anonymous asked:

I'M SO SAD I HAVE NO REASON TO BE my cat is healthy 3 year old i love him with all my heart he is amazing but im scared for when he dies whatll i do.... wether its next week or 15 years from now im scared and sad......

Whoa hey, slow down there hun.

It can be super easy to slip into the mindset of thinking about mortality, whether it be about your own or about the people– and in this case, pets– you care about. Hell, sometimes those thoughts are even invasive and out of your control, which is really difficult to deal with.

But at the end of the day, if you can try to focus on the here and now as opposed to what could happen, or what will happen sometime in the future, then you may end up seeing things in a more positive light. Every time you feel scared or sad about your cat’s death, make sure to remind yourself he’s here now, cuddle with him or play with him and just remember that, regardless of how much time you have with him, you are going to make the absolute best of it. 

That being said, if you feel sad for no reason all the time, or think about death a lot–whether it be about your cat’s, loved ones, or yours– I really suggest seeing a therapist, phychologist, or even a psychiatrist. It’s okay to be randomly sad sometimes or to think about death sometimes, but thinking about it too much is usually a bad sign and can just generally be bad news bears.

I hope that helped in some capacity hun ;w;