whats been lost

The Little Things

I thought I couldn’t feel anymore,
that I’d given up completely
But in that moment,
as I watched you do what you love,
I felt happy to be alive
You reminded me
what joy life can bring
and that it’s worth holding on
so we can experience
the little things
that mean everything

People lay down, taking off the masks they wear in the daytime, summing up the total bill for the day. They have opened up their hearts, opened up their “soul’s corner”, that hidden corner, and they repent, weep.  For what has been wasted this day, for what has been lost this day, for the painful living of this day. Naturally, there is also a small number of prideful people amongst man, but they have already gone to sleep satisfied. The remaining who are unhappy, despairing, weep over their destinies under the cold nest of their quilt. Whether daytime or night, the world always has two faces for these two different kinds of people.

Ba Jin (巴金), The Family (家). 1931. 

Born Li Yaotang (李尧棠) to a scholarly family in Chengdu, Sichuan, Ba Jin is one of the most influential writers of modern Chinese literature. Li took his pen name, Ba Jin, from the names of two Russian anarchists, Bakunin and Kropotkin. As a child, Li read widely and was deeply influenced by the anarchist works of Kropotkin and Emma Goldman, the latter of which he began a lifelong correspondence with. In 1928, Li left for France to continue his studies, where he wrote his first novel, Destruction (灭亡) in part out of boredom, while continuing his fervent anarchist activism in Paris. His writing style is characterized by simple words and sentence structures, making his works accessible to a large audience and widely popular throughout his career. Outside of his writing, Li mastered Esperanto within one year of self-study during his university years, and served as the vice-president of the Chinese Esperanto League in the 1980s. 

Captain America Jemma Simmons

You know what I like best about Carry On? The spells. The way that they’re common (or not-quite-so-common-anymore) phrases that you put magic into yourself. I just like how the magic doesn’t inherently come with the spell– you have the magic and you’re the one who puts it into practice with your voice.

an alternate reality where:

-jaspar never moved out
-troye never left youtube
-o2l never broke up

please note that this alternate reality would ALSO contain:

-none of the buttercream squad
-none of troyes music
-no common culture or knj world tours

don’t focus on what has been lost. focus on what’s been gained in the absence of what once was.

which reality would you choose? the one we have now, or the one i just described?


I am here tonight because Ava told me that I could have my family back.


Ok. So I just made myself depressed with this observation. My portraits from 2 years ago are far better than my new ones. I mean…look at the hair, the skin, I mean what–

This is literally going backwards. What the hell was I doing these past 2 years? @_______@””””


Even though I told myself to stop, I’m still gradually falling in love with him more and more.

i’m looking at all these posts made by fans expressing genuine surprise at having been queerbaited this whole time…… and i want to be able to say “i told u so” but honestly it’s just genuinely really sad

Do you know Tariq bin Ziyad?

He was not just the Emir of Al Andalus but he was also one of the greatest Islamic commanders in history, he defeated a force of 100,000 Christians with only 12,000 men in the battle of Guadalete and killed their Visgoth king in a duel.

He was only 17 at that time.
May Allah (SWT) bless him.