whats eating gilbert grape

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what other movies are on your top ten list?

1. little miss sunshine
2. kill your darlings
3. american beauty
4. virgin suicides
5. basketball diaries
6. what’s eating gilbert grape
7. heathers
8. life after beth
9. tangled
10. wolf of wall street


The Top 5 Leonardo DiCaprio Roles: As Chosen By You
#3 → Arnie Grape (32 votes)

“Match in the gas tank, boom! boom!”

mymandicaprio: “You just can’t help but love him to death and Leo’s performance in that movie was stellar.”
loving-leonardo: “In my opinion it’s Leo’s best role to date, he put so much effort into such a dynamic character. Arnie’s so pure and innocent and Leo nailed that emotion perfectly!” dagafaves: “Definitely one of the most underrated roles ever. His creation was so stunning, he stole the whole movie. And he was only 19! This role is absolutely genius.”