When i first laid my eyes on you everything around me moved i felt so insecure… but now i miss you. When i went to say high you just passes me by then i knew you where the guy for me.

when i see you i get that special feeling like I’m floating on a cloud… above. This time its for real i know what i feel just don’t for get about me.

I always go back to the same people.

I always go back to the same people. I think i have a pretty good understand why but i sure as hell i didnt. I miss dating new people.

Sometimes i think its cause i dont like taking a risk but then i realize i take a lot of ricks in my life. then i think it maybe because i feel relaxed with the person but then it dawns on me that its defiantly not that due to the fact i change my self for each person. My main way to think of why i do it is because its something stabel, there has never been a time where i couldnt turn around and the guy/guys are will to let what ever happened between us go. ( kinda not a good thing on there part). the guys i go back to for coverage are scum bags, they treat me like shit they yell curse cheat and all that great shit, but i always come up with an excuse for them like “Oh he had a bad day he didnt mena it” or “ he wont do it again, theres always room for change right ?” i ask myself. but none of this ever changes.

Today i kinda realized that if you sit back and dont take stand NOTHING will ever change for you. You create change change doesnt create you .


when i said i GUYS i didnt mean like 10 i meant like 2