembers things?: you do. "Did you send an owl to your mother it’s her birthday tomorrow.” “Fuck.” “What do you use all your memory space for?“ 

Who started the relationship?: you did. Mostly you asked why you two weren’t a thing yet and he said it was because he wasn’t sure how to ask. 

Who cusses more?: Sirius. And it always comes out at the worst times. "Stop swearing there are children walking down Diagon alley." 

What would they do if the other was hurt?: Sirius would burn the world for you. He’s macho on the outside but sweet on the inside.

It’s Whiny Wednesday again! I caught Eileen, the ship’s cosmetologist, in the halls today and asked what really splits her ends:

“I spend hours of my time and gobs of my product every day on Kylo Ren’s hair to make him look like a damn movie star and he just says, “Thanks” and slaps that ugly helmet on over it! Ugh. Next time he falls asleep in the chair I’m just going to shave it all off.”

Don’t let him get to you, Eileen. You are an artist.

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I really love tattoos/piercings/colored hair and have a list of tattoos I would want but I would also like to act and I dont want to always play a stereotype ya know? Hair can be changed and piercings taken out so its mostly the tattoos I am unsure about (only for job reasons) advice?

I had to go through this dilemma too

rambles under the cut

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thewasabipea replied to your post “time for yr blogger’s six-weekly reminder that if u wanna bleach yr…”

if you don’t mind me asking: what’s your go-to recs for shampoo/conditioner? i have naturally dark brown/black hair, and am no longer able to bleach (unless i’m gonna lop off the last 16 inches or so of hair) and would like to keep my blue a little better. (also i gotta wash every day. oil, man. OIL.)

wait I’m confused, you want recs for shampoo/conditioner for bleached/white/pastel-dyed hair? or you have blue hair? WHO KNOWS okay but when I say ‘blue conditioner’ i mean: it’s blue and it keeps my hair Not Yellow. but here’s my Hair Situation for white/pastel hair, at least:

1) L’Oreal Professionel Colour Corrector Blondes. whaddya know, this isn’t even a conditioner, it’s a “cc cream”. For hair. Let’s be real here it’s a toning mask/conditioner. I use it once a week, it keeps my hair nice and toned-out. Like I said: it’s blue. If you leave it on bleached-white hair too long it will come out kinda blue-gray but it washes out in the next wash, so.

2) Some Kind Of Keratin Mask. I like the L’Oreal Elvive one but the point is, keratin. Again, I use it once a week (ish, closer to once a fortnight, or it goes into my dye mix) and I SLATHER that shit on immediately after bleaching my roots.

3) literally I use Dove shampoo and conditioner on the regs because paying $50 for salon product is ridiculous to me, but I have a short bob/pixie cut situation and apparently freakishly strong hair. If you want long hair that is also bleached out, you’re probably gonna have to pay for it via salon products. For a while when I had lilac I was using Lush Daddy-O which is a purple shampoo, and that really did help keep it a really pretty colour, but it’s also super drying which is a pain in the ass.

4) spray-in conditioner. Again, I use one with keratin in it. Making My Hair Not Feel Like Straw, it’s a daily situation.

5) Some Kind Of Argan Oil Situation. See: Making My Hair Not Feel Like Straw. I put a couple pumps (coin-size) through it while it’s towel-dried, wait half an hour (makeup routine), blow-dry, put another drop or so through it if the ends are particularly fluffy.

6) if u wanna keep that pastel, mix your colour into your conditioner. Generally, you’ll get a better and more even pastel if you dilute the colour down with conditioner and continually apply to layer/build up the colour over time.

7) I am a strong proponent of mixing my own pastel shade. For really great peachy-cotton-candy hair, I like a good amount of Directions pastel pink, about an equal amount conditioner/keratin mask, a dab of orange (Directions ‘apricot’), a dab of blue conditioner, a Very Small dab of ash gray. It’ll look disgusting. I promise, your hair won’t come out that colour, it’ll just give it depth. Manic Panic Mystic Heather is really pretty too, if you like lilac: maybe I should give that a go again.

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wow, people must be really scarping the barrel for rping with you, leave it to better people

((SCARPING?! What is this ‘scarping’ of which you speak? Seriously, it sounds like a load of fun. 

And yes, I am perfectly aware that there are infinitely better people out there than me. But you know what, I’m still going to be eternally grateful that people actually give me and my blue haired lady the time of day.

You can take that attitude of yours and shove it, however. - Mun x))

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Liz what is your favorite phase of dixon hair. I personally love his hair in the end of s4 early s5

this is such a hard question holy shit? I mean I like all phases of daryl hair except maybe s1 lmfao TOO BLONDE? I’m never going to complain about it too much? 

but I think my favorite is late s3 or early s4. late s3 had the beautiful side floofs: 

and early s4 was like…long enough to be hot and rebellious but not long enough to make me wonder how he’s seeing past his bangs like now: 


so i kind of tried to bleach my hair because i thought it would actually go to blonde but now all i’ve got is a minty mess of regret. idk what i’m doing now because apparently nothing will remove the minty color. i can’t be assed to go to the mall to get some bright colors and my corner store only sells reds and lilacs.. i’m afraid of bleaching it because it just won’t go away no matter what i try