Today, what-if-glee-rpg celebrates ONE YEAR of roleplaying! We couldn’t have better roleplayers. We are a big family, but we all are together as a real family. Thank you for making this year so amazing, guys! Keep going and never stop believing!

Also sent in today:

Congrats to what-if-glee-rpg being around for a whole year! This place helped me meet the most amazing people and become a better rper. Sunny, Eil, Emmy, and Erin are amazing admins and well I can only hope for more years to come. Love you all!


It’s What-If-Glee-Rpg’s first birthday today and I would just like to say a huge thank you not only to the people that have been with us from the beginning, but also the people who have joined us along the way. And another huge thank you to my co-admins, Sunny, Erin & Emmy. The RP is what it is because of you! Happy Birthday What If!

  • I love the relationship between Carson (carsonelliots) and Leah (leaharrison) in What-If-Glee-Rpg. They are so adorable. It’s so obvious that they are crazy about each other. I can’t wait to see more of their relationship!
  • Just wanted to say thank you to what-if-glee-rpg. It’s only my second rp, so I’m not as experienced, but they welcomed me with open arms and I absolutely roleplaying with them. They’re awesome roleplayers and I’m so happy to call myself a part of that family.
  • I really hope Blaine (blaineandhisbowtie) and Sebastian (sinsationalsmythe) from what-if-glee-rpg get together while Blaine is single, even if Klaine is endgame.
  • The Rachel (rachy-bberry) from what-if-glee-rpg is the best Rachel RPer I’ve ever had the pleasure to RP with. She’s always so in character, and is so lovely in the OOC chat too.