There might be someone or something on our minds, like always. We have to just focus on GOD. You might wonder “how??"  Well first you have to surrender your life completely to GOD. You need to put him first before anything else, no matter  what. You need to live a pure life and ask GOD to take control of your life and to occupy your thoughts. Think of heavenly things, not about these earthly desires..remember..sometimes people will fail you, but God is the one that should always be on your mind, because he will never fail you..ever.♥

When everyone else see’s your mistakes and flaws, GOD sees through all of that, what he truly sees is the heart. People judge because of your physical appearance, which is very ironic, the reason why is because they judge before looking at there own flaws.. before you judge someone, look at your self and check if your perfect.

Remember, when everyone has turned there backs on you, your friends, maybe your own family, just think of this when everyone has left.. there's always gonna be that one thing that will always be there and will never fail you, JESUS.You might not see him, but you sure can feel him..He is all you need..

The most important thing for us to do is the LORDS will, it’s much more important then are’s. You might think that your way is the best, but trust me, our GOD has many things planned out in our future lives, we probably wonder why these things in life happen, but remember GOD makes everything work together for our good. We  just have to wait and the lord will take a hold of our hands and just help us make it through.