Today's eats: delicious!

Breakfast: chocolate protein shake

Snack: perfectly hardboiled egg (mmmmm)

Lunch: Oven roasted turkey breast slices wrapped around eggplant hummus, tomatoes and cucumber.

Mmmm! So far, I’ve had one and am making another. I’ll probably have one more and then…

Afternoon snack: either a hard boiled egg or fresh peas in the pod from the farmers’ market bounty I picked up on Sunday. ;) I’ll decide what to eat in the moment - whichever sounds better.

Dinner: I’m having my lovely girlfriends over for champagne/wine, a veggie plate and cheese and crackers. I’ll probably have a sausage after dinner for more protein, but mostly dinner will be cheese and wine. And that’s okay because I value my time with my girls and living a balanced life includes social interactions.

No workout today. I’m sore as hell from my workout yesterday so I’m taking a well earned rest day!

Tonight, after my girls leave, I’ll be doing precisely this:

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