A pair of blackened eyes look out to into the darkness of the night, welcomed only by infinity and emptiness.

It’s not uncommon for her kind to kill themselves after a few centuries. The isolation from humanity can be too excruciating for those still holding on to some semblance of their past life. 

Zenobia looks on regardless, curiosity feeding the hope that maybe one day a purpose will reveal itself.

The former force of Zeus. Zenobia cast into darkness.  

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O Brandon! People do indeed never understand.

I’m using this song as the introduction for my paper on the coexistence of resident vegas and tourist vegas as separate yet dependent spheres. haha. oh, Brandon! I swear, I wish I could just turn in this album and be like “Here, here is everything I’m trying to say. Plus, its pretty sounding.”

“I’ve had girls throw themselves on me, but you’re different. Unique." 

Adonis was to the left of me in my bed, looking out the window to the downtown lights. The words floated in the air, this kind of knowledge and self acceptance of being born intoxicatingly gorgeous. 

And then, of course, the poison at the end of his sentence. The half-truth. Desire led me to the most bizarre of places, it led me to accept his emotionally taxing presence. But calling me unique? 

I’ve heard it all before. We’re all the same.  

He left at 2 am, promised me he’d call in the morning.
I never heard from him again.  

Incredibly productive shoot!! I’m tempted to paint these incredibly late in the game!   

CUT ME, DOCTOR (A glimmer of Ashley Vegas)

Blood dried, it rested on the corners of her mouth. 
Ashley lay flat on the operating table, her thighs could feel the cold stainless steel and she half regretted wearing a low cut body con. She looked too good to pass it up.

“It will all be over soon, we just run some tests, collect some samples.” 

Of course, she thought, that’s what they always say. 

The doctor pressed her scalpel gently above Ashley’s navel, resting for just a second before pushing deeper and finally cutting through. Ashley could see the blood, first as a small drop, but soon as a sizable pool. No wincing, no squirming, her eyes betrayed no pain, however uncomfortable she secretly felt.

It’s been over a century and these doctors are getting very predictable.   

And just as quickly as it happened, the parted skin pulled back together and closed, leaving only a faint trace of where the the doctor had cut her up. She healed, because she was not human. Not anymore. 

Ashley knew what was coming next, and she hated the prospect of walking around waiting for her organs to regrow. Once, she walked around for hours without a slpeen and it completely got in the way of trying to break in her new Jimmy Choos. The ones with little diamonds at the tip, she loved taking long steps to see them glimmer. 

“Can I go home now?”

Ashley’s first words in hours come through terse, across gritted teeth. Her eyes squinted in the process, emphasizing the shape of her mars black cat eyes. 

“We’ll get you home soon enough, we promise.” A lie centuries old, too old to ever fool this mythical creature. 

“Wrong answer.”

Ashley lunges her fist deep into the surgeons stomach, if she made her way up long enough she could feel the spleen. 

I used to be a promoter, I’d walk beautiful women through the doors and get paid generously to do it.

That’s in the past now.

These days, I still get women to walk through doors, but it’s to private luxury lofts owned by wealthy eternals that then feed on their youth. Promoting is the only thing I know how to do…

I feed too. I’ve gotta live after all.