What It Really Means (For a friend)

We all have feelings we hide too well,
We paste on a smile and away we go. 
We all carry stories we want to tell, 

Well, let’s start with depression first.
Just because we’re sad once in a while,
Doesn’t exactly mean it’s all over now.
Having depression is far from that.
What it really means is to be stuck in a hole,
With almost no means to crawl back out.
Being nervous for a math test,
Doesn’t exactly mean we have anxiety.
It is the fear of losing something dear,
Or overreacting to something that’s small and near.
Oops we forgot to eat breakfast,
But we were running late.
That doesn’t mean we have an eating disorder,
Because to have ED is the disability to eat the correct amount,
Or never being able to keep the food down.
We think of wanting to go away,
Ain’t that a shame but it doesn’t mean we want to shoot ourselves in the face.
Being suicidal is wishing to go to bed,
And never waking up, or attempting to waste away.
Just because our parents show emotions sometimes,
Doesn’t mean the family is abusive,
Unless we encounter verbal and physical
Harassment on a daily basis.
Slipping in the shower, trying to shave,
Doesn’t mean we try to self-mutilate,
If we purposely hurt ourselves to feel numb,
Then it is a strong action, but it isn’t dumb.
These are the major hurts that no one wants to face,
But we will accept ourselves, no matter what it takes.