“I do it for my ppl… Family business….” - Song: What I live for by my main man @flagnorfail !!! Trained arms till I couldn’t today, see u soon big dog! Lil @danalinnbailey on my tee is always hyping me uppppppppp ! #flagnorfail #whatiLiveFor #noBalance #headBandSwag #mohawkWarriors

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I know my time with him is limited. It’s short and sweet, but it goes fast and amazingly. And when I’m with him, I just wish that time would go so much slower. I wished that the minutes were seconds and that our time together wasn’t so small. I love the way he holds my hand and the way he looks at me and then I smile, laugh, and look away. Then he asks me what’s wrong. And I just smile and reply with “nothing.” Because nothing’s really wrong when he’s around. I like him. I like him a lot.

He’s out now. He’s out with his bestfriends, getting burgers for breakfast like the idiots they are. I’m here though, waiting for them - him to come back so I can just have one more if not hour, then minute with him. I just worry a little bit. I mean, they’re out. I trust him, I think. But I don’t trust girls. Because they don’t care if a guy had a girlfriend. But it doesn’t matter because if a girl can catch his attention, I don’t want him. I’ve just wanted to be with him for so long, and now that I am, I’m scared out of my mind to lose him. The way he wraps his arm around me when we sit on the floor together, watching a movie. The way we fly away from each other at the risk of getting caught being together, yet we still go back to each other. The way he randomly looks at me when he thinks I’m not looking. That’s what I love about him.

I just really like him a lot. I hope he comes back soon. I just need time with him. That’s all I want. And when I’m with him, I’m comfortable being myself. Because he’s my boyfriend. And he’s great. And whenever I’m with him, all I want to do is hold his hand. So, if time would be able to hear me, I would beg it to please, just stop when I’m with him. That’s all.

True Story:

Me: Sir, excuse me, Sir, that pool is closed.

Dude: *steps over closed sign into wading pool*

Me: Excuse me sir, you can’t go in there!

Dude: takes another step

Me: *getting out of the lifeguard chair* SIR!

Dude: I heard you I’m just dipping my feet in!

Me: Well if I were you I’d go wash them off.  It’s closed because someone took a crap in it.

My Record Collection So Far
  • The American Scene - “Safe For Now” (12" black//500)

  • The American Scene - “Haze” (12" red/orange/sea blue//300)

  • The American Scene/Daybreaker - Split (7" cream//#?)

  • Arctic Monkeys - “AM” (12"black 180 gram LP//#?)

  • Being as an Ocean - “Dear G-d” (12"black/white.grey smash//#?)

  • Being as an Ocean - “How We Both Wondrously Perish” (12" blue eyes" variant//1000)

  • Being as an Ocean - Being as an Ocean (12″ sea blue w/ white//1000)

  • Brand New - “The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me” (12"black double LP//3000)

  • Brand New - “Deja Entendu” (12″ black 180 gram LP//#?)

  • Brand New - “Daisy” (12"black//#?)

  • Citizen - “Youth" (12"green/black //#?)

  • Citizen - “Everybody is Going to Heaven” (12″ silver//cream/baby blue tri-color//3000)

  • Coldplay - “Parachutes” (12" black 180 gram LP//#?)

  • Copeland - “Beneath Medicine Tree” (12″ clear w/ black smoke//1500)

  • Copeland - “In Motion” (12" white 180 gram LP//750)

  • Copeland - “Eat, Sleep, Repeat” (12" transparent red//#?)

  • Copeland - “You Are My Sunshine" (12" root beer brown douple LP//1500)

  • Copeland - “Ixora” (12" white//3000)

  • Copeland - “Ixora Twin” (12″ white//1000)

  • Create Avoid - “Pastime” (7" white w/ pink splatter//#?)

  • Daybreaker - “The Northbound Trains EP” (12" tan//300)

  • Defeater - “Empty Days and Sleepless Nights” (12" etched, purple marble double LP//1000)

  • Defeater - “Letters Home” (12" transparent blue//2000)

  • Elder Brother - “Heavy Head” (12" cream, aqua & orange smash//500)

  • Forever Came Calling/Family Thief - Split (7" bone/beer/brown striped tri-color//500)

  • Foxing - “The Albatross” (12" gold blood//500)

  • From Indian Lakes - “Able Bodies” (12″ clear//#?)

  • The Front Bottoms - “The Front Bottoms” (12" black//#?)

  • The Front Bottoms - “Talon of the Hawk” (12" black//#?) 
  • The Front Bottoms - “Rose” (12″ black with B-side etching//#?)

  • The Front Bottoms/GDP - Split RSD exclusive release (7″ black//2000)

  • The Front Bottoms - “Back on Top” (12″ solid gold//#?)

  • Gates - “Bloom & Breathe” (12" bone double LP//300)

  • Halsey - “Badlands” (12″ pink//#?)

  • The Hotelier - “Home, Like Noplace is There” (12″ clear//650)
  • I Call Fives - “Someone That’s Not You” (7" electric blue transparent//300)

  • I Call Fives - “I Call Fives” (12" opaque baby blue/clear split//#?)

  • Jesse Lacey/Kevin Devine - “Devinyl Splits No. 6″ (7″ black//2000)

  • The Killers - “Hot Fuss” (12" transparent blue//#?)

  • La Dispute - “Rooms of the House” (12″ black//#?)

  • Landscapes - “Life Gone Wrong” (12" clear with white, grey and black splatter//500)

  • Living With Lions - “Some of My Friends Appear Dead to Me” (7" white w/ mint & yellow splatter//300)

  • Marina and the Diamonds - “Electra Heart” (12″ electric pink//#?)

  • Matthew Vincent/Alexander Correia - Split (12" clear/kelly green/yellow tri-color//300)

  • Melanie Martinez - “Crybaby” - (12″ black//#?)

  • Misser - “Problems. Problems. Problems.” (7" transparent beer//500)

  • Modern Baseball - “You’re Gonna Miss it All” (12″ green/white starburst//2500)

  • Modern Baseball - “Holy Ghost” (12″  180g yellow easter//3700)

  • Modest Mouse - “The Moon and Antarctica” (12" black 180 gram double LP//#?)

  • Moose Blood - “I’ll Keep You in Mind, From Time to Time” (12" opaque orange//500)

  • My Chemical Romance  - “Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge” (12" black//#?)

  • Neck Deep - “Wishful Thinking” (12" yellow with red and purple splatter//#?)

  • Neck Deep - “Life’s Not Out to Get You” 2015 Warped Tour exclusive (12″ blue w/ red & yellow splatter//#?)

  • Of Mice & Men - “The Flood” (black 12" w/ gold 7" //1000)

  • Phoenix - “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix” (12" black//#?)

  • Pity Sex - “Euclid” RSD first release (7″ white/olive green with grey splatter//#?)

  • Real Friends - “Maybe This Place is the Same and We’re Just Changing” (12" white & gold//500)

  • Real Friends - “More Acoustic Songs” RSD first release (12″ black with B-side etching//2000)

  • Real Friends - “The Home Inside My Head” (12″ green/blue/red/white splatter//500)

  • Royal Blood - “Royal Blood” (12″ black//#?)

  • Sights & Sounds - “Silver Door” (10" silver/white smash//600)

  • Sorority Noise - “Joy Departed” (12″ yellow w/ royal blue//1000)

  • The Story So Far - “Under Soil and Dirt” (12" black 180 gram//1000)

  • The Story So Far - “What You Don’t See” (12" purple, oxblood, and olive smash with mustard splatter//#?)

  • The Story So Far - “Songs Of EP” (10" kelly green/yellow/blood Red - tri-color w/ black splatter//5500)

  • The Story So Far - “The Story So Far” (12″ royal blue in clear//2500)

  • STRFKR - “Astronaut/Little Lover” RSD limited release  (7″ black//400)

  • To The Wind - “Empty Eyes” (12" transparent red//#?)

  • Troubled Coast - “I’ve Been Thinking About Leaving You” (7" coke bottle green//300)

  • Troubled Coast - “Awake and Empty” (12" clear//#?)

  • Turnover - “Peripheral Vision” (12″ half red/half pink//2000)

  • Two Door Cinema Club - “Tourist History” (12″ white//#?)

  • The Young Veins - “Take a Vacation” (12" black//#?)

Real talk by Jason Butler.. “is really one of the only times of my life where I am allowed to be vulnerable and I don’t feel like I am being judged for that”
Moments like this remind me how much I love this music scene. He was able to articulate so precisely, about my passion for going to shows. #letlive #jasonaalonbutler #whatilivefor @letliveperiod (at The Roxy)

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