A late #WhatIEatWednesday! Breakfast: 14 persimmon & 1 cup frozen peach smoothie 🍅🍊; lunch: a giant #odwalla juice; dinner: sushi rice rolled in nori wraps; 10pm snack not pictured: a handful of tatertots ➡️➡️3200 calories⬅️⬅️ not all calories are equal!! Which is why I can eat as much as I do on a rather sedentary lifestyle and still get away with eating a bit of vegan junk food late at night. CONFESSION: I don’t always have veggies each day 😔🌱 my goal is to step up the veggies! And my water intake!

dinner! nomnomnom 😛 simple salad made up of mixed romaine, red bell pepper, baby tomatoes, cucumbers and hemp seeds. dressing is 1 avocado, juice of 1 lemon, spoonful of raw tahini, and salt free cajun seasoning (my new obsession). the potatoes are just baked with no oil, no salt topped with vegan sour cream, nutritional yeast, alfalfa sprouts and the salt free cajun seasoning.

#whatieatwednesday #dinner