yeah so i was tagged by how-soon-is-never hehe

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1.Who do you miss the most?
Probably my brother, I hardly see him boohoo

2.Did you enjoy school? Why or why not?
School’s alright I guess just because I normally end up laughing a lot, but apart from that it sucks haha

3.What’s your favourite quote?
I have no clue haha, sorry!

4.Compliment yourself please? You know you’re wonderful
Oh god, i really can’t haha

5.Do you believe in horoscopes/zodiac signs?
I never really read horoscopes, but whenever I do it doesn’t come true so I don’t really believe in them:)

6.Most embarrassing moment?
This is hard, em probably when I was at Silverstone and on the Friday I had to wear this massive green waterproof thing (which wasn’t really waterproof) for hours and hours and everyone else was in normal coats and then I had to take it off, all my clothes were soaked and I looked like a drowned cat all day- yeah that was pretty bad

7.Sweetest thing someone has done for you?
Um, my friend held my hand for ages when I was upset once? That’s the best I have

8.Pepsi or coke?
I don’t like either

9.Worst tumblr experience?
I haven’t really had a bad experience on tumblr, and now I’m probably going to jinx myself the moment i post this -_-

10.What is love?
Baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me, NO MORE (sorry I couldn’t resist;))

11.Listen to Nickelback forever or wear crocs forever?
Just making it clear my grandad rocks the crocs, so I’d probably wear crocs with him and we could rock together haha

My questions:

1.Favourite song?

2.Coffee or Tea?

3.Best joke you know?

4.Best concert you’ve been to?

5.Would you like to go back in time and why?

6.Which book/book series would you like to erase from your memory, so you could read it again without knowing the ending?

7.Favourite band?

8.Which season do you enjoy the most?

9.Most embarrassing moment?

10. Best childhood memory?

11.What is your favourite place on earth?