Stuff-on-my-Mind Chronicles

Facebook feels weirder to me as more time passes by. I used to be addicted to updating my status and commenting on posts the whole day but now I can’t help but think that Facebook is nothing more than a self promotion website. It’s like one big personal advertisement of yourself. We display our strengths, list out the places we’ve worked, countries we’ve traveled to and obsess over the number of likes on each profile photo all to satisfy our inner need for acceptance and approval from others. I like being just a random face in the crowd here on Tumblr. My personal life is irrelevant here. The experiences I’ve had aren’t displayed like a mannequin in a clothing store, instead my entire blog is just an artistic representation of the person I have become or aspire to be as a result of my experiences. Tumblr doesn’t only limit me to the person I am currently, it opens me to the possibilities of who I can be.