whats da big deal

For Zakiyah (mostly Zaulie ) fans to sit on here and say Da’Vonne did not love Zakiyah is disrespectful. 

When Zakiyah was drunk and literally showing her ass on TV who was the one who pulled her aside? Da’Vonne.

When Paulie showed his colors and Zakiyah was crying feeling like she looked a like a fool, who told her to pick up the pieces and play the game? Da’Vonne.

When Zakiyah left the house and entered jury who was the one that cried for her? Da’Vonne.

When Paulie came in to the house talking down to Zakiyah and acting like what he did wasn’t a big deal who defended her? Da’Vonne.

Don’t you sit here and say Da’Vonne did not care about Zakiyah cause that is a damn lie. She was the only person in this house who was looking out for her. Da’Vonne cried on her eviction saying how she loved Zakiyah as a sister and what does Zakiyah do? Let the man who talked trash and berated her on national television talk anyway he wants to Da’Vonne and not stand up for her. I understand Zakiyah is victim of abusive relationships, but I can’t defend her in this situation.