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I was tagged by kuromeow gracias :D

  • Crazy party or small meeting with friends?

small meeting with friends

  • Country you live in?


  • Favourite colour?


  • Any near death experiences?

no, my life is really boring :/

  • Are you interested in politics?


  • NOTP?

stalia, it’s stiles and malia (teen wolf)

  • Something you want to share?

i have a fluorescent green jansport backpack, people can see me from two streets walking, and at night, the only thing you would see, its a backpack floating in the dark. 


  • Bunnies or kittens?


  • Any fav youtuber?

danisnotonfire aka trolo

  • Last person you texted?

yourfavoritebook (we go to school together)

my questions:

1. otp?

2. dinosaurs or dragons?

3. if you had to do a human centipede, who would you choose?

4. country you live in?

5. if you had to do a tattoo on one of your butt cheeks, what would you do?

6. if you were invisible for one day, what would you do?

7. favorite music artist?

8. something you want to say?

9. favorite youtuber?

10. first reaction when i tagged you?

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