What I know so far...

I moved to NYC on June 2, 2011.  Therefore, I have been a resident for juuuust over seven months.  Living in New York City is everything I had anticipated it would be.  In fact, sometimes I still get the giggles when I’m out walking the streets–it’s crazy that I live here!  I can remember being five years old and informing my parents that I would live in NYC someday.  Now I do! How cray cray is that?!

Anyway, I’ve learned some things since I’ve lived here.  Let me list a few for you.  It’s Oprah’s list of what she knows for sure.

What Nikki Knows for Sure:

1.  The subway is like democracy in action.  I actually can’t take credit for that statement, as I read it in a book (though I forget what book).  But it’s true!  The subway is like democracy in action!  A pauper can sit next to a prince.  Everyone gets shoved!  Everyone gets on my nerves when they’re loud on the train!  It’s equal opportunity for every man.  I adore it.

2.  Standing on the subway can be difficult.  The trick is to stand with your feet at least shoulder-width apart, and bend your knees.  If you lock ‘em, you’re gonna get jarred around a lot–or you’ll pass out from too-locked knees.  You also need to hold on to the bars, but not for dear life.  You have to shift your weight from leg to leg with the movement of the train.  A few weeks of practice, and you’ll be fine.

3.  Lots of sycamores here.

4. New Yorkers aren’t rude.  The tourists are.  Granted, there are rude people everywhere, but NYers have been super nice to me for the most part.  The tourists have some kind of attitude.  It isn’t cool.

5.  Bill Clinton is so handsome in person.

6.  Everything is more expensive here.

7.  If all the skyscrapers had a pageant, the Chrysler Building would win.  Hands down.

8.  Southern food here isn’t really southern food.  That is annoying and continually disappointing.  But my quest continues!

9.  Bill Clinton is so handsome in person.

10.  I love Bill Clinton.

11.  Dating is just as difficult in NYC as anywhere else.  If not, moreso.

12.  43 degrees in NYC feels a heck of a lot colder than 43 degrees in any state below the Mason Dixon Line.

13.  Northern men find me prettier than Southern men do.  Either that, or Northern men are a lot less shy.

14.  There is no north or south.  Only “uptown” or “downtown”.

15.  Back to the subway:  almost every day, you see someone on the train who looks like someone famous.  Or how someone famous would look if said famous person was on crack.  Or just how said famous person would look.

16.  Every single day is an adventure.

More to come about my life, my adventures, etc.  Want to get to know me?  Just read me.  ;)